In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 77 – Body Modification and Finding Someone

Crohn took Zhao Lingyu and the others to a house that was no smaller than the Zhao family house.

Seeing the magnificent castle-like buildings, spacious courtyard, and the various facilities attached to the building itself, Zhao Lingyu became a little surprised. “Isn’t such a place too obvious?” Compared with the Zhao family house, this house was not inferior at all and there was no problem for dozens of people to live in it.

“No, this house is too small. No one has ever lived here at all.” Crohn waved his hand.

“Huh?” Zhao Lingyu looked in surprise.

“The whole Imperial Star is a residential area, but the permanent population is only 11 million… so you can imagine.” Crohn said. The Ruoya Empire was short of people, so as a result the land was vast, but very sparsely populated.

On the human’s Capital Star, only a big family like the Zhao family could occupy a small island, but on the Ruoya Empire’s Imperial Star, it wasn’t difficult to have such a big island to live on.

At the same time, most people were reluctant to live in such open places, so compared with this kind of villa with a large courtyard, many people preferred to live in some relatively lively communities.

Hearing Crohn’s explanation, Zhao Lingyu immediately understood. Ruoya’s Imperial Star was very large. On such a big planet, even 5 billion people could live self-sufficiently. Now it was only used as a residential planet and there are only 10 million people… a single person living in such a large courtyard anyone would feel it was strange.

Don’t think it’s too big. Keith and I will also move in, as well as two other trusted men. So there will be a lot of people.” Crohn added. “His Majesty has handed over your safety to me and sent me some of the best mecha, so I will do my best to protect you.”

“Thank you very much.” Zhao Lingyu said, but although he thanked him, he was still a little guarded against Crohn.

Crohn naturally noticed Zhao Lingyu’s feelings, but could only smile bitterly. If his child had been lost, he would have also desperately wanted to blame someone.

There were many high-tech products in the house. After Crohn introduced them one by one to Zhao Lingyu, Keith came. He had two robots behind him that brought a lot of things.

“You need makeup.” Said Keith immediately upon seeing Zhao Lingyu and the others and then took out a lot of things from the box next to him.

In ancient times, people who conducted scientific research were usually specialized in a single field only, because they could research it for no more than fifty years and if there were more things to study, it would most likely be miscellaneous and impure.

But for the Ruoya, who lived up to a thousand years, learning more wasn’t a problem. Keith, who studied both biological and mechanical research, knew a lot about makeup and could be called an all -rounder.

In the Human Federation, it was easy to change a person’s appearance and it was even easier in the Ruoya Empire. But ordinary products could be easily discovered, so it was best to use specialized modifications.

Keith’s face was expressionless, but his hands moved very fast. Elder Teng was soon turned into a yellow-haired, purple-eyed man, and Gerd and Fang Chengjun also got yellow and red eyes respectively. Finally only Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng were left.

Keith’s first step in carrying out the modification was to perform a subcutaneous injection to tweak the appearance to some extent. But as a result, the syringe couldn’t get past Zhao Lingyu’s skin and finally even the tip of the needle broke off.

“You have thick skin.” Keith said in Human Federation language. Obviously his voice had little ups and downs, but there was awe in his eyes.

“…” Zhao Lingyu was silent. These aliens obviously didn’t know that for humans, having thick skin has another meaning.

“Lingyu, try to control your muscles.” Ren Sheng said.

Once Ren Sheng reminded him, Zhao Lingyu thought of his body refining technique that allowed him to control every muscle on his body. After Zhao Lingyu controlled his facial muscles, quickly softening his slightly stern face.

Keith looked at Zhao Lingyu in amazement, but didn’t ask any more questions. He quickly attached a special pigment to Zhao Lingyu’s eyes and provided him with an automatic dyer that could dye his hair to another color at any time.

The last one who needed modifiation was Ren Sheng.

“I don’t need any modifications.” Ren Sheng smiled. “You should have already noticed that I’m not actually a human. I am a tree man.” This identity was something Ren Sheng came up with after discussion with Zhao Lingyu. Whether it was the Human Federation or Ruoya Empire, they would have many literary, film, and television works where tree people would appear, as well as other races. But in reality, he had never met one… so now he could play one.

“Tree people?” Keith’s eyes lit up.

Ren Sheng nodded and used a simple deformation technique to make his own face a little more masculine and rigid. Meanwhile, his hair and eyes turned green.

“Is this your original form?” Keith was getting more and more excited.

“My face before was my original face, but my hair and eyes were supposed to be this color.” Ren Sheng said, of course it was a lie.

“No wonder you became smaller after you got injured. It turns out that there were some plant genes… can you provide some of your genes?” Keith asked.

“Sorry, can’t.” Ren Sheng refused without hesitation.

Keith withdrew his attention from Ren Sheng in disappointment. His morals were too good to do experiments in private without permission.

After everyone had completed their modification, Keith and Crohn looked at each other and made their modification. At the same time, the former star thief Corbien, who Keith brought back from the Human Federation didn’t need any help. He suddenly completely changed his image and became a young man, with a pair of big eyes that looked very young and simple.

After the modification, Gerd, Elder Teng, and the others began to develop spiritual power and use these spiritual powers to learn the language of Ruoya. Ren Sheng took care of the three children while Zhao Lingyu, followed Crohn out to find their missing child.

Zhao Lingyu’s learning ability was very strong and Crohn also sincerely wanted to help him find the child. He also checked the Ruoya Empire registry information, together with the several destroyed underground organizations, but still failed to get anything useful. However, Zhao Lingyu’s strength improved again, thanks to these few unexpected battles.

After Zhao Lingyu’s ability went out of control, his spiritual power affected his ability, allowing him to absorb other people’s energy to enhance himself. Such practice was not very safe and if it was in the past, he wouldn’t do it. But now, he couldn’t care less – every time he fought with people he would absorb some of other people’s energy for his own use.

This method of improving strength wasn’t only very effective, but also allowed him to go farther and farther down the path of cultivation.

It was at this time that Crohn found the organization that the captured female ability user had worked for to capture Ren Sheng.

That organization wasn’t on Imperial Star, but on a residential star that was about to be abandoned.

“The head of this organization is from Ruoya, but there are also some other races below. They often smuggle slaves and such.” Crohn said while Leading Zhao Lingyu to the entrance of a bar that almost no one patronized. “That female ability user helped this organization capture a lot of people. According to the investigation, this organization had nothing to do with what happened before, but it might be possible to get certain information.”

Zhao Lingyu nodded and went inside first.

This organization’s stronghold looked like a bar from the outside, but inside it was something else. After swiping the card at the bar, you could enter the underground space and see some special goods.

Crohn took out a black card and swiped it, then he was immediately sent underground with Zhao Lingyu, and saw a broad underground square.

The underground square was very large and the lighting was deliberately dimmed. There were many creatures in cages, some of which clearly possessed intelligence.

Zhao Lingyu’s pair of eyes glowed with a red glare under the dim light. As he looked around, his fists clenched tighter and tighter. In fact, there were also such places in the Human Federation. He had never seen them before, so he had no way to keep calm now, especially after he found two babies in one of the cages.

“What can I do for you two?” A middle-aged man with silver hair came over with a smile. “I have everything here, and you can also order…”

Looking at the middle-aged man, Zhao Lingyu suddenly stomped his foot forcefully, making the whole room immediately shake.

“What are you trying to do?” The middle-aged man was immediately alert.

“Call out your leader.” Zhao Lingyu smashed his fist on the wall, directly breaking through the wall, and then grabbed a sniper who was hiding inside.

Crohn just touched his nose and stayed by the side without saying anything. Zhao Lingyu was really getting more and more violent…

“Kid, do you know what kind of place this is? How dare you come here and make trouble?” The middle-aged man carefullytook a step backward, but at this time Zhao Lingyu’s fist had already hit him on the chest and blew him away.

While Zhao Lingyu and Crohn were looking on another planet, an old-fashioned spaceship stopped at the landing pad of the Imperial Star.

“This broken ship, it broke down halfway! Next time when we have money, we must replace it!”

“Even if we don’t replace it, we should at least upgrade it!”

“Even if we don’t have money to upgrade it, we should at least buy some furniture!”




“Buy furniture?” McCarthy looked at his crew with dissatisfaction. “Increasing the load, will increase the energy use of the ship!”

“…” So you can’t even buy furniture?

“But we can add a toddler bedroom. By the way, that old man Oles is a metal ability user and maintenance engineer. His wife is also very fond of children. If we take our child and cry poor in front of him, do you think he would repair our ship for free?”

“Boss, the child is still young, isn’t it bad to sacrifice his innocence?” Someone asked with some hesitation.

…” The Big Baby looked at the people around him speechlessly and finally said. “I’m going to find my father!”

“Aren’t you scared silly?” McCarthy looked in shock at the child he was holding.


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