TOFUH – Chapter 155.1 – Ten Meetings Can Be Reduced By One Effort

When Zhao Jinge opened this store selling chickens and ducks, he kept it separated from the Jinzhen Escort Agency so it wouldn’t interfere.

The shopkeeper of this store was a middle-aged man who was hired by Zhao Jinge in Fucheng. He knew a little about Zhao Jinge’s background, but he was not very clear on the details. Therefore, when someone came with a corpse to the shop door he panicked. If they were unable to make an agreement, he would pay money to quiet it down.

There were some things that cannot be explained clearly so the most important thing was to get rid of the troublemakers as soon as possible.

When he heard that these people were going to report the matter to officials, the shopkeeper became even more afraid and worried: “Don’t, let’s talk.“ Once the government gets involved, even if they don’t die, they will lose one layer of skin!

The sound of the horse’s hoofs interrupted his words.

Several horses galloped along the road of  Fucheng, the metal hoofs hitting the street making a “da da da da da“ sound.

Those onlookers all looked over, and then someone recognized them: “Those are the people from the Jinzhen Escort Agency! They are all wearing clothes from the Jinzhen Escort Agency!”

“What are the people from the Jinzhen Escort Agency doing here?”

Some people were surprised, while others explained to these people: “Of course people from the Jinzhen Escort Agency would come here! It’s their shop.”

This shop was owned by the Jinzhen Escort Agency? The onlookers became curious and ran hurriedly to both sides of the street – they didn’t want to get hit by a horse!

When Jiang Zhen arrived in front of the store owned by Zhao Jinge, he saw many people gathered around. As they approached, all the people got out of the way, revealing a body and two strong men crying beside it.

Pulling the reins to stop the horses, Jiang Zhen got off his horse and then looked at the two men: “You are the ones who came to make trouble?”

“What trouble? You killed our father and now want to frame us for making trouble? “ The two men became very angry.

“Frame?” Jiang Zhen stepped forward and kicked one of the strong men directly, out of the way.

“What are you doing?” The other man shouted: “Who are you to hit my brother?”

“Then I’ll hit you, okay?” Jiang Zhen looked at him.

“The head of the Jinzhen Escort Agency wants to kill people! You have already killed my father and now you even want to kill us.  I’ll fight with you! “ The man shouted, then he pounced on Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen did not sleep well in order to catch the people plotting last night. They wanted to kidnap Zhao Mingzhu, which made him very angry, so at this time he wished that someone would come at him so he could beat them up to vent his anger.

In the past few years, Jiang Zhen never stopped his own training so when he saw the man rushing towards him, he waved his fist and stepped up.

The man was very tall, but Jiang Zhen knocked him down with just one punch.

The person who was kicked down by Jiang Zhen first jumped up.

He rushed towards Jiang Zhen, only to be beaten down again.

“You people from the Jinzhen Escort Agency are too deceitful!” A few men came out from the surrounding onlookers to “fight for justice“. 

Several of Jiang Zhen’s men looked at each other and moved to fight them without hesitation – they also wanted to beat people up!

These people who “fought for justice“ were quickly beaten up and laid on the ground in pain.

The people around froze when they saw this.

They all came here to watch the commotion, but this commotion was not quite what they thought.

This store selling chickens and ducks turned out to be owned by Jinzhen Escort Agency and the people from Jinzhen Escort Agency beat people up.

How arrogant!

The people around become restless, lest the people of Jinzhen Escort Agency will beat them too! Some people even started to secretly back off, trying to escape.

The men who came to make trouble were dumbfounded.

They were also from the Changlong Fighting Business.

They engaged in all kinds of business, and sometimes they even helped some merchants to suppress other merchants. Generally speaking, as long as they used some small tricks, they could make the merchants beg for mercy.

Finding a corpse and taking it to the merchant’s door was something they had done before, framing by planting evidence.

In the past, when encountering such things, those merchants could only beg for mercy and give them a lot of compensation. In the end they would not only lose money but also gain a bad reputation.

But this time, the people in this store did not follow common sense at all!

The person who got beaten up became very depressed at this moment.

“What do you want? The Jinzhen Escort Agency already killed my father and beat me, do you also want to kill me?”The man said, covering his face full of pain.

“You say the man on the ground was your father?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“Of course he is!” The man said.

“You wear new clothes, but you let your father wear old clothes?” Jiang Zhen sneered: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to report this matter to officials because I already did it. It might be you who abused your own father to death and came to frame us!”

With that, Jiang Zhen looked at the onlookers and said: “Ladies and gentlemen, there is absolutely no problem with my chicken. Today I will kill chickens and have them cooked before giving them to everyone for free.”

The onlookers who had already prepared to sneak out, stopped upon hearing Jiang Zhen’s words.

Then they found out that there really seemed to be something wrong with those two men.

The people looked at the raggedly dressed old man lying on the ground, and then at the two men, their eyes filled with suspicion.

Before, because the two men were crying, many people believed them, but now…

Just then, the two strong men spoke again.

“The chickens raised by the Jinzhen Escort Agency are dead, everyone don’t fall for it! Their chickens shouldn’t be eaten!”


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