DOASCC – Chapter 19 – The First Wife

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Title: Xuan Ran? Hot search number five?

Content: Just saw it on the hot search, and after curiously checking it: found it was Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran? Who is TM who is heating this up? To make it appear on hot search?

1L: Meng Feixuan? Isn’t he a paper man? Is there someone here, too?

2L: I saw it, too. I was so shocked. It crossed dimensions!

3L: What’s wrong with crossing dimensions? As long as you are good-looking, dimension is not a problem!

13L: Although, it is still quite good. Cross-dimensional, year-round, employee idol×boss. It has so many elements and it’s beautiful. I have started to eat food crazily.

20L: To tell you the truth, I fell in love with Meng Feixuan on the day of his debut. His face is really capable of fighting and his modeling is also very strong. When he stood together with Xie Ran, you could not tell he was a virtual character at all. The day of the conference was just the perfect scene of a bossy president holding his star debut and showing his strength. It’s really too perfect, I have never been so happy like I was these past two days.

40L: A CP with no co-frame or cooperative work suddenly became popular. Why do I think that artificial traces are too heavy?

41L: Brother 40L found the main point. I looked into fans that produced this food and most of them are new accounts. As for those foods, I use my ten-year old gourmand tongue as a teaser, it has the taste of artificial sugar. I won’t believe that no one is pushing it from behind.

47L: There is one thing to say, this pair of TM has crossed the dimension, can it not be artificial? Can it be even possible that someone would take it as real sugar?

77L: I can answer this question. During this period of time, didn’t a certain CP suddenly become very popular? I have a friend who works in the entertainment industry. She told me that one of them is building hype and the other studio seems to be very dissatisfied. She reasonably suspects that this two-dimensional×three-dimensional CP was ordered by the other party to stir up the muddy water.

99L: How about 77L stop pretending to be a passerby? Why don’t you just write that Fang Huiwang ordered it and just post it? I also have some material. I heard that a little idol opened his big mouth and made an offer that no one in the industry would answer. I will not hesitate to do it myself. I will stir-fry the little idol and sell it at a good price.

100L: There are quite a few rumors upstairs. But the industry knows how to gain popularity and Xie Ran would naturally be searched. Although I don’t know how this CP suddenly became so popular, it is still certain that no marketing company is involved at present.

137L: I don’t know. But it’s true that Meng Feixuan was not able to sell quickly. I heard that the price offered in the industry was not low but Xie Ran still did not let him go. It’s really weird.

236L: Provocation. The fans of two mixed in again, this post is over, the standard ending.




Xuan Ran CP was just like others CP that had become popular overnight in the past two years, but in a short time, there had been a huge amount of discussion on the Internet. The works about them were springing up like a spring rain, and quickly climbed the top list of various websites, pressing down the Fang Ran CP momentum in the as well.

The climbing speed of CP fans had always been amazing. A large number of new fans who have just entered the hole had not yet been stabilized as they were quickly attracted to the sudden rise of a new force.

For a while, almost all entertainment websites had become a battlefield for the Fang Ran CP and Xuan Ran CP camps. Not only for fans, but also because Xie Ran was in both CPs.

In other words, this was no longer just a small fight but a battle of honor. What’s the difference between the loser and his wife being robbed?

Being robbed of his wife in front of the whole network was simply a great disgrace to the CP world!

However, to everyone’s surprise, Xuan Ran CP had been firmly on top of Fang Ran CP since the battle was put on the table.

Fang Ran CP fans were unable to fight back.

Fang Ran CP old fans were furious and angry, but there was nothing they could do.

Fang Huiwang’s fans were even more incompetent and furious. Although they were somehow disgusted with Fang Ran CP, it was still another matter for Fang Huiwang to be defeated in a CP war and ridiculed for being not as good as a virtual character.

Fang Huiwang looked at the Xuan Ran CP data and suspected that this CP was totally made up by some water company. Fang Huiwang’s face was so cloudy that it almost dripped water as he almost crushed his cell phone.

Yewang studio: [Which company did the other side use for heating it up? Don’t you claim to have the most marketing accounts in the whole network? How come you can’t even overtake a dummy’s CP?].

Tooth god network marketing section general: [I have wronged elder brother. I have checked this CP and it’s not pushed by any company…]

Yewang studio: [Didn’t Xie Ran stir-fry it?]

Tooth god network marketing section general: [The first thing I checked were accounts that sent messages, including the earliest of the Xuan Ran CP as well as the highest output fan “Meng Feixuan trumpet” we have also confirmed that it is not a marketing company and just a passerby account.]

Tooth god network marketing section general: [Big brother, you should also know. Although we as a water army can bring the rhythm, if the netizens really burst up, we are still certainly unable to compare.]

Yewang studio: [You mean, there are really so many people shipping Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran?]

Tooth god network marketing section general: [I really can’t guarantee it. This matter is really a little weird. I can only tell you that as far as we can investigate, there is really no company firing this CP.]

Fang Huiwang, who could no longer control his expression, smashed his cell phone.




Xie Ran Studio.

Guan Shunan was also very confused, she was worried that Xie Ran was bound and would not have a way out of it. But in a twinkling of an eye, Xuan Ran CP was born, severely suppressing the Fang Ran CP momentum.

A CP’s fire needed time, place and people. Meng Feixuan simply did not have the frame and interaction, so the popularity could only be created by some water army company.

The two CP’s in question belonged to Xie Ran studio but their studio did not do anything! It can’t be that some other companies were doing it as charity, right?

However, the strange thing here was that even though Xuan Ran CP became popular, you surprisingly could not find any trace of water army and those “food production fans’ although many of them were new, they really did not belong to any company.

The most important thing was that the marketing accounts have always been carrying other people’s output and cooperated with celebrities to bring the rhythm. No company was capable of producing so many works by itself.

There were even people who translated it in foreign language and sent it outside the wall which was even more coquettish.

“Now the whole industry is studying what’s going on with Meng Feixuan and your CP. Your CP is so popular that it’s strange. It’s completely a brand new case.” Guan Shunan looked at Xie Ran and said jokingly, “Tell me honestly, was it you who made the move?”

Xie Ran said: “No.”

Guan Shunan just said it casually and did not take it seriously.

But then Xie Ran, who looked at her, continued: “It was Meng Feixuan who did it.”

Guan Shunan: “……”

He said it so seriously that she almost believed it!

Not to mention, the account of the first fan of the Xuan Ran CP that was called in the circle “Meng Feixuan Jr.’.

Guan Shunan left the conference room sweating. Xie Ran leaned slightly on the chair and said: “Is this the result of your study?”

After a meeting with Guan Shunan that day, Meng Feixuan had been excited and interested in studying the field of CP deeply.

The original body owner’s fate was that he ended tragically because of the CP. Now that Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang did not interact, the CP fans were still excited because of the images from ten years ago.

It was really inexplicable human feelings, and the studious Meng Feixuan immediately listed this field as his new learning direction.

It was just that his learning achievements really seemed to be a bit too overwhelming.

“The world of the CP is too vast.” Meng Feixuan said with awe: “I have searched and analyzed 700,000 human novels, and I still have TV shows on my server but I really don’t understand why Voldemort and Lin Daiyu (Lin Daiyu is one of the main characters of Cao Xueqin’s classic 18th-century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber) would have a CP, also this CP is really too popular.”

Xie Ran: “…”

He felt like he was a step further away from understanding feelings today.

Meng Feixuan continued resolutely: “So I decided to go deep into this mysterious world and become a food producing lady. I believe that with my deep learning system worth hundreds of billions of dollars, I will be able to decipher the mysteries of CP.”

Yes, the first fan “Meng Feixuan Jr.” who dominated Xuan Ran CP circle was his trumpet!

Xie Ran was silent for a moment: “This is the reason why you wrote my cp and yours?”

Meng Feixuan justified: “Otherwise I have no sense of immersion. Without the sense of immersion, no food production power. Sir, you don’t think that so many of my works are generated by system, right?”

Xie Ran was puzzled: “Not?”

Meng Feixuan was silent for a moment: “…is.”

“But I am generating them with emotion, and the ones I choose are the parts I think are the most moving and resonating with the humans. I believe that I will soon attain a breakthrough in emotional learning.” He continued confidently.

Xie Ran was nonchalant: “What about the results?”

Meng Feixuan gave out a current sound indicating dissatisfaction and said reluctantly: “They said that although I produce a high amount of food, the taste of artificial sugar is too obvious……”

He also skillfully explained to Xie Ran the meaning of artificial sugar: “It means that they are too assembly-line, templated, and not realistic enough. I think they are a little too much, happiness is really not out of line.”

Xie Ran was speechless and only said: “Learn less of these strange words.”

Meng Feixuan’s homework results, although a little beyond his expectations, were not a bad thing. His system had always been cautious. Although this time it was creating rhythm, it still had controlled itself in the red line so the technology of this world could not find any abnormality.

The reason why their momentum was so great was because after the rhythm created by Meng Feixuan, there was actually a large number of netizens who fell into the pit of Xuan Ran CP, following by making the CP even more popular. After that, a number of authors in the CP circle followed the output, gradually really pushing this CP out.

Of course, the number of real fans was really not the same as that of the ten-year old Fang Ran CP. But with Meng Feixuan’s personality, he certainly would not give the Fang Ran CP a chance.

Was this what the original body owner wanted to see? Could this calm down the atomic group of consciousness of the original body owner?

Human feelings were really strange.

On a whim, Xie Ran said: “You bring out the works you have generated, I will have a look.”

Meng Feixuan: “What type do you want to see?”

There were many types to choose from?

Xie Ran thought for a moment: “The most popular one.”

A moment later, he put down his phone and asked slowly: “This is illegal in China, isn’t it?”

Meng Feixuan said proudly: “Yes, so I put the outer chain and translated it into English!”

He then added the sound of patting his chest: “I’m great!”



The dispute between the Xuan Ran CP and Fang Ran CP fans became more and more intense.

Yewang studio was furious, but there was nothing they could do about it. No matter how they brushed up the data, they just couldn’t beat the Xuan Ran CP. But if they accidentally brushed up too much, they would be caught in the process.

Kuang Youfang could only let professional fans strengthen guidance among fans, and constantly emphasize that dummy data was no better than real person.

Fang Ran CP fans also comforted each other that after Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang appeared on the same variety show, they would be able to speak with facts. So the fake ones would always be fake.

Such a fierce atmosphere had been in stalemate for a long time, when ‘Somewhere Else’ premiere finally came amidst much anticipation.


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