FDS – Chapter 8.2


It took Yunxiao five whole days to finish the corpse of the dinosaur. There were already big birds that loved to eat corpses in the sky. The wings of one bird were already very big but when the flock of them flew in the sky they were almost covering the sky. The big birds seemed to be afraid of Yunhuo so they just kept hovering in the air without coming down to grab the food. The smell of rotting flesh was so  disgusting that Zhao Yunxiao stayed away from it, while Yunhuo also kept him away from the lake. After nightfall, Yunhuo, who used to hold Zhao Yunxiao to sleep, got up quietly. Putting the animal skin over Zhao Yunxiao, he went to the lake.

Under the moonlight, the crimson beast’s body underwent a bizarre change. Originally on all fours he turned into a human form. The eyes were still blood-red and his tail was hanging on the ground, his human shaped hands had sharp fingernails and long fiery red hair draped on his back. His beast-shaped ears twitched as he paid close attention to the movement behind the rocks. Spreading the skin of the dinosaur on the ground, he moved quickly as he put bones and other things on the animal skin. Just before dawn, Yunhuo washed himself in the lake before changing back into the appearance of a wild animal and returned to Zhao Yunxiao, who was still sleeping.

As soon as he lay on his side, Zhao Yunxiao got into his arms, the temperature at this time of the day was the lowest so it was not warm enough making Zhao Yunxiao subconsciously look for a source of heat. The scarlet eyes were crystal clear, circling the female who depended on him into the arms of his own beast body to shield him from the early morning cold.

Waking up in the morning, Zhao Yunxiao only felt that his body was hot and sweaty. When he opened his eyes, he knew why he was hot. Yunhuo big head laid against the top of his head and from the sound of his breathing it could be determined that he was still sleeping. Knowing that Yunhuo was was tired these days, Zhao Yunxiao moved very gently as he pulled the animal skin from his body to the side without the intention of getting up. According to his experience, Yunhuo will definitely get up once he gets up but he wanted Yunhuo to sleep a little longer. Although he was a human and Yunhuo was a beast, the fact was that it was Yunhuo who had been taking care of him and there was a limit to what he himself could do. It was strange, right? But that was the case. In the days when they lived together, Yunhuo who was the beast took good care of him, often making him forget that he was the beast.

Even the big dinosaur that could make the ground shake made Zhao Yunxiao feel that its intelligence was not at all comparable to Yunhuo, Yunhuo was perhaps the most intelligent animal in the forest. Not being hungry, Zhao Yunxiao quietly nestled in Yunhuo’s arms, thinking about when he first came here and how Yunhuo secretly took care of him and then about his days after he met him. Thinking about this he realized abruptly that he had not recorded a stroke on the stone wall for many days.

As Zhao Yunxiao pulled the beast skin aside, Yunhuo woke up. He thought the female was hungry, but he didn’t expect the other side to just throw off animal skin and continue to rest quietly in his arms. “She” must be hot. . In fact, he would not be tired because of one night without sleep, for him, three or four days without sleep would be okay. But he very, very much enjoys the happiness of the female tenderly nestled in his arms. He didn’t know how long such happiness could last so he wanted to enjoy this moment as much as possible. He had always been isolated, and had no chance to be so close to a female, even after he was expelled from his tribe. He coveted the softness of the female, the alluring sweet scent of her body and thought that the day “she” left him would definitely be very painful. These days of living together with a female would definitely torment him for the rest of his life.

But despite his greed, Yunhuo pretended to wake up only after lying down for an hour. As soon as his head moved, Zhao Yunxiao knew he was awake and touched Yunhuo saying: “Get some more sleep.”

Due to Zhao Yunxiao’s body language Yunhuo understood what he meant, but only felt that he was swept by endless happiness in an instant. But soon, sadness flashed in his eyes. If the female knew that he was not a beast at all, this happiness would be shattered. Yunhuo, who was accustomed to being abandoned, quickly pushed the gloomy feelings away. Licking Zhao Yunxiao’s hand, he got up. He could not starve the female.

Stretching, Yunhuo licked the shoulder of Zhao Yunxiao who was sitting up again, then crossed over Zhao Yunxiao and walked in the direction of the forest. Zhao Yunxiao knew that he was going to look for food so he was no longer afraid that Yunhuo would leave him without a word, Zhao Yunxiao folded the animal skins and put them aside on the rock before going to the lake to wash up.

When he walked around the rock, he saw dozens of black birds gathered near the mountain of dinosaur meat that was stripped by Yunhuo. The smell of rotting flesh was obvious so Zhao Yunxiao stayed away from those terrifying big birds as much as possible, and went to the lake closest to the rock to wash. Those dangerous big birds were not interested in Zhao Yunxiao, a living person, so the most they could do was  to look at him as if they were judging whether he would come to eat with them. After discovering that Zhao Yunxiao was no threat to this pile of meat, these big birds were happy to also not disturb Zhao Yunxiao. Also the smell of Zhao Yunxiao’s body made them uneasy, so they didn’t want to bother Zhao Yunxiao.

Zhao Yunxiao brushed his teeth while paying attention to the direction of the meat mountain. He remembered that yesterday there was a mountain of bones near the meat mountain so how could they disappear during his sleep? The dinosaur skin also seemed to have disappeared. These bones were very important to Yunhuo, otherwise he would not bother to separate the bones from the meat. Thinking like this, Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly rinsed his mouth. Those bones and skins were not stolen by beasts from the forest, right? But he did not dare to look around, not to mention the flock of big birds nearby, Zhao Yunxiao could only wait behind the rock anxiously for Yunhuo to return. After waiting for some time Yunhuo finally came back, Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly ran to him and grabbed the hair on his neck as they went toward the lake.

Yunhuo put the fresh animal in its mouth on the ground and followed Zhao Yunxiao suspiciously. The female looked worried, what happened? Yunhuo couldn’t help but think about those birds. Did these guys scare the female? Sure enough, the flesh of the dinosaur should be  thrown into the forest. It’s just that the female didn’t like the smell of rotting meat on his body, but now Yunhuo immediately considered how to remove the meat again without making the female dislike the smell of his body.

Not knowing that Yunhuo thought were completely off, after rounding the rocks, Zhao Yunxiao pointed ahead and said anxiously: “Yunhuo, the skin and bones are missing, were they stolen?”

 Yunhuo returned to his senses and looked at direction Zhao Yunxiao pointed at, after blinking twice, he looked at the female beside him. Zhao Yunxiao continued: “I found out that it was gone when I got up this morning.” It would be nice if Yunhuo could understand him. Zhao Yunxiao didn’t know how to make Yunhuo understand him but Yunhuo still understood. Because the place Zhao Yunxiao pointed to was the place where he piled up bones before. Was the female anxious when she noticed that the bones were missing?

Yunhuo licked Zhao Yunxiao’s shoulder, then his tail encircled his wrist as he led him away. Zhao Yunxiao breathed a sigh of relief and Yunhuo understood! After walking a few steps, Yunhuo stopped and crawled on the ground, as his tail pulled Zhao Yunxiao close to him. Zhao Yunxiao nervously touched the suddenly down Yunhuo to check his almost healed wounds, and asked, “Does the wound hurt again?”

Yunhuo head rubbed against Zhao Yunxiao, as his left hind paw lifted to push Zhao Yunxiao towards his back, Zhao Yunxiao froze and climbed on Yunhuo back uncertainly, was Yunhuo asking him to ride him? The next moment, Zhao Yunxiao was sure, because Yunhuo stood up.

“Ah!” Startled by Yunhuo standing up, Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly grabbed the fur on Yunhuo neck.  Yunhuo turned around and licked his hand before walking cheerfully into the forest. Zhao Yunxiao, who was lying on his back, smiled. He adjusted his sitting posture and straightened up his upper body. He couldn’t help being in high spirits. Ah, is that what it feels like to ride a horse? No, no, Yunhuo was not a horse. He was much more powerful than a horse. Zhao Yunxiao touched Yunhuo’s big head, bent over his ear and said: “Yunhuo, thank you.”

Yunhuo… the beast knew that it was the name given to him by the female, though he didn’t know how to pronounce it, let alone what it meant. But he still liked it very much. He liked this name given by female no matter what it means. Once his mood became better, Yunhuo’s pace also became more brisk. He  stretched out his two big fleshy wings and ran quickly, as if he could fly at any time. Zhao Yunxiao tried to wrap his hands around Yunhuo’s neck  as he asked with a smile: “Yunhuo, can your wings fly?” Can Yunhuo fly in the sky?

Flying in the sky… Zhao Yunxiao suddenly longed for Yunhuo to fly with him. Yunhuo seemed to hear the voice in his heart. With a turn, he quickly ran to the side, waving his two big wings, Zhao Yunxiao let out a cry of surprise. Ah! Yunhuo really could fly. Not flying very high, Yunhuo  flew over the lake and landed on the rocks, then flew up from the rocks to land on the edge of the forest. Zhao Yunxiao’s laughter made Yunhuo feel happier than ever.

“Yunhuo, Yunhuo ……” Zhao Yunxiao shouted Yunhuo’s name over and over again, hoping that the other party would know that it was the name he had given to him. Yunhuo, Yunhuo, at this moment, Zhao Yunxiao felt that Yunhuo was his family, and he, too, was Yunhuo’s family.


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