TOFUH – Chapter 74.1 – Zhao Jinge beat people up

Butcher Jiang and old lady Jiang hadn’t been good to Eldest Jiang mainly because of superstition. To be honest, they were actually good to their children, at least to the children other than Boss Jiang.

Jiang Chengwen entered the room full of seafood that could not be sold. Butcher Jiang not only did not blame him too much but also packed some on his stretcher and went out every day to help him sell it.

But Father He was really not good to his children and never took care of them. When He Chunsheng remembered what he had just learned, his big eyes were red with anxiety.

“What’s going on?” Jiang Zhen asked with a frown.

He Chunsheng immediately started speaking.

After he and He Xiaosheng had cleaned up after Father He earlier and observed him at all times, Father He became honest for a while. But after they followed Jiang Zhen outside, Father He’s mind started calculating again.

At first, Father He only seized the grain and the two chickens He Chunsheng had left to his mother and took the money from selling them to gamble. Later, when he lost all the money and couldn’t get any more money, he remembered Jiang Zhen.

A gambler like Father He, who was capable of anything, wasn’t worried about losing face and had no shame, found Hongxing Gambling House and told them that his two sons were working under Jiang Zhen, so he borrowed money from the gambling house and started gambling there.

Without any doubt, he lost all his money again. Then Jiang Zhen and the others came back.

His two sons had returned, made money, and were going to the capital in a few days. Father He suddenly became even more daring . . .

Before, he only dared to borrow one or two silver, but this time, he directly borrowed twenty silver and followed others to gamble.

In the gambling house, you were supposed to originally lose nine out of ten bets, and some people with brains might still be able to win some money there. Father He was not smart and had no skills, so he couldn’t even think about it. There was no doubt that twenty silver had gone down the drain again.

He didn’t tell He Chunsheng and He Xiaosheng about it and even wanted to continue borrowing money. It was only that the thugs in the gambling house told the two He brothers about it.

“You take care of it yourself,” said Jiang Zhen after listening to them.

“We . . .” He Chunsheng froze. He simply didn’t know how to solve it, so he came to Jiang Zhen.

“There is still one day left. If you can’t solve this problem, you don’t need to go to the capital,” Jiang Zhen said.

People like He Chunsheng and He Xiaosheng could still be used, but he didn’t want to be entangled with a person like Father He. If these two couldn’t deal with their own father, he would have to give up on them.

Can’t go to the capital? He Chunsheng was stupefied then pulled He Xiasheng over and said to Jiang Zhen, “Don’t worry, Boss. I will take care of this matter.”

He didn’t dare to delay any longer, pulled his brother and darted off quickly.

Since Jiang Zhen accepted him and He Xiasheng, they didn’t have to go hungry anymore. After coming back from the trip this time, they had become the envy of everyone in the village.

He Chunsheng was already in his early twenties, and there was someone he liked. Before, he always thought there was no hope for him to marry the one he liked, but now . . . he wasn’t hopeless at all. But if his father kept making trouble, he was afraid that this hope would soon go up in smoke.

He Xiasheng and He Qiusheng, if they kept going like this, their lives would be destroyed sooner or later.

When He Chunsheng returned home, he saw his father eating.

After He Chunsheng went out of the house with Jiang Zhen, he earned money, and with that money, he bought delicious food to bring home. While his mother was reluctant to eat the food, she let Father He eat it.

“Have you asked Jiang Zhen? He should be able to wipe out that debt, right? He is a manager of Hongxing Gambling House!” Father He said. “And you guys, you’re all going to follow Master Zheng to the capital. I only owe twenty to thirty silver, what are you doing with me . . .”

Before Father He could finish speaking, He Chunsheng had already dragged him away from the table. Father He, who was caught off guard, immediately let out a startled cry.

“Chunsheng, what are you doing?” Mother He hurriedly went to help Father He.

“Mother, Jiang Zhen is going to drive us away,” He Chunsheng said.

“How could that be?” Mother He got worried. ‘‘Doesn’t he value you guys very much? Why would he want to drive you away?”

“Father is causing trouble everywhere. How can he not drive us away? With such a father, Xiasheng and I won’t be able to find work in the future! We won’t be able to get married and have children either! And Qiusheng, what is the use of his good looks? Even if he gets married, such a father will probably go to his door to borrow money every day. His new family will be annoyed and will probably overwork him to death!” He Chunsheng said angrily to his mother.

The fact that their father was like this had nothing to do with their mother, but he couldn’t understand why his mother couldn’t think of them.

“It won’t happen . . . ,” said Mother He. “There must be a way . . .”

“What can be done? Now that he owes Hongxing Gambling House more than thirty silver, can he come up with the money? Do you have money?”

At this point, He Chunsheng became angry with his mother. Although his father went out to gamble every day, he still returned home to eat and sleep. Could his mother really miss the difference in his father’s face when he went gambling? Why didn’t she tell him and Xiasheng about it? And why did she give Father He good food and drink?

“You have done so much work for that Jiang Zhen. How can he drive you away? That’s not gonna happen! You should go to him and ask for compensation!” He Father said. 

As soon as his words fell, He Chunsheng had already pulled him up and walked away with him despite his resistance.

He Chunsheng directly dragged Father He to Hongxing Gambling House, asked He Xiaosheng to guard him, and then went to find the casino manager, Zhang.

Before, he wouldn’t even dare to enter the gambling shop, but after going out with Jiang Zhen, he became much bolder and wasn’t afraid to face Manager Zhang.

“Manager Zhang, I’m sorry. I’m not much of a man, and my father has lost all the money in my family. I can’t pay off the gambling debt he owes,” He Chunsheng apologized to Manager Zhang.

“It is nothing, nothing.” Manager Zhang smiled.

He knew that Jiang Zhen was highly valued by Young Master Zheng, so he was more forgiving of Father He after learning that both of his sons were working under Jiang Zhen. In fact, he was trying to sell Jiang Zhen a favor. As such, he naturally didn’t care if Father He could pay back the money.

“Manager Zhang, please keep this money in mind. I will certainly pay it back later. Besides, I have one more thing I’d like to ask Manager Zhang to help me with,” He Chunsheng said and bowed.

“What?” Manager Zhang showed some interest.

“I hope Manager Zhang can keep my father as a worker in the gambling house. Manager Zhang, to the outside world, as well as to my father, just say that I don’t want to pay back this money and want him to work to pay it back by himself . . . With so much money, he will probably need to work for twenty years,” He Chunsheng said. “My father is only forty years old this year, so he can work for another twenty years without any problem. He can do all kinds of dirty work, and he doesn’t even need to be paid!”

“You’re a wise man.” Manager Zhang was startled at first but then laughed. “Okay. I will let him work for me in the future. Don’t worry. I’ll let someone watch over him.”

Having been in charge of the gambling shop for a long time, Manager Zhang had seen a lot of gamblers. As long as the family was soft on the gambler . . . It was no use for the gambler to make any promises. He would gamble again and again.

He originally wanted to get rid of this account and pull some strings with Jiang Zhen or the men under Jiang Zhen, but now it seemed that . . . maybe there was another way.

Manager Zhang agreed to keep Father He.


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  1. Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil

    Poor boys, they worked so hard only to be brought back down by their dad. At least they are now brave enough to face this problem head-on. I hope there won’t be any more problems with their dad.

  2. tsk! What a scum dad! Not satisfied with ruining your own life, now you have to run your children’s! Didn’t learn from the man stealing his ger son at all! Father He isn’t the worst scum dad that I’ve read, but for this story, he’s still a king scum!

  3. IdleBones

    Damn. that’s what you get for not directly apprehending this scum immediately. He will inly get worse, soft approach will never work in this stupid person. If only filial piety is not strong in this ancient world, I’d rather wish he die.

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    This situation with Father He is so painfully like the situation in my Aunt’s family. Her husband, is a gambler and it falls on the eldest daughter to take care of everything. Not an easy task when You’re raised in a male-dominated society :/ even if it seems extreme when reading about it in a novel, these sorts of gambling-addicted good-for-nothing men with families is painfully common in villages/towns where my parents are from ☹️

    Reading the He brothers put their father in his place is pretty therapeutic 😅

    Thank you for this translation! The author definitely fid their homework bc so many situations really remind me of actual village life where my parent’s are from!

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    I really like that the MC doesn’t solve everyone’s problems for them; it’s a lot more realistic, and teaches them to stand on their own two feet instead of relying on others for personal problems like these.

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    Sell the father 👏👏

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    And maybe not allowing that father to gamble or limit his number of games maybe? Forbidding him may be counter-productive tho.

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