Surrender – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


He felt his legs go soft and staggered back. “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know…Your hobby has nothing to do with me.” After saying this, he hurriedly walked past the other party and rushed out. However, he was caught by two tall men in black clothes at the door and dragged back.


Chu Yichen sat down on the black single  sofa and ordered with an expressionless face, “Hang him up!”


Chu Yunhan struggled like crazy, even using his teeth, but to no avail. Both bodyguards were trained within the family and were very agile and strong. They did not give him any chance to fight back. His hands were pulled up to the left and to the right and locked with metal shackles hanging from the torture frame. His shoes were also taken off, and the ankles of both feet were locked with shackles, so that the slightest movement triggered a sound of clinking metal. Under that person’s  instructions, he was stretched to an extremely uncomfortable height until his toes could barely reach the ground. His arms were slightly bent, bearing the weight of the whole body. Fortunately, the inner surface of the shackles was made of soft leather, so that the wrists wouldn’t be injured.


After doing all this, the two bodyguards retreated. The moment the door closed, Chu Yunhan’s heart was filled with despair. He looked at the man sitting across from him, and begged for mercy in a panic, “Don’t treat me like this, Chu Yichen! You can’t treat me like this… If you want revenge, you can use other methods. All the property under my name belongs to you. I don’t want anything…I’m not gay, really not! I agreed to Sheng Wu’s conditions just to escape…I will never run away again, I can stay at home and never go out…”


Chu Yichen stood up and walked in front of him. The riding whip in his hand slid down from his neckline to the left nipple, slowly moving in a circle through the clothes. Chu Yichen said, “When the body is in pain, it becomes tense, and when it receives sexual stimulation, it gets excited. The two exist separately in many people, while in other, they are altered and interdependent. BDSM is a sensory game. The dom controls everything and imposes a certain degree of restraint and pain on the sub. This pain stimulates the sub to release endorphins, thereby obtaining greater pleasure and joy.”


The rough friction of the whip made Chu Yunhan feel as if he was bitten by a snake. He instinctively shrank back, losing his footing, and his center of gravity became unstable. He could only straighten up and stand on tiptoes again. This kind of erotic teasing made him uncomfortable. He gritted his teeth and said, “I told you that I am not a sub! This only makes me disgusted!”


“Disgusted?” The man chuckled lightly, pressed the whip against his crotch and patted it gently. “It seems that I need to help you remember. On the night you also felt disgusted, didn’t you cry and beg me to f*ck you, moaning under me with your ass raised? When I allowed you to ejaculate, you fainted, didn’t you?” 


Hearing these words, Chu Yunhan felt so ashamed he was about to explode. His face turned red, his whole body trembled, and he couldn’t help cursing, “Pervert! Don’t you f*cking know that you raped me? And you are now illegally detaining me! Let me go!”

With a move of Chu Yichen’s wrist, the whip hit the base of his thigh to punish him. This time he applied some force, and Chu Yunhan gasped in pain.


“In our interaction, I, as the dominant party, set the rules, and you, as the receiving party, abide by the rules. You will be punished if I am unhappy. The method and intensity of the punishment are determined by me. It can be flogging or binding, or adding restraints to certain parts of you like last time.”


Chu Yunhan recalled the experience that was worse than death at that time, feeling as if there was still a foreign body inserted in the urethra. He shivered and forcibly swallowed down the curses on the tip of his tongue. His tone softened, “If you want to play this, you can play with those bodyguards, or Hei Yu or Bai Xiao…Why does it have to be me?”

T/N: I wonder what Hei Yu and Bai Xiao would think of his suggestion 😂


“I told you, I’m interested in your body,” Chu Yichen responded casually, and then said, “The chatting is over. From now on, you are not allowed to speak except to answer my questions. This is the first rule.”


“What’s this? You don’t…ah-“


The response was a whip on his chest. It was fast and accurate, hitting his right nipple. Pain and numbness spread from the place where he was lashed to the limbs. Since childhood, Chu Yunhan had never really been beaten. Occasionally, when his father tried to teach him a lesson, his mother would stop him, so it was usually just some preaching. No one dared to bump into the Chu family’s children outside, let alone beat them. At this moment, he was firmly hit by a whip, and with a heated brain, he blurted out, “You have the guts to beat me?”


Chu Yichen didn’t speak. He returned from the area where the whips were placed with a brown soft whip made of cowhide. The whip was about seventy centimeters long, with no lash in the front end. As soon as he raised his hand, the whip lashed out diagonally from bottom to top like a gliding dragon, hitting Chu Yunhan’s left chest.


If the previous lash had a certain degree of flirting, this one was a real punishment. It hurt so much he couldn’t even yell. The whole person wanted to curl up, but was restrained, and unable to do so, he pulled the chains of the shackles, which made a rustling sound. 


“If you want to receive another whip, you can continue.”


Trembling with pain, Chu Yunhan firmly bit his lips. Thinking of the characters in TV series who were severely tortured, he wanted to face Chu Yichen decisively, like those unyielding soldiers and repeat once again, “You have the guts to beat me?” He wanted to hold on till the end to see if that man would really kill him.


But he was afraid of pain.


The pain spread like fire along the whip mark, burning his fragile body. Every inch hurt unbearably. 


“The way you look right now is actually very alluring.” Chu Yichen looked in his moist eyes and raised the corners of his lips. His slender fingers slowly unbuttoned his clothes, the fingertips touched the place where he had just been whipped and gently stroked the red mark on the white skin. Chu Yunhan shuddered and tried to shrink back, but heard the person in front of him say, “Don’t move around until I allow it. This is the second rule you have to follow.”

Chu Yichen took again the hard riding whip he had used first. He gently pressed it against the roughly treated nipple, pressing and rubbing it lightly. Then he slowly moved the whip downwards, from the chest to the waist, from the front to the back.


Chu Yunhan felt like a body that had lost its soul. The whip was like a scalpel, cutting him piece by piece, and Chu Yichen was like a patient gold miner, carefully inspecting every sensitive zone of his, looking for something. Chu Yunhan knew very well that he aroused his lust in this way. He should have felt sick, he should have not reacted at all.


But his body was honest. 


After the painful whip just now, all the senses seemed to have awakened, becoming tense and sharp. The slightly rough and hard texture of the cowhide touched the soft skin, bringing forth an unusual sensation, both tickling and cool. This kind of mixed sensation crawled under his skin, spreading all over his body. When the whip reached the crotch and began rubbing the wrapped genitals through the cotton pants, it got worse.


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