Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 76.2 – My Wu

“What are you doing?” Yinsha Sanren asked.

“Since the barbarians have surrendered, they will become the people of our dynasty after they are educated. This general should take it as his duty to protect the people so I won’t kill prisoners of war, and I will never allow anyone to take advantage of the war between the two countries to cast evil spells!”

After saying that, his black halberd stabbed Yinsha Sanren.

The Yinsha Sanren who was in the nascent soul realm took out a thing in a leisurely manner. It was a doll painted with Wen Renwu heart blood. He pricked the doll’s chest and Wen Renwu’s chest felt like he was hit hard, but he endured the pain and continued to fight. But he couldn’t defeat a demonic cultivator that was one realm above him and was captured just after a few moves.

“So that was all. There was no point in wasting fifteen years, this Slaughter path cultivation method is not as strong as the legend says. It’s all just bragging, the good thing is that there is still a golden core and these resentful souls, refining them will help me advance to the Soul transformation realm so it was not a total waste of effort.” Then Yinsha Sanren said as his palm hit Wen Renhe’s dantain to take his golden core.

The doll that was coated with Wen Renwu heart blood was disassembled by the Yinsha Sanren, every time a joint was removed, a part of Wen Renwu body lost its ability to move. Now his whole body was powerless and could not move as he waited to be killed.

He looked up at the endless stars on the prairie, and thoughts of giving up flooded his mind. Fifteen years ago, he failed to protect his parents and family as well as people from the border town. Now fifteen years later he couldn’t protect his former enemies who were currently prisoners of war.

Wen Renwu tightly gripped the halberd and did not let go, staining the halberd with blood. This halberd was made from meteorite iron from a meteorite that fell from the sky so no matter how much blood it absorbed it could not be subdued.

At this moment, Wen Renwu had only one idea, the people in the border towns in this world no longer needed Wen Renwu so the only use of his life was to facilitate peace and protect the future.

Kill! Kill the demonic cultivator in front of you!

Killing intent rushed to his heart, but the righteousness of guardianship made Wen Renwu stay calm while killing intent filled his heart.

The moment his golden core was taken out by Yinsha Sanren, the halberd, which could never be wielded, actually moved. The blood was absorbed by the halberd and blossomed with a bright golden light. The Polis star in the sky shone with a different color as the star power was affected by the light of the halberd in the air. A golden light cut through the night sky, cutting off the arm of Yinsha Sanren, making the golden core fall back into Wen Renwu dantian.

Wen Renwu’s upper garment slipped off, his body was full of scars left by his years of killing the enemies on the frontier, they were also the proof of him guarding the land of his family.

The star power descended as Wen Renwu silently used his cultivation method, while the halberd with the help of star power fought against Yinsha Sanren, he wanted to advance to the nascent soul realm.

The only way to have a chance to get rid of this person was to fight to the death.

At this moment, whether or not he could pass heavenly tribulation and wherever he could live or not, he no longer cared. As long as he had the strength to become a nascent soul realm cultivator in this moment it would be enough.

The enormous star power restored Wen Renwu’s battered body, his mind moved and the halberd returned to his hand. All people he killed in the past appeared in front of his eyes, but Wen Renwu remained unmoved, firmly holding the halberd, relying on the genuine Qi of advancing to the nascent soul realm and momentum that could cut through the sky to attack Yinsha Sanren.

The cold light flashed, and at the last moment before dawn, the halberd penetrated the Yinsha Sanren dantian while Wen Renwu still stood in the air, quietly looking at the earth.

The Polis star shone above his head, reflecting the golden light pattern on the halberd.

The soul of Yinsha Sanren scattered under the star power while from the corner of Wen Renwu eyes fell two lines of blood tears, his hatred could not be avenged after all.

“Marshal Wen’s righteousness, Lichu admires a lot.” Zhong Lichu slowly walked towards Wen Renwu and said respectfully: “The first time I followed the marshal Wen here, it was like destruction of good and bad alike. I never thought that Marshal was so righteous as to put aside his grudge and sacrifice himself to become a true cultivator. Today, the marshal has stopped the war with his martial arts, really worthy of the name “Wu”.

Wen Renwu looked at Zhong Lichu and said in a deep voice: “You don’t have to worry about me interfering with the court with the power of a cultivator, from now on there is no more Wen Renwu, only Wen Renhe.”

Only when war breaks out again and disasters come to the world, people will hear about Wen Renhe’s name.

That night, Wen Renwu died of his old wounds, he died the night before the peace conference so the court conferred him a title of the King of the North.

Soon after, a nascent soul expert suddenly appeared in the demonic path and in just a few months, he destroyed several demonic sects that were secretly killing people.

The memories ended and Yin Hanjiang was ejected from Wen Renhe soul sea, reliving Wen Renhe past made him open his eyes.

He was still in Yin Hanjiang’s soul sea, but the blood stain that refused to come near him had turned into a huge ball of light. Wen Renhe looked intently at it, it was actually him getting along with little Yin Hanjiang in his soul sea.

The light cluster carried Wen Renhe towards the sky, finally hanging high in the sky above Yin Hanjiang soul sea and began to absorb all the light around.

The starry light was absorbed by the light cluster and turned into a bright sun, the original dark soul sea became illuminated by the bright sun making all blood stains disappear without a trace.

Wen Renhe smiled as he left the Yin Hanjiang soul sea and returned to reality.

Yin Hanjiang opened his eyes and was in a trance, not knowing where he was.

He looked around and saw that all “Wen Renhes”  had disappeared one by one, leaving only the most unlikely one in front of him.

No, not unlikely, he just never saw the real Wen Renhe before.

The longing and respect made him idolize this person, ashamed of himself, he voluntarily drew a line and retreated three steps.

Yin Hanjiang stretched out his arms to the man in front of him, gathered him tightly into his arms, and whispered: My Renwu.”

Even if he couldn’t touch the psychical body he still wanted to embrace this person.

Who knew that when his arms tightened they would actually meet a solid body.

Not to mention Yin Hanjiang, even Wen Renhe was surprised. The divine blood had been returned to Baili Qingmiao so what did he rely on to get this body?

“Where is the Seven Killing Halberd?” Wen Renhe explored his personal space because his seven stars killing halberd was missing from it. Because he had no physical body, his halberd could not be absorbed into his body.

Alkaid triangular bayonet placed by the bed buzzed against Wen Renhe’s heart as it was greeting something.

Yin Hanjiang and the Alkaid triangular bayonet were connected by heart, so he just pressed his hand against his lord’s heart: “There is it.”

The material used to refine the seven stars killing halberd was the heaven-sent meteorite, it was a disaster sent down for the prairie by the hand of the innate goddess who ruled over disasters back then. That meteorite iron contained the divine power of an innate goddess. Due to the existence of this power, Wen Renwu was unable to awaken it and make it his own soul – bound magic weapon. Because of this divine power, after being awakened, the seven stars killing Halberd was able to invoke the star’s power and absorb Wen Renhe’s blood.

In the memory of the soul sea, Wen Renhe relived all things that happened during those years, once again awakening the divine power in the seven stars killing Halberd which fused with his body made from chaotic energy and unknowingly reshaped the flesh and cultivated into the divine body!

Cultivating one path was also cultivating one’s heart, in the process of treating Yin Hanjiang, Wen Renhe went back to the beginning and regained the original intention of cultivation.

Wen Renhe held Yin Hanjiang hand on his heart: “Yin Hanjiang, I’m back.”

“Welcome my lord.” Yin Hanjiang said respectfully, but in reality, he hugged Wen Renhe without letting go.

“Patriarch Yin, you can finally return this venerable’s robe to me, right?” Wen Renhe whispered.

After he had a physical body again, the clothes he had previously conjured up disappeared. Since the two of them had just returned from the soul sea, their emotions were not calm enough to notice this in time. But now that Yin Hanjiang was hugging him tightly, Wen Renhe felt a little embarrassed about it.

“No!” Yin Hanjiang refused: “It was given to me by Venerable himself.”

“…Just after this venerable returned to Xuanyuan Sect, has he been deprived by his subordinates to the point that he doesn’t even have a robe?” Wen Renhe smiled.

“Right.” Yin Hanjiang stared at Wen Renhe and said, looking exactly the same as little Yin Hanjiang.

Wen Renhe laughed and pushed himself up to grab his own robe. The fight continued for several days until Yin Hanjiang became exhausted and laid exhausted in the Wen Renhe arms.


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Shu Yanyan: Just in a few days, this old lady taught her cultivation method in vain, yuck!


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