Surrender – Chapter 40

Chapter 40

In the end, they did nothing that night.

Ever since Chu Yunhan witnessed the terrible seizure with his own eyes, he was particularly afraid that Chu Yichen was tired. The two kissed and hugged, and finally fell asleep on the bed. When he woke up, Chu Yunhan discovered that he was clinging to the other person like a dogskin plaster, nearly squeezing him out of the bed. The man just let him hug him like this, lying on the edge of the bed.


He awkwardly withdrew his hands, moved to the side, and asked, “How long have you been awake?”


“I just woke up.”


“I like to hold onto something as soon as I fall asleep…” It was a habit he had made after his father passed away. Life suddenly became deserted, lonely and insecure, so when he slept alone, he would hug a pillow, and he would hug the other party when sleeping with others. He knew that Chu Yichen was accustomed to sleeping alone, so he hesitated, before saying, “If you are not used to it, I will go back to my room…”


“I’ll get used to it. We have enough time to slowly get used to each other.”


You and me, for a lifetime. 


Chu Yunhan suddenly thought of his confession. His face flushed, and he hurriedly changed the subject, “What time is it? Isn’t it time to go to work?”


“It’s seven thirty,” Chu Yichen said, “What’s on your schedule for today?”


“I am meeting with Zhang Fei in the morning. I am very interested in the Blue Ocean M&A case he mentioned last time and I want to see if I can get a share of it. I have an appointment with Tang Shaochen for lunch. The logistics costs are too high, I want to cut down on the price. In the afternoon, I’m playing golf with Lu Yao and Zhou Hua. They said they wanted to introduce the president of AL Group to me. I have no appointments in the evening.”


“Good, I will return early tonight.”


Chu Yun stared blankly for a while, then suddenly realized the meaning of his words, and was immediately embarrassed. He blushed and uttered a low “Oh”.


“Try not to drink alcohol at noon.”




“And don’t get too close to him.” This “him” obviously referred to Tang Shaochen. When Chu Yunhan was hiding, disguised as a waiter at Lihao, Tang Dashao pursued him, and Chu Yichen knew about it. 

He laughed and joked, “If we hit it off, what will you do?”


“Nothing. Tying you up will bore you, killing him will make you feel bad. I don’t know what to do with you.” With these words, Chu Yunhan seemed to sigh both helplessly and indulgently, speaking softly and affectionately. 


Chu Yunhan felt that he really couldn’t resist this person. A casual remark made him soft-hearted, nearly melting his heart. He said blushing, “Tonight…I will come back earlier too.”


Despite their different styles, in essence, the two brothers of the Chu family were both workaholics. The difference was that Chu Yichen had been taught to be one, while Chu Yunhan became one entirely because of affection. After learning of Chu Yichen’s physical condition, he always wanted to shoulder a bit more responsibility for the other party, so he was learning while doing, and made progress very quickly. From a manager he gradually slipped into the role of a decision maker. Making a decision was like playing chess. Every move had to be considered carefully so as not to regret it later. Sometimes a move that seemed unimportant would have a profound impact in the future. If you made a wrong move, you would lose the game. During that time, he realized Chu Yichen didn’t have it easy. 


After a hard day’s work, the only thing he wanted was to spend some quality time with the other party, not thinking about anything, just giving himself to the other person whom he trusted with all his heart.


Both of them came back early that night, had dinner together, took a short walk, and then Chu Yunhan made the enema himself, took a shower, and opened the huge door in the basement.


Chu Yichen stood in the center of the room. His tall body was dressed in a black military uniform, a white shirt, a crested bow tie exposed above the neckline, and a pair of shiny black riding boots on his feet. The tight-fitted collar and cuffs accentuated the aesthetics of abstinence and austerity. The golden epaulettes, cufflinks and hanging golden braids added to the austere gorgeousness. The lavishly decorated hard belt around the waist outlined the strong waist sensually. The horse whip in his white gloved hands exuded a hidden sensuality. Such an outfit emphasized the man’s original somber and cold temperament. There was a cold and dangerous gleam in those black eyes, like a sharp long knife, shining cold under the moonlight, that was so beautiful it made one want to reach out and touch it.


Chu Yunhan was in a daze. He didn’t come back to his senses until the other party ordered, “Slave, come here.” He quickly took off his nightgown, walked to the man, and knelt down.


“Master.” He straightened his back, maintaining the standard kneeling posture with hands behind the back. His naked body was exposed to the air. He should be feeling cold, but because of the person in front of him, he was restless with desire, feeling impatient and hot.


Chu Yichen picked up something from the small table and threw it in front of him with the words, “Put this on.”


Chu Yunhan picked it up and unfurled it. His face instantly grew hot, he looked at the other party embarassed, and lowered his head to put it on. 


The clothes were very plain, a top and a bottom. The top was a tight-fitting vest, which only reached to the ribs, barely covering the two points on his chest. The bottom was a black thong. A band the width of a little finger wrapped around the waist and another thin band stuck in the seam, tightly pulling the scoop-shaped part that held the front end to wrap the sex organ. The fabric was neither hard nor soft, with a faint golden luster. After putting it on, it felt a bit tight. The friction made his nipples harden, and the lower body also felt a bit strange. Wearing it made him more ashamed than being nacked. 


When he knelt again, the man put a golden collar around his neck, on which hung the same crest as his.The white gloves lifted his chin, the black eyes had a smile that was not a smile, and the man’s calm voice was leathally attractive.


“You are beautiful tonight, my slave.”

With love blooming between the two, all attraction and desire were mutual. Chu Yunhan looked at the person in front of him, feeling hot and impatient, his throat went dry, his brain heated up, and he blurted out, “You are also very beautiful, my Master.” As soon as he said this, he realized he had made a mistake, and suddenly felt somewhat guilty.


Usually, Chu Yichen indulged him very much, letting him have his way. But in the BDSM game, once the two parties entered their roles, he never allowed him to challenge his authority as the master. The punishment given was real and he was never lenient. Just now, Chu Yunhan spoke on his own accord without permission. He spoke so presumptuously that he wouldn’t escape being punished.


The man raised an eyebrow, stroked the whip in his hand, and said lightly, “You haven’t been beaten for several days, are you itchy?”


Just looking at the whip, he could almost feel his back aching, and promptly admitted his mistakes honestly, “I was wrong, Master.”

“Go lie on the sofa,” he ordered.


Chu Yunhan lay on his stomach obediently, waiting for the punishment without saying a word. Obviously, he should dislike the pain, but for some reason he felt inexplicable excitement, thinking that it was Chu Yichen who was going to punish him. He imagined the picture of the man in military uniform behind him swinging the whip, and he started to throb again before he knew it.


When did this start? He was completely immersed in this relationship, unable to extricate himself from it. 


Just when he was spacing out, he received a hard hit on his butt, and the pain made him gasp. The man’s displeased voice came, “Raise the buttocks and report the count.”


He bit his lip, lowered his waist, and raised his butt like a puppy that was stretching, so that he could flog him easier. When the whip lashed down, he trembled slightly and reported the number, “One, Master, I was wrong. Two, Master, I was wrong…”


It took a total of ten whips before it was over. Five whips on the left and five on the right, fair and reasonable. Both buttcheeks were tingling with pain, neither of them had been neglected. The pale red whip marks left on the fair skin were symmetrical and perfect. He felt relieved that the punishment was over, when he suddenly received another slap on the ass. Just when his whole body had relaxed, the slap landed heavily on the reddened flesh of the left buttcheek. It felt particularly painful. He groaned in pain and called out “Master…” in an aggrieved tone.


“Do you know why you were beaten?”


He racked his brains and thought for a while, but couldn’t find the answer, so he had to admit, “I don’t know.”


“Because I wanted to,” Chu Yichen’s voice had a hint of playfulness. “Keep in mind that you are my possession and everything you have is under my control. I can treat you in any way I like.” Separated by a thin layer of gloves, his fingers explored the space between the buttcheeks, slowly moving back and forth between the thighs and the seam, intentionally or unintentionally sweeping over the hole hidden in between, tugging at the exposed underwear and rubbing the small folds around the hole. At this point, the place had long ago been trained to become extremely sensitive. Chu Yunhan was so excited by his touch that his whole body tensed, his legs trembled slightly, and he said, “I’ll keep this in mind, Master.”


As a slave, he was showing submission to his master, like a wolf lying down on his back and stretching his body, exposing his most vulnerable neck and abdomen to the stronger leader to demonstrate submission. As soon as he spoke, he felt something press against the small mouth, repeatedly pressing tightly and loosening, as if looking for a suitable time to invade or just having fun teasing him maliciously. Chu Yunhan didn’t dare to move, but with his hips up, he let the other party wantonly ravage his most secret place.


“Want me to get in?” the man asked.


“This body belongs to you…as long as you are happy…you can do whatever you please…” he said intermittently. His face flushed and he closed his eyes with shame.


“Very good.” The person behind chuckled and said, “Show your little hole, let me see it clearly.”


So, blushing with shame, Chu Yunhan buried his face in the sofa and, reaching backwards with his hands, pulled apart his buttcheeks, exposing the tender red back acupoint half hidden under the thong, as if holding the pipa.

Chu Yichen repeatedly pressed the hidden acupuncture point with his fingers lightly and said, “You are not allowed to let go without my command.”


“…Yes, Master.” He replied resignedly, while the other party’s hand pressed heavier. The punished buttocks were now being kneaded again, both painful and numb, stinging, as if being pierced by tiny needles. The humiliating posture he maintained and the erotic stimulation constantly stimulated his brain, making the whole body flush with lust.


Then, the fingers that had been lingering outside finally came in. The gloves were taken off, and the lubricating fluid covering them quickly warmed in the hot tunnel. The invasion was powerful, but with some gentleness. Bit by bit, it opened up the tight tunnel and entered deeper into the hidden cave. The feeling of being entered was so intense that Chu Yunhan’s tensed legs trembled, and the sphincter instinctively contracted, repelling the foreign object.


With a “pa”, he received another slap on his butt, and the man said in a low voice, “Relax.”


He pursed his lips and forced himself to adapt. Usually, he was looking forward to the intercourse between them with some nervousness. Today, it is even worse. As soon as he thought of what would happen in a while, he was burning hot, nervous and excited, unable to calm down. The sex organ in the front also hardened unconsciously.



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