Surrender – Chapter 35

Chapter 35


In the afternoon there was a negotiation meeting with a Hong Kong company they were developing a real estate project with. Both sides insisted on their terms and were currently in a stalemate regarding the proportion of capital injection and the allocation of shares, before finally reaching an agreement with great difficulty.


As a host, Chu Yunhan arranged a dinner and entertainment for the guests after the negotiations were over. In the dimly-lit private room, the escort girls sat with the guests, all wearing high-slit short cheongsams, their white breasts and thighs seductively exposed. One of them sat next to Chu Yunhan, intending to stick to him, but leaned back obediently after noticing his expression and sang quietly while holding the microphone down.


By the time the dinner was over and the guests were sent back to the hotel, the sky was full of stars. He leaned in the back seat a bit tired, watching the neon lights glowing in the city at night, but that person’s face appeared in his mind unconsciously, time and time again.


Cold, smiling, looking at him, sleeping… frame after frame, like a movie. As he thought of him, his body slowly started growing hot.


He was truly…possessed…


Was he really that unsatisfied and lustful?


He shook his head annoyed. Since the cemetery raid incident, the two of them had been very busy, so he did not ask the other party for it. This forbearance lasted more than a month. Now that Chu Yichen had successfully bound him to himself, he didn’t know how long he would have to endure it…


He really must have been drugged by that person. Even now, he didn’t even consider looking for someone else, he was being firmly held in his grasp.


Chu Yunhan smiled helplessly.


I guess I must endure it again…


When he returned to the mansion, the study was still brightly lit. Chu Yunhan glanced at the door. The man was sitting behind the desk, immersed in writing something. He had changed into a set of gray cotton pajamas.


Obviously, he had fallen asleep and got up to work again.


Chu Yunhan frowned, walked in, and pretended to look for a book on the shelf. Whispering “Where did it go”, he moved slowly towards the desk and cleared his throat.


Chu Yichen looked up at him and asked, “Just came back?”


“Yeah.” He glanced at the documents on the table and said, “Not finished yet?”


“Just one last thing.”


Chu Yunhan had nothing to say. He grabbed a book from the shelf and said, “Finally found it. Then… I’ll go back to my room first.”


The man moved his gaze from the book to his face, and smiled, “Are you reading this tonight?”


He lowered his head to take a look, and felt so embarrassed as if his ass had suddenly caught fire. On the thread-bound book he was holding, three big characters “The Golden Lotus” were written in cursive script, followed by a neat lower-case “Illustrated book”. He blushed and forced himself to say, “I’m bored… I’ll just flip through it…”

T/N: The Golden Lotus (1617), a Ming dynasty vernacular novel, formerly notorious and banned for its sexual content. 


The corners of Chu Yichen’s lips curved up in a smile. He put down the pen, turned the chair to him, and said, “Slave, come here.”


Chu Yunhan’s whole body was on fire now, he felt so hot as if he was about to burst in flames. He swallowed, walked to the chair, glanced at the door hesitantly, and knelt down.


A warm palm caressed his face. Chu Yichen’s fingers stroked his lips repeatedly, and then he gave the command “suck”. He opened his mouth slightly, took the index finger in his mouth, curled his tongue around it, and sucked gently. The man raised his finger a bit, forcing him to raise his face and reveal a gentle and beautiful neck curve.


In the secluded study, the sound of swallowing and sucking was extremely erotic. His Adam’s apple quivered, and the wet lips were dyed a rosy color, like petals after the rain, soft and moving.


This was the first time Chu Yunhan took the initiative to enter the role of a slave outside the club. He could imagine what he looked like now, kneeling, sucking another man’s fingers, letting the other person invade his mouth and do whatever he wants. The tension turned into excitement, and having endured for a long time, he was soon turned on. 


Seeing his bulging groin, Chu Yichen ordered, “Take off your pants and get on the table.”


He did so ashamed, layed down on the table, and raised his fair buttocks. The man stood up. The hand that just about to touch his skin suddenly stopped, he frowned, took a report, and threw it in front of him with the words, “Read it out aloud. There will be a slap for every wrong word.”


Chu Yunhan could only do as he was told. After reading a long paragraph, the person behind him still had not made a move. Somewhat surprised, he turned his head to peek at the risk of being punished, but heard Chu Yichen say, “Get dressed and leave.”


He was stunned. Straightening up, he turned around to see Chu Yichen sitting on the chair, firmly holding onto the armrest with one hand and pressing the other on the edge of the table with an ugly face.


“What’s the matter?” he asked.


The man frowned deeply and said stiffly, “Get out.” His eyes were closed, his expression was very tired, as if reluctant to look at him again.


Chu Yunhan was bewildered by the other party’s attitude. As if being splashed with cold water, all his enthusiasm was extinguished, and he said in humiliation, “Do you think I enjoy playing like this?” 


“You don’t want to leave, so you want me to play with your butt? Isn’t that cheap?” Chu Yichen’s voice was cold and sharp.


Hearing this sentence, Chu Yunhan froze, his face changing between red and white. It felt as if he had been stabbed fiercely in the heart. After stabbing the knife in, the other party didn’t pull it out, but twisted the blade inside.


It turned out this was what Chu Yichen truely thought of him.


It turned out that person considered him cheap… 


He grabbed his pants, quickly put them on, and left the study without looking back. On the stairs, he knocked the cup in Du Chuan’s hands over, not even noticing the hot tea that spilled on his arm. He grabbed the car key from the driver, slammed the door, stepped on the accelerator, and rushed out of the gate.


He didn’t know where he was going, but he didn’t want to stay in the house a second longer.


After the car reached the highway, he realized his face was wet.


He was really cheap.


Indeed, everyone else can call me cheap, but you can’t.

You made me like this.


You make me inseparable from you…


Chu Yichen…why do you treat me like this…


The road before him was blurred by tears and he parked the car to the side of the road, his shoulders trembling on the steering wheel.


When he calmed down, Chu Yunhan started thinking what to do. If it was his old arrogant self, he would never go back. He’d rather suffocate to death than see that person again. However, after everything he had been through, he was much more mature than before. He didn’t know why that person suddenly changed his attitude, he didn’t know what he did wrong. Because that person was Chu Yichen, there had to be a reason for this.


He had to talk to the other party and figure it out.


Chu Yunhan finally made up his mind, turned around and drove back to the old house.


In fact, he knew he just couldn’t let go.


He walked to the door with a heavy heart and hesitated for a long time before gathering the courage to push the door open, but the person in the study was gone. He climbed up the stairs depressed and walked to Chu Yichen’s room, but saw Bai Xiao leaning against the door and asked, “Is he inside?”


“Young Master Yun, Young Master is resting.” There was not a hint of a smile on Bai Xiao’s face, his answer was respectful but indifferent.


He glanced at the door and then asked, “He… is he alright?” Just now he caught a  glimpse of Bai Xiao frowning slightly.


The other party did not answer, just looked at him silently.


Chu Yunhan felt dejected and was just about to leave, when the door opened from the inside and Du Chuan walked out. He was startled to see him, but quickly concealed what he was holding behind his back, closed the door with a formulaic smile on his face and said, “Young Master Yun, you are back.”


These small movements didn’t escape Chu Yunhan’s eyes, and the moment the door closed, he clearly heard a sound that seemed to have escaped from the back of one’s throat. Suspicion growing in his heart, he took a step towards the door.


Bai Xiao stood in front of him and said, “Young Master Yun, Young Master is resting. It’s not appropriate to go in and disturb him now.”


“Disturb him…” He sneered, somewhat distressed.

That kind of voice…that suppressed moan…it was obviously…


He had another sub, no wonder he just said something like that…


So, what about their contract? What about the relationship between them?


Chu Yunhan felt as if he had been thrown into an ice cellar, both angry and desperate, and clenched his hands into fists, so hard they trembled. He slammed forward and kicked the door open. Bai Xiao reached out to grab him, but was sent to the wall with a punch.


“Young Master Yun!” Du Chuan shouted out in desperation, but he had already rushed in like a tiger.


Chu Yunhan barged in with the intention to “catch him red handed”, but stopped in a daze when he saw the scene before him.


The room was brightly lit. Three people  stood beside the bed, discussing something. When they heard the noise coming from behind, they turned around. One of them was Zhang Jun, and the other two were his assistants. They were all wearing pajamas. They had obviously been called up urgently, so they hadn’t even had time to change.


From the gap between their figures, Chu Yunhan saw Chu Yichen lying on the bed.

His hands and feet were tied to the bed frame with soft leather belts, his eyes were tightly closed, a towel was stuffed in his mouth, and his forehead was full of cold sweat. An uncontrollable groan escaped from the back of his throat, his expression very painful, as if he was being tortured.


This scene alone shocked Chu Yunhan, but when his gaze fell on Chu Yichen’s bare chest, his whole body froze.


When Chu Yichen took off his sweaty jersey as a teenager, there were always girls screaming and blushing on the sidelines. His skin was flawless, without any moles. The smooth skin stretched over tight muscles that outlined a beautiful body contour.


But now… the exposed chest was covered with ugly scars – long and short, of various shapes. One of the scars ran down until it disappeared in the pants, and there was a terrifying stitched wound that looked like a long centipede.


The sight before him made him freeze in place as if struck by lightning, unable to even look away. Bai Xiao, who rushed in, was about to drag him out, when he heard Zhang Jun say, “Okay, he has already seen it. There is no need to cover it up any longer.”

Bai Xiao glanced at the person suffering on the bed, then at the dazed Chu Yunhan, and let him go.


“This…What’s going on?” Chu Yunhan felt as if his tongue was tied into a knot.


Zhang Jun slowly injected the remaining transparent liquid in the needle into Chu Yichen’s body, and said, “Young Master Yun, I’m afraid you have to ask yourself this question.”


His heart sank and his complexion turned pale, looking at the other party. The guess that lingered in his heart was like a dusty gust of wind – vague, yet on the verge of taking shape. 


At this moment, the person on the bed let out a somewhat hoarse nasal sound and his eyebrows frowned deeply.

Zhang Jun said helplessly, “How long do you want to hide it from him?”


Chu Yichen opened his eyes a slit and looked at the family doctor exhausted, as if he had something to say, but was unable to. He was breathing with difficulty and his chest kept undulating, so one of the doctor’s assistants immediately put an oxygen mask on his face.


“I’m really tired of watching this hide-and-seek game between you two. No one in this room dares to go against your orders, but I will.” Zhang Jun, who stood next to the bed, reached out and pulled Chu Yichen’s pajama pants down. He dragged Chu Yunhan to the bed, and said expressionlessly, “Since you want to see, then have a good look. There is a total of 89 scars on his body. This kind of round hole was left by an awl. The relatively shallow ones were cut with a small knife, the small burn marks were left by electric shocks, and the big ones are burns. The pit on the thigh is where a piece of meat has been cut off. Fortunately, all of these were inflicted to torture him. These flesh wounds were not life-threatening. There were two dangerous wounds, one was the longest knife cut, which goes from under the ribs to the abdomen.” Then, he pressed Chu Yunhan’s hand on the man’s chest and said slowly, “The second one was a gunshot wound, right here. The bullet went in from the back and came out from the front. If it had gone just a tiny bit to the side, he would have died. Young Master Yun, guess how long did it take me to sew this rag-like body?”


T/N: Now you know 😭😭😭


Translator: Taalia


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