Surrender – Chapter 42

Chapter 42


In this endurance play, the initially turbulent waves of desire sealed within his body turned into soft winding waves, swaying under the skin and spreading across the limbs to every bone of his body. At this moment Chu Yunhan was blindfolded, his lower body bound. Dressed in black, his fair body was lying on the bed with faint red whip marks still visible on both sides after the rough punishment, like a breathtaking and explicit erotic painting, making Chu Yichen’s eyes, who was looking at him, glimmer with passion. 



The man’s gaze was deep yet reserved, the dark eyes filled with dark glimmer, as soft as moonlight. His fingers slowly moved along the side of Chu Yunhan’s face, tracing and outlining its contours, as gentle as if he was touching a treasure. Soon, his lips followed suit and he teasingly pecked Chu Yunhan’s lips, touching and separating, as if playing hide-and-seek, making him try his best to raise his jaw, asking for it. The blindfolded person was like a thirsty fish. He raised his head, showing a beautiful neck curve, waiting and searching for the other’s lips.

The soft warm kisses slowly moved downwards, landing on his chin, his Adam’s apple and his collarbones, light and gentle. Chu Yichen’s hands touched everywhere, sometimes kneading the buds on Chu Yunhan’s chest erect through the clothes, sometimes passing over the tight abdomen, and sometimes stroking the excited co*k. Such a foreplay made Chu Yunhan feel as if he was about to melt and turn into a puddle of water or a handful of mud, lying helpless in Chu Yichen’s grip, letting the other party do as he pleases. 



His heart was beating faster and faster, as if it was about to jump out of his chest. He was gasping heavily and rapidly. Like pleas, his moans echoed in the room.



“Master…Master…” he kept repeating in a daze, apparently only feeling at ease when calling this out.



“I’m here.” The man undid the binding on his penis, threw it aside, and said, “You are not allowed to shoot without my permission.” Then he pulled up Chu Yunhan’s clothes and took the beads on his chest in his mouth.



The sensitive spots were suddenly wrapped in the hot and humid mouth, and under the licking and nibbling a strong pleasure arose. Unable to tell if it was pain, numbness or itching, Chu Yunhan  felt restless all over. A small amount of transparent body fluid oozed from the top of the untied sex organ like tears. He groaned and grasped the bed sheet under him with both hands.



Yet, this was just the beginning. The nipple on the other side was also attacked, its color turning more alluring under the sucking. The lips moved downwards, wanderung about the waist, lingering around the lower abdomen, and when Chu Yichen’s wet tongue licked the top of his meat stick, he shivered as if he had received an electric shock and groaned, nearly crying, “No…no, no …Master…I can’t take it anymore…”



Until now, the interaction between them had always followed the contract, which clearly stated that he refused to perform oral sex, and the other party did not need to give him oral sex either. So the two had never done it, this was the first time. Chu Yunhan couldn’t see it, but he could imagine Chu Yichen lowering his head and licking his sex organ. Merely imagining this almost made him shoot.



In fact, this was also Chu Yichen’s first time. He had had many subs, but they had never had oral sex. There was only one person in this world who could make him bow his head and use his mouth to please him. When he took the umbrella-shaped part into his mouth, the person under him let out a cry and arched his body upwards. White turbidity sprayed out, splashing his face before he could avoid it.



Chu Yunhan, who was lost in the orgasm, gasped for breath, the blindfold was stained with physiological tears. After calming down a bit, he realized what had happened just now, blushed and whispered, “I was wrong…”



Chu Yichen wiped off the white turbidity on his face, and said in a low voice, “Turn over and lie on your stomach.”



He obediently did so. As soon as he lay down, Chu Yichen slapped his butt, causing burning pain.



“Tell me why you were beaten.”



“I disobeyed Master’s orders and… shot without permission,” he answered stammering.

Then he slapped him on the other side. “What else?”



“And…” He thought for a while and said, “I don’t have the right to say ‘no’.”



“Raise your hips and tell me who you are.”

Chu Yunhan lay down on his stomach like a puppy. He took a deep breath when he felt the man’s fingers enter his back acupuncture point, and said, “I am your slave.”

The back acupuncture point that had been expanded was now empty, and under the manipulation of the fingers, the folds were opened again, revealing the tender red flesh walls. Chu Yichen fiddled with his acupuncture point and pouch, while tugging at the thong to rub against the semi-soft sex organ in the front. “Tell me your rights.”



“All my rights come from your giving.”



“Tell me your obligations.”



“My obligation is to please you.” This kind of question-and-answer method to reinforce identity acknowledgement was already very smooth for Chu Yunhan now.



“Do you think your performance pleased me?” the man asked.



He pursed his lips, buried his face in the crook of his arms in shame, took the initiative to spread apart his buttcheecks with his hands and whispered in a mosquito-like voice, “I was wrong, Master…please…please…” He blushed in a mess, unable to say the rest out aloud.



Chu Yichen’s lips curved up silently. He unfastened his belt and pulled down his pants to reveal his bulging sex organ, pressed the tip against the slightly open back acupoint, and said, “Slave, with your ass raised like that, you look like a little bitch in heat now, waiting to be f*cked. Do you want me to put in a tail, so you can shake your ass and beg me to feed you?”



Verbal humiliation was also an important part of BDSM. The explicit and obscene sexual remarks evoked unspeakable shame, stimulating every nerve. The embarrassment and shame made Chu Yunhan more sensitive and gradually triggered his desire.



“Please… feed me…” Chu Yunhan no longer adhered to the rigid rules of reality, and completely allowed himself to enter the role of a slave in the game.



The man held his butt with one hand, while holding the thick sex organ with the other hand and slowly rubbing against his reddish acupoint with the tip, and said, “Your butt was beaten like this because you disobeyed my orders. If you are not obedient and shoot without permission, I’ll f*ck you tonight until you can’t shoot anymore, do you understand?”



Chu Yunhan’s breathing became rapid, and he replied tremblingly, “Understood.”



As soon as he said this, the thick meat stick covered in lubricating fluid pushed in inch by inch, moving slowly, but firmly. Unlike the massage stick, what entered him at this moment was alive, like a large python, slowly advancing in the narrow cave, searching for the secrets deep inside. The sphincter was stretched to its limit, and his whole body seemed to be torn apart by this blade. He gasped abruptly, his body suddenly tensed, but he forced himself to relax his back acupoint to accept the opponent.



“Take your time and relax.” After inserting all of his length, the shrinking and squeezing of the tunnel and the sticky wet heat gave Chu Yichen a surging pleasure, but he forced himself to stop abruptly. He panted lightly and stroked the back of the person under him, waiting for the other party to adapt.



Chu Yunhan took a few deep breaths and said, “It’s okay…”



“Spread your legs wide.” The man began to move slowly after giving the order. While carefully sliding in and out of the back acupuncture point, he played with Chu Yunhan’s semi-soft meat stick, scratched the bell mouth, kneaded the ballsack, and used a little bit of force, making the person under him let out a scream.

He kept inserting and pulling away, sometimes fast, and sometimes slow, sometimes gently, and sometimes heavily, completely dominating the other party. The tip of his sex organ hit the gland and brought an electric shock-like pleasure, that spread to the groin, along the spinal cord and to the limbs, causing turbulance within his whole body. The crisp sound of the capsular bag slapping the perineum and the sound of the lubricating fluid being squeezed out when the meat stick was pushed in, mixed with the moans. The stimulation of the part that shouldn’t be used for sexual intetcourse was stronger than any pleasure he had experienced before; the desire given by the person he shouldn’t have such a relationship with was more satisfying than anything anyone else had given him in the past.



Chu Yunhan moaned wantonly, opened his body completely, and in accordance with the opponent’s movements, straightened his waist and swayed his hips. Chu Yichen’s gentleness in bed was like a net, which surrounded him and pulled him into a state of deeper emotions. He felt true satisfaction for the first time, as if a piece of shattered jade pendant had found its other half, as if something he had been longing for for so many years had finally appeared in his life. Tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes, wetting the blindfold.


Desire is like a poison, corroding one’s body.



Love is like a strong wine, soothing one’s heart.

Gasping for breath and intertwined, their bodies became one. Everything around them seemed to disappear. There was only them between heavens and earth, like two pieces of iron thrown into a vast melting pot, that finally melted together to form an indestructible entity that could no longer be taken apart.



Chu Yunhan, who was lying on his stomach and rammed into, said gasping, “Master… can you… uh… let me look at you… I want to look at you…”



The movements of the person behind him halted, the hard sex organ withdrew from his body, and he was turned over to lie on his back. Then the blindfold was removed. The lights in the room had been dimmed with the remote control, but the man still covered his eyes with his palms and said, “Close your eyes for a while before you open them.”


    Chu Yunhan slowly opened his teary eyes, looked at the person in front of him, and curled his lips into a smile.



Chu Yichen held his arm and looked at him from above. His black eyes were full of endless tenderness.



He reached out to unbutton the collar of the man’s military uniform. Chu Yichen grabbed his hand and said, “Want to get beaten?”



“Okay.” He blinked and said, “After I’m done, I will receive the punishment.”



The man said nothing and let go of his hand. He took off his clothes one by one, revealing his naked body.



Chu Yunhan knew why he was reluctant to undress. He did this to allow them to face each other naked, without any covers or obstructions. He looked at the scarred body, lowered his eyelashes to conceal the redness of his eyes, slightly propped up his body, kissed Chu Yichen’s lips, and said, “Master…I’m still hungry…” 


Translator: Taalia


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