Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 42 – Meeting On The Battleground

For Wen Renhe exchange was impossible, not to mention this life, previous life or the afterlife. He only needed to make sure that 《The God of Destruction (Volume 3)》was in the hands of the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, as to where it was, whether it was true or not, and whether the other party was willing to take it out, it didn’t matter. Anyway he will definitely make him take it out.

Wen Renhe very naturally opened his hands and said: “In that case, show me the third volume.”

“What? Hahahahahahaha, ridiculous!” The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master shook his head and said to Wen Renhe. You really deserve the name of Zhong Lifei! Do you know what kind of person you are facing?”

With that, the other party raised his hands with a pair of golden bells tied between his wrists, the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master slightly shook the bells, and the crisp ringing sound was accompanied by a terrifying attack of Qi and sound waves. The surrounding array also hummed, the spirit stone in the four corners of the room was engraved with patterns that belonged exclusively to the Purple Spirit Pavilion and were activated by sound waves, and countless golden patterns appeared trapping Wen Renhe inside.

The golden patterns tightened and wrapped around Wen Renhe as the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master wrist shook slightly. This was a double attack on the physical body and soul, he laid the formation long before “Zhong Lifei” entered the door. Even if “Zhong Lifei” had been promoted to the peak of the Mahayana realm by using the first volume of the book to obtain the heavenly treasures of the cultivation world in these decades, he was still of the level of the cultivation world. The formation he researched from the third volume was a divine formation, even if his power can’t bring out its full power of the divine formation, as long as he was prepared he could even trap Heavenly Immortal!

“Zhong Lifei I don’t have any conflict of interest with you, I just want to take a look at the first volume, why do you have to hold on to it?” The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master saw that “Zhong Lifei” had been completely trapped by the golden pattern and blocked the golden bell between the wrist, saying confidently.

“This venerable is holding on to it,” Wen Renhe said standing leisurely in the center of the formation: “This venerable is thinking about a difficult matter.”

“This venerable? ” The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master frowned, this self-proclaimed address reminded him of unpleasant memories, but it did not matter, even if he really met that person today, he would not be afraid anymore: “You even dare to call yourself venerable?”

Wen Renhe put away the book and sighed: “From the time you made your move, this Venerable was thinking of the way of suppressing you without alerting the bystanders. The excessive power of this Venerable’s cultivation is really a troublesome matter.”

“What a big tone!” Although the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master was strong in his mouth, he still used the golden bell and watched “Zhong Lifei’ warily, worried that he got some secret skill from the first volume.

“I really do not want to reveal my whereabouts, but well …… since I already know why you changed from female to male , it is probably okay to reveal my identity.”

Wen Renhe slowly got up as his scholar’s elegant clothes turned into his black robe with golden pattern. While in his hand appeared halberds of the same color.

“You are not Zhong Lifei, you are Wen Renhe!” Purple Spirit Pavilion Master said in shock, his pupils shrinking slightly as if he remembered some tragic experience.

“Forty-two years ago this Venerable made a hundred-year appointment with you, hoping that you will have power to fight this Venerable in a hundred years.” Wen Renhe laughed: “But now it seems that even if I give you another thousand years, it will only be this so this Venerable doesn’t have the patience to wait.”

After saying that, the Seven stars killing halberd glowed with a blinding light, his power was so strong that it made the whole Taiyin Mountain shake.

“What’s going on?” The people of the Shangqing sect, who were gathered in Baili Qingmiao room discussing important matters, felt the vibration under their feet and could not help asking.

“Is the mountain fire about to erupt?”Yao Wendan wondered.

At this time Qiu Congxue’s body reaction speed was faster than her brain, she immediately picked up Xiu Huai in one hand and Baili Qingmiao in another shouting: “Run, the farther away from the Taiyin Mountain, the better!”

This sentence was not a warning for Shangqing sect people but for Zhong Liqian.

Zhong Liqian had vaguely guessed what had happened since the ground shook so hearing Qiu Congxue warning, he didn’t hesitate to decisively leave with her.

As the ground begin to shake Qiu Congxue and Zhong Liqian escaped from the rooms of Purple Spirit Pavilion to Misty Morning Bell as ground split in a matter of moment and Misty Morning Bell shattered, the Purple Spirit Pavilion’s mountain protection array cracked without protective array suppressing them everyone could fly. Qiu Congxue and Zhong Liqian did not hesitate to fly directly to an altitude of nearly thousand meters high before stopping.

“Master what happened?” Xiu Huai, who had never seen Wen Renhe before, asked in a panic.

Qiu Congxue put down Xiu Huai and Baili Qingmiao and said in a cold voice: “Just look at the sky, such a heavenly phenomenon, the last time I saw one was thirty-one years ago.”

Xiu Huai looked up at the sky, only to feel that the sky was dark and gloomy and all stars were dull except two. Only two starts shone as brilliantly as the moon, Alkaid and Polis.

Thirty-one years ago, during the war between the demonic and the righteous path when Wen Renhe and twenty-one experts fought with all their might in the final battle, the Polis star was blindingly bright.

“The temperature of the mountain fire is so terrifying that if a cultivator below the Soul transformation realm touched it, his soul would be destroyed. He Wenchao with a few of his brothers and sisters who were above the Soul transformation realm rescued the other people and met up with Qiu Congxue and the others before the fire came.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the formerly snow-covered Taiyin Mountain top was already covered with lava, the fiery red liquid of terrifyingly high temperature that distorted the air, instantly turning Purple Spirit Pavilion into a human hell.

“What happened?” He Wenchao put his arm around Liu Xinye, who was frightened and asked: “Why did the mountain fire suddenly erupted? What about Zhong Wenzun and Zhong Yinjiang?”

Qiu Congxue coldly glanced at him and raised her finger slightly, pointing to the center of the lava.

When He Wenchao looked down he saw a man in black robes with a golden pattern holding a halberd, standing on top of the lava. Behind him shone a cold sword light.

When the ground collapsed and the mountain fire erupted, everyone fled to the sky. Only Yin Hanjiang against the spewing mountain fire sought his lord who was confronting Purple Spirit Pavilion Master.

“You, you, it’s really you, it’s really you!” The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master pointed at the two of them, and the memories of forty-two years ago when she was violently beaten emerged again.

It was as if the scene was replayed, snow turned into a flaming inferno and she met a crushing defeat under a halberd and a sword.

“You guessed right, this book really belonged to Zhong Lifei.” Wen Renhe said steadily: “Zhong Lifei was killed by this Venerable and his book naturally belongs to this Venerable, and so does yours.”

Wen Renhe squeezed the arm of the Purple Spirit Pavilion Master and before the purple spirit pavillon master could resist, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. It was not a physical pain, but the pain of his soul being torn apart and melted. He hurriedly used his genuine Qi to cut off his arm but failed to stop the erosion of his soul. He could only bear the pain and split the soul, gasping for air he turned to see his arm that turned into bloody water and fell into Wen Renhe hands.

A sweet smell of blood rushed into Wen Renhe nose, he stared at the blood that was floating on his palm, knowing that as long as it was absorbed the genuine Qi he consumed would help him recover the lost arm. After all, it was the Qi of a scattered immortal.

Wen Renhe looked at it for a while, smiled faintly and let it go. Blood fell and disappeared into the lava.

The mountain fire absorbed the genuine Qi of Purple Spirit Pavilion Master and emitted gray smoke. It was clear that his body no longer felt painful but his heart felt like it was burned.

“You are a blood cultivator, why are you a blood cultivator!” Purple Spirit Pavilion Master asked.

He also wanted to ask some questions, but it was a pity that Yin Hanjiang did not give him a chance to speak. The Alkaid sword was unstoppable, and a sword cut through Purple Spirit Pavilion Master’s throat.

“Venerable wants your book, your only right is to give it or not.” Yin Hanjiang said coldly.

The unemotional gaze of these cultivators made Purple Spirit Pavilion Master deeply realize that he was not qualified to argue in front of the two. If he decided to hand over the book, he might be able to save his life and if he didn’t, he would die.

“You are very strong, probably no one in the whole cultivation world is stronger than you Wen Renhe. I admit that.” The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master smiled bitterly. He could no longer make a sound with his throat so he transmitted a message to him alone: “But Venerable you will eventually die, everyone will die, and only one person will survive. I’ll say it one more time: trade volume one for volume 3!”

“Do you think that as long as you don’t hand it over, this venerable will throw in the towel and not dare to make things difficult for you?” Wen Renhe said coldly: “You probably don’t know this devil venerable cultivation methods are soul regeneration, soul searching, puppets, compulsions …… everything, Patriarch Yin, take him back to the Xuanyuan sect!”

Yin Hanjiang picked up the dying Purple Spirit Pavilion Master and was about to leave when He Wenchao unexpectedly rushed over: “Who are you? what are you going to do with Purple Spirit Pavilion Master? Me He Wenchao from Shangqing Sect will never allow you to harm the Purple Spirit Pavilion!”

No matter how much Wen Renhe and readers of 《Abusive Love Affair》despised He Wenchao as the male protagonist of the two novels, He Wenchao’s appearance was almost impeccable. He was not as powerful as Wen Renhe, not as wise and elegant as Zhong Liqian, not as silent and loyal as Yin Hanjiang and even not as charming as Xiu Huai but was still handsome and righteous.

The author gave him a flawless face, which made  him look like a righteous elite. As a future pillar of the cultivation world his eyebrows were like swords and star-like eyes, his gaze full of sadness for Purple Spirit Pavilion Master. No matter how strong he was he would not allow people to hurt Purple Spirit Pavilion Master in front of him.

Wen Renhe knew that He Wenchao was indeed such a person. No matter which novel it was, he had to admit that He Wenchao was a righteous person, and would be stabbed with a knife for the sake of his brothers. He even sacrificed his sweetheart to save his brothers and elders. In the book, he did bad things with good intentions, not because of his bad character but because he was being misled and deceived.

There had been some comments in 《The God of Destruction》 saying that this was the common routine in cultivation novels. The male protagonist would be full of a sense of justice, the brotherhood was also well written but in fact he was very unfriendly to women, as well as his three views were a bit of a drag even for a feudal society.

At this moment He Wenchao sincerely wanted to protect Purple Spirit Pavilion Master, it was also the first time that he saw Wen Renhe true appearance and faced the true power of the devil venerable. The master in his mind kept telling him to escape, saying that he didn’t have a chance to beat Wen Renhe at all but He Wenchao has not retreated. Even if he died today he wanted to save Purple Spirit Pavilion Master.

Baili Qingmiao and the others also followed, she looked at her senior martial brother and the fierce-looking senior Wen Renhe in a daze and opened her mouth to plead for mercy.

Wen Renhe said: “Baili Qingmiao, if you dare to say one word, this venerable will kill one of your Shangqing Sect people. This Venerable doesn’t like when people talk too much. I would like to see how many people from your Shangqing sect would be enough for you to plead for mercy.”

Baili Qingmiao hurriedly covered her mouth, too afraid to say anything.

However, other disciples of the Shangqing sect were not afraid of death and shouted: “Little sister, don’t be afraid. Let’s attack together. No matter how strong he is, we mustn’t let him take Purple Spirit Pavilion Master….”

He said as he leaned toward immortal Qingxue, hoping to get some support. But before his voice fell, his chest was pierced by a hand made of only white bones. He turned back with difficulty and saw that the one who had assassinated him was the very same immortal Qingxue he wanted to rely on.

“People in the Xuanyuan sect never turn their back to fellow disciples.” Qiu Congxue withdrew her hand and drew out the disciple’s nascent soul, then she said eerily, “No matter how strong you are and how big your words are, relying on heaven and earth is not as good as relying on yourself.”

The heat wave blew up her black robe, revealing her half flesh and half withered bone body.

In the past 30 years, Qiu Congxue could actually cultivate flesh, but she was very satisfied with her current appearance. She has been studying how to exert the power of a scattered immortal in half of her body and cultivated the ghost path with the other half. Walking firmly on the road of cultivation without wavering. She was also inspired by Xiu Huai who, having the soul of a ghost cultivator, cultivated Shangqing sect method using his physical body. If he continued to live in the original book no one knew what kind of Dao he would cultivate.

Qiu Congxue threw the body of the Shangqing sect disciple into the magma. He Wenchao hurriedly caught up with it and grabbed the disciple’s body at the last moment, his arm was burned by the mountain fire.

“Elder Qingxue, why did you do that??” He Wenchao asked in shock.

“I am the left protector of the Xuanyuan sect, Qiu Congxue,” half of Qiu Congxue’s face gradually turned into dry bones as she gave a half amiable half-frightened smile to Baili Qingmiao: “Thirty-one years ago, thanks to Miss Baili help I was rescued. Otherwise this protector would have entered the reincarnation cycle a long time ago.”

“Master Qingxue, you ……” Baili Qingmiao tears streamed down her eyes. She couldn’t believe that her master was a member of a demonic sect and so heartless.

“I will return this thing to you.” Qiu Congxue threw the soul of that Shangqing sect disciple to Baili Qingmiao: “This protector owes you a life in future if you are in trouble and need help I will definitely step in.”

Baili Qingmiao caught the disciple’s soul, and her whole expression seemed like she was struck by the lightning. The person she desperately tried to save back then was actually a member of the Demonic Sect who had killed countless practitioners of the righteous path. The master she always admired would mercilessly kill her martial brother.

Zhong Liqian felt her pain, sighing quietly. He has grown over the years and learned many things. But he still couldn’t guess the heart of this devil Venerable Wen Renhe and understand him.

He walked up to the master of the Purple Spirit Pavilion and persuaded: “Pavilion Master, whatever lord Wen Renhe wants, Liqian advises you to give it to him. From what I know about lord Wen Renhe, if he promised not to hurt you he would not go back on his word.”

“What do you know?” The Purple Spirit Pavilion Master’s throat was cut so only “ooh and aah” sounds came out. But he still kept insisting, “I don’t want to live like that, even if I die now, I don’t want to live like that.”

He grabbed Alkaid sword and pulled it out with great force, staring at Wen Renhe with fierce eyes, while preparing the genuine Qi in his body to self destruct himself.

 Unexpectedly, Wen Renhe raised his hand and let bloody mist enter his body. Instantly taking over the control of Purple Spirit Pavilion Master body so even if he wanted to die he couldn’t.

“This makes this venerable curious, what is written in the third volume? That you would rather die than give the book to this Venerable.” Wen Renhe secretly transmitted his voice.


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