Surrender – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

The basement with constant temperature and humidity was very quiet. The soft light from above fell on Chu Yunhan’s naked body. The skin that had not seen the sun for a long time was as white as porcelain, which made the scarlet marks on his back even more eye-catching.


The traces left by the whipping crossed diagonally from left and right and slanted downwards in a symmetrical pattern. The space between each mark was almost equal and bright red, but there was no broken skin. He was kneeling on the carpet, his legs slightly apart, his upper body upright, his hands hanging down by his sides. Because of the pain, his body was trembling slightly, and the sweat from his forehead rolled down his cheeks and dripped on the clavicle. 


He was much thinner than he was two months ago. His collarbones were obviously sunken, his chin had sharpened, there were faint dark circles under his eyes, and he looked fragile and tired. Although a special dietitian and a cook took care of his daily diet and he ate it all at the man’s order, he continued losing weight. He could barely sleep and stayed in his room all day long. His mental state became very sensitive and he rejected all physical contact except for Chu Yichen’s touch. As soon as someone approached, he would avoid them.


In fact, what he feared most was Chu Yichen’s touch. Chu Yichen knew this in his heart. It was just that this fear had been suppressed by other, deeper fears in the training again and again. Because he was afraid of pain and of being punished, his body forcibly suppressed the fear of Chu Yichen, transforming it into a slight tremor.


If he stopped here… all his efforts until now would have been for naught.


He had made the decision at the very beginning, hadn’t he? Why was he still hesitating?


There was one final step left. 


The man sitting on the black single sofa clenched the whip in his hand and stood up. He walked to the kneeling man, raised his chin with a hand, and asked, “What should you call me, have you thought about it?”


Chu Yunhan’s eyelashes trembled slightly, but he pressed his lips tightly, remaining silent.


Three days. The man’s methods made his life worse than death, but he still refused to call him “Master”. He couldn’t tell why he was still persisting at this point.


He had obviously nothing left.


His dignity, his hope, his faith were torn apart by that person little by little, and he had even lost the control of his own body. Having reached this stage, what was he still struggling to hold on to?


He didn’t know.


He only knew that he could kneel to Chu Yichen, cry for mercy, and follow his rules, because he knew from the bottom of his heart that this was all forced upon him. However, calling him “Master” was different. It meant that in addition to giving up his body, he also had to give up his identity as Chu Yunhan.


And that was the last thing he had left.

He couldn’t sleep at night. He told himself over and over again that no matter what happened in the basement, he was still alive, he was still himself. He was afraid that under Chu Yichen’s training, he had really started to think of himself as his possesion and become a puppet that only succumbed to sex and had lost its soul. So no matter what, he never called him “Master”.

For Chu Yichen, recognizing his identity as a slave was the most important step. He wanted to turn a person who was originally normal and did not have any BDSM tendencies into a pure sub, and needed to completely shatter his dignity.


At this point, the two sides had fallen into a stalemate, like a game of tit-for-tat chess, that had reached the final stage. Whoever persisted till the end would be the winner.


The prolonged silence turned into a challenge to his patience. The man put down the whip in his hand and said in a deep voice, “Okay. Let’s try it and see how long you can hold on.”


When Chu Yichen’s thick sex organ entered forcefully his back acupuncture point, Chu Yunhan, who was pressed face down on the sofa, let out a painful cry.

Before that, even if it served as a punishment, when that person entered him, he would do a full expansion to ensure that he would not be injured.


But it was different this time. 


There had been no expansion, and the tunnel was not ready yet. The back acupoint was stretched to an unbearable extent, and lubricating fluid and blood dripped down the thigh from the torn skin. He turned pale, shaking all over. Like a branding iron, every slight movement of the meat stick made his jaw tremble with pain. However, the man didn’t have any mercy on him and after a short pause started thrusting. He pushed in deeply, and then quickly pulled out from in between the fair thighs, with traces of blood mixed in the lubricant. Chu Yunhan’s eyes blurred in pain and he violently started struggling. However, he was firmly held down by the waist. Chu Yichen adjusted the posture and invaded him again. The repeated fierce attacks made Chu Yunhan kneel down unsteadily, leaning over the sofa like a broken doll.


At this moment, Chu Yichen abandoned all his tenderness. Like a block of cold ice, he used the most intense form to ruthlessly hurt him.


There was no pleasure at all in such rough sex, only endless pain. The pain distorted his world, turning it into a nightmare. “It hurts…” His voice trembled like a butterfly caught in a storm, begging for mercy, “It hurts, Yichen…”

The man’s movements paused, then the meat blade pierced the acupuncture point and thrust straight in to the end. “I told you how to call me. If you can’t learn it, I will do you until the thing in front of you can’t shoot.”


With tears rolling down his face, Chu Yunhan shook his head, begging over and over again in a choked voice, “Please… please…”


He had fallen into a terrible nightmare.


The pain swept away everything. His body couldn’t help shaking, the pain seemed to have no end. The vibrator attached to the front end forced him to maintain an erection, but the black leather binding firmly sealed all his desire inside. The terrible torture at the front end and the merciless torture behind him were intertwined, as if about to tear him to pieces any second.


It hurt very much.


It hurts so much he wanted to pass out.


It hurt so much that he couldn’t help blurting out that word.


So I still couldn’t hold on to anything…


He closed his eyes, and the tears, that had not yet dried, fell on the black sofa with the repeating thrusts.


“Ma…Master…” When his dry lips trembled uttering that word, Chu Yichen pressed against him and released a stream of hot liquid into his body. When the sex organ slid out of the tunnel, a mixture of blood, lubricating fluid and white turbidity flowed down his inner thighs. The man turned off the electric appliance and turned his tortured body around to face him.

Chu Yunhan had already collapsed. His deathly pale face was all covered in tears, his eyelashes trembled lightly, and his eyes were so hollow that there was no trace of light. He said hoarsely, “Please…Kill me…”


He gave up.


He gave up resisting, gave up struggling, and gave up himself.


Chu Yichen’s pupils shrank abruptly, his brows furrowed, and he said coldly, “You can’t die.”


Chu Yunhan looked at him with an unclear dim light in his eyes as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything. His eyelids closed weakly, and he fell asleep exhausted.


The man remained silent for a while, then took a thin blanket and hugged him out of the basement. He placed him on his large bed and said to Du Chuan, “Call Zhang Jun.”


Doctor Zhang, wearing a nightgown, hurried over and asked nervously as soon as he walked through the door, “What happened? Another attack?”

“I’m fine. He is injured.” Chu Yichen looked towards the bed.


Only then did Zhang Jun relax a little. He lifted the blanket and saw the whip marks on the back of the sleeping Chu Yunhan  and the mess between his legs. He frowned and asked, “How did this happen?”


 “I lost control for a while.” The man sitting on the sofa looked very pale, like a traveler who walked alone in a desert full of sand, yet concealed his loneliness and solitude. 

Seeing him like this, Zhang Jun shook his head helplessly, separated Chu Yunhan’s legs, gently opened the sphincter with an anal expander, and cleaned his insides. After careful examination, he took out some medicine and said, “The sphincter is torn and the insides are also torn and bruised. A wound in such a place is not easy to heal. Don’t give him spicy food in the next days. The wound must be cleaned and medicine must be applied every day. If you want him to get better, don’t do it for a while, especially not in such a rough way.”

He was born in a family of doctors. His father had offended a certain high-ranking official’s family and received the favor and protection of the Chu family. When he returned from studying abroad, he stayed at the Chu family as their family doctor. He had a very close relationship with Chu Yichen. They were like brothers, so he was not as restrained as others in his words.


Chu Yichen sat in silence and didn’t speak.


Zhang Jun glanced at the person on the bed, then looked back at him, and asked, “Are you torturing him or yourself?” In the end, he couldn’t help saying, “I know there are some things that should be left unsaid, but…”


“Then don’t say them,” the man interrupted him.


Doctor Zhang was choked and put the glass bottle angrily on the small table. “Okay, I won’t. Here’s the medicine. You can keep torturing each other…” He walked out angrily.


Chu Yichen got up, went to the bathroom to fetch warm water, and wiped the sleeping body little by little. Chu Yunhan, who was unconscious at the moment, was like a silent puppet at his mercy. His eyes were closed tightly, and his long eyelashes were stained with tiny tears, making him look sad and fragile. His lips were bitten red and swollen again, their colour even more alluring. The man meticulously applied ointment to the wound, then wrapped the person in a soft blanket and hugged him back to his room, gently laying him on the bed.


He didn’t turn on the light. 


Outside the window, the moon shone brightly, casting a layer of frost on the ground.


Chu Yichen sat quietly on the edge of the bed and looked at the sleeping person. He was as motionless as a statue, but there were many conflicting emotions in his eyes. They entangled and rotated, forming a huge vortex that sucked in all the light.


After sitting still for a long time, he leaned over and gently stroked Chu Yunhan’s cheek with his fingers.


“I really wanted to ruin you like this.”


Under the moonlight, the man spoke slowly, but his slightly drooping eyes were full of sadness and loneliness.


He sat by the bed all night.


A lonely king guarding an empty city.

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