DOASCC – Chapter 29.2

With this sword, Jing Jingsheng believed that his Dynasty Smoke Pavilion would be able to develop further and catch up with Yin Luyan and the Wind and Rain guild.

He was also sure that members of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion would no longer oppose him and Xie Dafang being together.

It was not in vain that he spent so much thought on Xie Dafang, as well as spoke such affectionate statements toward him at this time…. Although he was just looking at another person through Xie Dafang, but as long as Xie Dafang never knew about it, what was the difference between this and reality?

Many thoughts flashed through Jing Jingsheng heart as he instantly weighed all pros and cons but his face remained calm. He just walked to Xie Ran as usual as he looked at him with affection and gently said: “Little Da, the auspicious time is almost over, we can talk about other things later so let’s get married first.”

Xie Ran only gave him an indifferent glance. If Meng Feixuan had not appeared in the game just now, he would have already gone offline by now and would not have stood here to hear Jing Jingsheng nonsense.

Xie Ran’s attitude was so cold that he could not see a trace of emotion in his eyes. Jing Jingsheng had never seen him like this before so he felt inexplicably uneasy and was about to say something.

Just then, a teenager’s voice suddenly could be heard from the crowd: “Sir, I am ready.”

The voice was energetic and bright with a rare metallic touch, causing everyone to turn their heads to look.

They saw an elegant young man squeezed out from the crowd, he was tall with bright and exquisite facial features, dressed in a noble white brocade coat, He was very handsome and vaguely revealed an air of wealth and nobility all over his body.

Everyone was a little confused for a moment but this young man’s temperament was really outstanding. No one had seen him before and did not know where he had come from.

But they didn’t have time to think about it, because the teenager’s next move attracted everyone’s attention.

Meng Feixiang could not easily locate to which world Xie Ran had transmitted and it was a rather advanced holographic online game world, which was simply tailor-made for him. He found it so great that he immediately hacked into a powerful set of data in the game without any hesitation, ready to give Xie Ran a surprise.

But he never thought that he would end up as a sword.

Fortunately, his technology was superb so the impact was not very big. It’s just that it took a little time to rebuild the model for himself and he was afraid of changing the data to something Xie Ran was not used to so he used the last world image of a virtual idol, bright, handsome and spirited, making his every movement the focus of the crowd.

Meng Feixuan completely ignored the people around and pounced on Xie Ran, hung the whole person on his body, and then said with the feeling of sudden enlightenment: “It turns out that human embrace is this kind of feeling.”

As he spoke, he curiously touched Xie Ran’s shoulder, neck and ears.

Meng Feixuan was as high as Xie Ran so his feet were still dragged on the ground when he was hanging on Xie Ran.

Because of his personality defects, Xie Ran has always disliked the close proximity of others. His closest contact with others was nothing more than the business pleasantries and etiquette so this was the first time someone hanged on his body like this and touched and rubbed him.

It felt a little strange but unexpectedly, he did not feel annoyed, perhaps because he was used to Meng Feixuan speaking to his ear all the time. But now in this different world, it was perhaps because only Meng Feixuan felt “real” to him.

This game was very realistic in terms of sensory restoration so although Meng Feixuan was just a set of data with this realistic character model height and weight he was quite heavy.

Xie Ran had to hold Meng Feixuan’s shoulder and pull him off his body with a rare hint of helplessness: “You’re heavy.”

Meng Feixuan proudly said: “This is my carefully designed weight, with perfectly matched height.”

Xie Ran: “…” His system was always able to pay attention to some unexpected details.

Meng Feixuan was an AI so basically, he had no formal experience with humans except Xie Ran, while Xie Ran did not pay attention to other people’s attitude as well as the way they spoke. He also did not pay attention to the eyes of others.

At this time, the expression of the people around them has reached a kind of subtlety that can be described as wonderful, especially the faces of the people of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion that were full of surprise and anger.

The handsome teenager who suddenly appeared out of nowhere was too intimate with Xie Dafang! Not to mention embracing in public, he was even cuddling with him!

This was at the wedding of Xie Dafang and Jing Jingsheng!

Although the people of the Dynasty Smoke pavilion were still not willing to accept Xie Dafang as their guild master’s wife before, but seeing Jing Jingsheng’s love and loyalty toward him and that Xie Dafang received the divine sword from the green robed guest, they felt like the obstacles between Xie Dafang and Jing Jingsheng had been cleared. The two of them were about to make vows to each other and make history in “Bright Moon River Lake”.

But how decent could Xie Dafang be that he was kissing other men now?

Jing Jingsheng’s face couldn’t stop from twitching vaguely, he and Xie Dafang had been acquainted for some time so in game Xie Dafang could also be regarded as held in the palm of his hand but he had never seen this teenager before.

That was not all, this young man’s hands and feet were also too dishonest, Xie Dafang was his target of upcoming marriage!

Jing Jingsheng could almost hear the whispers around him. The guests he invited looked at him with a weird expression, although they were working hard, their eyes clearly revealed unconcealable gossip: Jing Jingsheng had been made to wear a green hat by Xie Dafang right?!

Seeing this, Jing Jingsheng couldn’t hold back his anger and looked sullenly at Meng Feixuan before coldly asking: “Who are you? What is your relationship with Dafang?”

Meng Feixuan who was just pulled off by Xie Ran and turned to play with his sleeve curiously, had not even noticed Jing Jingsheng words.

So everyone just watched as Jing Jingsheng, who was ranked number one on the expert list, was not given any face and was just ignored.

While the man was still playing with his prospective wife’s …… clothes.

Everyone’s expressions became even more interesting.

The people of Dynasty Smoke Pavillon became more and more ashamed and angry, unlike Jing Jingsheng who had to take care of his whole guild master manners, someone else immediately rushed forward and pushed Meng Feixiang away as he yelled: “Asked you a question!”

The man used the great force due to his anger but surprisingly, the teenager was not affected at all and his whole body remained as stable as mount tai.

Meng Feixuan who was suddenly disturbed, immediately turned around and pushed back, cursing angrily: “How old are you? To dare to push this master?”

Everyone: “……” Why was this beautiful young man so disillusioned when he opened his mouth?

The men also did not expect that this person who looked so elegant and beautiful would sound like a grumpy older brother when he opened his mouth. But he himself was also a veteran player so how could he be afraid of scolding each other in the game. He wanted to talk back immediately, but before he could make a sound; a sudden change occurred.

After Meng Feixuan finished scolding him, he remembered that he was in the game and it wasn’t against the law so he reached out and took the Mark sword of Xie Ran arms to stab that person  casually.

“Fu*k….” With the word “mother” still in his throat the man turned into white light and disappeared.

This was the second person sword Mark killed today and the other person was powerless to fight back, this time the player even used the sword.

Everyone drew a cold breath on the spot.

Seeing this, Jing Jingsheng expression became more gloomy. This person not only pulled on his wife’s clothes but also had the face to kill his guild people. If he didn’t make a stand, he really would become a joke of the whole “Bright Moon River Lake”.

Thus, Jing Jingsheng stepped forward and sternly shouted: “Who the hell are you?”

This time, Meng Feixuan finally noticed the presence of Jing Jingsheng. He glanced sideways at Jing Jingsheng, the man with the sword held a beautiful flower in his hand and with his other hand he put his arm around Xie Ran’s shoulder, raised his chin and provocatively said: “I am his CP partner!”

As soon as these words came out, the whole audience fell into a deathly silence.

WTF! Xie Ran really put the green hat on Jing Jingsheng?!!!


The author has something to say: Mark: Sir, I’ll rub it in!

From then on, the blue moon sword was officially renamed sword Mark and became the same legend as the mug.

Fei Ling: Saying good-bye to Big Brother as soon as possible!


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Proofread: Rubhyl


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