Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 24 – “How long are you going to stand at the door of my artist’s room like a pervert?”

When the pendant was picked up, the skin on the collarbone was gently rubbed by the fingertips. Gu Xun leaned forward even more because of this action, and this time, the breath he took while speaking no longer seemed to but really blew on his chest and abdomen. The ambiguous warm breath spread to the pajamas and all the way across the room, gently burning the heart before the remaining temperature dissipated.

There it was again, that strange feeling.

The sense of distance blurred by the Internet has made a comeback.

Qi Cong immediately straightened himself up and raised his hand to rip off Gu Xun’s hand.

A thin and lean fair hand touched a slender and strong palm, the warmth from the skin was transmitted from the direct contact. The cold white and the warm white skin tone contrasted against each other. That part of Qi Cong’s palm wrapped around Gu Xun’s knuckles, which were extra hard from the effort, was like the soft belly of a small animal. Suddenly, it was subjected to the sharp claws of the beast.

They both had a dinner and then unconsciously looked at each other.

The danger and aggression that Gu Xun had carefully hidden in his eyes were directly exposed because of this accident.

Unlike the gentle, casual, even joking tone, his eyes were deep and sharp, and there seemed to be a hook with a thick chain hidden in it. He was ready to hook the prey to his territory at any time.

Qi Cong immediately released his hand, step away to the side, grabbed the chain of the necklace, and pulled the crown from Gu Xun’s grasp, and instinctively said, “This shouldn’t affect the contents of your thank-you gift . . . It’s too late, so you should go back early and rest.”

The paralyzed rabbit became alert again.

Gu Xun closed his eyes forcefully, clenched his teeth, and scolded himself silently, unwillingly letting go of the pendant. He leaned back and pulled away from Qi Cong, then he adjusted his expression quickly. He took off his hat and grabbed a handful of hair, and said helplessly with a little tiredness, “I’m sorry to disturb you so late. I just . . .”

He stood up but suddenly shook and fell back to back, his hand pressed one thigh, and he frowned rapidly, then he stood up again, slower than before, and smiled at Qi Cong before he put on his hat again.

“Go to bed early. I will leave first.”

Qi Cong caught this scene and looked at Gu Xun’s expression that looked as if nothing had happened. His gaze swept over Gu Xun’s legs. Obviously, his heart was still throbbing from the feeling he had just seen in Gu Xun’s eyes, but he could not help but care. “Your leg . . . what is the matter? “

Gu Xun looked down following Qi Cong’s line of sight and moved his leg, looking embarrassed. “I didn’t expect that you would found out. It is all right. These two days I was shooting the outdoor drama, Above the Dynasty in Shencheng, and I had to shoot while hanging (scenes in the air) scene, but today, I was in a hurry and accidentally got a bruise. It’s nothing serious. Don’t worry.”

Hanging scenes and he was in a hurry. . . Qi Cong glanced at the small bag that Gu Xun had left on the bed.

Gu Xun said before that this was a gift for him.

It was obvious that filming was very tiring and hard, but he still rushed the work to finish a day early when the schedule was so tight, and he still did not forget to bring him a gift . . . just to see him for five minutes?

The guardedness he raised because of the strangeness and distance he felt softened quietly.

Gu Xun seemed to be the same considerate Gu Xun.

“Again . . . Take a break and . . . and wait for your assistant to book a room for you.”

Qi Cong looked at the instant noodles on the TV cabinet, frowned, and looked up at Gu Xun. “When did you get on the plane? Did you have dinner?”

Gu Xun had no idea what politeness was, so he immediately sat back, then raised his hand and pinched the center of his eyebrow with a tired but energetic expression, and replied, “There was an in-flight meal for the plane after five o’clock.”

Where could you get a good plane meal?

But at this point, it didn’t seem to be good to eat instant noodles. Also, sleeping when you are full could also affect your rest.

“That pendant.”

Qi Cong returned from his wishful thinking and looked at Gu Xun. He instinctively lifted his hand to hold the pendant between his collarbones.

“What’s the matter?”

Gu Xun’s eyes swept over Qi Cong’s hand holding the pendant then raised his hand and pressed it on glabella, and replied, “It’s popular now. There is a lot of activity on Weibo. Shen Jia’s fans are wondering why Shen Jia gave this to you. Some of them think . . . You may be secretly in love.”

“In love?” Qi Cong was bewildered by this absurd guess, then he couldn’t laugh or cry, so he hurriedly shook his head and replied, “No, I am not like this with JiaJia. He gave me this to wish me a smooth start—” After he said that, he suddenly reacted and stopped talking.

The room was eerily quiet.

After a while, Gu Xun sat up straight, looked at Qi Cong, and asked, “Are you going to make your debut?”

“. . .”

There was no way it could be more humiliating.

Qi Cong slowly let go of the pendant and tried to calm as he nodded. “Yes, I have such a plan at present. I . . . I owe a debt that I want to pay off as soon as possible. I also want to save money as soon as possible to buy a house for my parents. JiaJia said that an artist can make money quickly. He just happened to have a way, so I . . . I am ready to try.”

Gu Xun did not know when he bowed his head. His expression was obscured by the brim of his hat and could not be seen clearly. All he could see was that his hands and legs squeezed each other forcefully.

After a few seconds of silence, he looked up at Qi Cong and said, “I’ve thought about what I want as a thank you.”

The conversation changed so fast that Qi Cong, who was quietly waiting for Gu Xun’s response, could not respond. “Hmm?”

“You write me a couple of words, what exactly, I’ll tell you via WeChat when I think about it.”

Gu Xun stood up and walked a meter away from Qi Cong, leaning slightly to look at him, and smiled. “Whatever you want, you’ll have it. Good night.”

With that, he straightened up, walked over to Qi Cong door, opened the door, and left.

Click. The door closed automatically.

Qi Cong slowly turned sideways and looked at the closed door. After a while, he retrieved his gaze and turn it to his own figure reflected on the metal decoration bar at the head of the bed.

It was the third meeting between the two of them after their reunion, which began abruptly and ended hastily.

Something suddenly occurred to him.

Now, Gu Xun was a stranger to him, how could he not be? Gu Xun three years after he knew him had become more snobbish and tacky. Did he feel. . . disappointed.

The metal decoration twisted and blurred his face, and the facial features that could be seen suddenly became hateful.

Qi Cong turned his eyes away, went to the bedside, and bent down to flatten out the place where Gu Xun had sat, then reached out and picked up the delicate sky-blue paper bag Gu Xun had left on the bed and gently opened it.

A book with a brown celestial cover was exposed.

Qi Cong was stupefied then unconsciously moved quickly, pulling the book out of the bag, flipping it over, and looking at it to make sure it was really a Spanish original screenwriter’s book he had always wanted, and the corners of his mouth could not help curling up.

Halfway through, he froze. He looked down at the book for a long moment and pursed his lips, lightly touching the book’s wonderfully textured cover, bent over to pick up the bag and put the book back.

A white card floated out of the bag.

Qi Cong, stooped and bent down to pick up the card.

It was a business card with a geometric figure logo and a strong design printed at the back. And on the front . . . printed was the name of a law firm and the name and telephone number of a lawyer.

Qi Cong tightens his hand.

This was . . .

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. Qi Cong regained awareness and took out his mobile phone to check it.

Gu Xun: Lawyer Jin knows the basic situation of you and Chivalrous Bones. He will probably contact you this weekend to have a more detailed discussion with you.

Gu Xun: I hope you won’t refuse this apology gift.

Gu Xun: Qi Cong, I’m terribly sorry about deceiving you in the past.

Gu Xun: Please accept my apology.

This seemed to be the familiar Gu Xun, who was always secretly helping him, taking care of him, and carrying about his feelings everywhere. Strange but familiar, the distance was close and far away at the same time. What to do? What to do?

Qi Cong squeezed the phone tightly; his Adam’s apple moved up and down frequently. He blinked his eyes hard and bowed his head to type two words before sending them.


. . .



Gu Xun leaned against the wall then looked at the new message.

Baby: Thank you.

“. . . Stingy.” He poked the head portrait of the person who was marked as “Baby” and sighed. “I didn’t even get a good-night sentence, and the head portrait of this system, tsk, won’t you change your avatar?”

The cell phone suddenly shook again.

Baby: Remember to rub these bruises on your legs with medicine.

Baby: Thank you very much.

Baby: Thank you for coming to see me too. Good night.

Gu Xun raised his eyebrow in satisfaction. . . He gently touched the message sent by Baby and said with a smile, “Good night.”

The door of the opposite room was suddenly opened, and Zhao Zhenxun, with a stepfather’s face on, appeared behind the door, obviously suppressing his temper.

“Mr. Gu, how long are you going to stand at the door of my artist’s room like a pervert?”

Gu Xun immediately put down his cell phone and reined in his expression, looking sideways at the door, making sure that Qi Cong was not disturbed. He stood up and asked Zhao Zhenxun, “Agent Zhao, do you have time to talk?”

Zhao Zhenxun also looked at Qi Cong door, frowned, and opened his door, “Ten minutes.”

Gu Xun stepped forward.

Click. The door next to Qi Cong’s room suddenly opened gently. Shen Jia looked weakly and asked, “That . . . may I join in?”

Gu Xun paused, looked back at Shen Jia, and said nothing, going straight into Zhao Zhenxun’s room.

Zhao Zhenxun stared at Shen Jia with a black face. “You’re the one with a good nose . . . Come in.”


. . .


When he left the hotel the next morning, Qi Cong looked back at the hotel building several times and unconsciously glanced back and forth at the door of the hotel. Unfortunately, until he got in the car and left, the familiar shadow did not appear in his field of vision.

The car slowly drove away and the hotel was getting smaller and smaller. Just as the car was about to turn, Qi Cong vaguely saw a familiar shadow appear at the door of the hotel.

He was busy sitting up straight, and as soon as he was ready to take a closer look, the car had turned the corner.

The front door of the hotel was completely invisible because of the green trees.

He held his twisted position for two seconds before he stopped and gathered his emotions and held it inside.

Zhao Zhenxun in the front seat just happened to turn his head around, and the two of them looked at each other. Zhao Zhenxun said, “Change your WeChat avatar.”

Qi Cong was confused. “Change the avatar?”

“Yes. Switch to selfies and practice your selfie skills. You can’t be an artist if you don’t know how to take selfies. Today, JiaJia’s job is to record an indoor interview, so you don’t have to follow. Let Xiao Han follow. Yuan Yuan.”

Yuan Yuan, who sat in the rear, answered.

“When we get to Yaocheng, help cut Qi Cong hair. You don’t have to cut it too short. Just make it look refreshing. When we get back to Beicheng, please contact your teacher and ask him to design a hairstyle according to the shape of Qi Cong face.”

Yuan Yuan acknowledged Zhao Zhenxun’s orders loudly.

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong again as if he had something to say, but in the end, he didn’t say anything and just told him, “Take good care of your voice. When we get back to Beicheng, I will take you to see the vocal music teacher of the company.”

These arrangements were clearly paving the way to his debut. Qi Cong nodded obediently.

Zhao Zhenxun turned to face front.

Shen Jia, who was sitting next to Qi Cong, immediately leaned to him and grabbed Qi Cong’s face and looked at it, and sighed sadly.

“Brother Cong, it’s not safe for you to be so good-looking.”

Qi Cong looked at Shen Jia inexplicably. “What?”

Shen Jia didn’t answer him, but shook his head full of worry, put on his headphones, and focused on the day’s interview outline.


. . .. . .


After arriving at Yaocheng, Yuan Yuan cut Qi Cong’s hair according to Zhao Zhenxun’s instructions. Without cutting too much, he just trimmed the longest hair and took it to the next level by giving a shape to the bangs that covered Qi Cong’s eyebrows and eyes.

After cutting it, Yuan Yuan looked at Qi Cong soft eyebrows and eyes, raised his hand, and held his face exaggeratedly, and said in an intoxicated tone, “The gentle beauty attack is matched with the vitality of a puppy. Even I can.”

Qi Cong, who was sweeping his hair on his neck in front of the small mirror, tilted his head and asked, “What did you say?”

“Ah? Oh, Brother Cong, I just said that our skin is so good that you don’t even have to care for it, and your eyebrows are so good that you don’t need to trim them. Unlike JiaJia, you don’t have thick hair that each one of them is very stubborn and difficult to deal with.”

Qi Cong thought of Shen Jia’ss flourishing hair and agreed with a smile. “JiaJia’s hair is really dense and grows fast, and he has been like this since he was a child.”

“Aye, what childhood friendship.” Yuan Yuan suddenly held his face again, and when Qi Cong was confused again, she sincerely suggested, “Brother Cong, if you can’t take selfies, you can let JiaJia teach you. You can learn from taking photos together. Well, take more photos together, and you will have selfies for a long time. Come on.” With that, she drifted away with a kind of enigmatic smile.

Qi Cong watched Yuan Yuan leave and looked again at his shorter hair in the mirror. It had almost returned to the shape before he had fallen “asleep,” then he swept off the last hair on his neck.

Learn to take photos first?


. . .


Because he didn’t need to follow Shen Jia to the TV station to record an interview, Qi Cong simply took this free time to write the third chapter of Chivalrous Bones after cutting his hair. After he finished writing, he tidied up the manuscript and caught some bugs, then he added them to the old website and stored them in the chapter storage box and scheduled a midnight release.

Once that was done, he logged back into Weibo, edited a post, and also scheduled it for publishing at midnight.


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