Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 1 – Divine Book of Heaven

At the main altar of Xuanyuan Sect, Devil Venerable Wen Renhe went in seclusion for seven days, behind tightly closed doors. Every day, the food and the water sent by his subordinates were left untouched, and nobody knew what kind of profound cultivation method he was learning.

Altar Master Yuan, who was in charge of the affairs of the altar, was in a dilemma. The Lord had gone in seclusion without leaving any instructions, and he didn’t know if the Lord would really have gained a new understanding of the new skills or if his realm would have improved once he opened the door. This celebration….. should it be prepared or not?

Devil Venerable Wen Renhe was neither extravagant nor wasteful, and he wasn’t fond of formalism. However, if the Lord’s skills really gained a new level, he should at least ask the disciples to wait for him to go out from the general assembly hall and congratulate him on the improvement of his strength, looking forward to the future, when Xuanyuan Sect would dominate the whole cultivation world.

Altar Master Yuan thought about it and finally decided to ask Yin Hanjiang, the Left Protector of Xuanyuan Sect, for help. Yin Hanjiang was a confidant of the Lord, and he had been in contact with the Lord before he went in seclusion. He should be the one who knew the thoughts of the other best.

Yin Hanjiang, dressed in black from head to toe, with a face as cold as frost, had been guarding the door of the study room for the past seven days. He was a man of very few words and after listening to the difficulties of Altar Master Yuan, his indifferent expression appeared a little blank and he looked a bit at a loss.

Altar Master Yuan was not tall, so he needed to raise his head to look up at Yin Hanjiang’s eyes, waiting for his instructions.

Yin Hanjiang moved the corners of his mouth as he spoke, “Not yet.”

“Ah?” Altar Master Yuan was stunned. “I heard that seven days ago, when the Lord got a secret book, he immediately went in seclusion. The Lord has not had a breakthrough for many years, and there are few cultivation methods that he hasn’t seen yet. Isn’t it possible that he is trying to make a breakthrough during this time of seclusion?”

“I said no. Don’t do it,” Yin Hanjiang said indifferently, and a sharp light shot out from his long sword.  Altar Master Yuan didn’t dare to ask again and hurriedly retreated.

After he left, Yin Hanjiang looked at the closed door behind him, and his indifference transformed into bewilderment.

Seven days ago, the Lord did get a book, which others nearby thought was a secret book. Only Yin Hanjiang, who was closest to Wen Renhe at that time, caught a glimpse of the title of the book —— Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change.

The title almost made Yin Han Jiang grit his teeth. This book did not seem to be any secret cultivation method. Even the erotic scripts written by secular scholars were much more elegant than this title.

At that time, Yin Hanjiang thought that Wen Renhe would set this mess on fire, but when he opened the first page and glanced at it, he sighed for a long time and then went in seclusion with the book.

A mundane book that the Devil Venerable found worthy of reading for seven days?

The longer Yin Hanjiang stayed in front of the Lord’s door, the more complicated his mood became.

It should be noted that this was the cultivation realm, which was incomparable with the martial arts realm of Wulin and Jianghu. Wulin and Jianghu were places where a group of people who, through practice and doing everything possible to strengthen their bodies, became slightly stronger than ordinary people. No matter how high their internal skills were, they were merely acquired. At best, they had the strength to kill a beast with one punch. On the other hand, the cultivation realm of Xiuzhen was one level higher than that of Wulin. The cultivators were separated from the world of mortals and ascended to the realm of immortals in various ways. Their skills were also beyond those acquired by the martial artists in Wulin, which was called the innate state.

People in Wulin may yearn for the legend of love, heroes, and beauties, but the cultivation world needed to break away from the worldly affairs; cut off the kinship and follow its own path. In particular, the Devil Clan, who practiced by the virtue of men and women’s affairs as to not lose one’s heart due to their sexual desire and simply wanted to collect and absorb energy, rather than some sentimental love story.

Apart from all the ways of killing people, the Lord who had never been interested in men or women, how could he read Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change for seven days and seven nights!

He didn’t understand, couldn’t understand, but Yin Hanjiang was the Left Protector of the sect and Wen Renhe’s most loyal subordinate. He once made an oath that he, Yin Hanjiang, would never let him suffer any harm as long as he was alive. If someone wanted to kill Wen Renhe, he would have to kill Yin Hanjiang first.

So even if he knew that the Lord was reading some love story and had not gone in closed-door cultivation, Yin Hanjiang was still holding his sword, silently guarding the door of the study room, not leaving.

Behind the door, Wen Renhe put down the book. His hand lay on the cover as if he wanted to smash the book with one hand. His hand trembled slightly, but he finally retracted it and did not destroy the book.

He frowned slightly and supported his forehead with his fist. It seemed that he was thinking about an extremely difficult thing.

Seven days ago, when he heard that people were discussing with his confidant, Yin Hanjiang, how to beat those righteous cultivators who were shouting and killing people from Xuanyuan Sect, a thick book suddenly appeared in his hand. At present, Wen Renhe’s strength was one of the greatest in the cultivation world, so no one should be able to quietly put a book in his hand without being detected by him, unless it was an immortal from the higher realm.

With such vigilance, Wen Renhe did not destroy the book, but endured the title, opened the first page, and saw a few lines of words: Due to excessive plot holes, the plot was not recognized by the readers. Therefore, choose a character with the highest popularity among readers to verify the rationality of the plot, and make appropriate modifications.

Because of this sentence, Wen Renhe immediately closed his door and spent seven days reading the book with more than one million words from the beginning to the end, word by word, over and over again. Thanks to his strong divine sense, he could recite it word by word after the first time without reading it ever again, but he still read it all over again and thought about the meaning of each sentence.

After reading it for so many days, he still couldn’t understand.

Every word and sentence he could understand. Even added together, he could imagine pictures and scenes, but he still couldn’t understand them!

This book was about the entangled love and hatred between a man and a woman that started in their previous lives.

In her previous life the female lead was an innate goddess. She had not acquired her godly status through cultivation, but was born from heaven and earth as a goddess responsible for spreading disease, disaster and death in the world. She sounded like an evil goddess, but in fact it was for the sake of the balance between heaven and earth. Life must lead to death, and death must lead to life. The cycle went on and on and was never-ending. She was absolutely fair and impartial, never targeting a certain race, and spent countless years with no joy or sorrow.

After several tens of thousands of years, the innate goddess had fallen, and there were countless acquired gods appearing in the divine realm. These people were the ones who had understood heaven and earth and led heaven and earth into their bodies. After thousands of disasters, they had the same power as the innate goddess and became gods. The male lead was one of them.

The male lead was a man who regarded all the people in the word as his duty. After he ascended to the divine realm, he learned that the rare innate goddess, the female lead, was responsible for releasing various disasters. When he was just a mortal, he heard of many natural disasters caused by this woman, so he came to advise the female lead constantly, trying to persuade her to turn over a new leaf.

Like heaven and earth, in her previous life the female lead had no feelings. To her, the male lead was no different from the floating clouds in the sky, or the stones on the ground, he was just like a fly or an insect buzzing near her ear. At most, she quarreled a bit and then blocked the speech ability of the male lead with her skills and threw him beyond the thirty-three heavens.

However, the male lead persisted and crawled back every time. After he had lifted the silencing spell, he continued to persuade the female lead to think for  her own life.

Thus, many years later, the fate of the female lead came to be.

Even heaven and earth had to experience the three disasters of wind, water, and fire, and they would be destroyed and reborn countless times. So the female lead accepted her fate and bravely faced the calamity. When the calamity occured, the male lead came again.

The disaster caused by the innate deity was extremely terrible. The female lead knew that she would die this time. Only by preserving her godly soul, reincarnating, and re-enlightening on the road, did she have a chance to live. Therefore, she stripped off her divinity before the calamity, and sealed it up in the cultivation world. When she gained divinity in the future, she could regain her strength and return to the divine realm.

At the time of the tribulation, when the female lead was about to start her physical reincarnation, the male lead appeared to help her withstand the thunder calamity. Taking part of the calamity for her, both of them were reincarnated.

Somehow, the female lead got entangled with the male lead. After reincarnation, the naive female lead, after paying her respects to the sect master, saw the senior disciple of the sect and had a feeling of being struck by lightning at the first sight of him. Wen Renhe analyzed the effect of the lightning strike according to the description in the book that “one look made her whole body numb and crisp, she couldn’t move her eyes away and couldn’t move her feet”. As a person who had never experienced love, Wen Renhe thought this kind of symptoms could only be produced by lightning strikes.

At first sight, the female lead fell in love with the male lead. The female lead named Baili Qingmiao was in love with her eldest senior brother He Wenchao. This triggered a period of mistreatment, but the female lead did not regret her infatuation. In the end, she gave up her divinity for He Wenchao. A story of an abusive love, wholeheartedly wishing for the life of an affectionate couple without any envy for immortal life.

To sum it up, the specific plot was as follows: framing, misunderstanding, Baili Qingmiao being imprisoned, abused, poisoned, hunted down, and He Wenchao getting married, but the bride was not her. Several important supporting characters were devoted to Baili Qingmiao and took care of her.

However, Baili Qingmiao only liked He Wenchao and ignored the good deeds of others, only wishing to be with He Wenchao. After being hurt and injured by He Wenchao, his wife, suitors, and her own family, she was rescued by other supporting male characters. After the wounds were healed, she continued to come back to be abused.

This plot was written in more than 800,000 words, and he was almost fascinated by it. If Baili Qingmiao appeared in front of him at this moment, he would crack open her human skull to see what was going on in her head.

When he reached the last page, it was no longer the plot, but some extraordinarily pleasing words, which were called book reviews, and most of the book reviews were–

【The female lead is sick, right? She gave up immortality for such a second marriage scum man!】

【Garbage, after reading almost one million words, waiting for the female lead to get back at this scum, she turned out to be so cheap until the end.】

【He Wenchao loves the female lead, but his life is more important than the female lead. His teacher is more important than the female lead, the innocent people are more important than the female lead, and everything else is more important than the female lead. The female lead is the existence He Wenchao can abandon at any time. This love is too humble to be embraced.】

【He Wenchao has killed the female lead in two lifetimes. The innate goddess is different from He Wenchao who acquired the values of both a god and a man. Releasing the disaster was not only her duty but also had the purpose to balance the ways of Heaven. He forced others to favor the human race and also interfered with the female lead in her tribulation making the female lead entangled with him in the next life. This man is so terrible, that he abused and killed the female lead in the name of righteousness!】

【Love at first sight can be said to be the karma from their previous life, but why is this karma not so important to this He Wenchao? On the contrary, did he even care if Baili Qingmiao is dying? He Wenchao could marry the leader of Ziling Pavilion, so don’t tell me Baili Qingmiao cannot marry Zhong Liqian or Wen Renhe? Is the heir of Xiuzhen’s first aristocratic family not handsome enough or is the Devil Venerable not cool enough? Why hang herself on He Wenchao?】

【Wen Renhe was the only driving force for me to read these almost one million words. I just wanted to see him tear this man off or kill this woman.】

【Wen Renhe, Zhong Liqian, and Yin Hanjiang are all better than He Wenchao. This woman is blind!】

【However, I think we’d better pass on Yin Hanjiang. He is too scary.】

【Cross out Yin Hanjiang. I will have a nightmare if I see his name now.】

【Cross out +1, we’d better depend on Wen Renhe. 】

In the reviews, the familiar names of Wen Renhe, Yin Hanjiang, Zhong Liqian, and others appeared repeatedly, which was also the reason why he persevered in reading this book with patience.

Wen Renhe knew that the character in this book was really himself.

As described in the text at the beginning of the book, Wen Renhe was the infatuated and domineering second male lead in Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change, and their world was just the fictional story in this book.

After learning the truth about the world, most of the practitioners would be traumatized and either live passively in the future or go crazy with madness. Wen Renhe was also in trance for a while but fortunately, the experience gained from killing had made his mentality extremely strong.

He soon realized that this cultivation world was just one of thousands of worlds. Others only saw their world as a book, but Abusive Love Affair: You are the only one I will never change was only a record of the love and hatred of a few dozens of people. The places not described in the book were worlds of their own. This book was just a record of the story of a certain person from a certain era and not of the whole world.

It was enough to know that you were truly alive and that your thoughts and actions were not controlled by anyone, and that the world was real.

What really puzzled Wen Renhe was that in the book it was said he would fall in love with Baili Qingmiao in the future, fight against heaven and earth for her and that he would give up his life for her, which made the heartless Wen Renhe very puzzled.

Just by reading this book, he wanted to pull Baili Qingmiao’s soul out of the book and make her forget her feelings for He Wenchao. How could he risk his life helping He Wenchao in order to protect Baili Qingmiao?

Thinking like this, he knew that if he didn’t understand these things clearly, sooner or later, he would be possessed by evil spirits and be unable to continue his cultivation path. Even if it wasn’t for the task at the beginning of the book, just to stabilize his mind, it was time to solve it.

After three days of meditation, he made up his mind to find out why Baili Qingmiao was so brain dead. Indeed, he couldn’t figure out by himself why she became infatuated. Baili Qingmiao may be confused herself. After all, she had been struck by lightning, and there might be something abnormal in her brain. However, other people mentioned in this book, especially Baili Qingmiao’s love rivals, probably understood. After all, they also liked He Wenchao, and they fought to death for him.

If one person’s strength was not enough, then find more people. You could always get the answer if you asked enough questions. After understanding the crux of the problem, the difficulty of changing the plot would also be reduced.

After making a decision, Wen Renhe pushed the door open, and Yin Hanjiang, who was guarding the door, saw his Lord go out. Putting his long sword on the ground, he knelt on one knee and waited quietly for his orders.

Wen Renhe looked at his most trusted Left Protector and recalled Yin Hanjiang’s existence in the plot, then began by saying, “Protector Yin, your love for…. Forget it.”

After saying these few words only, he thought of Yin Hanjiang’s creepy behavior in the plot and didn’t want to ask anymore.

Yin Hanjiang probably didn’t know anything about love either.

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