Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 33.1 – Old Classmate, Please. (R)

“School… violence? ” An Xiahe opened his mouth first. He looked Qi Cong up and down with a strange expression. Suddenly he got out of the elevator and stood in front of Qi Cong asking, “When was the last time we saw each other?”

An inexplicable question.

Qi Cong reached out and pushed An Xiahe away. Stepping into the elevator, he pressed the door button and then looked at Xiao Han and others, “It’s not good to keep the elevator stuck, come in.”

Xiao Han and others returned to their senses and hurriedly entered the elevator. After going in, they squeezed Jiang Zhaoyan into the corner, unconsciously or perhaps intentionally keeping him away from Qi Cong.

An Xiahe turned around and looked at Qi Cong, raised his hand to press the ‘Stop’ button before the elevator door closed and pushed Xiao Han away to stand in front of Qi Cong. He asked, “Do you remember the past?”

The elevator door closed and the others in the elevator didn’t look up.

Jiang Zhaoyin, who was annoyed at being squeezed into a corner by the crowd, was stunned when he heard An Xiahe’s question. Then his expression changed. He stretched out his hand to pull on Qi Cong’s arm. “Do you remember? What do you remember? You — “


Qi Cong slapped Jiang Zhaoyan’s hand away and turned to look at him. “Jiang Zhaoyan, didn’t I warn you last time that next time we meet, it will be more than just one punch?”

Jiang Zhaoyan clenched his slapped hand and looked at Qi Cong stubbornly. His eyes searched Qi Cong’s face as if he was looking for something. His expression suddenly became angry as he stretched out his hand again to pull Qi Cong’s arm. “What on earth are you playing at Qi Cong? Don’t think I don’t know that you’re pretending – “

Qi Cong once again slapped Jiang Zhaoyan’s hand and then grabbed his collar and pushed him against the elevator wall, trying to suppress his anger. “Jiang Zhaoyan, I don’t care that you’re the sponsor of “Legend of Youth,” but if you dare to affect Jia Jia’s work, I will fight you till you are dead and do everything I can to destroy you and Yanhuang. Don’t forget I was once a senior manager of Yanhuang and did a lot of business on behalf of the company. If I stand up and say there is something wrong with your products, think about how much your baby company will be affected! “

Jiang Zhaoyan was obviously much taller than Qi Cong, but he had no power to fight against Qi Cong’s suppression. He was both confused and surprised, and his handsome features twisted into an angry and gloomy curve. “Qi Cong, do you know what you’re talking about? There’s a limit to your tantrums!”

“Tantrums?” Qi Cong loosened his grip on Jiang Zhaoyan collar and before Jiang Zhayan could grab him he sneered, “Jiang Zhaoyan, your arrogance and stupidity have no limit! I’ve left my job and I’m no longer your employee. You’re not qualified to speak to me in this commanding tone, please understand your position! If you really can’t talk properly, then shut up!”

When the elevator reached the 13th floor, Qi Cong turned his head to Xiao Han and others, gesturing for them to head out. “You guys go first.”

Xiao Han and others were frightened by Qi Cong’s sudden outburst and this small fight, so they hurriedly went out obediently. When he was sure that they were all out, Qi Cong also stepped out.

“Qi Cong, do you remember me?” An Xiahe suddenly asked.

Qi Cong looked back at An Xiahe through the elevator door that was about to close, making no secret of his disgust and dislike. “Of course I remember. I have lived for more than 20 years and I have encountered a few pieces of trash that I’ll never forget in my life.”

The elevator door closed, shutting An Xiage with a strange chuckle inside.




After nine o’clock in the evening, Shen Jia, who had finally finished eating, knocked on Qi Cong’s door.

“What’s going on?” As soon as the door opened, Shen Jia rushed in and asked anxiously. “I just heard that you and Jiang Zhaoyan clashed in the elevator? What’s going on?”

Shen Jia was followed by Zhao Zhenxun, who had obviously been drinking. His face was red and he looked a bit tired. He said, ” Before the end of the meal, the assistant of another actor came to the hall and told the director that Jia Jia’s assistant and the sponsor who came to attend the opening ceremony quarreled in front of the elevator. We guessed it was you. The producer contacted Jiang Zhaoyan, but we still don’t know what Jiang Zhaoyan’s side told them. What happened?”

Qi Cong didn’t expect that this matter would already reach the director. He stood aside and let the two men in and then briefly explained what happened with Jiang Zhaoyan, and then said, “Sorry, I was impulsive.”

Zhao Zhenxun’s frowning brows loosened after his explanation. “It’s all right, it’s not a big problem. I’ll go and have a look.” With that, he got up and left.

The only two people left in the room were Qi Cong and Shen Jia, so he looked over at Shen Jia.

Shen Jia stood up and said, “It’s good that you weren’t bullied by Jiang Zhaoyan, Brother Cong. It’s late, I’ll go-“

“Jia Jia.”

Shen Jia stopped in his tracks.

Qi Cong looked at Shen Jia’s back. “Jia Jia, I need to know all the details, otherwise I don’t know what to use to suppress and counterattack Jiang Zhaoyan. Knowing the truth won’t break me, only knowing nothing will. “

Shen Jia looked back at Qi Cong. He compromised and sat down in front of Qi Cong, frowning tightly. “I can tell you, but let me state one thing first Brother Cong. You’re right, it was Jiang Zhaoyan who took advantage of you. At that time after you had a high fever, your temperament changed greatly and you lost all your memories. Your Mom thought there was something wrong with you and pressured you to go to a big hospital for a lot of tests and finally found a psychiatry department. The doctor was also not sure why you have changed so much.  They thought that maybe your nerves became damaged after your high fever or you developed a mental illness. Auntie was very anxious and wanted to take you to a better hospital for examinations and treatment, but you didn’t want to, and you made a fuss about it and tried to jump off a building. Then auntie compromised.”

Qi Cong didn’t know all these things. The information that Shen Jia and Qi Yin had given him before was too simple. He had always thought that he simply suffered from amnesia .

He couldn’t believe it, “I had… a mental problem?”

“The doctor just guessed that, but in the end they failed to come up with a diagnosis. While your… your personality changed a bit and became overly obsessed with Jiang Zhaoyan, there were no other symptoms, so we can’t be sure that you were really sick. Brother Cong, the examination you did after you came to Beishi have already come back. I’ve seen them and they’re stating you are very healthy. Even if you were sick, you have gotten better!”

Remembering the strangely handwritten suicide note, the apartment that was so offensive in every way, Qi Cong raised his hand and pressed his forehead hard, asking, “Then…after that, what did I do for Jiang Zhaoyan sake?”

Shen Jia looked as if he didn’t want to talk about it, and frowned for a long time before saying, “Not long after you got home from the hospital, you went back to school. But instead of attending classes properly, you went to see Jiang Zhaoyan. At that time, Jiang Zhaoyan wanted to start a business, and you… gave him all the money you had. Later on, Jiang Zhaoyan returned the money to you after he made his first barrel of gold, but you took it all to buy Jiang Zhaoyan a gift. “

Qi Cong: “Then what happened?”

“Then you didn’t study well and became wholeheartedly focused on helping Jiang Zhaoyan start his own business with all your heart. Under the banner of Sanmu, you helped Jiang Zhaoyan with investments and contacts. Including the house that your mom bought for you when you become an adult, you also gave Jiang Zhaoyan the mortgage money. Auntie couldn’t persuade you, and Jiang Zhaoyan pretended to take good care of you and guide you. So in order to protect you, Auntie simply started supporting your business ventures.”

Qi Cong clenched his hand.

The story after that became simple and mundane. With Sanmu’s support, Yanhuang developed smoothly while Jiang Zhaoyan gradually tore off his disguise and showed his true ambitions. He began to eat Sanmu from the inside out, using Qi Cong. Qi Yin, who cared too much about her son, became too passive. Sanmu happened to be in an important period of transformation. After being secretly cheated a few times by Jiang Zhaoyan, the business gradually collapsed.

“…That’s about it. I went to college in Beishi and couldn’t always keep an eye on you, so I only have a general idea, and many of the details aren’t…clear.” Shen Jia carefully looked at Qi Cong, who was silent all this time and comforted him. “Brother Cong, don’t blame yourself too much. You were ill at that time, and you trusted Jiang Zhaoyan too much, that’s why…. You weren’t completely indifferent. After Sanmu’s bankruptcy, you and Jiang Zhaoyan began to quarrel frequently, and then you finally left Jiang Zhaoyan’s company. Auntie doesn’t blame you either. Everyone knows you were ill. “


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