TOFUH – Chapter 141.1 – Emptying the Liao Family

Liao Qinghe had excellent literary talent so his speed of writing the divorce letter was very fast. Soon, the letter of divorce was written out.

Wen Yingniang stared at the letter of divorce. The ink was not yet dry and she was in daze, unable to say what she was feeling.

When Liao Qinghe saw Wen Yingniang like this, he thought that Wen Yingniang could not accept the matter and felt a bit of sympathy in his heart. He was a little happy again.

He has lost face many times before because of Wen Yingniang, and at that moment, he had finally made Wen Yingniang uncomfortable too.

Thinking in this way, he said in a charitable tone, “Yingniang, if you admit your mistake, this matter can be forgotten—”

“What forgetting?” Wen Yingniang looked at Liao Qinghe.

If she had a child, she would never get divorced, but she didn’t, and Liao Qinghe had been getting worse and worse toward her in recent years. He didn’t spend as much time at home as he did outside.

Speaking of which, if she had a good life, why would she want to be a shrew and allow her family to lose face?

“In the future, you have to learn female admonishment and female discipline. You can’t do such nonsense anymore,” Liao Qinghe said.

Female admonishment? Wen Yingniang snatched the letter of divorce and looked at Liao Qinghe before sneering, “Thank you very much, but that’s not necessary!”

“Wen Yingniang, even if you tear the letter of divorce, I won’t let you enter my Liao family’s door again!” When Father Liao saw Wen Yingniang grab the letter of divorce, he thought she was going to tear it up so he shouted a warning.

“I don’t care anymore! When I go back to Minnan, I will have a good life waiting for me. Who would like to join your family?” Wen Yingniang said, but her heart felt a little weak.

For the time being, she didn’t dare to go back to Minnan, for fear that her parents would be angry.

She insisted on marrying Liao Qinghe, but it didn’t end well and she got divorced…. 

How could she have the face to go back? Of course, she would not let the Liao family know about that.

After a cold hum, Wen Yingniang instructed her servants. “Go and call Zhang, Li, Qin, Qin, and Hong, then go to the Yamen to find some people. Remember to bring more money and invite the officials to have a drink.”

“What are you trying to do?” Liao Qinghe frowned at Wen Yingniang.

“Liquidate my dowry!” Wen Yingniang answered without hesitation.

“Your dowry, you can take it away. Why do you need to liquidate it?” Liao Qinghe asked. He wouldn’t go so far as to keep Wen Yingniang’s dowry so she couldn’t take it away.

Wen Yingniang always knew that Liao Qinghe was ignorant of mundane affairs. She had wanted to talk to him about it, but then her relationship with Liao Qinghe worsened, so she gave up on her original idea.

Liao Qinghe did not understand that this was not a bad thing for her.

As soon as Wen Yingniang came to the Liao family, Mother Liao, who was also born in a scholarly family and preferred reading to housekeeping, gave her the mess that was the Liao family. It could be said that over the years, the Liao family was completely taken care of by her.

Although there were some conflicts before, they were still a family, so she didn’t spend less on these people, but this time, she was no longer willing to support them.

Wen Yingniang glanced at Father and Mother Liao then turned back to her room and asked for people to move all of her jewelry and furniture out of her room. Of course, the most important things were all kinds of documents.

When she helped the Liao family to pay off their debts, she got proof of it, and she still had it!

Zheng Yi was right in thinking that the Liao family’s drama would soon spread; almost all the big families in Fucheng would learn about it.

Wen Yingniang’s reputation was well known, and many people felt that the Liao family should deal with her after learning about this incident so they waited to see the Liao family’s approach.

The Liao family actually divorced Wen Yingniang?

This was very pleasant! Such a woman should have been divorced a long time ago!

When the people of Wexing Province learned about this, they were very excited and were even more concerned about the situation of the Liao family. Then they learned that Wen Yingniang had called for a lot of people and even asked people from the Yamen to count her dowry with the Liao family.

Wen Yingniang was from Minnan Province and her family was very rich; many people knew about it. But they didn’t expect…that after Wen Yingniang took away her dowry, she would leave the Liao family with nothing!

“I heard that when the old lady of the Liao family turned the family affairs over to Wen Yingniang, there was no silver in the treasury, just a lot of outside debt.”

“This Liao family has been living all these years on Wen Yingniang’s dowry!”

“No wonder Wen Yingniang dared to act so recklessly before, so it was like this.”

“In this way, the Liao family has lost their Golden Bodhisattva!”


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