Surrender – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chu Yunhan woke up abruptly. After staring blankly for a few seconds, his brain recognized the Chinese lamp with the familiar white crane and the auspicious cloud pattern on the ceiling.


His head was a bit dizzy. All his energy seemed to be drained out of him, his body limp. Chu Yunhan moved and discovered that the needle of an IV stuck in the back of his hand. Gradually regaining his senses, he felt as if he were broken from the waist down and his thighs were terribly sore. The stickiness in the back acupuncture point was gone as if some cool ointment had been applied, but the discomfort after being entered was still there. He was wearing loose cotton pajamas under the thin blanket, and the shameful marks were covered up. However, every inch of his body reminded him that the horrible abuse last night had not been a dream.


Chu Yichen had brutally forced him. He had cried under him for mercy and was f*cked until he fainted. The fragments of those images poured into his mind again, making him tremble.


“Beast…” he gritted his teeth and cursed. His voice was hoarse, his throat dry and sore. Shame and anger burned inside him. Chu Yunhan pulled out the needle, and got out of the bed with difficulty. Unfortunately, his coordination and strength had not recovered yet, and the pain in his body overwhelmed him. His legs were soft and he fell to the ground with a muffled thud.


The door opened, Du Chuan stepped in quickly and ordered, “Hurry up!”


Two bodyguards immediately pulled him up and put him on the bed again.


“Young Master.” Du Chuan covered him with the thin blanket, handed over a cup of water, and said, “Have some warm water.”

Irritated, Chu Yunhan swept away the porcelain cup. It fell to the ground, breaking instantly, and the water spilled all over the housekeeper.


Du Chuan poured another cup of water and calmly persuaded, “You are feverish and need to rehydrate.”


“Stop faking kindness, damn it! I wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for him…” At this point his voice broke. The rims of his eyes turned red and he shouted angrily, “Get out!”


Seeing his anger, the housekeeper stopped persuading him, and said, “I’ll put the water here. Have a good rest.” Then he closed the door and walked out.


Chu Yunhan stared at the ceiling blankly for a long time, and finally closed his eyes tired. Breakfast and Chinese food were brought to the room, but he didn’t even touch them. He was like an injured animal locked in a cage, curled up into a ball and hiding under the quilt. The fever made him fall into a daze. When he woke up again, the sun was slanting outside the window.


The infusion needle was stuck back in the back of his hand, and his wrists were bound with wide straps and fixed on both sides of the bed, obviously to prevent him from pulling out the needle again.

Chu Yunhan smiled bitterly. As expected of Chu Yichen’s housekeeper, even his way of doing things was exactly the same.


Since he couldn’t get rid of it, he didn’t need to waste his energy anymore, not to mention that he couldn’t take it out in his weakened condition. The infusion replenished his body fluids and soon he had the urge to urinate. Chu Yunhan frowned and shouted, “Come, I want to go to the toilet!”


After a while, Du Chuan walked in with several people, and a girl who looked like a nurse took his temperature and pulled out the needle. The two bodyguards untied his hands, helped him up slowly, supported him from the left and from the right, and helped him to the bathroom. Chu Yunhan could barely stand. Seeing that the bodyguards had no intention of going out, he said coldly, “What, you even want to watch me pee?”


The bodyguards looked at Du Chuan unanimously, and the butler nodded slightly. The two men let go and walked out.


He obviously had the urge to urinate, but because the front end had been tortured by those constraints last night, he instinctively kept holding it in and couldn’t let it out at all. This feeling of complete loss of control of the body was abnormal. He hung his head, supported the wall with his hands, yelled hoarsely, and slammed his fist against the wall. Blood started oozing from his knuckles.


The people outside heard the commotion and stormed in.


“Get out! Get out!” Chu Yunhan roared, grabbed the cup on the shelf and threw it at the door. “Get out of here!”


The ceramic cup hit the person who walked in and fell to the ground, breaking in half.


“Who are you chasing away?”


When he heard the cold and deep voice, he involuntarily stiffened instantly and took half a step back. He barely managed to hide his uncontrollable panic behind a calm expression. 


What should he say? What could he possibly say? He did not know. At this moment, facing Chu Yichen, he just wanted to escape.


However, the other party pushed the door, closing it. The man glanced over his bloody hands and the trousers he had pulled up in a hurry, and asked lightly, “Can’t pee, can you?”


Chu Yunhan, who was exposed in a word, raised his eyes in anger and glared at him.


The man approached slowly, grabbed his arm when he tried to escape, and forced him to turn around, facing the toilet. Suppressing his resistance from behind, he said coldly, “Last night you experienced first hand the consequences of irritating me. Want to continue today?”


The warning and the strong sense of oppression made Chu Yunhan freeze in place.


He would certainly do as he said, he would not relent. 


Chu Yichen used a cruel method to show him his way of dealing with things and the consequences of his attempts to resist. The pain in his body still hadn’t faded away. He didn’t dare to move anymore, letting the other party take off his pajamas. When the person behind him lifted his penis with warm hands and aimed it at the toilet bowl, Chu Yunhan said rigidly with a red face, “No, don’t be like this…”


“I’ll give you one minute, if you can’t pee…” The man straightened his waist and firmly pressed his lower abdomen against his buttocks. His warm breath brushed past his ears ambiguously, but his voice was cold, “I’ll just insert it into the small mouth behind you and f*ck until you are incontinent.”


Chu Yunhan shook all over as if struck by lightning, and said in horror, “You…can’t do this!”

“Fifty seconds.”


“No…”  Flustered and helpless, he tried to concentrate, but it was even harder to let it out due to shame and tension. “Wait… I can’t…”


“Fifteen seconds.”


He tried to beg for mercy, but the countdown behind him did not stop. His whole body was shaking with fear. He finally let out a sad whimper, his lower abdomen tightened, and a yellowish hot liquid gushed out. At that moment, Chu Yunhan’s mind went blank.


Tears fell from the corners of his eyes.


In the end he was forced into such an unbearable situation.


The man released him, washed his hands, walked out, and said to Du Song, “Take him downstairs for dinner.”


In the bathroom Chu Yunhan hung his head. He stood disheartened, like a puppet that has lost its soul, eyes full of tears of humiliation.



It was extremely quiet at the dining table. Chu Yichen ate slowly, and Chu Yunhan, who was sitting across from him, was uncomfortable and had no appetite. He just sat silently, staring at the food in front of him.


When Mr. Chu was alive, he liked having dinner with his grandchildren, but he thought that sitting at the western dining table they were not close enough to each other, so he simply arranged a small mahogany round table in the dining room of the side hall. When they were young, they liked playing under that table. They would cover it with a tablecloth, and it would turn into a small world where nobody disturbed them, like a fortress or a secret room. They took Minran and Jiahui with them, making up all kinds of childish and ridiculous stories in their heads, and had a great time playing.


He could almost see the figures of those children laughing and playing, happily running past his legs, leaving behind a string of juvenile laughter.


He didn’t know why he suddenly remembered things from his childhood at this moment. His nose was a bit sore. He gritted his teeth, stood up and walked out, but was blocked by two bodyguards standing by the door.


“Come back and sit down,” Chu Yichen said.


Standing at the door, Chu Yunhan didn’t move. The hand hanging beside him clenched into a first, his slightly swollen eyes reddened. 


The man picked up a piece of fish, glanced at his back, and said slowly, “I don’t want to see unsightly scenes of pulling and pushing when I eat, so I’m giving you a chance to behave. If you insist on testing my patience, I can directly tell you the result. They will drag you back and press you down on the chair until I’m done eating.”


Upon hearing his words Chu Yunhan’s heart was filled with bitterness.


These remarks were not so much a warning as they were a threat. The man was telling him plainly that the result would be the same, regardless of whether he resisted or not. In this house, isolated and helpless, he was being trampled on, and the only thing he could do was obey.


He stood with his head drooping for a while, then turned and walked back to his seat. Every step he took was extremely difficult. In addition to the physical discomfort, he was also tortured by despair and a feeling of pettiness deep inside.


When he sat down, Chu Yichen spoke again, “From now on, when I am at home, you must dine with me. You are not allowed to leave the table until I’m done  eating.”


“In the end, what do you…what do you want?” Chu Yunhan raised his head and fixed his eyes on the other person. He shivered, but forced himself to keep looking at him, straightened up unnaturally, and said in a hoarse voice, “I did lure you into a trap, but now you have everything you want, and I have nothing. I did not block your way, nor did I cause you any substantial harm. If you hate me, you can kill me with a single shot. Why… do that…” Recalling everything from last night, he was embarrassed and his voice became smaller and smaller, until it completely died away in the end. 


The man looked at him indifferently, with a sneer on his lips. “I didn’t actually cause you any substantial harm last night, did I?”



“The reason why I let you live is because I am still interested in your body. In this house, you are no longer the eldest young master, but my private property. If you want to live a little more comfortably, the only way is to try hard to please me.”


These words were like a basin of cold water poured over Chu Yunhan. His whole person froze. He looked at Chu Yichen incredulously, and said in a trembling voice, “You want to… keep doing that?”


Chu Yichen put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and stood up. There was no trace of light in his black eyes, dark and cold. “I’m going to J City tonight, and I will be back in three days. Raise your only capital,” he said and left.


Chu Yunhan looked at his back, frightened and aggrieved, and hit the table fiercely. His injured hand burst in pain and blood started oozing out again.


Translator: Taalia


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