Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 16.2 – Fishing For The Moon

In the recent Massive Demon War, the Shangqing sect suffered heavy losses. After Qiu Congxue ate the Jiu Yang soup, she was full of immortal Qi and devil Qi couldn’t be felt. She was confident that she would be accepted by the Shangqing sect and determined to become a righteous path elder. After establishing her own power in the Shangqing sect she would return to Xuanyuan sect and continue to challenge Wen Renhe.

“Huh?” Baili Qingmiao was dumbfounded, does this elder want to return to the sect with her?

“Let’s go, I’ll take you back to the Shangqing sect.”

Qiu Congxue was a woman of her word. She disliked that Baili Qingmiao traveled so slowly so she picked her up with one hand and flew directly to the Shangqing sect.

When they arrived at the Shangqing sect, Yin Hanjiang’s devil qi was forced out and he slowly opened his eyes and saw Wen Renhe.

“My Lord!” Yin Hanjiang got up to greet him but was pressed down by Wen Renhe to sit down again.

Wen Renhe faintly said: “Devil Qi entered your body and split it into pieces. I already forced out the Devil Qi, the healing pill is here so treat yourself. “

“Thank you, Devil Venerable!” Yin Hanjiang took the pill and looked inside his dantian with his divine sense, all devil Qi of the Burning Sky Drum was removed leaving some minor  injuries, which were easy to deal with.

After thirty-six weeks of circulating genuine Qi in his body, Yin Hanjiang’s injuries were healed. After dealing with his injuries, he went to look for Wen Renhe and saw Devil Venerable standing at the entrance of the cave, looking at the waterfall outside.         

“Awake?” Wen Renhe asked.

“This Subordinate is incompetent.” Yin Hanjiang kneeled down, not only couldn’t he help his Lord but he also bothered his Lord to heal him which made him really incompetent.

Wen Renhe did not answer. He flew out of the cave, followed by Yin Hanjiang, both of them leaving the damp cave.

All these days, Wen Renhe had been healing Yin Hanjiang’s wound and himself, so he didn’t pay any attention to this place, after all it was an array he laid himself so he knew it was safe. After leaving the cave, he took a look at his surroundings and decided that this was the location of the small Sect he gathered up at the beginning, where Yin Hanjiang had grown up.

“This is the place where you practiced your sword.” Wen Renhe looked towards the waterfall.

“Devil Venerable still remembers?” Yin Hanjiang could not help but ask.

It was a full moon night, so the moonlight sprinkled over their bodies, soft and faint. Yin Hanjiang’s face was covered in a silvery light.

Wen Renhe avoided his eyes and said: ”I remember that after we arrived at Xuanyuan Sect, this place became yours, have you named it?”

“Yes.” Yin Hanjiang went to the waterfall and squatted down to retrieve a handful of water. “This subordinate calls this Laoyue Lake.”

“Laoyue?” ( In eng. Fishing for the moon)

Yin Hanjiang’s gaze softened as if he thought of something happy. “When I was a child, I used to practice my sword until I was too tired to move, so I would lie beside this waterfall and watch the sky. Sometimes the moon was curved, sometimes it was round and reflected in the water. I thought at that time that the moon could be fished up, so I tried to fish the moon from the water many times.”

He spoke with a shallow smile on his face, showing the handful of water in his hand to Wen Renhe saying: “Later, when my hand becomes stable the moon could be fished up.”

When he looked down, he saw that Yin Hanjiang was holding the water in his hands, and the full moon was reflected in the water, so he was holding a small moon in the water for Wen Renhe.

This was the happiest game in Yin Hanjiang’s short and lonely childhood.

Wen Renhe looked at Laoyue pond and it was as if he saw a small child holding up the water again and again under the moonlight, catching the moon that kept escaping.

He reached out his hand and protected the water with his genniue Qi, took out a glazed jade from his sleeve and put water in it.

“This moon, I will accept it.”

Yin Hanjiang was stunned as he watched Wen Renhe use the magic weapon that could hold a river to take the small water ball in his hand and hide it in his sleeve. The night breeze blew across Yin Hanjiang with a trace of coolness, only then making Yin Hanjiang realize that his face was so hot that even his ears were red.

“Venerable, this is nothing.” Yin Hanjiang lowered his head and said slowly.

Wen Renhe said: “I can’t remember anything from my childhood, I only vaguely remember that I grew up in the frontier. My father and brother were stationed in the military camp all year round, leaving my mother and me behind. She taught me how to use a halberd, which I thought then was not as elegant as a longsword.

“My mother used to tell me that one inch is long, one inch is strong, one inch is short and one inch dangerous. In the battlefield swords have no eyes, so she only hoped to give me one more chance to survive so she wanted me to know to use long halberd.

“Before I was 16 years old, I saw chickens dance everyday and practiced martial arts and learned every day. I wanted to become a general like my father and brother, who excelled in both art and military, and protect people in borderlands. But I didn’t know how to be a child and play childish games. When I brought you back, I only wanted you to practice but couldn’t teach you how to play.”

Yin Hanjiang opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say. He could only stare with wide open eyes remembering this moment.

“Come to think of it, there is nothing childlike about this Venerable. This handful of moon was a childhood that protector Yin gave to me. ” Wen Renhe smiled faintly: “You gave such a precious thing to me, I will also give you some treasures, is there anything you want, protector Yin?

“No ……”

When Yin Hanjiang was about to say no, he saw the slightly smiling expression of Wen Renhe and vaguely felt that his refusal at this time would spoil Devil Venerable’s rare good mood.

I have a wish.” He said softly: “ When I was growing up, this subordinate always wanted to visit the frontier town he grew up in and take a look.

“What’s so difficult about that.” Wen Renhe said: “Since Protector Yin want to go, you can carry me on your imperial sword, so that I won’t have to wait for you if you are slow.”

Yin Hanjiang called out his sword and saw numerous blood lines on the sword. He was puzzled and wanted to ask Wen Renhe about it, but hearing his urging he took his sword and flew in the direction of his childhood town.

It was already dawn when they arrived, they hid their bodies as they landed in this small town. Yin Hanjiang said in some surprise: “How can it be like this?”

At that time, the small town that was sparsely populated before became a frontier fortress. With city walls resembling iron walls, and the opening of fortess mutual markets. All the people in the small town looked rich and happy and roadside vendors enthusiastically solicited business.

“The war brought about ten years of recuperation to the earth.” Wen Renhe said: “Spiritual energy is sufficient and there are very few natural disasters. The grasslands are free from snow and wind, and the life of herdsmen becomes easier. So it is no longer necessary to rob food from nearby residents in autumn and winter. The spiritual energy feed veins so capital city raised several capable officials and virtuous masters, opening mutual market, frontier trade exchanges, and enriches the people.” Wen Renhe explained “Ten years passed, enough to turn the original town into a fortress.”

Yin Hanjiang walked to the Martyrs’ Shrine, bought an incense stick, found a general temple and offered incense for that general kowtowing deeply.

After Yin Hanjiang walked out, Wen Renhe asked: “Is this your wish? Why do you worship the identity that I used in the mortal world when I am right here?”

“It’s not the same.” Yin Hanjiang said earnestly as he looked at the statue that later generations had carved for Wen Renhe.


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