TOFUH – Chapter 108.2 – Zhao Jinge Give Birth

“Sheets?” Zhao Liu was stunned for a moment but very quickly said with a smile. “Yes yes, bring some sheets. It’s good.”

The people in Hexi Village gave birth in a straw bed then burned the straw after giving birth, not to mention the sheets that would usually be empty.

Once there was a young daughter-in-law who didn’t understand it and gave birth to a child in her own bed. At last, just after the birth, she was forced by her mother-in-law to wash the sheets . . . Because she did not know, she soiled the quilt at home.

Zhao Liu was also habitually thinking. Although she tried her best to think for Zhao Jinge, she did not think of preparing bedsheets for him. However, although Zhao Liu did not prepare, Jiang Zhen said that she should go and get their bedsheets, and she was very much in favor of it.

Thinking that straw might sting a bit, Jiang Zhen dug out three sheets and brought them over. The two coarse cloth mattresses they had bought when they first got married were placed underneath, and a new sheet was laid on them. At the same time, he also prepared two pillows and a small quilt for Zhao Jinge. By the time when he had already done all of this, the midwife had already arrived.

“All right, Jiang Zhen, go out first.” When Zhao Liu saw the midwife coming, she quickly faced Jiang Zhen and said that men were not allowed to enter the delivery room. It was not appropriate for Jiang Zhen to stay here.

Jiang Zhen did not seem to hear and his eyes stayed on Zhao Jinge, who was already lying on the bed: “Jinge, are you okay? Does it hurt?”

Zhao Jinge was frowning and seemed to be in pain. Zhao Jinge was really hurting, but the pain didn’t last long. After Jiang Zhen asked, it almost did not hurt anymore. Seeing Jiang Zhen staring at him, he said, “I’m okay. You go out first.”

“No, I’ll stay here,” Jiang Zhendao said that although he lived alone in modern times, he would get together with his comrades in arms from time to time. He didn’t even have a suitable companion, but his comrades in arms got married one after another and had their own children. When chatting, they would talk about children.

One of his comrades in arms went to accompany his wife when she gave birth, and he still remembers what the comrade-in-arms said at that time: “How painful it is for the woman to have a baby. As men, we should take care of them. Even if we can’t do anything, we can at least cheer them up . . .”

Even though he knew that men would not go into the delivery room in this era, Jiang Zhen still wanted to stay.

“I’ll just sit here and won’t cause you any trouble,” Jiang Zhen said to Zhao Liu. “You won’t even notice I exist.” Jiang Zhen moved a stool and sat at the head of Zhao Jinge’s bed.

His comrade in arms who accompanied his wife giving birth also sat at the head of the bed. At the end, his legs became so numb that he could hardly stand up.

“If a man stays in the delivery room, he will get bad luck—” the midwife said. But before she could finish, she was glared at by Jiang Zhen. She immediately did not dare to speak any more. In the countryside, they were not as fastidious as big families, so Jiang Zhen could stay if he really wanted to.

Although she had never seen a man accompany his wife in giving birth, there were still these young couples in some families. Husbands also go in and out of the delivery room, bringing in hot water and scissors. The patient would give birth very quickly and sleep well. At that time, the husband would still be at their side . . .

The midwife had no problem with it, so Zhao Liu had no problem with it either, and so, Jiang Zhen stayed. Only at this time, Jiang Zhen remembered one thing, “Mother, you should go and ask Wang Haisheng to go to the county town and invite a doctor to come.”

“What do you want the doctor for?” Zhao Jinge was puzzled.

“Just in case,” Jiang Zhen said. In modern times, children were born in hospitals, so even if something went wrong in the middle, other arrangements could be made immediately, such as a cesarean or something, but there was nothing here. . . “Mother, when the doctor comes over, ask him to take some medicine.”

“Oh good.” Zhao Liu nodded. Jiang Zhen’s attitude made her even more nervous.

After Zhao Liu went out, she immediately found Wang Haisheng and asked him to bring a doctor.

Wang Haisheng might not be very clever, but he was very obedient. After Zhao Liu gave an order, he hurriedly ran out without delay. Someone on the way asked him about it, but he only hurriedly said, “I am going to get a doctor.”

Thanks to the scene Jiang Zhen made earlier, basically the whole of Hexi knew that Zhao Jinge was going to have a baby. So when they heard that Wang Haisheng was going to get the doctor, there was immediately a lot of speculation.

“Wang Haisheng went to bring a doctor in such a hurry. Isn’t it because Zhao Jinge didn’t have an easy birth?”

“Maybe it’s harder for gers to have children than it is for women. “

“No wonder Jiang Zhen was so nervous before. I’m afraid it was already not good at that time. . .”

“Zhao Jinge is really unlucky. It’s difficult for him to give birth.”


 . . .


Everyone talked about it and sympathized with Zhao Jinge, who was still lying in bed at the moment and then endured a burst of pain. He had suffered a lot of pain. This pain was not unbearable, but in the end, it was still uncomfortable, especially at the waist . . .

“I’ll rub it for you.” Hearing Zhao Jinge say his waist was uncomfortable, Jiang Zhen immediately said and asked Zhao Jinge to lie on side, so he could rub Zhao Jinge’s waist.

The midwife was hurriedly invited over, so she thought the baby would be born soon, but looking at Zhao Jinge like this . . .

“He has not just started to hurt, has he?” the midwife couldn’t help but ask.

“Half an hour ago, it started to hurt.” Jiang Zhen had already asked Zhao Jinge about the specific situation and quickly answered.

“It’s not uncommon for a first-time baby to be born only after it hurts for two days,” the midwife said. “Zhao Jinge looks like he will not give birth for a while . . . Shall I go home first?” She was cooking when she was called over, so she thought it was a close birth as a result . . .

“What if he is going to have a baby when you go back?” Jiang Zhen could not help frowning. Thinking for a moment, he took out 2 silver and gave it to the midwife. “Please wait here.”

If a midwife helped people deliver babies in the countryside, she can basically get dozens of copper coins, eggs, and some other things but this was two silver! The midwife didn’t want to go back anymore and decided that even if Zhao Jinge gave birth tomorrow, she would still stay with him all night! Speaking of which . . . With Jiang Zhen’s generosity, she would probably get a large reward if she helped Zhao Jinge deliver a son. The midwife no longer said that she was going to leave while Zhao Jinge, who was resting in bed, felt his stomach was not hurting as much as before.

After lying down for more than half an hour, he became a little restless and was about to get out of bed and walk around.

“Jinge . . .” Jiang Zhen was a little confused about what was going on with Zhao Jinge and why he still looked so . . . high spirited.

“I’m a little hungry,” Zhao Jinge said.

Jiang Zhen was silent for a while and finally said, “I’ll ask Mother to make something delicious. When you are full, your strength will be renewed.”

There were a lot of people outside the Zhao family house. While everyone was wondering how Zhao Jinge’s childbirth was going, they saw a curl of cooking smoke rising from the house. This . . . Zhao family was still free to cook?

At the same time, Wang Haisheng, who hurriedly rowed a boat to the country town brought an old doctor on board.

“Did that family have a dangerous childbirth?” the old doctor asked worriedly.

“I don’t know,” Wang Haisheng said.

“Well, hurry up and row, and I’ll take care of the medicine I brought,” the old doctor said. These men hurried to find him and asked him to bring medicine, so he thought the person giving birth or the child was not in good condition . . . He had brought several kinds of life-threatening medicine, and he was arranging them in advance so it would be easier to use them when the time came.

Wang Haisheng nodded and rowed as fast as he could.

The first time Sun Xiaoshan gave birth to his baby, it was very dangerous. At that time, let alone a doctor, he couldn’t even afford to invite a midwife. In the end, he delivered Sun Xiaoshan’s baby by himself. It was already more difficult for a ger to have children than a woman, so he hoped nothing happened to Zhao Jinge . . .

Many people were worried about Zhao Jinge but he himself still felt good at this moment.

He’s just having a baby, so he could let people care about him a little . . . He was so satisfied that he could even endure the pain.

Zhao Liu was already in a bit of a panic and couldn’t cook well at all . . . so in the end, the meal was cooked by Cook Li and Jiang Xiaomei.

Speaking of which, Jiang Xiaomei was a little confused at the moment . . . She always loved money, and after she was almost sold by the Jiang family, she began to love the money even more. Originally, Jiang Zhen did not intend to let her do any work. Anyway, he could afford to support the girl until she married. However, after hearing that she could earn money at Zhao Jinge’s brick kiln by making bricks, Jiang Xiaomei went there without hesitation. Recently, she made a lot of bricks for money every day.

She was not very diligent originally. After all, she didn’t want to end up like her elder brother, but recently, she could earn money by playing with mud, so Jiang Xiaomei became totally devoted to this brick kiln.

Over the past few months, she had unexpectedly earned two silver. If it went like this, she might be able to save more than 20 silver as her private property?

She was also making bricks there that day, but later, when she heard that Zhao Jinge was going to have a baby, she rushed back. On the way, she was told that Zhao Jinge was having a difficult labor, so she was full of anxiety. But when she came back home . . . Zhao Jinge hadn’t even given birth yet . . .


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