TOFUH – Chapter 124.2 – School And Cooperation

There was no such thing like “week“ at this time, and Jiang Zhen was not interested in coming up with this, so he made it a rule, that every month, there would be a holiday, on the first, second as well as on the eleventh, twelfth,  and twenty-second day of the month. And the rest of the time, the children have to go to the classes obediently. At the same time, there would also be no classes during traditional holidays, but there would be no summer or winter vacation.

The children had a holiday, so would have a teacher. Although the teacher would only earn two silver a month for teaching at school, there was also no need to follow the ships and go to far places. They would also get more holidays. None of the people who were arranged to teach by Jiang Zhen was dissatisfied.

As for the people of Hexi Village, they only thought there were too many holidays. They still wished that their children would go to school every day.

After Jiang Zhen made up his mind to open the school, he had done things very quickly, and within two days, all the preparatory work had been done.

By this time, Zheng Yi had sent away the imperial envoy and  made a clear investigation of the matter.

After finding out, he almost suspected that he had made a mistake. Shen Anxin? How could it be Shen Anxin?

Zheng Yi would not dare to say that he was 100% accurate in judging people, but after he came into contact with all kinds of people, he was still pretty much right on the mark.

Shen Anxin was a weak person, but he was not bad-hearted, so no matter how you look at him, he did not seem  the type to hurt people . . . So why did Shen Anxin do it?

Even though Jiang Chengwen and Jiang Chengxiang had already confessed to Shen Anxin’s involvement, Zheng Yi put it aside for two days before summoning Shen Anxin.

Waiting for Shen Anxin, Zheng Yi’s mood was really not good. He never thought that Shen Anxin would have the guts, to try to screw him up. He didn’t expect that Shen Anxin would be able to do this, and that he would be manipulated!

After the Zheng family was rewarded by the empress dowager, and he became an imperial merchant, Zheng Yi inevitably became somewhat complacent, and it was not until this moment that he woke up. In truth, he was just a small person, and if he was not careful, he may step into the pit that he would never be able to get out of.

Jiang Zhen was right. His Zheng family was actually nothing, even if his second uncle was now in high position. in the eyes of others, he was just getting some small benefits from flattering the empress dowager. Anyone could step on him.

If,one day the empress dowager fell  . . .

Zheng Yi’s expression became colder; meanwhile, Shen Anxin was brought in.

In the past, Shen Anxin was not sunny or cheerful but was still likable. But currently, he looked very gloomy, giving people a negative sense that he was not paying attention to anything. He had also lost a lot of weight quite suddenly . . .  Zheng Yi was surprised to see him like this.

What happened to Shen Anxin? However, no matter what happened to Shen Anxin, there was no reason for him to try to hurt him. He had been kind to Shen Anxin.

At the start, selecting imperial capital merchants that would do business with the  Shen family was destined to become more difficult. Shen Anxin himself was also not businessman material. Had it not been for his cooperation with the Shen family, most of the Shen family would have been unable to do business by now. However, after all that, Shen Anxin didn’t know how to appreciate the favor and turned against him . . .This was simply biting the hand that fed you!

“Welcome, Shen Anxin. I can’t believe you set up such a scheme against me!“ Zheng Yi picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea and sneered.

Almost the entire Hecheng country magistrate and Jiang Zhen were about to fall into that pit; it would also involve him . . .

Shen Anxin did not react at all.

“What do you have to say?“ Zheng Yi asked again. No matter what reason Shen Anxin would give, he had already made up his mind to get rid of this person, but he still asked.

“It’s all of you! You did this to me!“ Shen Anxin suddenly said; his eyes fixed on Zheng Yi.

“Who did what against you?“ When Zheng Yi saw him like this; he simply became furious.

“It was Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen . . .“ Shen Anxin gritted his teeth. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was Zhao Jinge who ordered to hurt him. Zhao Jinge who was not only illiterate but also an ugly ger. If not by some means, how could he make Jiang Zhen be so good to him? Also, how could Jiang Zhen not know what Zhao Jinge did?

“Shen Anxin, are you sick?“ Zheng Yi frowned and looked at Shen Anxin. When he was in the capital, Jiang Zhen did not have any contact with Shen Anxin. When he got here, it was basically here that they had met, but there was little overlap between them. He felt strange when he heard that this man liked Jiang Zhen, but after hearing Shen Anxin suddenly say that Zhao Jinge and Jiang Zhen hurt him, he only felt even more baffled.

Shen Anxin stopped talking again and looked at Zheng Yi with a gaze that could make people’s hearts shiver.

Zheng Yi was the most disgusted with this kind of people, who do not say things properly. He was also too lazy to waste words with Shen Anxin. “Shen Anxin, the Zheng family and Shen family business, from today onwards will be terminated. From now on, Zheng family goods sent to the capital will not need your Shen family’s help to sell them. Now pack up your things and move out from my house!“

Shen Anxin in the end was a ger, so Zheng Yi had been merciful and had not let his people beat him up. But the Zheng and Shen families’ cooperation would all be terminated. The newly developed Shen family, he estimated, would never be able to turn around again. He also estimated that many others would rush to divide the Shen family.

Shen Anxin didn’t think of this at first, but when it suddenly occurred to him, he trembled. “No. You can’t do this!“

“Then what should I do? Do I need to thank you for bringing in the imperial envoy?       I really can’t afford to keep a Big Budda like you in my small temple !”,“ Zheng Yi said directly.

“If it weren’t for Jiang Zhen being unfilial to his parents, this wouldn’t have happened at all!“ Shen Anxin said. He just wrote to the imperial envoy pure facts; he did not lie at all!

This time, Shen Anxin was a little bit flustered. Shen family . . . His father asked him to take care of Shen family.

“What kind of person Jiang Zhen is, I know very well. Absolutely better than you,“ Zheng Yi said, and then looked directly  at the servant boy at his side, “Send our guest off!“

Shen Anxin was taken out directly from Zheng Yi’s study.

“Young Master, what on earth is going on?“ Seeing that Shen Anxin was unceremoniously sent back by the servants of the Zheng family, the servant boy beside Shen Anxin was about to cry.

“These people, none of them are good!“ Shen Anxin said. After his father died, he hadn’t met any good people since . . .

“Young Master, who are you talking about?“ the boy asked nervously. “Master, have you offended Young Master Zheng? Do you want to go and apologize? Young Master . . .“

Shen Anxin did not say anything, so the boy continued, “Young Master, that Master Feng always targets you. If Young Master Zheng will no longer help you, what will you do? He is going to squeeze you to the death!“

“Feng Jinyuan?“ Shen Anxin froze and suddenly remembered the man.

He hated Feng Jinyuan’s son, but after he and Zheng Yi started working together, Feng Jinyuan apologized to him. After that, although Feng Jingyuan would compete with him in front of Zheng Yi, he didn’t do anything to him. It was him who tried to make trouble for Feng Jingyuan several times before.

Of course, in the end, all those little troubles were resolved by Feng Jingyuan, and he gained the upper hand. It was Zheng Yi who helped him at that time.

“Master, let’s go and apologize to Young Master Zheng,“ the servant boy said again.

Shen Anxin was not happy. He shivered and turned pale. “If I go, they’re all going to hurt me!“

“Young Master, for what reason would Young Master Zheng want to harm you? You have offended him, but it’s Feng Jingyuan who is always trying to harm you!“ The boy became anxious.

“What did you say?“ Shen Anxin suddenly seemed to have been struck by thunder. “You said Feng Jingyuan wanted to harm me?“

“Young Master? Of course, he’s been trying to harm you! Didn’t Madam tell you to be careful around him?“ The boy looked at Shen Anxin in confusion. This Feng family had used a lot of tactics against the Shen family in the capital from the start. Wasn’t that the reason their young master approached the Zheng family in the first place?

Shen Anxin suddenly took big steps outside, heading directly towards where Feng Jinyuan lived. He was not quite sure what he wanted to do, but since Zheng Yi didn’t want to cooperate with him anymore, he could not let Wanlong Merchant Firm be fine. Also, could it be Feng Jinyuan who harmed him all along? Was it Feng Jinyuan?

Feng Jinyuan already knew that Zheng Yi was angry with Shen Anxin and wanted to terminate his cooperation with the Shen family, so when he saw Shen Anxin come in, he gloatingly asked, “Isn’t this Young Master Shen? Why did you suddenly come to see me?“

Shen Anxin did not say anything, so Feng Jingyuan continued, “ I’m going back to the capital. Do you want to go back together with me, Young Master Shen? I can give you a ride, so you won’t have to go back alone.“

Shen Anxin stared at Feng Jinyuan for a while, suddenly pulling off the hairpin from his hair and stabbing it directly at Feng Jingyuan.


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      honestly this is just a very good example of karma. shen anxin is has a very dirty mind, covetting another mans husband , disrespecting jian zhens ger ,trying to destroy the life of a loving coulple on his stupid ass whims called love but is actually jealousy.
      he is stupid as a ger in buisness that has money., you dont even hire bodygaurds after being molested in the name of buisness on one to many occasions. not to mention when your were violated in the streets
      no ability to learn from experience not to mention being ungrateful
      karma is a bitch so live with it

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        You’re a disgusting person since you wish the same on to him then I wish the same for you KARMA just like you said 🙄 But I wouldn’t wish that on anybody ,so you should first think if that happened to you how would you feel

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