Surrender – Chapter 13

Chater 13

After that, everything turned into suffering. Chu Yichen’s words were like a sharp sword hanging over his head, which made him panic to the point he couldn’t sleep at night, constantly thinking about how to escape from the old house.


As long as he walked out of the room, two men in black followed him every step of the way like shadows. He couldn’t shake them off. In the main house, all the bodyguards he knew before were replaced. They were respectful, but ignored all of his requests. It was impossible to get a mobile phone.

After trying out various tricks, he finally concluded that it was impossible to escape.


What was this absurd and weird situation? He was like a sacrificial offering trapped in the castle of the Great Demon King, that could be eaten at any time. Seeing that the day of the Great Demon King’s return was approaching, Chu Yunhan completely panicked.


Since none of the other methods worked, the only thing left was this trick.


He found a reason to instruct the two bodyguards to move flowers in the yard, hit cleanly one of them with a flower pot, and then knocked down the other with his combat skills. He hadn’t exercised for a long time and in addition Chu Yichen had previously tossed him so hard that his body hadn’t recovered yet, so he was panting for a while after dealing with the two bodyguards.


Chu Yunhan remembered that there was a rockery in the backyard that was very close to the wall. After a long roundabout route, he finally reached the destination smoothly. Seeing that there were no guards, he was ecstatic. He climbed the wall with difficulty, only to see Bai Xiao standing on the other side. His arms crossed, he raised his head, exposing his canines in a mocking smile. “Seeing you trying to escape so hard, I couldn’t bear to let them bother you. But Yung Master ordered not to let you leave this yard. Do you want to return by yourself or should I help you?”



The faint glimmer of hope that had just lit up in Chu Yunhan’s chest while climbing the wall was extinguished, making him almost spew out a mouthful of old blood. He should have known that a gap in security was impossible under Chu Yichen. Bai Xiao must have deliberately moved the guards away to enjoy a good show. This guy, just like his master, had to have his revenge. He had knocked him out last time and now he was eager to see him make a fool of himself. Bai Xiao’s skills were among the best in the Black Hawk Club. If not for the fact that he didn’t guard against him, he would have never succeeded last time.


However, he had reached the point of no return. Getting caught would definitely not end well. Even if he knew he was not Bai Xiao’s opponent, he could only try his best.

He jumped down from the wall, but landed unsteadily, staggered, and fell on the ground.

“Young Master, I think it’s better for you to save some energy. Master will be back tonight.” Bai Xiao didn’t move, but took his time to ridicule him. The ambiguity of his words made Chu Yunhan’s face grow hot, and he aimed a kick at his opponent.


It was supposed to be a duel, but in fact, it was more like a fighting drill. Bai Xiao didn’t fight back at all. He just acted as a sparring partner, fending off his attacks with ease. Chu Yunhan knew that he was physically weak. His fists repeatedly missed the target, his heart grew even more anxious, and he made more and more mistakes. After a few moves, Bai Xiao grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him in a swift motion. Chu Yunhan grimaced in pain. “You poser, let go!”

“Young Master asked you to behave and stay at home. Let’s go back, okay?”

This attitude of coaxing a child annoyed Chu Yunhan. Gritting his teeth, he asked, “Following Chu Yichen’s instructions so obediently, did he give you a yummy bone? A good person wouldn’t be so bent on being a pervert’s dog!” As soon as he finished speaking, there was severe pain in his arm, which made him cry out in agony.


Bai Xiao’s gloomy voice sounded from behind, “Young Master Yun, you should be thankful that I am obedient. Otherwise, considering what you’ve done to him, I would never let you live.” 


“Wu…” Chu Yunhan’s face paled with pain. He felt as if his bones were about to shatter, and he couldn’t utter a single word. Soon several bodyguards gathered around him and dragged him back to his room. This time they didn’t even let him out the door and dinner was delivered directly to the room.


As time passed, his restlessness grew quietly and persistantly like a vine, wrapping around him in a suffocating embrace. When someone knocked on the door, he bounced off the sofa like a fish, and looked nervously at Du Chuan, who appeared at the door.


“Young Master, please go to the basement.”


There was a very large basement under the main building of the Chu family’s house. It was built with special materials, soundproof and waterproof, and was strong enough to withstand a missile. The old man used it as a meeting room to discuss the secret arrangements of the Black Hawk Club. Later, Chu Yu built a similar building for discussions under the Golden Eagle’s headquarters and it became vacant.


The black steel door added an air of mysteriousness and numinousness to the basement. Chu Yunhan and the others would often go there on “expeditions” or to play games when they were children. He still remembered one time when he took Chu Yichen and Chu Minran to play hide-and-seek. The bodyguards didn’t pay attention, locked them in the basement, and turned off the lights. He was so frightened that he kept slamming against the door, and Minran cried loudly on the side. Chu Yichen hugged Minran to comfort him, and told him to save his energy and stop shouting in vain. The three of them waited quietly until dinner time, when they were finally found by the servant who came to look for them.


In retrospect, as a child Chu Yichen demonstrated maturity and calmness that did not match his age, and in many cases it was Chu Yichen who acted like the big brother rather than himself. Perhaps that was why the old man chose him as the successor. It was a pity he didn’t want to admit it before and had the whimsical idea of replacing him. 


Chu Yunhan smiled bitterly and pushed the heavy door open.


Rows of induction lights gradually lit up. He looked at the basement that had been transformed beyond recognition and froze in place.


The first thing to catch his attention was the black single sofa in the middle of the basement. There was a tall torture frame near it, the metal material glowing coldly under the lamp. On the upper part of the upholstered wall many whips of various colors and styles hung neatly. The lower part consisted of cabinets, half a person’s size. Chu Yunhan stepped in and discovered there was a thick cashmere carpet on the ground. He opened the drawer of the cabinet closest to him and immediately froze.


Inside were arranged all kinds of handcuffs, including steel ring handcuffs, rubber handcuffs and even lace handcuffs made of fabric. The keys were neatly arranged next to the handcuffs according to their serial numbers. He moved to another cabinet, opened it, and various types of plugs appeared before him. Next, there were electric toys of strange shapes and sizes. Chu Yunhan looked at one of the thick spiral massage sticks and images of that night flashed in his mind. He closed the drawer abruptly, unwilling to look at it again.


In the corner of the basement were stored some large items, such as a broken life-sized doll, a wooden piece of furniture that looked like a horse, several massage beds of different styles, and some oddly shaped things. Chu Yunhan couldn’t guess their purpose but was somewhat terrified.


Two small rooms were separated by tempered glass in the inner part of the basement. One seemed to be a dressing room, where many men’s clothes were störend. Some of which seemed to be made of rubber, and there was quite a lot of erotic underwear and jewelry-like decorations on the shelves. There was also a bathroom divided into a wet and dry area, with a large circular jacuzzi, and a portable plastic chair in the shower area. A pressure spray head hung on the side of the toilet.


He already knew roughly what this place was, and felt a chill. He turned around with the intention to escape and saw that person standing at the door. He took half a step back in fright. “Chu…Chu Yichen…” he uttered stiffly in panic. 


The man was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt. His skin looked pale under the light, like a handsome but gloomy vampire. His whole body emitted coldness that kept people at a distance. 


“Now that you’ve had a good look, do you like it?” Chu Yichen looked at him.


“Why has the basement… become like this?” Chu Yunhan more or less knew the answer in his heart, yet he couldn’t help but ask.


“From the day my education as the future successor started, I began learning to control my emotions. As the decision maker in the Chu family, I cannot take any irrational actions. Every word, every move, every decision requires careful consideration, but the time for me to think things through is often limited, which forces me to maintain a state of ‘I can make the correct decision’ at all times, and at the same time, I must firmly control everything in my hands. This kind of extreme control and self-control entail tremendous pressure and almost crushed me.” The man picked up a hard riding whip hanging on the wall, about sixty or seventy centimeters long, with an exquisite carved silver handle and a soft leather front end. He patted the whip on the palm of his hand and continued, “I need a way to vent pressure, that can also satisfy my desire for control at the same time. So BDSM is my best choice.”


Chu Yunhan looked around and swallowed with difficulty. Even if he didn’t know what BDSM was, he could roughly discern it from the furnishing of the room. He recalled what Chu Yichen had done to him that night, and then thought of the purpose of calling him here. A bad premonition suddenly surged in his heart.

He listened as Chu Yichen continued, “BDSM consists of three parts: restraint and training, dominance and surrender, and sadism and masochism. Compared to SM, I prefer to get pleasure from the first two. In a ‘dominance and surrender’ relationship, the dominant party is called ‘dom’ , and the submissive party is called ‘sub’. A further extension of this relationship is the master-slave relationship. The dom and the sub evolve into master and slave, representing the party who holds the power and the party who has no power, the party that issues instructions and the party that follows the instructions, the party responsible for training and the party responsible for receiving training. I am a pure dom, therefore, I need to complete the BDSM sex game with a sub.”


Chu Yunhan’s heart was beating like a drum. He said dryly, “Your hobby is…very special. I heard that there are people playing this in the circle. I can help you ask around? See if they know any girls who are interested in this, they can introduce you to a few.”


Chu Yichen looked at him with dark eyes. “Unfortunately, I am homosexual. The opposite sex does not arouse my interest. Moreover, as the Patriarch of the Chu family, I need a safe and reliable sexual partner to ensure that all his actions are always under my control.” The man played with the whip in his hands and said lightly, “Now you should understand why I let you come here.”


Translator: Taalia


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