TOFUH – Chapter 147.1 – Big Changes

The ancestral house of the Liao family, which was originally very beautiful showed now signs of dilapidation.

The Liao family has been trying to maintain the dignity of the Liao family and was not willing to dismiss the servants, but the treatment given to servants was getting worse and worse.

The monthly payment has not been given and after summer the new clothes that has always been available in previous years have not been issued. As for the usual food. . .

In the past, when Wen Yingniang was around, the servants had a meat dish every day, but now . . . they didn’t even have enough to eat.

If you didn’t have enough to eat who would be willing to work diligently? As a result, the flowers and trees in the garden grew uncontrollably, the leaves in the courtyard were not swept and cobwebs were formed under the porch. . . It looked like no one was living in this mansion.

When Father Liao came back from outside and saw all of it he felt his chest tighten from anger.

These servants were too detestable, how could they turn a blind eye to their master!

But at this time, he was even angrier about another thing, that was Wen Yingniang was pregnant.

Father Liao did not want to believe that there was something wrong with his son, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that there was something really wrong with his son.

In the first years or two, Wen Yingniang would make a fuss every time she saw Liao Qinghe with another woman, making a scene every time, but later she stopped observing him as closely as she did at first and just did not allow him to make trouble in front of her.

The two of them had no children for a long time so father and mother Liao became anxious. Because of it, they arranged people for Liao Qinghe while also urging Liao Qinghe.

When Liao Qinghe was at home he didn’t dare to do anything with the servants girls but outside the house they raised people for few years.

But that woman never got pregnant.

Before, father Liao always thought it was because Wen Yingniang was too strict with Liao Qinghe that he never had time to go there, but now thinking about it…

Father Liao went back to the house with a gloomy expression and then saw Lu Luan flattering Liao mother inside.

When Lu Luan first arrived at the Liao family, father and mother Liao were very good to her but now. . .

Their son was going to marry a miss from Zhang family so mother and father Liao naturally no longer liked Lu Luan because of her bad birth.

It was true that Lu Luan was not born well, originally she was a virgin woman in flower house but she was lucky and met Liao Qinghe during her first night. Liao Qinghe, who liked her, paid her ransom and then supported her outside.

“Auntie, this is the chicken soup I stewed with my own hands.” Lu Luan was holding her five or six-month-old belly and looked at Liao’s mother pleasingly.

She already regretted it.

Before when she was being raised outside by Liao Qinghe, her life couldn’t be more comfortable, her food and clothing ware also very good, but after she came to Liao family? She couldn’t believe that to eat a simple chicken she needed mother Liao’s permission.

It was just like this, mother Liao had total control over her.

If she had known this, she might as well be an outsider for Liao Qinghe!

If she had known this, she would not make an enemy of Wen Yingniang, who was a very rich person!

“Put it away.” Mother Liao said indifferently and looked at Lu Luan. “You did a good job, when Miss Zhang arrives in a few days you should also serve her well.”

“Yes.” Lu Luan answered, bowing her head to hide her unsightly expression.

Just then, Lu Luan suddenly heard Father Liao’s voice: “Lu Luan!”

Master? Lu Luan looked up at father Liao, and then was startled by father Liao’s ugly expression – what was wrong?

Father Liao didn’t say anything anymore as he just asked to servant to get Liao Qinghe while asking other servants to go out and close the door of the room.

Only after doing all of it, father Liao looked coldly at Lu Luan: “Lu Luan, whose child is in your belly?”

The strange attitude of Liao’s father had already made Lu Luan afraid so hearing father Liao question her face flushed with a touch of guilt before she said: “Of course it’s my husband’s.”

Lu Luan reacted quickly, but in the end to father Liao still noticed her expression. “Bitch! You better tell me the truth or I will drown you in pond when I find out the truth!”

Lu Luan expression changed greatly again, when Liao’s father suddenly asked such a question, she only thought that she had been exposed.

Whose child in her belly was in the end she was not very clear. . . She had guests before she followed Liao Qinghe, and then she was with Liao Qinghe. . .. Putting cotton dipped in eel blood into their body to pretend it was their first time was something they did often.

Father, what are you talking about? The child in Luan’s belly is a mine of course.” Liao Qinghe came in from outside, just in time to hear his own father’s words, and hurriedly defended Lu Luan.

Father Liao picked up the teacup and smashed it near Lu Luan as he spoke to Liao Qinghe. “You had so many women so how come only this one is pregnant with a child? Didn’t you think about it?” 

Lu Luan ducked to the side so the teacup was smashed on her side, bricking into the pieces, Liao Qinghe felt distressed when he heard his father say, “Wen Yinginang is pregnant!”

Liao Qinghe froze.

Mother Liao’s whole body trembled.

Wen Yingniang was pregnant?

Liao Qinghe had always thought that it was Wen Yingniang who could not give birth, but if Wen Yingniang could give birth… he suddenly thought that even after so many years expect Lu Luan there was no else whoever carried his child.

The room fell silent, the expression of everyone inside was getting ugly.

Lu Luan at this moment felt even more regretful.

It turned out. . . that it was Liao Qinghe who could not have children? Now that this was revealed, how could she live well in the future?

She was pregnant with someone else’s child, won’t Liao family beat and kill her?

She has to think of something… 

“You better not try to hurt me, or else the whole Fucheng will learn that Liao Qinghe is actually a eunuch who can’t have children!” Lu Luan shouted.

She also suddenly thought that right now, if the Liao family kicked her out and did not recognize the child in her belly . . . wouldn’t that just confirm that Liao Qingyun had a problem?

The Liao family not only couldn’t kick her out but also had to provide her with good support!

The Liao family’s faces were dark, but they didn’t dare to do anything. Just at this moment someone outside suddenly came to report that the Zhang family had come.

The Zhang family come to postpone the wedding.

Madam Zhang was not a good person but she absolutely sincerely loved her daughter. From the beginning, she did not want to marry her daughter to the Liao family so now she was even more unwilling, so when she came home, she made a scene and even threatened to hang herself.

Master Zhang felt that even if Liao Qinghe really had health problems, he could not go back on his own word because he would lose his integrity. But madam Zhang made such a fuss that he finally compromised with a part of it–he would not back of this marriage but on the pretext that his daughter was sick he would postpone this marriage.

Father Liao was already furious so when he heard such news he almost vomited blood from anger.


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