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The day of He Wenchao’s death was also the end of the comment area of both 《The God of Destruction》and 《Abusive Love Affair》but two comment areas of books showed a very different atmosphere.

The comment section of 《The God of Destruction》——

[What is the meaning of this novel? This cultivation book suddenly says it wanted to revise the text so I purposely logged to the Internet to check it, but the main character suddenly …… died after more than a million words? I thought that he could still be reborn as a ghost but the author suddenly said that the text is finished? This **** Is this the end of the novel? I ******.]

[Author you ****, I pay to see you ***, you *** to write main character like this you ****]

[But isn’t this a cultivation masterpiece? I even bought the book back then! But now the fist volume is not yet finished and the main character is dead. **** author, refund money!]

[But …… the person above these books were never published, have you ever seen a volume of a million words published physically?]

[What did I buy then?]

[Is it a very thick book, the font is very small and the paper is of very low quality and there are often punctuation marks not typed as question marks? It’s called piracy.]

[Let’s not mention the problem of pirated books now, the author has just changed the whole novel. What is going on? I was waiting for him to turn over a new leaf when he was imprisoned by the Xuanyuan sect, but who knew that he would be burned to death by Yin Hanjiang at the end of the meeting? Then the novel was completed, what is going on?]

[Speaking of which, I always regarded《The God of Destruction》 as a classic because of its amazing ending at that time. Who knew that when I would reread it ten years later I suddenly felt that the male lead was a bit hypocritical, and the harem logic was also problematic. I guess I’ve grown up and my aesthetics and perceptions have changed, right?]

[The author is probably the same, right? When I grew up, I see how stupid the things I had written was so I want to rewrite it. So I can understand that the author doesn’t want to face his black history but I still want to say a word about the ending, you ****]

[Why are there so many book comments with ****?]

[Blocked words, curse words not suitable for children. This novel is also not suitable for children. It is easy to doubt life after reading it. You’d better go read some CP-free novels to wash your eyes.]

The readers of《The God of Destruction》went from rage to helplessness that eventually changed to boredom that made them want to read another novel while the 《Abusive Love Affair》 comment section was very peaceful.

In the revised version of《Abusive Love Affair》 Baili Qingmiao woke up from her meditation at Mahayana realm, achieving a small success in Merciless path. After hearing the news of He Wenchao’s death and her nomination as sect master, she was silent for a moment before accepting the sect master position.

In this regard her disciple Xie Huai was very confused, he felt that Baili Qingmiao was already at the Mahayana realm and would soon be able to ascend, so why was she still willing to be tied to the Shangqing Sect?

Baili Qingmiao smiled softly at his disciple and asked: “Don’t you think that the Shangqing Sect and the entire righteous path are fame seekers?”

“Everyone else is except you, Master.”Xie Huai said angrily.

He was also listening to Yin Hanjiang forcefully questioning the scum of the righteous path one by one on Taiyin Mountain, and only then did he learn that so much blame was dumped on Xuanyuan sect. He was so angry that he wished that patriarch Yin would burn everyone down, but patriarch Yin didn’t do it. He only dealt with the blood demon ancestor and returned these scums to their respective sect asking them to deal with it themselves.

To Xie Huai, the best way was to kill all these experts of the righteous path present. The Xuanyuan sect unifying the whole cultivation world would be good!

“But do you know why the righteous path could put so many things on the Xuanyuan sect?” Baili Qingmiao asked.

“That ……” Xie Huai was momentarily speechless.

He wanted to say that the Xuanyuan sect had a bad reputation, but why does it have a bad reputation? Because many evil things were indeed done by the Xuanyuan sect.

“Before Venerable Wen Renhe unified the demonic path, the Xuanyuan sect did many evil things.” Baili Qingmiao remembered Zhong Liqian’s teachings and what Master Qingxue told her about what happened in the past: “It was even worse than what you hear now about the things done by these scum of the righteous path.”

Baili Qingmiao was not trapped in the Shangqing sect and she had traveled thousands of miles for so many years so she saw countless human miseries with her own eyes, understanding that the world was not black or white. When the eyes blinded by emotions were erased, she felt different about the world.

She patted Xie Huai’s head and said with some relief: “After Wen Renhe became the devil venerable, he purged the old patriarch’s army by cold-blooded means. He changed the sect and set new rules, ordering all his people to comply with them. Over the past hundred years, the Xuanyuan sect has gradually transformed from a former demonic sect to a sect full of spontaneous people so you can feel comfortable and happy in the Xuanyuan sect. Because the people there are straightforward, malice and goodwill is written on their faces and they will never pretend otherwise. But the one who can let them do it is no one else but Wen Renhe.”

“Now, Yin Hanjiang exposed the hidden diseases of the righteous path of many years on the Taiyin Mountain. The righteous path has been in the cultivation world for many years and their disciples have been recruited extensively for a long time, making it a management failure. In large sects, there will always be some diseases and if you do not ruthlessly cut off these rotten flesh, they will continue to decay intact flesh. Making the Righteous path not righteous and demonic not evil. Right and wrong will not be distinguished, black and white will not be distinguished and the whole world will be in chaos!”

“So what …… Patriarch Yin did was beneficial to the righteous path?” Xie Huai said in surprise: “Master, are you smarter than before? So many things but you thought of them on your own? Master Zhong secretly taught you, right!”

He and Baili Qingmiao were from similar generations and Baili Qingmiao’s personality was good so the two of them have always been very close to each other.

Baili Qingmiao curled up his finger and knocked on Xie Huai’s forehead and said: “I thought of it myself, Since I got the blood flame nirvana silk, I remembered a lot of things.”

Blood flame nirvana silk was the transformation of the divine blood, the divine blood was prepared by the innate goddess to restore her godhood while it also contained some memories of her previous life. After Baili Qingmiao advanced to the Mahayana realm, she gradually recovered some memories.

She had been influenced by He Wenchao’s previous life, making her think what she did was really bad. But after being reborn and witnessing all the things that Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang did she gradually understood.

“The Destruction caused by patriarch Yin is painful for the righteous path but it is also the only way for them to live.” Baili Qingmiao sighed with emotion: “I caused countless suffering to the earth in my previous life and this pain was a devastating blow to each individual, but for heaven and earth, every destruction is the beginning of the creation.”

Xie Huai didn’t quite understand her words so he tilted his head to listen.

“I have been creating “catastrophes” in my previous life and never participated in the “creation” but the position of sect master of Shangqing sect is an opportunity. The Shangqing sect is the leader of the righteous path and the sect master used his own life to cleanse the stain He Wenchao cast on the sect. He trusted me and gave me this opportunity to reorganize the sect and the righteous path. With such a heavy responsibility on my shoulders, Baili Qingmiao will do her part.” Baili Qingmiao’s expression gradually became serious as she bowed deeply in the direction where the sect master of Shangqing sect passed away.

She had a vague feeling in her heart that when she would lead the righteous path to re-establish its prestige in the world, that would be the day she would be qualified to absorb her innate godhood.

The innate gods were born from heaven and earth, and they all worked on maintaining heaven and earth. A world with only disaster will eventually perish, the disaster is only the beginning of the process, the purpose is to remove the weeds, wash away the dust, and return to a clean heaven and earth.

Xie Huai was confused, Baili Qingmiao had just asked him if he wanted to return to Shangqing sect with her or stay in Xuanyuan sect. But after thinking about it, he decided to follow his master. Although the Xuanyuan sect was his dream, his master was a little silly so she might be bullied in Shangqing sect if she was left alone, Xie Huai was not comfortable with it.

Also if he stays in the Xuanyuan sect, the altar master Shitan Xin will always look at him, afraid that he might one day steal his position as altar master of the Underworld Fire altar. The people of the Xuanyuan sect were not easy to deal with and even altar master Zhong who was so smart started balding. He touched his thick hair and thought it would be good to be a direct disciple of the Shangqing sect.

Before Baili Qingmiao left the Xuanyuan sect, some of the people who had a better relationship with her bid goodbye to her.

Qiu Congxue was very dissatisfied that the disciple she taught had finally reached Mahayana realm but instead of joining hands with her to assassinate Wen Renhe and Yin Hanjiang, she wanted to become sect master of Shangqing Sect. She grabbed Baili Qingmiao and lectured her for a while, but Xie Huai who couldn’t stand listening to it dragged her aside and told her that his master wanted to unify the righteous path.

After hearing this, Qiu Congxue’s eyes lit up as she puffed up her chest and said: “You go and do it, by the time you unify the righteous path I should also be the Xuanyuan sect patriarch, then we master and disciple turn against each other and start a war. It will be a good story!”

Xie Huai held his forehead, master’s words didn’t sound related to the words “good story”.

“Don’t worry.” The beautiful protector Shu touched Xie Huai face: “There is still this protector, your master will not be able to unify the demonic path. If she becomes the patriarch, the first thing she would do would be to force the entire Xuanyuan Sect to become ghost cultivators. Everyone would have no flesh and only bones, who would this protector find to double cultivate with?”

Proctor Shu was too beautiful so Xie Huai’s face became red, backing down a few steps, he vigilantly looked at Shu Yanyan: “I will follow my master in the future to the righteous path, I will never double cultivate with you!”

Shu Yanyan laughed lightly and came two steps closer, pinching Xie Huai face and saying softly: “I ah, will not make a move against a person like you. Too serious, too infatuated with people, willing to sacrifice everything for the beloved, this karma I can’t afford.”

During the conversation between Shu Yanyan and Xie Huai, altar master Shitan gently walked to Baili Qingmiao’s side and offered a jade talisman with both hands.

This is?” Baili Qingmiao looked at Shitan Xin suspiciously, during her time in the Xuanyuan sect, she actually had no entanglements with altar master Shitan. When she was in a coma, in order to protect herself against the innate godhood, she instinctively absorbed the altar master Shitan sickness qi and owed him karma. But when she returned the sickness Qi, this sickness Qi that stayed in the body of innate goodness of calamity had its power increased greatly. When the altar master Shitan got this sickness Qi back, his cultivation should greatly increase so between the two, Baili Qingmiao had already repaid the karma.

“There’s a magic spell in it. If someone dares to disobey, use it.” alter master Shitan Xin whispered.

Every time he saw Baili Qingmiao, he wanted to kneel down so he couldn’t help but want to offer something, really never understating why.

“Thank you.” Even if she didn’t necessarily use it, Baili Qingmiao still accepted the kindness.

Thinking of her tracking spell with Zhong Liqian, she felt that spells are nor necessarily all bad as long as they are used in the right places.

Thinking of the friend who had been with her for more than thirty years, Baili Qingmiao looked at Zhong Liqian and gave him a farewell bow over distance.

There were no extra words, no extra instructions, just pure friendships as light as water. But Baili Qingmiao knew that if she was in trouble in the future, Zhong Liqian would definitely help her and if Zhong Liqian was in trouble, she was also obliged to help.


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