Surrender – Chapter 31

Chapter 31

It was late autumn. The weather turned cold, and the wind carried a chill. Chu Yunhan, who was leaning on the door of the car, pulled the collar of his windbreaker up a bit. When he touched his neck, his hand paused slightly.


The hickey on the side of his neck was still faintly visible. He remembered the way that person looked at him from above while supporting his body. In the two-player game three days ago, his legs were tied in a M-shape and opened wide to accept the man’s assault. This time the other party didn’t use any props, just the fondling and insertion of a finger brought him to the seventh heaven, making him finally tremble and shoot. He was played with until his eyes became misty with desire, begging again and again to move Chu Yichen. His breathing grew rapid, his body tightened, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.


The contract signed by the two not only prohibited the dom from having sex with him, but also imposed a one-to-one relationship. This meant that he couldn’t take in other slaves, nor could he use his body. When he was aroused, he could only endure it or masturbate. This kind of overlord clause was indeed not fair. When Chu Yunhan, who had just climaxed, saw him endure it like this, his heart softened a bit.


To be honest, in terms of endurance, he really admired Chu Yichen. After so long, he could still force himself to stop and endure it every time. Would he receive internal injuries if he kept holding back? Chu Yunhan looked at the person lying next to him, hesitated for a while, and asked in a low voice, “Or… I could use my hands to make you come?”


The man turned his face to look at him and didn’t respond.


He blushed and said embarrassed, “Or not, if you’d rather come by yourself.” Then he sat up and said, “I’m going to sh…”


Before he could say “shower”, he was pressed down on the bed, the light above was blocked by a slender body, the man leaned over and pressed him under him. On that handsome face, two jet-black eyes were staring at him closely, burning with ink flames, silent and hot.


Chu Yunhan wanted to slap himself at this moment.

Since Mao took the initiative to do such a thing…what did Lei Feng learn now? He was simply full, so cheap!

T/N: Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist revolutionary, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China and founder of Maoism. 

Leo Feng was portrayed as a model citizen, and the masses were encouraged to emulate his selflessness, modesty, and devotion to Mao.

The overall meaning is that Yunhan regrets being soft hearted… I think 🤔


But the words had already been said. Judging by Chu Yichen’s look now, if he said, “Forget it, I can’t do it,” and ran away just before the battle, he would probably be skinned… Even if he wasn’t skinned immediately, his butt would bloom like a flower the next time. Having reached this point, he should just do it. At any rate, if someone had been serving him for so long, it could be considered returning the favour.


He bit the bullet and stretched out his hand to unbutton the man’s shirt, but his wrist was caught, pulled directly down on his body, and pressed on the belt.


Did this mean there was no need to take off his clothes but just get started?


It seemed that this guy didn’t like to take off his clothes when he forced himself on him before either…Weird…

Chu Yunhan blushed, unbuttoned his belt embarrassed, pulled down the zipper, and then lowered his underwear a bit. When he felt the vigorous thing in his palm, he couldn’t help but pull back.


It was hot.


The vigorously circulating blood made the entire shaft so thick it was even a bit hideous.


“You…” He swallowed, looked at the other party staring at him, resignedly grasped the monster, and slowly started playing with it.


He was aware of Chu Yichen’s stamina, after all, he had experienced it firsthand many times in the old house of the Chu family. At this moment, his hands were sour, but there was no sign that he would shoot soon, so he said sullenly, “I don’t care if you don’t come.”


There was a helpless smile in the man’s slightly drooping eyes, and he said in a hoarse voice, “Clumsy people are still impatient.”


Chu Yunhan, who had been criticized for his hard work, was unhappy, and squeezed the meat stick in his hand. Seeing Chu Yichen tremble and gasp, he couldn’t help but laugh.

He didn’t realize it until he finished laughing.


The conversation and interaction between them just now was too intimate…like lovers teasing each other. Such a mode of getting along without any discontent was quite like their interactions when they were still young.


“Chu Yichen…” His eyes blurred, and he wanted to say something, but his lips were blocked.


The man’s body pressed him down, as if to prevent him from thinking about other things. He deepened the kiss, pried open his jaw, stirred roughly with his tongue, and kissed him until he could hardly breathe and his body went limp, before retreating.


“If you want me to shoot, just cooperate a little bit,” the hot humid breath caressed the side of his neck. Chu Yichen played with his genitals while leaving scattered hickeys on his body. Finally, he held both of their meat sticks together and they shot at the same time.


Two consecutive ejaculations and the intensitve sex made Chu Yunhan extremely sleepy. Although he knew he was in the other’s arms, he was too lazy to move, let the man hug him and fell asleep drowsily. He was alone in the room when he woke up.


In these three days, he constantly thought of Chu Yichen. When thinking of him, he couldn’t help but think about the relationship between them, the way it used to be and the way it would be from now on…Every time he thought of him, his mind was in a mess. 


He rubbed his head annoyed, messing his brown hair until it looked like a bird’s nest.


Not far away came a chuckle. Chu Yunhan looked up and saw a woman walking over. He smiled and leaned forward to greet the little girl beside her, “Hi, little beauty.”


Yuanyuan was wearing a beautiful small white dress and small red leather shoes. Although she was still a bit shy, she no longer flinched and looked at him with big vigilant eyes.


“Did you have fun today?”


The little girl nodded, hesitated, took a lollipop from her pocket and handed it to him.


“For me? Thank you.” He took it, tore open the wrapping paper, put it in his mouth, and smiled. “It’s very sweet.” 


Yuanyuan’s beautiful big eyes curved like crescent moons, revealing two dimples.


“Get in the car, we’re going home together.”


“Why does Young Master Yun have time to pick us up today?” Lan Xin asked as she opened the door.


“Why are you asking? Are you dissatisfied with my driving?” Chu Yunhan teased.


“I wouldn’t dare,” Lan Xin laughed. “You are so busy, I’m afraid we are keeping you from your work.” She had got rid of her alcoholic and abusive husband and become a maid at Qinglan Mansion. Not only did she have time to take care of her daughter now, she also found the time to learn cooking and flower arranging. The heavy makeup was gone, revealing a clean fair face, and the frivolous behaviour from the night club also disappeared. She showed her gentle and capable side and made a good assistant to the housekeeper Feng Tai. However, she only had a monthly salary of 300 yuan to buy some snacks and supplies for Yuanyuan, and refused to accept any more money. Lan Xin considered Chu Yunhan her benefactor, who had helped her escape from the abyss of suffering and return to a simple life and also sponsored Yuanyuan to go to the best private kindergarten in K City. She was willing to repay this kindness for a lifetime.

“I got off work earlier today to take you back on the way.” He started the car, thought suddenly of something, and said, “By the way, tell Uncle Feng to prepare things for me the day after tomorrow.” 

“The day after tomorrow, it is the seventh…” She suddenly woke up, looked at him with tender eyes, and whispered softly, “Okay.”


Although Lan Xin had not been in the mansion for long, everyone regarded her as one of their own and did not avoid her when talking about certain matters. In addition, she was smart and good at both reading between the lines and body language, and had a rough idea about this young master’s matters.


November 7th was the anniversary of Chu Qin’s death. 

It was the most painful period of Chu Yunhan’s life. His family fell apart overnight. Since then, his temperament changed drastically. The once cheerful boy became depressed and spent his days indulging in alcohol and women, and didn’t even return home. All this made Feng Tai and the other servants distressed and sad, but they didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, he was back now. But this day still made them nervous, afraid that Chu Yunhan would do something to hurt himself because of grief.


Probably tired from playing in kindergarten, Yuanyuan fell asleep in the car. When they arrived at Qinglan Mansion, Lan Xin wanted to wake her up, but Chu Yunhan stopped her.


“Let her sleep.” He bent down, lifted the little girl from the back seat and walked quickly to the door. In a daze, she wrapped her little arms around his neck softly, pasted her face to his neck, and continued to sleep.


It was a relaxed posture of feeling safe. Yuanyuan trusted him very much, and was gradually coming out of the state of restraint and fear. The child had been treated terribly by its biological father before, and now she had finally returned to leading a normal life little by little. Although she still didn’t like to talk and was on guard with strangers, she had started to play with the children in the kindergarten and was laughing more and more.


Chu Yunhan suddenly felt that he had really done something right. The feeling of being depended on and trusted by this sensitive child was even more satisfying and gratifying than winning projects or doubling profits. It felt as if a warm current was caressing his body, making his heart soft and warm.


Dr. Chen was right, deep down he really longed for being needed and…loved.


If he could start a family, have children…

Thinking of this, Chu Yichen’s face suddenly flashed in his mind.


He froze in place.


“What is it?” asked Lan Xin.


“It’s nothing.” His eyelashes drooped slightly, and he continued walking ahead.

 *  *  *  *  *

November 7th.


A day suitable for worshipping, marriage, starting a business, and traveling. Ground breaking, beaming, repair and building should be avoided.

Early in the morning, Chu Yunhan straightened his neck line and pushed the black cufflinks in the buttonholes with his slender fingers. He looked at himself dressed in black in the mirror, let out a sigh of relief, and said, “Let’s go.”


Feng Tai, who stood at the side, hm-ed in response and followed after him.


The sky was gloomy, as if splashed with a bucket of sewage. Even the clouds were stained dark. There was an invisible sense of oppression in the atmosphere, which made people feel depressed.


The black Mercedes Benzes parked one after another outside the cemetery.


Chu Yunhan got out of the car. Lan Xin draped a black coat over his shoulders with the words, “It’s windy.”


He put on his coat and walked ahead. People dressed in black from head to toe followed behind one after another. They were servants at the mansion and Chu Qin’s former subordinates. Their number was not large, but they were neat and solemn, attracting the attention of the other tomb sweepers.


In the morning haze, Chu Yunhan slowly walked up the hill. It was all quiet, only the sound of scattered footsteps on fallen leaves could be heard.


On the sunny hillside of the cemetery, there was an open area surrounded by a fence, planted with green pines and cypresses. Two men in black who had been waiting there from the early morning nodded in greeting.


There were three tombstones, two of which stood side by side. One belonged to the old man, and the other was engraved with the words “Qin Yuxuan”. Chu Yunhan took a handkerchief from Feng Tai, carefully wiped the two tombstones clean, placed the white chrysanthemums on the tombs, and burned incense. After that, he turned to the tombstone that stood alone not far away, and after completing the ritual accordingly, the others retreated outside the fence, leaving him alone in front of the tombstone.


“Dad, I’m here.” He said, “How are you doing over there? Mom didn’t come today. You know, her lower back is very uncomfortable at this time of the year. She is doing fine. I just went to see her yesterday, and she has gained a little weight recently. She is studying Chinese painting with a teacher and is very focused. I secretly took a picture and put it here for you to see. It was her wish, she said she wanted to paint for you. She is still waiting for you to come back.”


He smiled, but the rims of his eyes were a little red. “I will take care of her, don’t worry. I’m… also doing pretty good. After taking over several of the family’s companies, there are still some troublesome matters on a management level, but basically I managed to get a hold of it. I regret it now. Why didn’t I study hard while you were still here? At that time I only knew how to play and didn’t care about anything.” He paused, lowered his head, and said softly, “Dad, I did something wrong before, but I really didn’t have the face to tell you. I think if you were still here you would certainly beat me up until I can’t get up. I can’t say why I was so obsessed. Maybe I just felt I wasn’t taken  seriously, had an inferiority complex and was jealous. Chu Yichen… is a good successor, and he handles everything in an orderly manner. I really can’t compare to him.”


Chu Yunhan looked at the black-and-white portrait of his father on the ice-cold tombstone, and was silent for a while. His hands hanging at his sides clenched tightly into fists, the corners of his eyes grew redder, and his voice trembled in the wind, “Dad, me and him… We, we…” At this point his voice broke, unable to continue. His lips trembled, and as he lowered his head, the tears in the corners of his eyes fell onto the ground and melted in the soil.


Shame, guilt, sadness.


He tried to speak about all of this, but once again stopped pained. 


“I know it’s wrong… but I can’t help it… I really… hate myself… Dad, I am a beast… I am not worthy to be your son…” He covered his eyes with one hand, his shoulders trembled violently, tears blurred his vision and wet his palms.

T/N: Sigh…. Yunhan😔


Although he tried to convince himself that it was just a game, although the other party deliberately obscured the relationship between the two, and although there was such a tacit understanding between them, when Chu Yunhan faced his deceased father, there were no excuses.


When the fig leaf that covered this absurd relationship was removed, the shameful truth was laid bare.


He couldn’t fake it, couldn’t avoid it, couldn’t resist it.


He had no one to say these words to. He could only confess to the dead at today’s grave sweeping. After a while, he forced himself to calm down. He wiped away his tears with a handkerchief and took a few deep breaths to adjust his expression, before turning around.


To his surprise a figure came into his sight.


He was dressed in a long black coat, had a straight figure and held a bouquet of white carnations.


Translator: Taalia


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