Surrender – Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Early in the morning, the conference room on the 12th floor of the Golden Eagle Group headquarters was rattling with noise. This time, the new project was a cross-border investment in the animation and game industry. The heads of the IT Department, Planning Department, Finance Department, and Operations Department each insisted on their own plan, which resulted in a dispute, and for a while they were caught up in a loud quarrel.

Sitting at the head of the table, Chu Yunhan fiddled with the pen in his hand and watched the commotion with interest. When the people arguing were nearly exhausted, he cleared his throat.


The meeting room immediately became quiet, and everyone looked at him.


These people were the pillars of the company. They were adept at their respective business areas and rarely had to persuade others because they usually stood at the top. When Chu Yunhan first arrived, he took the position of a vice president. These people thought he was relying on connections, so the majority of them did not accept him and didn’t pay him much attention. Chu Yunhan knew that to gain a firm foothold, he had to show true capability. In just two months, he racked his brains and used almost all his connections, and finally won two government tenders in a row, successfully changing the attributive in front of his name from “wealthy good-for-nothing” to “really capable.” He was decisive, creative, and made good use of personal connections. In regards to managing his subordinates, he adhered to the principle “do a good job and forget everything else”. Chu Yunhan also readily issued bonus payments, so he was well received among the employees, especially among the female ones.


These directors often had dealings with him and knew his principles. He appeared talkative, but was in fact very resourceful, a person of “both trivial and outstanding ideas”. Therefore, they stopped quarrelling and quieted down to listen to what he had to say.


Chu Yunhan sat upright, looking serious and energetic in his dark blue suit. He put down the pen in his hand and fiddled with it for a while. His calm gaze swept across everyone, and he said, “I have read all of your proposals. They are very meticulous and well-founded. It can be seen clearly that everybody has put a lot of effort to study the market and the technology.” He raised his eyebrows slightly, and changed the topic, “But if you only focus on the problems, you will miss the opportunities. There are risks and problems in this investment, but this is the price that must be paid to break through. Once we open the two-dimensional market, the returns will be substantial. We need to be both cautious and bold. Rather than a list of the risks and problems, I would like to see suggestions on how to resolve the situation and ways to avoid the risks. I will give you three days to prepare. In three days, I hope to hear more constructive ideas. That’s it for today.”


When he returned to the office after neatly wrapping up the morning meeting, secretary Ailin walked in with a bouquet and said, “Mr. Chu, there are flowers for you. It’s red roses today.”


Chu Yunhan glanced at them and said, “Help me find a vase to put them in.”


“Okay.” Ailin took out the bouquet of sunflowers from the vase, put the roses in, and said while fiddling with the flowers, “Mr. Chu’s girlfriend is really kind and attentive, sending flowers every day.”


He smiled and remained silent.


Ailin changed the water in the vase, placed it back on the corner of the table, and retreated.


Chu Yunhan looked at the bunch of red roses surrounded by love grass with a heart overflowing with emotions. Sending flowers, gifts, candlelight dinners… The tricks he applied to chase after girls in the past were now being used to chase after him. Chu Yichen was really dedicated when he did things. He said he would send flowers every day for two consecutive months, one bouquet a day, each day a different type. 


The person who received the gifts started wondering if he should give him something in return. What should he choose? Accessoires, a tie clip, a wallet, a watch? Or something practical like a razor, leather shoes, or a cup?


Thinking of the cup, Chu Yunhan thought of last night again. He was thirsty, so he took Chu Yichen’s cup to drink some water, only to find out that the cup was one he had given Chu Yichen in high school, and it was already worn out. When he finished drinking, the man grabbed his wrist and took two sips from the place his lips had just touched. The slender neck and the slightly raised chin formed a beautiful curve, and his Adam’s apple moved when he swallowed.


His body became hot again for no apparent reason.


He took a deep breath and fixed his gaze on the report. After staring at it for a long time, he couldn’t take it anymore, grabbed a few forms, and went out. He greeted the staff in the elevator with a serious expression, walked into the president’s office with a face as if to discuss important business affairs0, sat down on the sofa, and said, “Don’t send flowers anymore.”


“What’s the matter?” the man behind the large desk looked at him and asked.


“It affects my work,” he said awkwardly. “When I look up, I see them, when I see them I get distracted, when I get distracted I… think of you.”


Chu Yichen curled up his lips. “When you think of me, I think of you too.”


Chu Yunhan’s face flushed. Unable to endure it, he made a gesture of throwing up, and said, “If you want to convince me you are not tired of it, look me in the eyes and say it!”


The man smiled, sat down beside him and asked, “Do you like today’s flowers?”


He glanced at the closed door, slid down, assumed a comfortable position, stretched out his legs, placed his head on the other party’s lap, and said, “Red roses, I didn’t think you would send such unambiguous flowers.”


“Today is an anniversary,” Chu Yichen said, “of the day we met for the first time.”


Chu Yunhan was stunned, and asked, “Is it today?”




“You remember things from so long ago.” He was dumbfounded. “You didn’t fall in love with me at first sight, did you? I was very cute when I was a child, but…you were very precocious, weren’t you? You are a pedophile, do you know? Oh, right, you were a child yourself…Were you already sexually mature at that time?”


Chu Yichen let him talk nonsense. His slender fingers fiddled with the soft tips of his hair and then moved to the round earlobes. Chu Yunhan was ticklish, so he reached out, grabbed his hand, and put it on his waist. “Your hands are so idle, why don’t you massage my waist.” Then he whispered under his breath, “Tying me like that last time. I was so uncomfortable. Two days later, my waist is still sore…”


“Uncomfortable?” the man asked amused, while massaging his waist. “You shouted in ecstasy that night and shot so fast.”


Now his face turned completely red, and while saying “Shut up…” he stretched out a hand to cover Chu Yichen’s mouth. The other party caught his hand and kissed it gently. This small tender gesture made Chu Yunhan’s heart numb, itchy, and ineffably moved. In one swift motion, he turned over, sat up, encircled the man’s neck and pressed their lips together.


Ever since they opened up to each other, Chu Yunhan had become more proactive, and Chu Yichen had less restraint. Their kisses had the directness and roughness typical of men, biting, licking and sucking, like two entangled beasts, trying to swallow each other.

When they finally separated, Chu Yunhan was gasping for breath. He stretched his legs and sat on Chu Yichen. The two of them faced each other and kissed again. Chu Yunhan kissed and touched him all over dishonestly. The man was so turned on by him, he slapped his butt heavily and said in a hoarse voice, trying to restrain himself, “Get off me.”

Chu Yunhan simply pretended not to hear him. He lowered his head to Chu Yichen’s neck and kissed him, rubbing against that person like a puppy, making him feel itchy. Helpless and amused, the man untied his belt, pulled it out, and tied the two unruly hands behind him. Then he pulled down  his underwear and let out the meat stick that stood upright. Chu Yunhan’s sex organ was of average length and thickness and light in color, with a clean and delicate appearance.


“So bold, aren’t you afraid to be seen if someone walks in?” Chu Yichen held his co*k and slowly fiddled with it.


“Bai Xiao is outside…”


Bai Xiao was aware of the nature of their relationship and would definitely block anyone who wanted to enter. That’s why this kid was so confident. The man curled up his lips, scratched his bell mouth with his fingertips, and said softly, “Slave, spread your legs a bit wider.”


When Chu Yunhan heard the word “slave”, his body became uncontrollably excited. He spread his legs apart and completely sat on the man’s lap, his legs wide open to allow the other party to torture the high-spirited sex organ between his legs. Chu Yichen’s hand made him unable to resist. His movements sped up, and Chu Yunhan’s breathing became more and more rapid. The groan he had been holding back escaped his lips in soft broken moans, a thin layer of sweat formed on his back, and his toes curled impatiently. However, a feeling of emptiness surged from his back acupoint, like a hungry and thirsty tramp, eager to be filled.


“Hmm…Master…” Chu Yunhan’s eyelashes were stained with fine water droplets, his eyes blurred, and he said intermittently, “Hold me…please…”

T/N: Cough, the verb used has a broad meaning indeed, but in this context he is definitely not asking for a hug😂


This was not the first time he asked for pleasure. They had done it many times during this period of harmony and affection, but Chu Yichen hadn’t entered him even once, nor had he used any means other than the agreed upon. That stubborn man was still sticking to that damn contract.


It was the same now. Chu Yunhan could feel the erection pressing against him, but Chu Yichen still endured it. Feeling depressed in his heart, Chu Yunhan’s enthusiasm suddenly withered. He gritted his teeth and said, “I resign.” The man’s movements stopped, and he looked at him astonished.


“Untie me.” He turned around.


Chu Yichen remained silent and untied the belt.

Chu Yunhan pulled up his pants and turned to leave. When he reached the door, he halted, remained silent for a while, and said quietly, “If you are not interested in me, go find another sub. One-to-many…I don’t mind.” After saying this, he quickly walked out.

As soon as he left the room, his face sank, turning so gloomy and scary, it made the secretaries speculate that Vice President Yun must have been scolded by the president for being negligent.


Chu Yunhan didn’t return to the office, but directly asked Bai Yang to drive him home. As soon as he walked through the door, he went straight to Chu Yichen’s room and turned everything inside over. Seeing that he turned the room upside down, Du Chuan’s face turned pale, and he tremblingly persuaded him, “Young Master Yun, the young master doesn’t let people touch anything in his room… Young Master Yun, if you go on like this, I won’t be able to tidy up… Ah, don’t touch that box…”


The cyan paper box on top of the cabinet was overturned, and the contents splattered all over the floor.


Toys from his childhood.


Paper frogs and birds.

A bunch of notes.


A collection of badges.


And a bunch of various gadgets.


All of which were given by him. 


These bits and pieces related to the two of them were carefully preserved by Chu Yichen.


Chu Yunhan was stunned for a moment, as if he had eaten a green apple, sour and astringent. He picked them up, sat on the carpet, and looked at them. Then he put them back again and muttered while tidying up, “What did he keep that junk for…”


Hard work pays off. When the room was nearly demolished by him, he finally found the contract he was looking for in a copy of “Finance and Economics” on the shelf.

Insane, to hide this kind of thing in a book like this… He scolded silently in his heart, and went back to his room, leaving behind a complete mess and Du Chuan, who wanted to cry without tears.


Chu Yichen had a very tight schedule during the day and a social event at night, and it was already midnight when he came back. Standing before Chu Yunhan’s room, he hesitated for a moment, but didn’t knock on the door. However, when he turned around to leave, the door opened. Chu Yunhan stood inside, staring at him.


“Not asleep yet?” Chu Yichen asked.


“Come in.” He dropped the two words and walked back in. Followed closely by Chu Yichen, he went to the table, picked up two sheets of paper, and said, “Both contracts are here.” One was his own, and the other one was Chu Yichen’s copy which he had found in the afternoon when he rummaged through his room.


As soon as he came back, Du Chuan had already reported the incident, and now he just looked at Chu Yunhan silently.


Chu Yunhan tore the contract into pieces and said, “It’s void.”


Ripping the contract to shreds was equivalent to ending the relationship.


With suppressed sadness in his eyes, Chu Yichen asked, “Don’t you even want to hear my explanation?”

“I don’t want to hear it.” He took two other sheets of paper, handed them over, and said, “Sign them.”

The man took them. After a brief glance, he looked up, and said astonished, “You…”


” ‘You’, what ‘you’? Are you signing it or not?” Chu Yunhan pretended to cut off his words impatiently. With a red face and eyes turned to the side, he said, “I only ask for this. If you don’t agree, then forget it.”


The form on that sheet of paper was blank, except for the “acceptable relationship” column, where “one-to-one” was checked, and the last column that contained a decisive signature.


Chu Yichen lowered his eyes and smiled. He walked to the table and leaned over to write his name, and asked, “Can I find another sub in the morning?”


“I’ll back out, that’s out of the question.” He said dejectedly, “Leave it in the same place, otherwise in case I want to back out one day, it will be very inconvenient to search for it again.”




“What about the explanation?” 


“I thought you didn’t want to hear it?”


“I want now.” 

“I was afraid it would remind you of the… bad experience from the past.”


Hearing this sentence, Chu Yunhan’s heart ached. There were things that even this  fearless person was afraid of.


He was afraid that it would bring back the feeling of being forced, that he would panic and get scared, so he endured it all this time. His hesitation, reluctance, worries and self-restraint were all because of him.


Chu Yunhan walked over, raised his head to kiss those thin lips, and said softly, “From this moment on, everything I have belongs to you, Master.”


My body is controlled by you, my eyes are drawn to you, my heart is ruled by you, and everything I have I hand over to you. 

From this moment on to eternity. 


Translator: Taalia


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