Surrender – Chapter 30

Chapter 30



The feeling of shame and satisfaction after laying down the burden and entering the role made this sex experience more vivid than ever. The repression and the pain made the late orgasm extremely intense. Chu Yunhan, who had been holding it for a long time, convulsed uncontrollably under such stimulation, and his whole body fell down weakly. He even thought that his heartbeat stopped for a few seconds, as if he was about to die.






So good. 



It felt so good that his body could hardly bear it.



He closed his eyes and felt the waves of the afterglow rippling in his body, finally getting the satisfaction he hadn’t had in a long time. He felt as if he was wrapped in a huge and soft cocoon, wishing he could just stay in there, enjoying it, thinking about nothing and doing nothing, until the end of time.


However, as the climax faded away, his sanity recovered and the gradually returning consciousness pulled him back to reality. The cocoon wrapped around him… was an embrace. Warm skin, a firm chest, and a body exuding a refreshing light fragrance.


He was being held by Chu Yichen.



And just now, he was sent to heaven by the other party, using a vibrator. Not only did he call out “Master”, he even cried without dignity and begged for mercy… Thinking of all this, Chu Yunhan’s face grew hot and even the tips of his ears turned red. He remained motionless with tightly closed eyes.



After doing it with other men, he inevitably felt disgust, but not this time. This time there was only embarrassment and shame. He really didn’t know how to face Chu Yichen, so he had no choice but to play dead.



After a while, he felt that he was hugged, placed on the bed and covered with a thin blanket.



He could hide for a while, but he couldn’t hide forever…what should he say when he opened his eyes? While he was still in a daze, he felt the bed move, and his side sank slightly.



Chu Yunhan was somewhat surprised. He looked to the side, only to see that person lying on his back with his eyes closed.



He was…tired? 



He looked at the other party with an inquiring gaze, and when he caught sight of a certain bulge, his gaze paused for a moment.



Chu Yichen was a dom and obtained pleasure from controlling the sub in the process of training. Besides, when he came so intensively just now, the other party would naturally have a reaction. But he did not allow substantial penetration in the contract, so at this moment the man could only endure it.



It seemed…pretty miserable.



Chu Yunhan didn’t know why this thought suddenly popped up in his mind, but he changed his mind immediately after. Are you mental? Did you forget how miserably you were tossed by this guy before? Now that the wound is healed, you have forgotten the pain, and even feel sorry for him? He shook his head, moved his gaze away from the man’s crotch, and raised his eyes just to meet the other’s gaze.



Chu Yichen’s face turned slightly to the side. His silhouette looked soft in the yellowish light. The high nose bridge made the eyes appear deeper and the ink-colored eyes watched him quietly.


Chu Yunhan sat up awkwardly, dropped the sentence “I’m going to take a shower” and walked in the bathroom. When he finished, the man was gone, the props were neatly packed, and even the turbid liquid left on the sofa was wiped clean. The black secondary card and the signed contract were lying on the table. 



He was avoiding him in order to make it easier for him.



Chu Yichen did get along with him “like a stranger”.



It was really… considerate.



Chu Yunhan stood in the empty room for a while, put on his clothes, put the card and the contract in his pocket, put on the white half-face mask, and opened the door.



This was the first time. There could be a second time, a third time…



They met once or twice a week. As Chu Yunhan gradually untied the knot in his heart and his attitude to BDSM became more open and moderate, the content of the interaction between the two became richer. Despite the additional restrictions of the contract, Chu Yichen still found ways to add new elements within the stipulated range to give him a different pleasure. His resistance to the address “slave” gradually disappeared, and he called “Master” more and more smoothly. The man controlled the entire setting and the frequency of his ejaculation, ending the game every time he shot.



Afterwards, the two would lie quietly on the bed for a while, one to rest and the other to suppress his desire. Then one went to take a bath, and the other packed up everything and left during this time. This way of getting along had become a tacit mutual understanding and a fixed routine between them, with no extra words or awkward interactions.


When his body was satisfied, his state of mind became stable. Correspondingly, when he was engrossed in work, he was more concentrated, no longer looking irritable. He had studied economics and marketing and was not stupid. He was learning by doing and slowly learned the ropes of doing business. The companies he took over were well managed, and he even considered taking up several big projects. In his free time, he went swimming and did fitness, and occasionally went for a drink with friends, but never spent the night with other people.



However, it was not because he cared much about that contract but rather because no one else could give him that intense feeling, and he didn’t want to disrupt the balance between them. Chu Yunhan knew that their current relationship was unconventional and fragile. It was like they were standing at both ends of the scales that were finally in balance after much difficulty. Any minor movement could disrupt the balance.



From now on, they…would they go on like this forever?



While pondering over this question, he was tied up naked. His left leg was lifted backwards with a rope and hung on the torture frame, exposing the hidden place under the crotch.



With a “pop”, the pain in his perineum made him gasp, his eyes turned to the man standing in front of him, and he whispered, “Master.”



“I wasn’t harsh enough and didn’t tie you up too tightly, so you are getting distracted, aren’t you?” Chu Yichen said slowly, moving the rubber hand pat in a circle. Chu Yunhan, who got caught, knew he would be punished, and honestly admitted his mistake, “…I was wrong.”



The man threw the hand pat on the table, held his left leg with one hand, and tightened the rope with the other, forcing his leg higher. This one-legged sling pose made him unstable. In addition, his master had tied his hands tightly behind his back. The body stood in a swallow posture that was extremely difficult to maintain. After swaying back and forth a few times, he barely maintained balance. These few movements alone made him pant. With a forehead covered in sweat, he looked at the other party with embarrassment, a plea for mercy in his voice, “Master…”



“Are you uncomfortable somewhere?” Chu Yichen carefully checked the rope again and tested the tightness.



“Below… uncomfortable,” he replied blushing.



Hearing this, the man curled up his thin lips in a smile, glanced at the small remote control on the table, and asked, “If it’s uncomfortable, should I turn it on?”



Chu Yunhan hurriedly shook his head, “No, don’t turn it on…please.”



A thick massage stick covered with protrusions was deeply inserted between his thighs, and the knots on the rope were pressing right on his sensitive spots. The rope was embedded in the seam, and the slightest shaking of the body would bring bursts of electric shock-like pleasure. The tingling sensation was spreading and grew more and more intense. The nipples were dyed bright red due to the constant friction of the rope, hardened and erect. Unfortunately, the genitals in the front were not bound, swollen and bulging, tortured by desire. Just sticking it in made it hard to control himself. If he turned on the switch… he would definitely shoot in a moment…



But just now his master gave him the order not to shoot, and clearly told him what punishment he would receive – ten pats on the butt.



If he was beaten, he might have difficulties sitting in the meeting tomorrow, so he had to endure it. He took a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm down, but was stimulated by the suddenly tightened rope and moaned.



Chu Yichen leaned to the side leisurely, casually pulling the rope hanging from the top of the torture frame with one hand, looked at him amused and asked, “Is it still uncomfortable? Should I adjust it?”


Chu Yunhan, who was swaying back and forth again, was crying without tears. The small hole in the front end had already secreted a transparent liquid under the stimulation. He panted lightly and said, “No more…”



Now he knew where that top dom’s skills lied. After being tied up, his body was completely under the other party’s control. He could not only fix him into various postures with the rope, but could also accurately adjust the angle and tightness. Without any physical contact he ravaged every sensitive point with the rope, triggering his desire. The positioning of the knots was clever and flexible, and every single movement affected his whole body. The moment he moved, not only did he feel the intrusion between his legs, but his chest also seemed to be severely pulled. It was painful and numb, driving him almost crazy.



“No? It’s a real headache, my slave is really hard to serve.” The man picked up the hand pat again, walked behind him, and patted his firm butt. It wasn’t a heavy pat, but it drove the vibrator inserted in the tunnel deeper, pressing hard against his sensitive spot. It almost made Chu Yunhan shoot. He bit his lower lip and arched his back.



This action was like a domino that was toppled down, bringing a series of chain reactions to the bound body and intensifying the sensation.



He dared not move any more and could only gasp.



“Comfortable?” Chu Yichen’s voice sounded from behind, with a hint of teasing.



Chu Yunhan was afraid he would be tormented if he said that he was uncomfortable, so he blushed and replied, “…Comfortable.”



“Want to be more comfortable?” A warm breath blew in his ear and touched the skin, leaving behind a tingling sensation.



He knew that he would be toyed with, tortured and end up extremely ashamed, but his heart was filled with expectation and excitement. He pursed his dry lips, closed his eyes, and said vehemently, “I want… “



As soon as he said this, he received another hit on the butt, moaned, and gave the standard answer embarrassed, “I want, Master…”



Then, the man’s slender fingers stroked his full pouch, deliberately scratching his genitals again and again. He ordered, “Tell me your identity.”



“I am your slave,” he blurted out with almost no hesitation.



“Tell me your rights.”



“As a slave, I have no rights. My rights can only come from your giving. Wu…” He suddenly held his meat stick, making him raise his neck impatiently.



“Tell me your duties.”



“…Ah, ha…” His shaft was wrapped up by that hand which moved up and down, and the increasing pleasure made him almost unable to speak, “My duty is to…make you…happy… …”



“Very good.” The man chuckled. “Now, cry for me a bit louder, and I’ll let you shoot if I am satisfied.”



The oppression and control of the body intensified the feeling of being dominated, and the teasing words in his ear swept away his reason. He couldn’t control himself anymore and groaned wantonly. Finally, the pleasure of being attacked from the front and from the back made him reach a climax.



After the rope was untied, Chu Yunhan only felt that his left leg was numb and his right leg was weak, and lay on the bed for a while. He wanted to stand up and take a bath, but was unsteady and almost fell flat on his face. Chu Yichen stretched out a hand to support him, and said, “Lie down, I’ll massage it for you.”



They were both on the bed, one lying stark  naked, the other massaging his legs intently.



It was terribly quiet, and suddenly some long-lost embarrassment emerged.


Chu Yunhan gave a dry cough, and looking for something to say uttered, “I’ve been tied for a long time, it’s really numb.”



“This method of restraining the posture by binding is relatively intense on the body. It will be better to change to tortoise shell bondage or standing bondage.” 



He had not studied these things and didn’t know what “tortoise shell bondage” and “standing bondage” were, but during this session, Chu Yunhan could feel the restraint, oppression, and even a sense of objectification brought about by the bondage, which made the feeling of being conquered, controlled and ravaged more intense, and the friction between the rope and the flesh made him fall easier. Now that he thought about it, Chu Yichen had not used this on him before. At most, he would simply tie his hands and feet. This made him a little puzzled and he blurted out, “Why didn’t you do this kind of binding to me before?”



This was the first time he took the initiative to talk about the past. The man was silent for a moment, then said, “Bondage without the other party’s cooperation is prone to problems and will hurt the sub.”



Chu Yunhan was startled, uttered an “Oh”, glanced at the man’s still bulging crotch, and didn’t speak again.


Translator: Taalia


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