TOFUH – Chapter 147.2 – Big Changes

As for Liao Qingyun, he was at this moment in a state of disbelief.

He felt that the sky had suddenly collapsed.

As for Wen Yingniang after learning that she was pregnant with a child he no longer cared about Liao family affairs.

However even if she didn’t care about them anymore, there were always people around her who would take the Liao family affair into their own hands to please her.

“Madam Wen, recently that Liao family is not having a good time.”

“That day, after madam Zhang come home she made such a scene that she forced master Zhang to postpone the marriage. Then the Liao family also became hot-tempered and directly withdrew from the marriage, but . . . Who would dare to marry Liao Qinghe in the future?”

“Speaking of which, the Liao family didn’t drive Lu Luan away, so they are recognizing the child, right?”

“The Liao family really lost face this time.”


. . ..


These people all wanted to please Wen Yingniang so they tried hard to belittle the Liao family in front of Wen Yingniang.

Hearing this, Wen Yingniang thought she would be very happy but soon found that things were different from her imagination.

After hearing all of this, her mood did not become better, but rather she felt a little annoyed.

Listening to news regarding this family only dirtied her ears.

It has been only three months since she left the Liao family but everything about the Liao family felt surprisingly distant to her.

Wen Yingniang changed the subject to talk about other things.

When these people saw Wen Yingniang chatting about other things they also changed the topic and followed Wen Yingniang to talk about other things, such as . . . the medicine store where Wen Yingniang always went for health check-up which was now particularly busy.

It was said that Wen Yingniang got pregnant so quickly because she went there to find a doctor to take care of her body. It was also said that Zhao Jinge of Jinzhen escort agency also went there to treat the body so he was able to get pregnant two times in less than three years.

This time, many women and gers from the city who had not yet given birth to any child run to that pharmacy to get some medicine prescribed for them.

After Wen Yingniang became pregnant, she was protected like a treasure by Wen Ming, but Zhao Jinge was different.

After confirming that Zhao Jinge health was good, Jiang Zhen did not forbid him from going out or prevented him from doing other things, except from letting him get more rest so Zhao Jinge life was not much different from that before. Of course, it was still somewhat different there were much more people around him.

Even when he was pregnant with a child, Zhao Jinge still took care of the affairs of the brick kiln and Jinzhen escort agency. As for Jiang Zhen his attention was basically all on the seaside, and now he was bent on organizing a fleet that could go to sea.

With the addition of Wen Ming, he was much more relaxed, but he felt more and more clearly that it was not an easy thing to go out to sea to do business.

He was thinking too simply before.

There are too many places to pay attention to like crew sailors, routes etc. so it would be very difficult for him to lead his team out to the sea if he hasn’t led people who have gone to sea before.

Of course, Jiang Zhen originally was not totally unprepared, what he thought before was to dig up a few sailors from others. It just . . . if only a few people were dug up, his bed team would probably have to wait for several years before it would go out to sea.

But now with the addition of Wen Ming, the situation was different. Wen Ming often went out to sea and knew a lot of people. Without riffing people from the Wen family he could find a lot of people that Jiang Zhen could use!

In this way it would not be long before they would be able to go out to sea.

Jiang Zhen began to prepare a variety of goods and was busy for two months. After the baby in Zhao Jinge belly become stable he made his first long voyage.

Big sea merchants like the Wen family may not go out on the sea in person but for sea merchants like Jiang Zhen who just started, it was impossible not to follow the fleet of ships to go to sea.

Otherwise . . . who knows if their ship would return?

After saying goodbye to the pregnant Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen got on the big ship and left Fucheng.

The land was getting smaller and smaller and finally, as far as the eye could see, there was only the azure sea.

Looking at the endless ocean and taking a deep breath of the humid air, Jiang Zhen knew that he had taken the first step.

In the future, he will go even farther and farther.

Three years later.

Hexi Village was once just a small village but now it has already changed and every family loved in a brick house.

The Zhao family dock which was once far less lively than the wharf in a country town was now much more lively.

This was also the headquarters of the Jinzhen escort agency so many people who wanted to do business with Jinzhen Escort Agency would come here, not to mention . . .

Here you could always buy all kinds of novel and exotic overseas things.

Almost every day, many ships from Hexing province or even farther away come to Hexi Village. Some of them for short rest, some of them for doing business with Jinzhen Escort Agency while other come here to buy goods.

On this day, a large ship, which was very expensive at first glance approached Hexi Village and finally stopped at the docks of Hexi village.

On board, a fat man was looking curiously in the direction of Hexi Village. While looking around, he marveled: “I heard that this used to be just a small village . . . this can’t be even called a village anymore, even their country town can’t be ore prosperous, right?”

“This really doesn’t look like a village.” A tall middle-aged man standing next to this fat man said, his eyes full of amazement. “That Jiang Zhen must have some ability.”

“When I saw him for the first time I felt that he was not simple. . . but him becoming so powerful I didn’t expect at all.” The fat man said again, looking like he was full of emotion.

The tall, middle-aged man glanced at the fat man and then looked in the direction of Hexi village. Just then their ship docked.

Gentlemen, where are you from? What’s your business for coming to Hexi village?” A fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy holding a board with paper clamped on it and a pen in his hand came to the side of the ship and asked.

“Little brother, we are from the capital and we come here to do business. The fat man laughed, but when his eyes fell on the pen held by the teenager, he asked, Little brother, is this a pen you’re holding? Why does it look so strange?”

“This is a pencil, it was made by our chef and is very convenient for keeping accounts.” The teenager showed the fat man the thick pencil with two wood chips tied with a quill in his hand: “If you are interested, you can go to our grocery store on the dock to buy some.”

“I’m really interested. I must buy some later.” The fat man said, this pen looked ugly but its advantage was that it was easy to carry and didn’t need to be used with ink. I would be really convenient to keep accounts with it.

Having the pen in his hand recognized, the teenager became very happy, showing a big smile he asked, “What is your name, guest?”

“I, my name is Luo Tianzhi.” The fat man smiled and said, “Speaking of which, I am an acquaintance of your chief. He personally escorted me at that time!”

This fat man was one of the people Jiang Zhen saved from the pirates on his way to the capital with Zheng Yi and was served by Liu Qianqian and Zhao Lingxi for a while.

This Luo Tianzhi was from the capital and he come to Jiangnan this time to do business.

In fact it was not his first time coming to Jiangnan to do business, but he was robbed by bandits last time so he stopped for a few years.

As a result, after stopping for a few years and finally coming to Jiangnan again he suddenly found that Jiangnan was different from what he remembered.

Also . . . as soon as he arrived in the south of the Yangtze River, he heard a lot about Jinzhen escort agency.

Wasn’t this Jinzhen escort agency created by Jiang Zhen, who saved him at that time? He hasn’t seen them for a few years but this Jinzhen escort agency which had only a few dozen people at that time become so powerful?

Luo Tianzhi was very surprised. He was going to go to Wexing Province but when he thought of it he decided to stop at Hexi Village first.

“Do you know our chief?” The teenager looked at Luo Tianzhi in surprise and suddenly asked: “Have you spoken to him?”

“I did!” Luo Tianzhi laughed.

“You are so lucky!” The boy looked at Luo Tianzhi with a look of envy. He used to be a salt worker in Hongjiang Salt Farm and after being rescued by Jiang Zhen, he came here. Although he had seen Jiang Zhen, he had not spoken to Jiang Zhen yet.

Luo Tianzhi: Uh . . .

Luo Tianzhi simply registered and wandered around the dock together with the tall and middle-aged who came with him.

There were many houses near the dock, although they all looked ordinary in appearance they were all brick houses with a neat and tidy appearance.

Luo Tianzhi looked around in amazement when he finally saw an acquaintance.

“Liu Qianqian!” Luo Tianzhi looked at the woman in a man’s robe not far away.

This Liu Qianqian once took his money and “took care of” him for a time, he also would never be wrong. But . . . the previous Liu Qianqian who was thinking of hooking with people all day long, now looked like a completely different person? How was it possible?

Liu Qianqian did not immediately recognize Luo Tianzhi, after all Luo Tianzhi become thin due to hunger so his appearance was not quite the same as now.

However, she soon recognized him. “Fatty Luo?”

Hearing this address, Luo Tianzhi suddenly felt somewhat helpless, but the middle-aged men next to him just laughed.

Knowing that he was fat, Luo Tianzhi didn’t get angry, but just looked at Liu Qianqian in confusion: “You’re working on the docks now?” At that time Jiang Zhen took his wife to work with him so he estimated that he would also allow women to work for him. This Liu Qianqian dressed in men’s clothing without any make-up shouldn’t be going to work at docks now, right?

“No, I am now a female teacher in the academy.” Liu Qianqian said, “Classes are about to start, excuse me!”

Of course, Liu Qianqian was not only a female teacher in the school, she also worked in the Qingfeng House.

However, compared to the job in Qingfeng House, she still preferred to be a teacher that taught the women in the school.

The school in Hexi village has now been open for more than three years and many students who graduated started to work for Jiang Zhen. Even the female students she taught have already started.

Woman and gers couldn’t work on the dock or go with ships but they could do many other things, such as bookkeeping, managing other woman and gers works or even follow Zhao Jinge and become his helper. . .

After seeing that the first batch of female students ended well, there now were many more female and ger students.

Liu Qianqian left, but Luo Tianzhi still stood foolish in the same place.

This Liu Qianqian become a teacher?

Hexi village greatly changed, but Jiang Zhen did not live here anymore and would only return during the New Year time.

Zhao Family lived most of its time in Fucheng.

Luo Tianzhi stayed in Hexi village for a day before leaving for a Fucheng.

But at this time, Jiang Zhen was not actually in Fucheng. He went out to sea and was still there. However, from a distance, he could already see the land.

After three years Jiang Zhen became darker and stronger.

In the wind and sun of the sea if you didn’t stay in the cabin all day like Wen Ming it was hard not to get darker.

“I’m home at last.” Jiang Zhen looked at the dock of Yabian village in the distance, and his face became filled with emotion.

On this trip, they went a little far, not only to Western Ocean but they even met blonde-haired blue-eyed Europeans.

Naturally, they encountered a lot of danger after traveling so far and they even lost two ships, one of which was hit by a typhoon while Jiang Zhen also was blown off the ship.

Fortunately, he took some precautions and tied a rope to his foot.

That rope saved Jiang Zhen’s life, but it also hurt his foot. Even after more than ten days passed, Jiang Zhen was still walking with a  slight limp.

But even so, as long as he thought about the things on the ship he had to admit that this trip was worth it.

Even if he lost two ships, if he sold the cargo he had on the board he would still be able to earn a lot.

It’s just . . . a lot of human lives was lost.

“Yes, we are home at last.” Wen Ming also said, rubbing his knees, the sea was wet so after some time he developed the same old problem. The good thing was . . . it would got a good rest in future.

He struggled with Jiang Zhen for three years and brought out a lot of people, so that they would no longer have to go out to sea with them in future.

When he thought of this, Wen Ming looked at the land in the distance, his eyes becoming extremely hot.

Jiang Zhen’s mood for the same as Wen Ming.

He could finally have some rest and accompany Zhao Jinge, Zhao Mingzhu, and his own youngest son.

More than two years ago, Zhao Jinge gave birth to their second child, a son.

Jiang Zhen took Zhao Mingzhu with him at first, but because he often went out to sea, he didn’t take care of the children much. Now when he thought of it he felt a little guilty about it.

Fortunately, he will be able to stay with them for a few years and be able to teach his son and daughter well.

The fleet slowly approached the dock of Yabian village.

Jiang Zhen’s fleet was not the only one using this dock, at this time many ships were docked here with many people working there. When they saw Jiang Zhen’s fleet, those people immediately became excited.

The people who went out to sea were back!

People ran to tell each other, and the first one told was of course Zhao Jinge. 


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