TOFUH – Chapter 108.1 – Zhao Jinge Give Birth

“If you have a stomachache. What are you doing here? You . . .” Jiang Zhen was anxious. Zhao Jinge has been pregnant for more than nine months and might have a baby at any time. At this time, his stomach ached . . . It was not labor pains, was it?

“It’s not very painful . . . ,” Zhao Jinge said, and then he frowned. “But now it’s become more and more painful.” As he walked all the way, it seemed to hurt more and more. It only hurt once every few minutes at the beginning, but soon, the pain became much more intense.

It hurt more and more? Jiang Zhen began to shake. Zhao Jinge had a big belly, so he couldn’t carry him. He could only . . . Immediately, Jiang Zhen picked up Zhao Jinge in a princess carry and ran back home.

Zhao Jinge was big and tall and he was not as light as those women and gers. On the contrary, he was very heavy, and after pregnancy, his weight had increased by more than 10 kg. It was estimated that most people would not be able to hold him. But Jiang Zhen had improved his body for more than a year. Not only did he have the combat skills, but also the physical strength and endurance . . . While carrying Zhao Jinge, he could still run.

“What are you doing?” Zhao Jinge was so stunned, he forgot about his stomachache.

There were a lot of people working there, so a bunch of people were watching them!

“I’m taking you home,” Jiang Zhen said and ran even faster with Zhao Jinge in his arms.

“I’m fine . . .” Zhao Jinge originally wanted to say something, but seeing Jiang Zhen’s anxious expression, he just hugged Jiang Zhen’s neck and stopped talking.

These days, he found some women and gers to help him work in the brick kiln and became much more familiar with the women and gers in the village. Therefore, he learned a lot about pregnancy and birthing from these people.

According to these women, it will take some time for the child to be born after the labor pains. However, when he was at brick kiln he only felt slight pain so he wanted to find Jiang Zhen and go together with him home to have a baby.

But as a result, Jiang Zhen became worried. . .

Wouldn’t it be bad for him to be carried through the village like this by Jiang Zhen?

Zhao Jinge was a little happy in his heart, but the people around him were really surprised by this scene.

“What’s the matter with Boss Jiang? Why is he running so fast?”

“He held Zhao Jinge in his arms . . . Did something happen to Zhao Jinge?”

“Is he going to give birth? It seems that Zhao Jinge is due. “


 . . .

When people on that side of the dock saw this scene, they all talked about it to each other, and after they reached a conclusion, they could not help but sigh.

“The boss is very kind to Zhao Jinge.”

“That’s great . . . My mother-in-law always complained that I’m unkind to her now.”

“Don’t complain. I don’t have a wife yet.”

A group of young people talked endlessly. Seeing this, He Chunsheng reprimanded them, “Stop talking and keep practicing!”

“Yes!” the crowd answered immediately. “You’d better learn how the boss does it! It will be good for you!”

It was because he learned from Jiang Zhen that he has been living a comfortable life!

Since a long time ago, He Chunsheng liked a fierce girl in the village who, unlike his mother, was not weak at all. She had a sharp tongue and was good at teaching people a lesson. She was the eldest child in her family and her younger brothers and sisters were all taught by her to be obedient. He Chunsheng had always liked her very much, but his family was too poor. Even if this girl’s family was not too rich, he couldn’t afford to marry her. However, after he followed Jiang Zhen to the capital and came back, he had money!

He didn’t spend much money in the capital and because Jiang Zhen valued him. He gave him extra rewards. In the end, he brought home 120 silver, enough for him to get a wife! He Chunsheng was so happy that, after returning to Hexi Village, he specifically asked Jiang Zhen for advice on how to treat his wife. Then according to Jiang Zhen’s suggestion, he went to talk to the girl first and gave her something. After getting the girl’s consent, he went to the door to propose marriage, showing great sincerity. Although it cost a little money to buy gifts for his father-in-law and mother-in-law, it was really worth it. His parents-in-law were very satisfied with him.

When he got married, he handed over the remaining sixty silver out of the 80 silver to his wife. After that, his wife was very satisfied with him and was always looking out for him.

Even now, his gambling father was still locked up in the gambling house while his weak mother was coaxed by his wife and his younger brother Qiu Sheng, who was also looking after his wife . . . He didn’t even believe how comfortable his life was.

His boss was right. If you are good to your wife, your wife will be good to you . . . He put away the salted duck eggs, which were distributed at noon that day to give them to his wife later.

Jiang Zhen didn’t know what He Chunsheng thought. At the moment, he was so worried that he thought he was going bald. It was probably because he was so anxious that he ran all the way home. It was not until he put down Zhao Jinge that he found that he was almost out of breath and that his hands were starting to shake.

“What’s the matter?” Hearing the noise outside, Zhao Liu ran out and looked at Zhao Jinge anxiously. “Is something wrong with Jinge?”

“Mother, Jinge is going to have a baby,” Jiang Zhen said.

“He is going to have a baby? I will go to set up the delivery room right away!” Zhao Liu was also startled. “He was fine when he went out in the morning. Why is he suddenly giving birth now? This . . . This . . .”

Zhao Liu’s hands also trembled. She didn’t feel much when she was giving birth, but with Zhao Jinge having a baby, she suddenly felt afraid and uneasy.

There are not many houses in the Zhao family, but there were also some vacant rooms. However, the room that was not facing south was being used as a woodshed and was messy.

This house was already chosen by Zhao Liu and tidied up. She also moved Zhao Jinge’s old bed inside, planning to use it as a delivery room.

Jiang Zhen also knew about this. He thought that giving birth to a child would get a room filled with blood, so it was nothing to give birth in a wooden house. After it was over, he would be able to take Zhao Jinge back to clean the room and let him rest better.

“Mother, I will go with you to clean up . . .” Jiang Zhen subconsciously wanted to find something to do but quickly rejected it: “Wait, I need to accompany Zhao Jinge. Jinge, how do you feel?”

“I don’t feel much. It should not be born so soon . . . ,” Zhao Jinge said, seeing that Jiang Zhen was still a little shaken, he simply said: “Let’s go to the delivery room to have a look?”

Zhao Jinge acted very calm. In fact, he also wanted to panic, but the two people around him were already so nervous. He thought that if he became nervous as well, his family would be in chaos. Just thinking like this, Zhao Jinge saw Zhao Fugui running from outside. He who was always silent and steady was in disarray at that moment.

“I heard that Jiang Zhen came back with Zhao Jinge in his arms? How is Jinge?” Zhao Fugui asked anxiously. Seeing Zhao Jinge standing there, looking well, he sighed in relief and then began to gasp. He gasped for a while before calming down and pretending that nothing had happened. Standing straight, he coughed. “It’s all right.”

At the same time, Wang Haisheng’s voice sounded from outside, “Uncle Zhao, Uncle Zhao, you forgot to bring back the hoe from the field . . . I called . . . but couldn’t catch up with you when you ran so fast.”

Zhao family was in panic, but at last, they all calmed down and went into the delivery room together.

In this era, the layout of the delivery room was very sloppy. First, there was the hard condition, Second, the older generation was responsible for arranging the delivery room, so the delivery room were very simple and humble in general. However, Zhao Liu loved her son very much, so the layout of Zhao Jinge’s delivery room was very good.

The originally dirty woodshed had already been cleaned, and the floor was covered with a layer of substandard bricks from the brick kiln, and even walls were cleaned. There was no furniture inside other than the wooden bed, and this bed was covered with thick straw. This straw was carefully selected by Zhao Liu and dried several times.

Zhao Liu looked around and said, “I’ll get a brazier to light a fire.” Even if it was not cold today, people who were about to give birth should not be too cold.

“I’ll get the sheets,” Jiang Zhen said.


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