Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 52 – Reorganization Of The Sect

On the top of Xuanyuan sect’s general altar,  the four-way fight was quite exciting.

Altar master Miao tried to win over altar master Shitan to team up against altar master Ruan. But the altar master backed off and the two did not help each other. Altar master Ruan wanted to join forces with Qiu Congxue, but Qiu Congxue wanted to fight all three of them so it eventually evolved into three altar masters fighting against Qiu Congxue. While altar master Miao and Ruan would occasionally assassinate each other, altar master Shitan dodged altogether.

Suddenly a cold light flashed by, the force of the triangular bayonet through space caused the four people to stop and retreat at the same time to hide. Only to see three sharp sword lights slashing the place they were dueling just a moment before, altar master Ruan did not have time to pick up his turtle shell that was pierced by the sword light and split into pieces.

Altar master Shitan patted his chest with fear, fortunately he dodged quickly, this sword light was terrible and even the lightest touch could cut through the flesh and bone. The person who made this move didn’t hold back at all, as if it didn’t matter who was cut in half by this sword.

Who was so vicious? Altar master Shitan looked up with such a question in mind, only to see Vice Patriarch Yin wearing a blood-red robe, with a silver belt tied around his waist, outlining his figure.

“Yin Hanjiang, you’re going to die!” Altar master Ruan looked at his tortoise shell armor that he hadn’t had time to retrieve in distress and roared: “You want to be a Devil Venerable too, don’t you? Come on! Whoever has a stronger fist will be the new Devil…”

Before his words fell, Yin Hanjiang waved his hand, and an invisible airflow turned into a transparent drumstick and struck altar master Ruan chest armor heavily.

Altar master Ruan’s body armor was made of the legendary tortoise shell. Many sects mountain protection formations may not be as strong as his tortoise shell armor. But who knew that when Yin Hanjiang attacked altar master armor would shatter and he would fly out on the spot. If it wasn’t for the mountain protection formation, altar master Ruan would have flown to who knows where.

As he climbed up from the rocks, he heard Yin Hanjiang’s calm voice resounding throughout the Xuanyuan sect’s main altar: “After Wen Renhe no one can claim the address of Venerable.”

“What do you mean?” Qiu Congxue said angrily: “Wen Renhe is dead, you want to be the demonic sect leader, no problem. Whoever is the strongest will be the one, but if you don’t want to be the one, can you stop getting in the way of others?”

Shu Yanyan, who had come immediately after noticing that the mountain protection formation had been broken: “……”

She said to Zhong Liqian: “I thought we still would have time to save her, but let’s forget it, it would be good for her to be beaten.”

Afterwards, she wanted to hold Zhong Liqian’s hand, but he withdrew it too quickly and her hand met empty air. Looking back, Zhong Liqian who just stood next to her a moment ago was now a hundred meters away with Xiu Huai.

Shu Yanyan: “……”

This good-looking and intelligent man was really not revealing weakness.

She had retreated fast enough, but she was still hit by a flying Qiu Congxue that smashed into her. Once soft Qiu Congxue body once again became that of a skeleton.

Shu Yanyan sacrificed the other side of the flower to avoid being knocked off by Qiu Congxue like master Ruan was. She was barely able to stand up when, with a slap, Qiu Congxue was thrown to her feet. Looking down, she saw that Qiu Congxue was still half alive, and the only flesh left on her face had been cut off.

Protector Shu said to Qiu Congxue: “You will never learn which pot can’t be opened or lifted, if you weren’t knocked out.”

With that, she kicked Qiu Congxue face with her slender foot, her eyes curving with a smile as she let her flowers bloom around altar master Miao and Shitan making her threat quite obvious.

After the two altar masters were restrained by her magic weapon Shu Yanyan glanced at Yin Hanjiang, knelt down respectfully and said: “Subordinates welcome Patriarch Yin.”

Seeing that the master Ruan and the protector Qiu were already in such bad shape, Shu Yanyan, a wallflower, had no intention of joining forces with them. Even though they were slightly resentful, they had to admit that Yin Hanjiang was not the same as before.

The other two also did not resist and resigned themselves to kneel down with Shu Yanyan and behave themselves perfectly.

 Yin Hanjiang landed down then he glanced at Shu Yanyan, and immediately closed his eyes. He had not been in contact with anyone this year, and he had opened and closed his eyes to the illusion of Wen Renhe. At this time, everyone looked like Wen Renhe and Shu Yanyan also had the face of his lord which was really disrespectful.

“Ai,” Zhong Liqian made a light sigh and then said to Xiu Huai: “Take your master back for treatment, lay her down with your master.”

Xiu Huai picked up Qiu Congxue, now there were only bones left in Qiu Congxue so he didn’t know when she would recover.

Shu Yanyan also let his subordinate Helian Chu take altar master Ruan and ordered people to organize the general altar. After several months of fighting by Qiu Congxue and others, the whole altar was in a mess, Shu Yanyan also did not bother to repair it because it would be broken after a few days so she let it be.

At this moment, Yin Hanjiang had overpowered the bears and the main altar needed to be cleaned, only Shu Yan dared to go and sort it out.

Yin Hanjiang saw that the main altar door had been smashed into pieces and the main hall where Wen Renhe rooms were covered with dust. There was also a beam smashed on Wen Renhe bed, with a flick of his palm, altar master Miao flew out backwards, ending the same way as altar master Ruan and protector Qiu.

The only one who rarely made a move was Shitan Xin who now shrank up his body and followed Yin Hanjiang with caution.

Yin Hanjiang raised his voice and let it reach every corner of the altar: “The rules of the General Altar of Xuanyuan Sect that allows fighting remain unchanged, but if anyone dares to destroy the general altar building again or smash stones and beams, he will have his bones smashed and several of his meridians will be cut off!”

As he said that, he slightly beckoned his hand, returning Alkaid triangular bayonet to his hand, the sharp blades of triangular bayonet were chilling to the heart. This was the magic weapon that removed all the flesh from Protector Qiu’s body in an instant, as skillful as a butcher’s knife.

Qiu Congxue’s bloody example was right in front of their eyes so no one dared to refute. The original altar master Yuan’s subordinates no longer fought with each other and the altar was cleaned up in less than an hour.

Ven… Patriarch Yin, should the chairs in the main hall be replaced?” The former subordinate of altar master Yuan asked cautiously .”

“No need.” Yin Hanjiang said.

“What about the furnishings in devil Venerable Wen Renhe room? Patriarch Yin will move into devil Venerable’s room, right?” He asked again.

“Of course not……” Yin Hanjiang wanted to refuse, but he stopped midway, he pursed his lips and said: “Just maintain it in the same state, you don’t need to care where I will live.”

The crowd followed Yin Hanjiang’s instructions and retired after cleaning up the main altar, leaving only Zhong Liqian and Shu Yanyan in the main hall. After the battle with altar master Yuan, Shu Yanyan was a bit afraid of Yin Hanjiang so she took a half step back and left everything to Zhong Liqian.

Yin Hanjiang ignored the two of them and looked at the chair where Wen Renhe usually sat and was reluctant to sit on it.

In the past, he had always stood behind the left side of this chair.

Zhong Liqian noticed that he had been beside the chair and spoke out to alert Yin Hanjiang: “Patriarch Yin, Liqian has been a guest at the Xuanyuan Sect these days and was entrusted by Lord Wen Renhe with conveying a message to you.”

Hearing the name Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang’s body stiffened as he stood in front of his chair and asked in a cold voice: “What words?”

“Lord Wen Renhe said: ‘This Venerable has a 30% chance of survival in the Underworld Blood Sea and breaking through. He also doesn’t need Yin Hanjiang to accompany him for a while. If this Venerable will not return after a year, Yin Hanjiang can decide by himself whether he wants to accompany this venerable or not.’ That’s all, not a word out of place.” Zhong Liqian said.

Zhong Liqian could not see Yin Hanjiang’s expression, but he could sense the other party’s mood. He also felt it was ridiculous as he stayed in the Xuanyuan sect these days, since a year had passed and these sentences had long since become empty words.

Even so, he waited until Yin Hanjiang returned to convey these words to him.

If he doesn’t return for a year….” Yin Hanjiang pressed his heart, only to feel that it had turned rotten making the pain unbearable.

His hand was placed on the armrest of the seat, not letting go for a long time, Yin Hanjiang slowly sat on the chair that symbolized the supreme power of the Xuanyuan Sect.

“For the time being, I will not create a tomb.” Yin Hanjiang said through clenched teeth: “I want to kill He Wenchao as well as other people who besieged the devil venerable that day and use their soul to pay homage to the Venerable!”

When Zhong Liqian heard his hostile words, he couldn’t help but persuade him: ” Patriarch Yin, Lord Wen Renhe might have entered the Underworld Blood Sea by himself, but he made the righteous path believe that he was the blood demon in order to reveal Blood Demon Ancestor in He Wenchao’s body in front of the righteous and devils paths. Lord Wen Renhe had said that once the blood cultivator begins to absorb the blood soul, he will never be able to stop. The Blood Demon Ancestor absorbed seventeen experts so it will take him five years to completely digest their power, after five years he will definitely strike again, only then Liqian will act…. I advise Patriarch Yin to hold back for now and not to disturb Lord Wen Renhe’s plan.”

Shu Yanyan saw Yin Hanjiang’s complexion getting worse and worse, until Zhong Liqian mentioned no letting disturbing Wen Renhe plans that Yin Hanjiang reluctantly endured. She was a little worried in her heart, Yin Hanjiang could now control his demonic nature because there were still Wen Renhe words guiding him but after he took his revenge there would really be nothing in this world that could stop Yin Hanjiang anymore.

“I know,” Yin Hanjiang took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down and said: “Venerable is kind-hearted, he only has the well being of people of this world in his heart and doesn’t care about who’s trying to get to him, but I’m different.”

Kind-hearted? Shu Yanyan was slightly stunned, who was Yin Hanjiang talking about? Was it about Wen Renhe? Did he have some misunderstanding about Wen Renhe?

Suspiciously, Shu Yanyan saw Yin Hanjiang tightly squeezing the armrest and say: “Five years, I can afford to wait, but not in vain.”

“I remember the nine experts who were there that day, They are respectively from Shangqing sect, Heavenly Sword sect, Jiuxing sect, Biluo sect and Wuxiang Temple, as well as three cultivation families, Gongxi, Liangqiu and Nanguo family. Nanguo’s family elder has already been killed by me, but there are still eight people left. I want to give these eight people to the blood demon ancestor as a gift!”

Shu Yanyan vaguely guessed what Yin Hanjiang was going to do so she swallowed her saliva and said: “ Patriarch, with the current strength of the Xuanyuan sect it should be impossible to fight against so many sects and cultivation families joining forces. Also… the Shangqing sect is closed, and even you didn’t succeed in destroying the other side’s mountain protection formation last time.”

Massive Demon war was one thing, but it was another thing to destroy a sect with deep backgrounds. Almost every sect and cultivation family has immortal weapons in their possession, so if they really wanted to hide it would be difficult to catch their elders or disciples from a sect.

Yin Hanjiang expressionless said: “The big sects have many branches and leaves so there are always disciples of the sects traveling outside. We have been dormant for a few years, and in these years, we will look for opportunities to control their souls with methods such as seduction, compulsion, or enchantment, so that they can lure the sect’s experts and we can kill them one by one.”

Zhong Liqian hearing Yin Hanjiang’s words immediately said: “Patriarch Yin, the message has been conveyed, the rest is internal affairs of the Xuanyuan sect. Liqian is not in a position to interfere and has already been disturbing the Xuanyuan sect for many days, so I will bid my goodbye…”

Yin Hanjiang interrupted him: ” Master Zhong has extraordinary wisdom, and the Xuanyuan sect is in need of an altar master. Since you have already been disturbing us for a year, why don’t you just stay here? Protector Shu, prepare a place for altar master Zhong.”

Shu Yanyan’s eyes lit up as she said: “Subordinates obey!”

Zhong Liqian: “…”


The author has something to say:

Zhong Liqian: “Can Xuanyuan sect change its troublesome ways? I only had to be Baili Qingmiao’s brain, but now I have to be the brain of the whole sect?

Wen Renhe & Yin Hanjiang: No.


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Proofread by: Nio


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