TOFUH – Chapter 112.1 – Cooperating to Make Money

The distance between the capital and the south of the Yangtze River was too far, so it was inconvenient for the transmission of news. It was two months ago that Zheng Yi last heard about Jiang Zhen, and even this news was delayed on the road for more than a month.

Because of this, he did not know Jiang Zhen’s current situation and he also didn’t fully understand his family affairs.

There were many ships moored on Hecheng’s dock, including large ships and small boats.

But when Zheng Yi took a look at the docks, he could not help but frown slightly. There were a lot of boats on the dock, but there seems to be fewer than before?

Maybe there were just not many people coming here that day . . . Although Zheng Yi had some doubts, he soon let it go. He looked at everything he was familiar with from a distance and smiled. “I’m back at last . . . I am really a little homesick.”

“I’m homesick too. It’s a pity that I won’t be back for a long time but—” Shen Anxin answered with a smile, but was interrupted before he finished.

“I really don’t miss my home. Seeing the beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River, I don’t miss home at all.” Feng Jingyuan smiled at Zheng Yi and talked eloquently about Hecheng County.

After Shen Anxin was interrupted by him, his face became not so very good-looking, but soon, he smiled again and boasted about Hecheng County.

“It is said that fireworks go to the south of the Yangtze River in March, and the spring in the south of the Yangtze River is the most beautiful. But I did not expect that autumn and winter here would also be so beautiful.”

It can be said that Shen Anxin and Feng Jingyuan were competing to show themselves in front of Zheng Yi.

Zheng Yi looked at the two people who were very difficult to deal with, smiled, and said nothing.

When he was in the capital, he wanted to find someone to cooperate with him in order to expand his business. After studying the people under him, he found that Bandung business was the most suitable. Also, Shen’s business was also very good, but it was not as good as Bandung’s business in the end.

Zheng Yi heard Jiang Zhen talk about the contradiction between Bandung and him, so he had a bad impression of Bandung, but the Shen family was simply not enough. After thinking about it, he simply decided to cooperate with the two families.

The two firms didn’t deal with each other, so when he cooperated with them, he took advantage of them without exception. He also didn’t have to worry that Bandung’s dishonesty would cause trouble for him, so it was like killing two birds with one stone.

Zheng Yi originally intended to confine such cooperation to the capital. But when he wanted to go back to Hecheng, Feng Jingyuan, the owner of Bandung, unexpectedly proposed to follow him, and then Shen Anxin also wanted to follow him.

After thinking about it, Zheng Yi agreed to it. Then he was in the same boat all the way with them, and he kept seeing the two men fight openly and secretly . . . which was fun.

At the beginning, Feng Jingyuan’s son, Feng Chenglin, wanted to marry Shen Anxin, but he failed, so when went so far as to discredit Shen Anxin and was then targeted by Jiang Zhen . . . When the two men were in conflict, Zheng Yi would help Shen Anxin, so although Shen Anxin’s psychological means were not as good as Feng Jingyuan’s, he was on par with Feng Jingyuan.

Feng Jingyuan was aware of this situation, but he was not an imperial businessman yet. He was determined to follow Zheng Yi to find a bargain, and he wanted to open up the market in the south of the Yangtze River. In this way, he had to put up with all the accusations he had encountered. It really did not matter to him if he had to suffer a little grievance in order to achieve his goal.

Zheng Yi’s ship, filled with cargo under his hand, went to the private docks of the Zheng family. They currently had only one main ship, so the docks were relatively empty. They soon finished docking.

The Zheng family had been waiting here for a long time. As soon as Zheng Yi got off the ship, many people greeted him and let Zheng Yi sit in a comfortable sedan chair and carried him and Feng Jingyuan and the others into the Zheng household.

Several people first bathed and changed their clothes. Then Zheng Yi’s father, the master of the Zheng family, hosted a banquet for Feng Jingyuan and Shen Anxin.

After Zheng Yi returned to his home, he relaxed a lot and revealed his foolish side while Feng Jingyuan and Shen Anxin acted cautiously in order to make a good impression on Master Zheng.

Feng Jingyuan was very talkative while Shen Anxin was gentle and gentle and clever. After talking with them for a while, Master Zheng turned around and scolded Zheng Yi. “Look at you. Can’t you just sit well?”

“Dad, I’ve just been sleeping outside for a year, and you won’t let me relax?” Zheng Yi said. However, he still sat straighter and said, “Dad, I think there are too few boats on the other side of the docks today. What’s going on?”

“Isn’t it because of that Jiang Zhen you like so much?” Master Zheng smiled.

“Is this related to Jiang Zhen?” Zheng Yi was a little surprised, but he was not worried, seeing his father’s happy appearance. He knew that it was not a bad thing.

“After Jiang Zhen came back from the capital, he stayed in Hexi Village and didn’t go out. At first, I thought he had no ambition. I really underestimated him! . . . After coming back, he quietly built a big dock in Hexi Village,” Master Zheng said. “His escort agency helps people deliver goods, and his dock is very large, and it’s much easier to use than the docks in the country town. Some small businessmen, after collecting goods from various villages, row their boats directly to his dock.”

“I see,” Zheng Yi said.

“Not only that. In only three months, his Jinzhen Escort Agency already made a name for itself in Hexing Prefecture,” Master Zheng added.

Obviously, not only Zheng Yi spoke highly of Jiang Zhen, but Master Zheng admired Jiang Zhen very much as well.

Feng Jingyuan did not like Jiang Zhen, but when he saw that the Zheng family praised him so much, he could not help praising him as well. Shen Anxin’s attitude was the same as Feng Jingyuan’s.

“I knew he was very capable . . . I will visit his docks tomorrow.” Zheng Yi laughed.

Zheng Yi became more and more satisfied with Jiang Zhen as time went by!

Relying on the playing cards, the Zheng family won the favor of the empress dowager, and it took him only a year to earn money what he might not have been able to in the past ten years! Not only that, the method of stitching up wounds that was left by Jiang Zhen also made the relationship between the Zheng family and various general families better.

Now that he had returned to Hecheng, it was only natural that he should go and see Jiang Zhen as soon as possible.

Zheng Yi was true to his word. So after a night of rest, he asked his people for a boat and went to the docks in Hexi.

Feng Jingyuan and Shen Anxin had made up their minds to follow him. They had been waiting at the gate of his yard in the early morning to follow him.

Zheng Yi knew that Jiang Zhen and Shen Anxin had done business before, so he did not think there would be any problem with bringing Shen Anxin, but Feng Jingyuan . . .

“Young Master Zheng, you can rest assured. After I offended Mr. Jiang, I went to give Mr. Jiang a gift and made amends. Mr. Jiang said at that time that all the previous things will be written off,” Feng Jingyuan said immediately.

Hearing what Feng Jingyuan said, Zheng Yi allowed him to follow. Anyway, with his understanding of Jiang Zhen, if Jiang Zhen really hated Feng Jingyuan, it would be Feng Jingyuan who will suffer in the end and not Jiang Zhen.

When Zheng Yi went to the Hexi dock this time, he took a small ship instead of a big ship for a long voyage.

This ship was used by the Zheng family for visiting friends or for outings. It was very exquisite and decorated very beautifully. Even the rowers were young, which was very pleasing to the eye.

After Zheng Yi got on the cruise ship, a servant girl came to him, bringing him tea and setting out fruit plates and many dishes.

The tea was the best Maojin, fragrant and clear, and there were several kinds of fruits and preserved fruits in the fruit plate. In addition, there were more than ten kinds of vegetable dishes on the table, including a small plate of snails, a small plate of dried beans, a small plate of boiled peanuts, a plate of duck tongue, and a plate of nail-sized glutinous rice balls . . . There was even a plate of abalone with sauce. Behind the curtain next to him, a gorgeous servant girl sang softly while playing an instrument.

Both Shen Anxin and Feng Jingyuan were very rich and fastidious in terms of lifestyle, but they have never been this fastidious . . . If nothing else, let’s just talk about dishes . . . If they get such good porcelain, they would be reluctant to use it on a very unstable ship. What if it accidentally broke?

While drinking tea, Zheng Yi enjoyed the small dishes on the table, looking very comfortable. Before long, they arrived at Hexi.

“Young Master, Hexi Village is up ahead,” the woman who served tea said.

Zheng Yi nodded, got up, and went to the bow.

He heard that Jiang Zhen built a dock, but he did not know what kind of dock it was . . . Zheng Yi looked up.

The dock on this side of Hexi was very large and even bigger than the private docks of the Zheng family. From a distance, he could see a large open space on the riverbank and the neat rows of houses.

The houses were too neat and lacked aura, but Zheng Yi had to admit that it was very elegant. However, in little more than a half a year, Jiang Zhen was able to come up with such a place . . .

Originally, Zheng Yi was disappointed when he heard that Jiang Zhen was accompanying Zhao Jinge in the village all day and even wanted to send a messenger to beat him up. Jiang Zhen was doing business, so how could it be said that he stayed in the village for Zhao Jinge’s sake?

“Is that Master Jiang’s dock? It’s very imposing!” Feng Jingyuan came over and boasted at once.

“Master Jiang is really capable,” Shen Anxin also said.

“He is good.” Zheng Yi laughed.

While the three of them were talking, the boat slowly docked.

The boy beside Zheng Yi was about to send Zheng Yi ashore to the deck when Zheng Yi found that the person he was looking for had come over.

“Pearl, do you see that boat? Isn’t it beautiful? When you get older, Dad will send someone to build one just like this to give you, all right?” Jiang Zhen said to his daughter, and when he had finished, he found that the person who came was Zheng Yi.

“Young Master Zheng?” Jiang Zhen looked at Zheng Yi in surprise.

“Jiang Zhen.” Zheng Yi nodded to Jiang Zhen, and then looked at Jiang Zhen who was wearing a red cotton-padded jacket and at Zhao Mingzhu, who was very happy and fat. He asked, “Is this your daughter?”

“Yes. This is my daughter, Mingzhu.” Jiang Zhen smiled and showed Zheng Yi his chubby daughter.

In order to make his daughter eat nutritious food, he hired two nannies and would cook meat dishes and send them to the two nannies every day. After half a year, the two nannies were fed till they became fat, and his daughter . . . Also put on weight.

But to tell you the truth, young children who were still breastfed would grow further because of the lack of exercise.

“What a lovely child,” Zheng Yidao said. When there was no way to say that the child was beautiful, he would usually praise their loveliness.

I think so too.” Jiang Zhen acknowledged it impolitely and asked, “When did Young Master Zheng come back from the capital?”

“Just came back yesterday,” Zheng Yi said.

Jiang Zhen chatted with Zheng Yi and greeted the two people behind him before saying, “Young Master Zheng, do you want to come to my house?”

“Good! I’ll take a look at the dock too.” Zheng Yi said.

Zheng Yi felt that Jiang Zhen’s dock was well-built; the drawback was that everything was too neat, so it wouldn’t give people an interesting view. However, such houses were really easier to use and saved money.

After looking around, Zheng Yi already planned to copy some things from Jiang Zhen for his own docks, such as the canteen that he thought was very good.

“Food is the most important thing, so it won’t hurt to let your subordinates eat better . . . ,” Jiang Zhen said. Just as he spoke, his face suddenly changed.

“Young Master Zheng, I have something urgent to do, so I will leave for a moment. I’ll call someone else to take care of you!” Jiang Zhen said, seeing Zheng Baoning standing not far away. He immediately called out, “Zheng Baoning, come and greet Young Master Zheng! I need to go home!”

“Yes, boss,” Zheng Baoning answered, and then came closer to Zheng Yi in fear.

Their boss even knew Young Master Zheng. He was really amazing!

With that, Jiang Zhen ran away with his daughter in his arms. Seeing Jiang Zhen running away, Zheng Yi looked at Zheng Baoning in a puzzled way. “What’s wrong with your boss? It not because he urgently need to pee, is it?”

“It should be that the lady is a little inconvenient.” Zheng Baoning said that this usually happens because their young lady peed her pants.


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