Surrender – Chapter 43

Chapter 43


This was a blatant provokation.


“You are getting more and more presumptuous.” Chu Yichen squinted his eyes slightly, pushed him down on the bed, raised his legs on his shoulders, straightened his waist, and pushed it in. “I will teach you the rules tonight.”


The sudden violent impact made Chu Yunhan gasp and arch his neck like a dying swan.


“Wu…too deep…” Before he could finish speaking, quick and deep thrusts followed one after another. In an instant, the man’s gentle fingers became like steel. He attacked the tender back acupoint violently and fiercely, rocking against him on the bed. Chu Yunhan’s raised legs were held firmly, he was unable to retreat even a tiny bit, and could only endure the wild invasion of the fierce blade.


His body was sweating, and the friction in the back acupoint made him feel as if his whole body was on fire. Waves of pleasure tumbled violently within his body, making him almost fall apart. “Ah…” Chu Yunhan couldn’t bear it. He groaned loudly, and finally begged for mercy in panic, “Master…Ah…I was wrong…please…” his intermittent voice in between the panting completely different. The rough invasion pushed him to the very peak of desire, his mind was chaotic, his eyes were blurred, and he kept repeating the phrase “please…” in a daze, but he himself didn’t know what he was asking for.


Chu Yichen was also painting. He was like a beast that ruthlessly ravaged its prey. The long-term restraint and forbearance were finally gone at this moment, and for the first time, he allowed himself to indulge in this body he had yearned for day and night without restraint. The meat stick below his crotch was as hard as steel, violently invading the wet and slippery hole, and every time it went in, the person under him cried and begged for mercy.


When Chu Yunhan screamed and shot again under a series of fierce impacts, the abruptly contracting flesh wall of the back acupoint tightly squeezed the thick meat stick inside it so intensively it made Chu Yichen shoot. The thick semen hit the inner wall, intensifying Chu Yunhan’s reaction even more. His whole body trembled in the orgasm, and the back acupoint tightened and sucked his release like a greedy mouth, swallowing more turbid liquid.


The excessively intense orgasm left Chu Yunhan dizzy and weak, lying exhausted on the bed. The moisture in the corners of his eyes formed teardrops that rolled down. Chu Yichen was also panting. Barely supporting himself, he pulled out from Chu Yunhan’s body and lay down next to him.


For both of them, the world seemed to fade away and turn into an empty void, in which the body was as light as a cloud, floating with the wind and drifting without direction. Within this void, the consciousness was floating, with nothing to hold onto, unable to perceive anything and at the same time finally able to perceive everything.


At this moment, they belonged to each other, shared the pleasure and became one. It felt so good that none of them spoke for a long time.


After recovering from the climax, Chu Yunhan looked at the man next to him sideways, pursed his lips in embarrassment, and hesitated, before reaching out to touch the scar on his chest. 


Chu Yichen touched the corners of his wet eyes with his fingers and asked jokingly, “What, haven’t been fed enough yet?”


“No,” Chu Yunhan answered recklessly, “I want more.”


“When did my slave become so slutty?” The man pressed his back acupoint, making him tremble. “Can you bear it here?”


He blushed and said in a muffled voice, “You have been holding back for too long…”


Chu Yichen couldn’t help laughing, “That can’t be solved all at once. We have time, don’t we?”


Chu Yunhan also laughed and gave a soft “um”.


He didn’t say it, but he knew that the other party understood.


We have a lifetime.


After taking a shower, the two of them hugged each other to sleep.


Chu Yunhan had a dream that night. There were many people in his dream, but the most conspicuous one was Chu Yichen. They sat face to face and played a game of Go. He raised his head, saw that the other person was looking at him, and smiled, “Why are you looking at me instead of at the board?”


In a rare moment of confusion, the young man was silent for a moment and then laughed, “You look good.”


The wind blew through the corridor, and the bells hanging from the eaves rang.


The yearning was concealed deep in his eyes.


Chu Yunhan woke up in the dim room. The person next to him was still asleep. He gently pulled the blanket and moved closer. The man sleeping soundly stretched out his hands to hug him and caged him in his arms.


When he woke up again, the sun was shining bright. Chu Yichen had gone to a meeting and left a note for him to rest well at home. He was sore and swollen all over and it took him a long time to get up from the bed. He drank a can of milk and went to the company.


When the man returned to the office after the board meeting, he saw him lying on the sofa and playing games with a cushion under his waist. He couldn’t help but smile, “Isn’t your waist sore? You should’ve stayed at home to rest properly.”


“I’m not here to work, I’m here to ask for a leave.” He swayed one leg up, “I want to take a vacation.”




“Won’t you ask how many days?” he raised an eyebrow.

“How many days?”






“Won’t you ask what I want to do?”

“What do you want to do?”


“Go on a vacation!” he said angrily.


“Okay. I will clear my schedule for the next three days.”


He choked. “…When did I say I was going with you?”

“You can go with me, but you are not allowed to go with other people.”


“… Shameless.”


The man put one hand on the back of the sofa, leaned over, looked at him, and said, “I have a piece of advice. Whether it is as a subordinate talking to his boss or a slave talking to his master, there are consequences for speaking like this.”


“I’m your brother!” Chu Yunhan couldn’t stand his ground at all, looking like a paper tiger.


“Oh?” Chu Yichen approached slowly, his face pausing only centimeters away from him, lowered his voice, and said, “Brother.”


His tone was extremely ambiguous, seductive, and provocative. He asked embarrassed, “Why did you suddenly…”


The man stuck to his ear, bit his earlobe lightly, and said, “Brother, I want to f*ck you. I want to f*ck you hard like I did last night, over and over again…” The deep voice was full of desire, like a spell, pulling at his heartstrings with ease and making waves.


Chu Yunhan, who couldn’t resist him at all, was teased until his face was hot like a steamed bun. In one swift motion he got up and left like he was fleeing, only hurriedly dropping the sentence “I’ll wait for you to finish to have lunch together.” 


He swore to never call him brother again.

* * *

Lidao’s scenery was as beautiful as ever, especially at sunset, when the sun hid in the clouds and the sky turned beautiful golden red, dying everything in soft light.


The two of them walked side by side along the beach barefoot, fine white sand under their feet and the sea breeze messing up their hair.


“Has J City’s matter been settled?” Chu Yunhan asked.


“Almost. Minran will be back next week and will stay here to assist me in the future.”


“Did Shen Mo agree to let him go?”


“He refused to, but there’s nothing he can do about it.” Chu Yichen smiled, “Sometimes, facing the person you love, no matter how powerful you are, there’s nothing you can do about it.”


He opened his eyes wide and asked in surprise, “You mean…they…”


“Yeah. There is some emotional entanglement between them. Otherwise, Minran would not have chosen him from among the many descendants of the Shen family and assisted him wholeheartedly. It’s just that Minran is agile by nature and doesn’t want to stay with Shen Mo forever, and he basically doesn’t like to engage in power struggles. Who knows what will happen in the future.”

Having finally digested the shocking news, Chu Yunhan nodded, and said, “It is better for them to solve it themselves, we shouldn’t intervene.” Thinking about it again, he asked, “Does Minran know… about us?”


“I haven’t explicitly told him, but he knows I have feelings for you.”


He turned away unnaturally with an “Oh”. Everyone else had known about it, only he had been unaware. He was so stupid.


“I won’t take the initiative to tell him.  I’ll wait until you decide to tell him.”


“Well, I’ll tell him when the opportunity arises.” Since he knew about them, there was nothing to hide. Minran had been smart and unruly since he was a child, and he had long been aware of the relationship between the two of them. There was no need to hide it from him. Chu Yunhan took a few steps and thought of something. He hesitated, and finally asked, “Yichen, Sheng Wu…Do you know his whereabouts?”




“Is he still alive?”


The man stopped, looked at him, and asked, “Do you want him to live?”


“After all… he didn’t kill me back then…” He whispered, “Can you let him go?”


“I can spare his life.” After saying that, Chu Yichen paused, “The premise is that he doesn’t make trouble. If the people observing him notice any funny actions related to the Sheng family, I can’t leave hidden dangers behind.”


Chu Yunhan sighed, nodded, and said, “I understand.”


The seagulls squawked and glided in the sky. The waves were crashing on the beach one after another. A small white crab emerged from the fine sand and with its body turned sideways crawled hurriedly to the sea. Someone was snorkeling near the shore. The afterglow of the setting sun in the distance gradually dissipated, and there was a band of pale golden light between the sea and the sky.


“Yichen,” Chu Yunhan said after considering it for a long time, “I want to adopt Yuanyuan.” 


Chu Yichen paused for a while and looked at him, but remained silent.


“You don’t agree?” He was somewhat surprised.


The man was silent for a while, before speaking, “From my point of view, there is no problem to adopt her. But she will be living in such an environment long term. My relationship with you, our social status, and her status as an adopted daughter, all this will influence her psychology and growth. Yunhan, we… are not a normal family. I owe you for this.”


Hearing the last words, Chu Yunhan was stunned, and stared at the other party. He knew how Chu Yichen felt when he said this, and he could feel the helplessness, guilt and concern in that sentence. Seeing Chu Yichen like this made his heart ache. He pursed his lips, raised an eyebrow, and said, “Since you feel that you owe me, let me do you.”


The man was startled.


“What we owe each other, isn’t it clear?” He kicked the sand and said, “I have considered everything you said. We are indeed not a normal family in the standard sense, but Lan Xin and her ex-husband, could they be regarded as a normal family? What we can give Yuanyuan, isn’t it much better than living with her biological father? If Lan Xin was still alive, she would definitely entrust Yuanyuan to me. This child is still so young and has experienced the tyranny of her father and the death of her mother, she needs to live in a place that can give her a sense of security. She relies on me, trusts me, and is willing to stay with me. You get along with her, and she also likes you very much.  As long as we love her, she can grow up well. If she lacks something, we can try to make up for it, can’t we?”

Hearing this, Chu Yichen looked down and smiled, “Okay. Since you insist, I respect your opinion. But when the adoption procedures are completed and she calls you ‘Dad’, what should she call me?”


Chu Yunhan’s eyes curved into crescents. “What do you think of ‘Mom’?”


“I think we can leave this issue for a more in-depth discussion in the evening.”


The word “in-depth” was deliberately accentuated which made him instantly  blush. He scolded “rogue”, rushed ahead, and said while walking, “I saw that you brought a Go board. Do you want to play a round of Go later?”


“Okay.” Chu Yichen walked side by side with him and asked, “What will be the penalty for the one to lose?”


“You decide.”


“Don’t back out later.”


“I will definitely not! How do you know I will lose?”


The two of them gradually disappeared in the distance. On the beach, two sets of footprints running alongside each other disappeared, washed away by the waves.

We are black and white Go pieces on a Go board, loving and fighting each other, while the enemy approaches the city walls. We are also the players, who hold the Go pieces, meticulously planning every move, gradually advancing and reinforcing their positions. 


In this game of Go, we are entangled with each other, sparing no efforts, yet victory or defeat is still undecided.


Simply because of the emotions of the people playing. 


I would readily give up everything and surrender in exchange for a single glance back from you.  


You knocked half of the white Great Wall down, letting me drive straight in.


Who will be the one to rule everything and who will surrender no longer matters.

In this life, I want to sit opposite of you and play this unfinished game.


Even though we are growing old, in my eyes, you are still the young man who chuckles softly.

The tenderness in your bright eyes and your graceful bearing are stirring my heart.


The End



This is the ending of the main story. There are two more extra chapters, but I might need a bit longer for them. 

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