TOFUH – Chapter 123.2 – The Imperial Envoy Retreat

These scholars became curious about Qingfeng House and talked about it with low voices while Zhou Mahoe’s face turned pale.

These people . . .  These people.

Zhou Mahoe was very dissatisfied, but he had to admit, that there was really nothing against the rules in this Qingfeng House.

It’s just . . . For such small things, they unexpectedly charge so much money; this Zheng Yi was really a big profiteer!

My lord, it’s getting late. Do you want to have dinner at Qingfeng House?“ Zheng Yi asked with a smile.

How could Zhou Mahoe still be willing to stay here? Immediately, he went outside, but those who came with him were reluctant to leave.

“You are staying in Hecheng County for a while longer, right? If you are free, you can come here to play.“ Zheng Yi smiled. “In the future, I will also build a Qingfeng House in Fucheng, so you are all welcome to enjoy it.“ Anyway, Zhou Maohe had already found trouble with him, so there was no need to  postpone the construction of Qingfeng House any longer.

“Sure, sure, sure . . .“ 

Zheng Yi was a person who could easily make people feel good, so those scholars who came here, all nodded their heads in agreement when he gave them this news.

Zhou Maohe: “. . .“

As for these miserable people who had already suffered enough . . . hope you all can keep it a secret for them,“ Zheng Yi added.

“We will definitely keep it a secret!“ Those scholars thought back to the  miserably crying Liu Qianqian and others and immediately nodded. Although they also felt that women should protect their chastity at all cost, but after seeing a group of them crying, they couldn’t help feeling sympathy toward them.

Zhou Maohe: “Humph!“

Zhou Maohe and others finally left and went to the residence arranged for them by the county magistrate of Hecheng County. Zheng Yi  felt relieved only after seeing this.

“Jiang Zhen, you haven’t eaten yet, right? Let’s go eat?“ Zheng Yi looked at Jiang Zhen, who was standing next to him. Jiang Zhen was caught early today, so he should not have  eaten anything .“

“No, I’m going back. Let the kitchen make me some rice. I’ll take it with me to eat on the way back,“ Jiang Zhen said.

After all this trouble, it was already dark, but Jiang Zhen desperately wanted to go home.

Zheng Yi knew what was on Jiang Zhen’s mind, so he just nodded and agreed, asking someone to pack the meal for Jiang Zhen before he went out.

There was a small river right outside Qingfeng House, and there were also boats arranged by Qingfeng House to send guests out. After Jiang Zhen got on the boat with his lunch box, he immediately said, “Go to Hexi Village.“

At the same time, Zheng Yi was instructing his men, “You guys go and investigate. Find out what the hell happened.“

Zhou Maohe quietly appeared in Hecheng County; there was definitely something here!

After Zheng Yi gave his instructions, he returned to the Zheng family mansion. By this time, Jiang Zhen had already finished eating his lunch box.

When he had almost finished eating, he had already arrived at Hexi Village.

It was already dark. In the past, Hexi Village would be absolutely dark, but this time, basically every house was lit up, and there were several lighted torches on the docks.

Seeing the starry lights and dazzling fires, Jiang Zhen’s heart was relieved. A certain thought also grew strongerhis family. He must keep it safe.

“Master Jiang, we are here.“ The rower gasped for breath; he had been rowing with all his might this whole time.

“Hmm.“ Jiang Zhen gave a string of coins as reward money, nodded, and got off the boat. Just as he got off the boat, he saw people waiting on the shore. No one in the Zhou family was missing.

Before the boat stopped, Zhao Jinge ran over. “Jiang Zhen, are you all right?“

“I’m fine. I’m fine really.“ Jiang Zhen said.

“It’s good that you are alright . . .“ Zhao Jinge breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly reached out and hugged Jiang Zhen.

Zhao Jinge was rarely so bold . . . Jiang Zhen hugged him back, and only felt that everything around him turned quiet.

Wuuu . . .“ Just then, Zhao Mingzhu’s ear-piercing cries cut through the night sky.

Releasing Zhao Jinge, Jiang Zhen hurriedly went to hug his daughter.

Zhao Mingzhu, who was finally held by Jiang Zhen, stopped crying, and after Jiang Zhen coaxed her for a while, she even giggled.

When Zhao Liu saw this, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief. “Mingzhu cried  for a long time today. When we came back earlier, she cried so much that she had hiccups, but now she is finally smiling.“

“Mm-hmm.“ Jiang Zhen nodded and kissed his daughter on the head.

His Mingzhu, he must let her live a happy life in the future.

Jiang Zhen ate something on the road, but since the Zhao family prepared a meal for him, he still ate some more.

Zhao Mingzhu, who was probably surprised, was particularly clingy to Jiang Zhen that day. She also slept restlessly at night, crying in the middle of the night without any warning.

They both wanted to coax Zhao Mingzhu, so that Zhao Mingzhu would not wake  others up who were already asleep , however . . . neither of them actually slept.

“Jinge, you can’t sleep?“ Jiang Zhen asked.

“Mm,“ Zhao Jinge responded. What happened before really scared him.

He had always been very dependent on Jiang Zhen, and the fact that Jiang Zhen was taken away in front of him, made him feel like the sky was going to collapse. He suddenly realized that he was useless. If he were a little more powerful, would Jiang Zhen still encounter such a thing?

Jiang Zhen was a member of his family, yet he was completely unable to protect Jiang Zhen . . . Zhao Jinge felt he was really too useless. He needed to work a little harder to do so!

“I can’t sleep either.“ Jiang Zhen held Zhao Mingzhu in his arms and then said to Zhao Jinge, “Jinge, in a few days, let’s go to the Fucheng.“

Alright.“ Zhao Jinge nodded and held Jiang Zhen’s hand.

Not only was Zhao Mingzhu afraid, he was actually uneasy as well.

That night, Jiang Zhen did not do anything with Zhao Jinge but gave him his arm as a pillow and put Zhao Mingzhu on top of him, so she could sleep well.

Then . . . in the latter part of the night, Jiang Zhen woke up again because Zhao Mingzhu had peed on him.

Bringing up a child was really not an easy task! Jiang Zhen sighed and got up to wipe his body and change his clothes. Then after estimating the time, he simply did not go back to sleep but lit up a lamp and began to write his next plan in a foreign language.

At that time, he mainly dealt with the surrounding countries and knew some of their native languages. Originally, in ancient times, he felt they were useless but right at the moment, it would be better that he knew them.


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