Surrender – Chapter 41

Chapter 41


The slender finger that entered his body was like a dexterous snake, twisting and turning inside, going deeper and deeper. Then a second and a third finger followed. The sphincter muscles gradually relaxed under the constant expansion, adapting to the shape of the invader. The originally tight tunnel loosened, adjusting to every insertion and withdrawal of the other party. Under such training, the body began to crave for it, lust ignited little by little, burning under the skin and spreading to every inch of his body.


He wanted more. 


His brain lost the ability to think, leaving behind only a body that succumbed to carnal desire.


He didn’t want to think about anything, he didn’t want to care about anything. He just wanted to follow that person’s orders, feel that person’s existence, and accept that he belonged to that person. Only that person could awaken the most primitive animal instincts of his body, make him fully deliver himself, redeem him from the raging flames, and let him get relief in the end.


He was the only person he could hand over his life to and trust with all his heart.


Under Chu Yichen’s touch, all the senses in Chu Yunhan’s body seemed to awaken and became extremely keen. When the man’s fingertips touched that sensitive spot on the inner wall, he groaned, “Ahhh!” The moan was soft and unrestrained and it kept echoing in the basement, adding fuel to the desire. Soon, he was submerged in lust, his legs grew weak, his arms began to lose strength, his muscles stiffened, and he could barely maintain his posture. When the expansion was over and a thick vibrator covered with lubricating fluid was slowly pushed in, he shuddered. If it hadn’t been for Chu Yichen’s hand firmly restricting his penis, he might have shot.


“Stand up,” the man ordered, when the vibrator was pushed in to the deepest point.


Chu Yunhan obeyed with difficulty, moving slowly and clumsily. As he stood up, the vibrating stick buried deep in the back acupuncture changed its angle, pressing against the gland, both light and heavy, soft and rough. He felt like he was being roasted on a simmering fire, only half-co*ked, wishing he could just add a handful of firewood to the stove and pour a pot of wine to stew himself through.


After he straightened up completely, he realized that his back was sore and swollen. The posture just now had exerted too much pressure on his waist. Chu Yichen had obviously taken this into consideration. As an excellent dom, he had to consider not only the physical state of the sub, but also had to control the tempo. At this moment, the man, who was well aware of this, took out a penis ring and tied it around his genitals. Only then did Chu Yunhan discover that the front end of the thong actually had a hidden opening, so that his sex organ was completely exposed after the small zipper was opened.


Perverted, this kind of design…What was the difference between wearing it and not wearing it…


He secretly cursed. 


In fact, there was indeed some difference. Apart from adding to the fun, this kind of underwear also had the effect of a binding rope, which could adjust the tightness, increase the friction, and give the sub the feeling of being bound.


But Chu Yunhan didn’t think about this at the moment. His attention was drawn to what the man put on his meat stick.


This penis ring consisted of three interlocked leather rings. The foremost one was buckled in the groove under the umbrella-shaped part. After tightening it up, the desire would be firmly confined within the body. There was also a metal thread hanging from the leather ring, on which a small bell pendant was hanging. While he was wondering why this bell had such a shape, he saw Chu Yichen add two silver balls the size of quail eggs on the thin thread on which the bell was hanging. He didn’t know what material they were made of, for the balls were small but heavy, pulling the originally high raised sexual organ down, like a branch heavy with fruit.


Chu Yichen squatted down and carefully adjusted the leather ring. Seeing Chu Yunhan frown, he asked, “Does it hurt?”


He shook his head. Seeing that the co*k that was pulled between his legs could barely lift its head, he asked pitifully, “It’s a bit uncomfortable…Master, can you not use this…”


The man curled up his lips and shook the remaining two balls in his hand, “Want to add one more?”


“…I was wrong.” Chu Yunhan resigned to his fate, took a deep breath, and replied well-behaved.


Next, Chu Yichen put a blindfold on him.


The world suddenly turned pitch black, all points of reference disappeared, and everything became obscure, difficult to perceive. Somewhat panicked, he called out, “Master?”


“I’m here.” The man stroked his cheek. His warm and dry palm became Chu Yunhan’s only connection to the world and calmed him down.


“Slave, tell me, why is your body so excited?”


“…I don’t know.” His cheeks were flushed.


“Lying is to be punished.” Chu Yichen’s deliberately lowered voice was like a cello,  implicitly sexy. Chu Yunhan could not resist it at all, especially when he was being teased and played with. The man’s hand stroked his chest, making the two small protrusions that were tightly covered by the fabric even more erect. “Do you like it when I touch you?”


“…I like it,” he pursed his lips and replied softly.


“How about this?”


Before his voice fell, his nipples were pinched heavily, making him let out a groan. His chest was painful and numb, and rubbed until it was itching slightly, which made him breathe in impatiently. He replied tremblingly, “I like it,” and then added, “As long as Master likes it, I like it too.”


Chu Yichen chuckled softly, like a feather  falling on the water surface, breaking the tranquility to make waves. “You are so well-behaved, that makes me very happy.” The man touched his Adam’s apple playfully and said, “I’ll give you a reward. What do you want?”


Chu Yunhan, who had already been teased hungry and thirsty and could barely endure it, blurted out, “Hold me, please…”


“Hold you like this?” Chu Yichen asked playfully.


Then he felt a strong arm wrapping around his waist. Chu Yunhan pursed his lips and whispered, “Not like this…”


“Then how?” 


He wanted to force him to speak out on his own accord. Chu Yunhan’s face was red and hot, his head almost bloodshot with shame, and he finally squeezed out a few words in a mosquito-like voice, “Please…f*ck me…”


As soon as the words came out, the anal mouth behind him was pressed, the massage stick trapped in the tunnel hit the gland. A burst of pleasure burst within his body, he whimpered and shuddered, the hardened organ between his legs was stimulated and secreted transparent body fluids.


With a smile in his voice, the man said, “The mouth below is full, how can I use it?”


The feeling of burning with desire and desperation made Chu Yunhan almost go crazy. He pleaded, gasping lightly, “Spare me, I can’t take it anymore…”


“Slave, if you walk from here to my room without the thing inside falling out, I will satisfy you.”


Hearing these words, Chu Yunhan almost burst into tears, and called out aggrieved, “Master…” Before he could plead for mercy, his lips were covered. Chu Yichen kissed him gently, buckled a traction rope to his collar, and said, “I will lead you and stay by your side.”


He couldn’t go against his master’s orders, and besides… the kiss and this sentence were really gentle and deadly. Chu Yunhan, who was trapped in this net of tenderness, sighed in his heart, forced himself to tighten the back acupuncture point and clamp the thick massage stick, and replied resignedly, “Yes, Master.”


The way from the basement to Chu Yichen’s room wasn’t long and he was familiar with the place. He thought he could reach his destination quickly and accurately even blindfolded and with a vibrator buried inside him.


Not until he started walking did he realize  how naive he was.


He didn’t know what skills other doms had, but his own family’s methods and tricks really made him wish for death.


Even though Chu Yunhan knew that he wouldn’t meet anyone on the way, he instinctively felt ashamed when he walked outside the room like this. When he walked, the massage stick inserted in the back acupoint rubbed and grinded his insides, constantly bullying the poor flesh walls and gland, making him rise and fall with the waves of desire. What he didn’t expect was that most tormenting thing would be the little things hanging on the sex organ in front. The balls hanging on the thread swayed back and forth with his movements, and the co*k they pulled trembled and soon became fully erect, but was firmly bound by the ring, unable to shoot.


Chu Yunhan repeatedly stopped on the way, his tense body constantly trembling. He knew that physical torture was part of BDSM, but he also knew that Chu Yichen was in full controll of what they were doing, so that he would not end everything prematurely because of excessive excitement. So even though it was difficult, he persisted. This obedience was not forced upon him, nor did it come from passive endurance, but was his own choice.


Now he understood the meaning of the phrase “the master’s rights come from the slave’s giving”. He chose to obey because in this game, he wanted to make the other party obtain the same pleasure and make the other party happy.


When climbing the stairs, the massage stick slid out a little when he had relaxed a bit, and Chu Yunhan called out in panic, “Master…”


“I’m here,” the man responded almost instantly, stroked his hair, and said softly, “Slave, you are doing well. There is one more section, can you do it?”


He nodded. Grasping the handrail of the staircase and following the lead of the traction rope, he continued walking up. Finally, when he climbed the last step, he couldn’t help whimpering and slightly arching his body, and the massage stick tightly clamped inside his body fell to the ground. Chu Yunhan’s depressed and sad “I was wrong” had hardly left his lips, when his body was picked up by the waist and laid on the man’s shoulder.


“Master!” He was taken aback.


Chu Yichen didn’t say a word, just hugged him and quickly walked into his room, then threw him on the bed, turned him over and pushed him up, his slightly hoarse voice tainted with desire, “Slave, spread your legs. It’s my turn to satisfy you.”



Translator: Taalia


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