DOASCC – Chapter 29.1

The Lord of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, Jian Jingsheng, sent out wedding invitations to all of the “Bright Moon River Lake” players, inviting almost all of the celebrities on the expert list to come over and watch the ceremony.

Divine weapons was the goal that all game experts pursued all their lives.

The sword of the man in the green robe was undoubtedly one of the most famous weapons in the game.

Therefore, when the green robed man handed over the longsword to Xie Dafang, all the players at the scene became confused.

Wasn’t it said that the owner of this sword would be the strongest expert in “Bright Moon River Lake”?

Even if it wasn’t the current number one expert on the list, Jian Jingsheng, with so many experts on the scene, who wasn’t more qualified than Xie Dafang?

Once a countless master tried to fight the cold and ferocious green robed guest who now so casually gave the sword to Xie Dafang!

Casual player Xie Dafang?

There was no such thing as “I can see that with your bones, you can archive wonders in the future” or some secret signal. It was as simple as sending a courier, someone just needed to report the name to sign the parcel.

This was the ceremony that the supreme expert would receive when he obtained a divine weapon?

Green robed guest, where is your dignity as a supreme boss?

But no matter how devastated everyone was inside, the green robed guest had indeed put the sword into Xie Dafang’s hands.

No one dared to disagree, because the first person who had dared to have an opinion was just sent to the resurrection point by the green robed guest who carried the sword.

…. it had to be said that the attitude of the green robed guest to people other than Xie Dafang was a bit casual.

While the wind stirred, everyone couldn’t help but look at Xie Dafang with anticipation waiting to see him pull the divine weapon out of the sheath.

No one had ever seen the sword fully so no one knew the name of this sword as well.

Legend has it that when the man in the green robe found the owner of this sword, it would be the owner who would take out the divine weapon and it would be him who would tell the world the name of this sword.

Now the green robed guest who had been searching for several years, finally found the owner of the sword.

The cold light suddenly appeared and as Xie Ran stared at the body of this long sword….

Sir, it’s me Mark!

Meng Feixuan was such a serious AI that he didn’t even forget to add punctuation to this sentence.

Xie Ran calmly inserted the long sword back, covering the cold light.

A member of the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion immediately asked eagerly: “What’s the name of this sword, Xie Dafang?”

Xie Ran ignored the man but after a moment of silence, he pulled out the sword again making the cold light reappear.

This time the words on the sword changed to a new one: “My data is in the wrong place! Sir, just give me a minute”.

Xie Ran put the sword back in again.

Seeing Xie Ran pull out and insert the sword back repeatedly while still ignoring them, some Dynasty Smoke Pavilion player said with some annoyance: “Xie Dafang you’re really trying to drag it out! Is it such a big deal to get the sword of the green robed man?”

Before Xie Ran could answer, a red-clothed girl next to him jumped to her feet and shouted: “Bullshit! Of course it’s great! That is the sword of the green robe master!”

Everyone looked over and saw that the one who spoke up was the famous female swordsman on the expert list, Fei Ling. She didn’t care how embarrassed her words made other players from the Dynasty Smoke Pavillon so after scolding them she returned to Xie Ran side: “Brother Dafang, please tell me what is the name of this sword?”

Everyone: “……”

She called his brother? Wake up, Xie Dafang was just a little player ah….

Xie Ran raised his eyebrow and looked at Fei Ling for a moment before saying in a light voice: “Mark sword.”

The people who were waiting for the answer heard a question mark popping up on their heads: ?

What kind of name was this?

The game was designed to look very ancient so the names of the material arts weapons in the game also follow the usual consistent chivalrous meaning like, lonely mountain, bright moon palm, eleven styles of cutting ash and so on…

The green robe guest’s sword was the most mysterious sword in the game so there was some speculation that it may be directly named after the game name, called Mingyue Jian and so on.

Anyway, it couldn’t be called Sword Mark! This name was completely separated from the whole artistic conception of “Bright Moon River Lake”, right?

But Xie Ran expression was so natural and calm that everyone couldn’t help but wonder if they had actually misunderstood the game’s style

Fei Ling obviously also had some problem with believing it so she couldn’t help but utter “ah” and ask in confusion: “Really?”

“Mm” Xie Ran responded and drew the sword with its body facing Fei Ling.

Everyone took a look, only to see that the silver-white cold sword was really engraved with two big words: Mark Sword. The pen-ship was also strong and bold, just like a dragon or snake which was really a part of the charm this sword should have.

So Xie Dafang was not talking nonsense.

When the situation outside once again became messy, Jing Jingsheng’s eyes suddenly became complicated.

Especially the members of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, at this time, felt indescribably ashamed and embarrassed. They were taunting Xie Dafang in front of the whole “Bright Moon River Lake” just a few minutes ago, sarcastically saying that his lack of martial arts skills and fame was not worthy of their Smoke Pavilion, but in the blink of an eye, Xie Dafang was actually personally certified by the Big Boss, the green robbed guest and received the legendary Excalibur from him.

According to the game setting, this was almost the same as if the server had decided that Xie Dafang was the first expert in the whole “Bright Moon River Lake”!

No matter why Xie Dafang who was just a casual player became the game’s first expert, this operation of the green robed guest could be said to be heavenly justice, fiercely slapping the players of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion!

To make matters more embarrassing, they just had wishful thinking that this sword would be gifted to their guild master…

Eventually it was Jing Jingsheng who came back to his senses first, although he was also inevitably a little embarrassed, the green robbed guest really gave Xie Ran the sword and Xie Ran really pulled out this legendary…. Well when the name Mark Sword was mentioned, his heart came alive once again.

Although the green robed guest did not directly give him the sword, giving it to Xie Dafang and him was no different. Everyone knew that Xie Ran had developed deep feelings towards him.  After they determined their relationship in the game, Xie Ran did everything for him. For his sake, he was even willing to be ridiculed by the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion people, and never argued with him. Instead, he was worried that he would embarrass him.

He had to say that Xie Dafang was really a perfect stand-in. Not only  were his mannerisms like Yin Luyan, but he also knew when he should advance or retreat. In the past, he still had some imperfections, that was, he did not have the ability and status like Yin Luoyan, but now he had gotten the sword from the green robbed guest.


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