Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 33.2 – Old classmate, please.

“I don’t know about that either.” Shen Jia frowned. “They suddenly announced their engagement, and I don’t even know when they met. I was recording a song in Beishi when I heard the news and thought it might be going badly, so I drove over to see you . . . Cong, that’s all I know.”

After chatting with Shen Jia, Qi Cong leaned against the sofa and stayed still for a long time. Then he sat up and called Qi Yin.

It was already after ten o’clock at night, and Qi Yin answered the phone only after a while with a sleepy voice. “Cong Cong, what’s wrong?”

An apology almost rolled from his mouth, but he slowly swallowed it. Qi Cong steadied his voice and said, “Mom, Jiang Zhaoyan is sponsoring JiaJia’s TV series. I’m afraid he will affect JiaJia’s work. Do you have anything that I can threaten Jiang Zhaoyan with? Anything will do.’

Qi Yin voice immediately became sober. “Jiang Zhaoyang found you again?”

“I met him today as well as An Xiahe.”

After a few seconds of silence, Qi Yin’s voice that turned heavy and cold came out, “Yes, there are many. Don’t be afraid, Cong Cong. Mom won’t let him bully you again. Don’t be afraid.”

Qi Cong felt like something stuck in his throat. He raised his hand and pressed it to his eyes and echoed, “Well, I’m not afraid.”


. . .


The next morning, Zhao Zhenxun brought Qi Cong two pieces of news, a good one and a bad one. The good news was that Zhao Zhenxun has helped Qi Cong secure role in Legend of Youth, and the bad news was that Jiang Zhaoyin had increased his sponsorship and inserted An Xiahe into the cast.

Shen Jia almost spewed out the soya milk he had just drank. “An Xiahe is going to act?”

“He is not acting. Hhe will be a consultant for the art direction group. The art director will be involved in the design and construction of the various shooting scenes, which is also considered to be in line with the business An Xiahe does.”

Shen Jia still couldn’t understand. “But An Xiahe didn’t inherit his father’s business or studied design. He studied piano and even won a prize in foreign countries. What is he trying to do now? Trying to be become art director? Is he no longer a pianist?”

“He wants to trouble me.” Qi Cong put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a tissue. “On the first day of the first year of junior high, I met him in some piano competition. I won first place, and he took second. After that, he always comes to make trouble. Furthermore, when Sanmu and Amber first established a cooperation, we met at a dinner party with our parents. He got into trouble with me, and we had a fight. Later, when I transferred to your school, he was in the next class, but he soon transferred away. Before he transferred to another school, he brought a group of people to pick on me again, and I had another fight with him.”

Shen Jia was dumbfounded. “Brother Cong, you . . . Why didn’t you tell me about this? So that injury you got when you first transferred there, he was the one who did it?”

Zhao Zhenxun also looked at Qi Cong up and down as if he had got to know Qi Cong all over again.

“You were in a bad state at that time, so I didn’t mention it,” Qi Cong, replied looking at Zhao Zhenxun. “Brother Zhao, I will find an opportunity to talk with an An Xiahe so that he doesn’t affect JiaJia’s work.”

“It would also be best if he does not interfere with your work.” Zhao Zhenxun instructed, “Talk to me if you have a problem, and I’ll fix it.”

Qi Cong nodded.

It was the day of the opening ceremony of Legend of the Youth, and the group headed towards the filming location in the film and television city after breakfast. On the way to the location, Zhao Zhenxun talked about the response on Jiang Zhaoyin’s side to yesterday’s “elevator argument” incident.

To Qi Cong’s expectation, Jiang Zhaoyan did not go crazy when the producer asked about the past and helped him cover it up, telling the producer that they did not have a quarrel, but that they were accidentally reunited after they disconnected, and he was a little emotional when he said hello.

Jiang Zhaoyan even politely asked the crew to take care of Qi Cong because Qi Cong was in poor health.

Qi Cong frowned deeply.

Shen Jia said directly, “He is the one who is in poor health. He should go to see a psychiatrist!”

Zhao Zhenxun continued, “In addition, it was Xiao Xiu’s assistant who went to tell the director about it yesterday.”

Xiao Xiu—Qi Cong had an impression of this person. He had seen the other party from afar at yesterday dinner. She was beautiful young girl with baby fat on her face and was probably not even twenty yet.

“She’s new, and the assistant she brought in is also new. It is said that her assistant was scolded by the agent and fired directly after he went back.” Zhao Zhenxun tapped the script in Shen Jia’s hand. “The crew have many people, and the actors you work with are good or bad. You all need to keep this point in mind.”

Shen Jia and Qi Cong nodded.

It wasn’t long before everyone arrived at the shooting location. The courtyard where the first scene was located was already set up. The media exchanges around were also very lively, and as soon as Shen Jia got out of the car, he was pointed at by all kinds of cameras. He smiled and said hello to the media and then went to meet with the director, producer, and others.

Qi Cong walked behind Shen Jia and helped Shen Jia with his things.

After entering the courtyard, Qi Cong finally saw several leading actors of the Legend of Youth at close range.

There were five main actors in Legend of Youth: Shen Jia as the male lead, Peng Xing as male lead no. 2, Qin Zhengjue as male lead no. 3, Wang Yue as female lead, and Xiao Xiu as female lead no.2.

Except for Xiao Xiu, who was a newcomer, all the other actors were popular actors and idols in the past two years. Among them, the second male lead, Peng Xing was just like Shen Jia, an idol turned into an actor. He was older than Shen Jia and had a gentle and warm aura. Male lead no. 3, Qin Zhengjue, was a child star and has high-recognition value but never been very popular and looked tough. Female lead, Wang Yue, was a cold beauty who was already twenty-seven years old, but for all that seven years, she was popular for four years, but it was a pity that she had to still take part in idol drama and couldn’t transform.

When the cast members were lighting incense together, Qi Cong, who was standing at the back of the stage, was suddenly held on his shoulder. He tilted his head and faced An Xiahe face.

An Xiahe maintained the posture of holding Qi Cong’s shoulder, looking at the leading actors lighting an incense in front of them and said in a light and strange tone, “I hear you’re going to make your debut? Do you know that the role you are going to play was originally scheduled to be played by Lian Pengxing? Shen Jia really held you up and directly asked the investor to contact the producer to give that song over to you. And are you guys . . . together?” After saying that, he turned to look at Qi Cong.

Qi Cong pushed An Xiahe’s hand on his shoulder away, signaling to corner. “Talk?”

An Xiahe looked at his hand, glanced over Qi Cong’s face, then smiled and nodded, “Why not, old classmate. Please.”


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