Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 56 – The Return Of Devil Venerable

This person was naturally Wen Renhe, he entrusted Zhong Liqian with telling Yin Hanjiang that he would return in one year. One year was the time he had thought would be enough, but there were always some things that could not be predicted.

He looked at the red stone in his hand and whispered to himself: “It’s worth the trip to get this thing at last.”

This stone was his another purpose of entering the Underworld Blood Sea.

Whether it was 《Abusive Love Affair》 or 《The God of Destruction》, the Underworld Blood sea was quite an important place. In 《Abusive Love Affair》Wen Renhe died in Underworld Blood Sea, but before he died he threw a blood-red stone to Baili Qingmiao, who only thought that this red stone was Wen Renhe’s keepsake and kept it close to her body. The first time Yin Hanjiang tried to kill Baili Qingmiao, he accidentally killed Liu Xinye, and the second time he pretended to be a ghost masked man to hunt down the heroine and after taking off the mask he pretended to protect Baili Qingmiao, but in fact, he lured her to the vicinity of the Underworld Blood Sea.

At that time, Yin Hanjiang in the book almost succeeded, there was no one near the Underworld Blood Sea and Baili Qingmiao’s cultivation was far inferior to his, so it was impossible for anyone to save her. It was precisely because he had the victory in hand that Yin Hanjiang deliberately let Baili Qingmiao see the ghost mask. He wanted to kill Baili Qingmiao, who was full of despair, at the place closest to Wen Renhe.

Just when Yin Hanjiang had severely injured Baili Qingmiao and wanted to extract the woman’s soul to refine it into a lamp, Baili Qingmiao had already taken the blood-red stone out and fled the Underworld Blood Sea. She looked at the stone and remembered Wen Renhe who had died to save her. Hearing Yin Hanjiang sorrowfully asking her to accompany Wen Renhe, Baili Qingmiao said: “You are right, I owe Wen Renhe my life so I should pay him back. But it’s not for you to decide.”

After she said that she held the stone the size of a man’s fist with both hands and jumped into the sea of blood, as soon as she entered the sea, the stone glowed with a strange color, protecting Baili Qingmiao from being hurt by the devouring energy.

At the same time, deep in the sea of blood, a light flew out from the seal at the bottom of the sea and entered Baili Qingmiao’s body. The fusion of Baili Qingmiao with the divine personality, unconsciously hit Yin Hanjiang and made Yin Hanjiang’s soul scatter. Only a remnant of his soul, wrapped in his obsession, escaped and returned to the Xuanyuan sect where he hid in the Burning Sky Drum and endured for a thousand years, eventually becoming the Immortal Emperor of Burning Heaven.

The moment Baili Qingmiao fused with her divine personality, she recovered the memories of her previous life. The innate godhood was powerful and may be coveted by those who have an interest in it so among three realms, the Underworld Blood Sea was the safest place. Chaotic Qi could fuse all kinds of energy, so naturally it could cover up the power of the innate godhood.

After she gave up her godhood, it was only natural to hide the godhood at the bottom of the sea of blood again and seal this secret forever.

Until the end, there was no mention in the book what this blood red stone was, why it protected the heroine in the blood sea and let Baili Qingmiao obtain her godhood in advance. It was not clearly explained. Readers were so angry with Baili Qingmiao’s behavior of giving up her godhood to follow the male lead, that they were not in mood to pursue the matter of the red stone, which became an unsolved case.

Wen Renhe never understood why he did it in the book. Because from the description in the book, Wen Renhe who had fallen into the sea of blood knew nothing about the Godhood so how could a stone appear out of nowhere?

The reader commented that this stone was a golden finger that author wanted to give heroine, but Wen Renhe didn’t think so.

Everything in this world is reasonable, Baili Qingmiao loves He Wenchao but Wen Renhe, Zhong Liqian, Yin Hanjiang loved Baili Qingmiao. Zhong Lifei and Cen Zhengqi were on the surface unconditional worshippers of He Wenchao. Purple Spirit Pavilion Master’s willingness of becoming the male lead’s main wife, the blood-red stone couldn’t appear suddenly for no reason.

If there was no description in the book, there was only one possibility, that is, only when Wen Renhe had fallen into the sea of blood in a moment when he was still conscious, was he able to possess this object.

After reading 《The God of Destruction (Volume 3)》 two questions arose: first, who were the so-called gods that slaughtered He Wenchao’s town? In the first volume, He Wenchao was misled by the blood demon ancestor to believe that it was Wen Renhe but in the third volume there was no mention of this matter at all. Secondly, in the third volume, He Wenchao had obviously become a god, but did not recover the memories of his previous life. It was only when he obtained his innate godhood that he understood all the things he had done in his previous life.

Some readers had also mentioned these two issues in the comments, however everyone said that the author wrote for too long and had already forgotten the previous settings. Wen Renhe understood how a mortal’s memories worked so this phenomenon was possible. But when the world became real, there must be a reason why these two suspicious points were not mentioned at all.

It seemed that all the events were pushing Wen Renhe into the Underworld Blood Sea so after making enough preparations, he fell into the sea.

“So that’s it.” Wen Renhe held the blood-red stone and understood everything.

After reading the revised plot of 《The God of Destruction (Volume 1)》, he saw Yin Hanjiang go crazy and control the Burning Sky Drum to force He Wenchao and sect master of Shangqng Sect to close their door. He sighted slightly, whether it was his death or Yin Hanjiang’s madness, it seemed inevitable.

The readers of《The God of Destruction》 cursed under the text, saying that the author was simply sick, to change a good stallion novel into that. In only the first half of the first volume, he changed from an extremely powerful protagonist to an abused male lead. His first wife became a man, his younger martiall sister was snatched away by the demonic sect for a year, sister Liu for some reason also walked around He Wenchao in the sect.  A dignified male protagonist was beaten black and blue by the villain and his sisters and his little brothers also left him. The author’s revision of this novel was simple revenge on society.

Putting away 《The God of Destruction》, Wen Renhe opened the 《Abusive Love Affair》 his current situation was a bit special so he needed to determine who was in charge of Xuanyuan sect through Baili Qingmiao perspective, in order to decide whether to go back.

The revised version used more than 30,000 words to describe how Baili Qingmiao was sad because of He Wenchao’s actions, how she no longer wanted to live and how she was crying even in her dreams. Which was totally different from the previously silly but still innocent heroine.

The book review section has been scolding the author for abusing the heroine and it was not until Yin Hanjiang awakened Baili Qingmiao and Zhong Liqian made a guess that novel reviews eased——

[The last ten chapters were so scary that I almost couldn’t follow them. I was about to abandon this novel but who would expect that author would come up with such a twist, worthy of a modified version of the divine novel!]

[Sure enough, there will be nothing wrong with having smart Liqian, the Xuanyuan sect is really wise to take our Liqian as the altar master, they really have vision.”

[Feeling a little heartache for our Liqian, one person within a group of idiots but still can’t lead.]

[Male No. 5 eerie ghost cultivator Xie Huai has become a minor little nanny, cleaning after master here and taking care of his master there. He is so virtuous, suddenly I want to eat young grass, am I getting old?]

[Wait a minute, is the wise Liqian telling us that there is a reason why the female lead is like male lead? Controlled by what?]

[Who knows who master Shitan is? Was he in the previous chapters? Why does he act as if he likes the heroine a lot?

[Shitan said that Baili Qingmiao became unconscious after absorbing his sickness Qi, why is the female lead suddenly portrayed like a demon who absorbs other people’s cultivation?]

[I thought that father, Wen Renhe would be dead like in the original book but now Liqian says that Wen Renhe may still be alive and come back? Can he solve this riddle when he comes back? I’m reading a romance novel, right? Why did it suddenly turn into a mystery novel?]

[Above, mystery theory makes me laugh so hard, let’s just add Yin Hanjiang and we will have a horror mystery, hahahaha!]

[No matter how the plot changes, Yin Hanjiang really regards the heroine as dead meat as always. He felt like a horrible murderer when he was waving his weapon in front of silly heroine’s sweet face. 】

【I want to know what exactly is the relationship between Yin Hanjiang and Wen Renhe, and why Yin Hanjiang blackened after his death? ]

【After reading the book reviews for half an hour, the word “know” appears at most. This novel should be renamed “Readers also want to know”. Forget it]

Seeing that the current patriarch of the Xuanyuan sect was still Yin Hanjiang, making Wen Renhe slightly relieved, with his current condition, if someone else was in charge of the Xuanyuan sect, things would not be so easy.

He looked at the stone, frowned slightly, and ran his genuine Qi to put it and the books into his space. As soon as the stone left Wen Renhe’s body the clothes on his body also slipped off.

It was as if the person who was wearing the clothes had disappeared out of thin air, the gray outer robe and white undergarment piled up softly on the ground through Wen Renhe body. After these two pieces of clothing fell off, Wen Renhe was still wearing the robe that was used to protect Yin Hanjiang.

He sighed slightly and turned into a transportable light as he flew to Xuanyuan sect. There were formations outside the sect’s gates, and to enter, one can either break through by force, or defeat the gatekeepers guarding the formations, or sneak in while someone enters or leaves. Of course, the Xuanyuan sect’s people had their own methods of opening the formation, and whoever opened the formation would make disciples immediately know who was coming in.

Wen Renhe did not have any method and just passed through the formation without making a sound, without alerting anyone.

First he had to find Yin Hanjiang, to tell him that he was still alive.

From the book, it was clear that Yin Hanjiang was possessed by heart demons, which was the last thing Wen Renhe wanted to see.

He first came to Yin Hanjiang’s room, which had not been occupied for a long time.

Wen Renhe then thought that since Yin Hanjiang had already taken over the Xuanyuan sect, he should be living in the sect’s master room at this moment. The two rooms were only one wall apart, so Wen Renhe went straight through the wall but did not find any traces of Yin Hanjiang.

Then he went to the spiritual spring at the back of the mountain. At this time he finally saw Yin Hanjiang.

He saw him sitting quietly on the edge of the spiritual spring, holding an empty wine cup, with his head lowered and his lips lightly planted on the cup, looking very normal.

Wen Renhe let out a faint sigh of relief and called out: “Patriarch Yin, this Venerable is back.”

Yin Hanjiang did not turn around, as if he didn’t hear him and just poured himself a cup of wine and drank it all in one go.


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