TOFUH – Chapter 108.3 – Zhao Jinge Give Birth

Jiang Xiaomei quickly helped Cook Li to make a fire and picked vegetables at the same time. Meanwhile, Ruo’er set up another pot to boil water outside.

It took a lot of hot water to have a baby. If you could boil more, boil more.

The meal was very sumptuous, and Jiang Zhen not only did not advise Zhao Jinge to eat less but also let him eat more.

For most of the past six months, Zhao Jinge ate much less than he wanted to, so his appetite also became much smaller and he did not feel like eating much anymore. In the past, he was able to eat four bowls of rice in one breath, but now he could only eat one large bowl.

When Zhao Jinge was eating, two hours had passed since his initial labor pains started. While they were eating, the door of the house was suddenly pushed open, and Wang Haisheng came with the old doctor.

“Where is labor? Where is the mother?” the old doctor, carrying a medicine box on his back, asked breathlessly as soon as he entered the door. At the same time, he saw everyone sitting at the table in the room eating and immediately frowned: “You are eating? Why are you still in the mood to eat regardless of the pregnant woman? “

When the doctor saw that these people didn’t take the labor seriously, he couldn’t help getting angry and didn’t like them at all.

Zhao Jinge also discovered this and stood up and said, “I haven’t given birth yet . . .” With this remark, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his stomach.

Clutching his stomach, Zhao Jinge suddenly bent down in pain, while, at the same time, Jiang Zhen kneaded his waist and said, “Jinge, is it very painful?”

Zhao Jinge nodded. This time it was so painful that he could not even speak. It was so painful that a stream of water suddenly came out of his body.

“The water broke. Send him to the delivery room quickly!” the midwife hurriedly said.

After hearing these words, Jiang Zhen picked up Zhao Jinge and carried him into the delivery room.

The old doctor looked at Wang Haisheng helplessly. “Didn’t you say it was urgent?” He had just thought that this family did not pay attention to labor and they did not take it too seriously, but they clearly took it way too seriously.

The child was not born yet and there seemed to be nothing wrong but they still called a doctor . . . Why didn’t they look for a midwife to deliver the baby? Why look for a doctor!

“I don’t know.” Wang Haisheng was also a little helpless.

The doctor didn’t leave afterwards. Zhao Fugui already heard what Jiang Zhen had given to the midwife, so he hurriedly gave two silver to the doctor as well. Seeing this, the doctor’s expression became better.

After Zhao Jinge entered the delivery room, he let the midwife and Zhao Liu toss him around. As for Jiang Zhen, he sat by Zhao Jinge’s head and held one of Zhao Jinge’s hands and comforted him all the time.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m always with you.”

“Don’t worry. It’s okay.”

“Come on, Jinge.”

What do you mean ‘Come on’? I haven’t seen it in a book,” Zhao Jinge asked suddenly.

Jiang Zhen had already learned about the death rate of children born in ancient times from the memory of Jiang Zhenwen. With his mind in a mess he had no other way to explain it to Zhao Jinge, so instead of answering, he asked, “Are you in pain?”

“It doesn’t hurt as much as before. It’s like I am having diarrhea,” Zhao Jinge said.

“I saw a head. Stop talking and push!” the midwife said. “It’s a waste of time to talk about pain at this time. Try your best to give birth to the baby first . . . Well . . . the baby’s head is coming out . . . um . . . She has been born. “

Zhao Jinge suddenly used his strength and left his body become lighter. Then he heard his baby was born.

He breathed a long sigh of relief, and so did Jiang Zhen.

As long as the baby has been born . . . his Jinge was really awesome, giving birth so fast.

When the baby’s head came out, you didn’t have to worry about anything else. Naturally, the whole body slipped out. Soon the midwife picked up the child and said with some regret, “It’s a girl . . .”

“Is it a girl?” Jiang Zhen was a little surprised. He had subconsciously thought that he and Zhao Jinge would have a son, or they would have a ger. He really did not expect to have a daughter in the end. However, according to the chromosomes, all men have X in their bodies, so it is possible to give birth to XX in the end.

Wait. Shouldn’t gers have different chromosomes from men? He did not know what Zhao Jinge’s chromosomes were like . . .

After Jiang Zhen thought about it, he stopped thinking about it. This world itself was not scientific, so he should not pursue it.

“You don’t like daughters?” Zhao Jinge was still in high spirits after giving birth and asked immediately.

“No, I do. I do.” Jiang Zhen said. Who doesn’t like a sweet little girl? He really liked the daughters brought by his comrades in arms.

“Give her to me to hug.” Jiang Zhen stretched out his hand to the midwife and held the soft child in his arms. It made him reluctant to ever let her go.

He did not know if it was a coincidence, but as soon as he held the baby in his arm, she opened her eyes.

The child was well-raised in her mother’s belly and opened her eyes as soon as she was born,” the midwife said. Thinking about her unfinished meal, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. The food of the Zhao family was really good. But it’s also strange that Zhao Jinge, who ate so well every day would have a baby who was not too fat.

In this time period, the weight to the child could not be measured. They weigh newborn babies by their clothes. Zhao Jinge’s child weighed only 3.5 kg. And in these times, people in the countryside could eat too much good food when they were pregnant. Most of the children were only 3 or 4 kg. This child might not be small but it was also not big.

“This child has not grown much. This is the heart of the mother. Before, Zhao Dahu’s wife gave birth, the child was 5 kg and could almost not be born.” The midwife continued to praise the child.

Jiang Zhen was very happy to hear her say that, so he took out another two silver to give her. “For your trouble!”

“No trouble, no trouble.” The midwife was overjoyed. Zhao Jinge gave birth especially fast and did not need her help much, and as a result, she still ate a meal in the Zhao family and got four silver . . . such “trouble” she would like to have every day.

If only Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge had a few more children . . . No, it was better if they had one every year . . .

The midwife left with a few words. Seeing that Zhao Jinge was okay, Jiang Zhen came out with the child in his arms and gave the doctor 2 silver and asked Wang Haisheng to send the doctor back.

The old doctor was a little speechless. This pregnant ger was so strong and gave birth so fast, what on earth was the reason for him to come here? However, he earned four silver during such a trip, so there was nothing to lose

A lot of people had gathered near the Zhao family house. When they saw the midwife coming out of Zhao house, someone went up and asked, “How’s Zhao Jinge? I heard it didn’t go well?”

“Who told you something like this? What’s wrong with it? I’ve never seen anything go so well,” the midwife said and left happily.

After a while, the doctor also followed Wang Haisheng out.

“Brother Wang, didn’t you say that the birth was not going well? Why do you invite a doctor?” someone asked again.

“Our boss was just getting ready,” Wang Haisheng said.

There was nothing wrong but he still called a doctor . . . Jiang Zhen really attached great importance to Zhao Jinge.

The person who asked the question and the people around him could not help feeling moved.

Before, when Zhu Shufen had a difficult labor and gave birth to a sickly child, Jiang Chengxiang was very unhappy all the time. So he was very happy when he heard that Zhao Jinge’s birth was not smooth either . . . but as a result, it was just a misunderstanding. Jiang Chengxiang’s heart was depressed, but he only glared at the Zhao family house before he left quietly.

The midwife and doctor had left, but the Zhao family was still busy.

Zhao Jinge gave birth very quickly and did not feel any loss of strength after the birth and had no problem getting out of bed immediately, but Jiang Zhen did not allow him to move. After helping him clean his body, he carried him out of the delivery room and back to the room where they slept. Then, Jiang Zhen put the child beside him.

Looking at the two people lying on the bed, Jiang Zhen’s heart was finally relieved. God was still kind to him. Zhao Jinge’s labor went well.

Zhao Jinge would be fine as long as he took good care of him, but the child has a little trouble.

Women can breastfeed but not gers. They had no milk. Because of this, in the past, children born to gers in poor families were more likely to die young.

Fortunately, Jiang Zhen had money, so he had already found two women who were still breastfeeding their children in advance and gave them some money. In the future, Zhao Liu, Ruo’er, and Cook Li would go over and ask them for milk every day and then take it home to feed the baby.

In fact, at the beginning, Jiang Zhen intended to give his child goat’s milk, but after thinking about it, he gave up on this idea. Even if he had never raised a child, he still knew that milk powder given to a child was not a pure milk but was mixed with other things; otherwise, the baby would be poisoned. Wasn’t it difficult to not add something that shouldn’t be added? Even ordinary milk powder could not be given to newborn children to feed. Besides, aren’t many people allergic to milk or something? He was really afraid to feed milk to his newborn child directly.


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