Surrender – Chapter 15

Soft body, rough tools.


More and more thorough exploration and teasing followed.


Once the sexual arousal began to take root and sprout, it was as abundant as  spring grass. He felt as if a sleeping beast had been awakened within his body, acting on the most primitive instinct.


It shouldn’t be like this.

His body temperature was gradually rising, his heartbeat started speeding up, and his breathing grew heavier and heavier.


It couldn’t be like this.

His privates grew more sensitive and vulnerable under the friction. The sometimes gentle and sometimes intensive provocation kept the inner thighs tensed until they started trembling slightly.   


It ought not… 


Pain and numbness intertwined, and the sense of touch on the skin grew stronger, so strong that it suppressed all other sensations. He couldn’t hear, couldn’t see clearly, there was only the whip which dominated everything.


He almost…


The force, speed, and location of the friction made him almost…


His desire was growing, his reason shrinking. His legs slightly apart, his body leaned forward, asking for more.


Chu Yunhan looked at the man before him with blurred eyes. The black pupils were like a black hole leading to another world that wanted to swallow him completely.


This was wrong… 

All of this was wrong… 


He abruptly bit his lip ruthlessly. His mouth filled with blood and it spilled from the corners of his lips. The heat in his body instantly dropped, and when he sobered up from the undulating desire, he received another whip. This time, it hit the outer thigh and he trembled in pain.


“Who allowed you to bite your lip?” Chu Yichen asked coldly.


“Let me go…” he muttered with blurred eyes. “I was wrong, it’s all my fault. You said you would protect me and Minran, right here, you said …”


A punishing lash cut through the air and landed on his chest.


“Wu…Yichen, please…” He was terrified, terrified of this man’s methods, terrified of losing control of himself. Everything just now made him realize that he could not resist those provocative techniques at all. Rather than surrender to lust and act shamefully, it was better to be beaten and injured, and remain clear-headed and sober through pain.


“You really are a slow learner.” Chu Yichen took out a medium-sized ball from the cabinet on the side, pressed it to his lips and said, “Open your mouth.”

“No…” Before he could even express his refusal, his jaw was pinched open. The moment he was forced to open his mouth, the ball was pressed in. A feeling of nausea made him retch, his throat quivered, but he couldn’t really spit it out, and his sight blurred by physiological tears. This kind of gag ball was a sex toy. It was made of flexible moderately hard plastic material. There were many small vents in the middle, so it could fully open the mouth without damaging the teeth. There were straps on both sides that could be tied behind the head to prevent it from falling out. Once it was put on, the mouth couldn’t be closed, but being unable to speak did not prevent one from gasping and groaning. The strap was buckled, and Chu Yunhan shook his head and struggled, but he could only make some indistinguishable guttural sounds. Bodily fluids dripped down the corners of his mouth that couldn’t close, mixing with the tears that rolled down.


Chu Yichen carefully checked the position of the mouth plug, and said in a deep voice, “Since you don’t like whips, let’s change to something else.”


Unable to speak, Chu Yunhan’s eyes stared at the approaching man nervously. He felt a chill up his legs, and his trousers dropped down to his ankles. What frightened him even more was the other person’s next move.


Chu Yichen held his genitals in his warm palms.


The fear from that night swept over him again. He shook his head desperately, letting out a whimper. His body shook and pulled the metal shackles, making the chains rattle. His pouch was squeezed punitively, and the man said coldly, “Move again, and I will plug the small mouth behind you too.”


Chu Yunhan stiffened and looked at the other person distressed, not daring to move anymore.


Chu Yichen stood face to face with him, wiping the tears on his cheeks with one hand, and rubbing his dormant sexual organ through his underwear with the other. He kept kneading and pressing, scratching and teasing, sometimes the top, sometimes the shaft, and then moved to the capsular bag for a while. The movements were both delicate and agile, with some roughness in the gentleness. He was like a patient snake, winding and sliding, instead of directly rushing to the prey.

Time is the best catalyst. This kind of sensory stimulation was more direct than the teasing of the whip, and stirred up the originally calm emotions again. The muscles on Chu Yunhan’s inner thighs began to tense, and his waist slightly arched with impatience. On one hand, the flesh wanted to follow the desires of the heart; on the other hand, reason was struggling to persevere. He desperately tried to suppress it, but couldn’t stop the honest response of his body. The feeling of powerlessness almost made him collapse.


“It’s up.” The man’s voice was deep and sexy. The heat of his breath brushed against his ear, making the sensitive side of his neck shudder slightly. “You want it, don’t you?”


Chu Yunhan trembled and closed his eyes in shame.


He couldn’t help it.


Under such teasing, the dormant meat stick started raising its head, the gray boxer briefs bulging.


Obviously, the other party didn’t intend to stop there. The nails deliberately scratched the top folds, stimulating the sensitive bell mouth. Every stroke was like an electric shock, both torturing and comforting. Tiny currents rushed through his body, building up layers of pleasure. Then they merged again turning into surging waves of desire. The feelings of shame and integrity were like two fish swimming through the current, making the wave of desire even more turbid.


“Um…” He let out a muffled syllable, his eyes blurred. His legs lost strength and went soft. It grew more difficult to support the body, and all the weight concentrated on the arms. Chu Yichen wrapped his left hand around his waist, and his right hand repeatedly stroked his upright co*k again and again. The friction caused by the cotton underwear intensified the unbearable stimulation. Chu Yunhan started panting. The mouth opened by the gag made the gasping sound even more alluring. His heart was beating so fast as if it was about to burst. The pleasure was like a ferocious beast, raging within his body, looking for a way out.


When he couldn’t restrain his first groan, his sanity finally shattered into pieces. The world ceased to exist. There was only that hand and the turbulent pleasure it brought. The waves pushed him up high, and then dragged him down into the abyss, up and down, up and down, until he lost all sense of direction.


Stop, please… 


Please… I can’t take it anymore…


The plea for mercy turned into sobs and groans, echoing intermittently in the room. His eyes lost focus and everything turned into blurred silhouettes in the mist.


“Look at me!” The deep voice seemed to come from far away. He looked ahead with confused eyes. His gaze met those dark eyes and couldn’t move away any longer. He had become a puppet that couldn’t think, letting the other party lead him up a dangerous cliff.


The hand that controlled everything sped up its movements. The strong and light rhythm made the pleasure pierce his groin like a sharp arrow, and the desire reached its peak. When he heard the phrase “You can shoot”, Chu Yunhan cried out, everything before his eyes turned white, and his mind exploded, falling into white mist.


After he recovered from the afterglow of the climax, he found that he was lying  limp in Chu Yichen’s arms, the shackles on his hands had been removed, and the gag was taken off. When he came back to his senses, everything just now turned into a nightmare. Disgust and shame attacked him from all directions like a poisonous snake, covering his whole body in cuts and bruises. 


Chu Yunhan’s complexion paled and he lowered his head to avoid the man’s sight. When he saw the other’s hand covered in turbid liquid, his pupils shrank abruptly.

“That’s it for today, go back to your room.” Chu Yichen took out a handkerchief and wiped clean his hands stained with semen, ignoring him.


He put on his pants and walked out. At the man’s sign, the two bodyguards outside the door did not stop him, but followed behind. Chu Yunhan walked ahead step by step. The blowing wind dried his tear-soaked face. He raised his hand to wipe off the moisture on his cheeks, but discovered that he couldn’t completely dry it off. Tears kept rolling down from the corners of his eyes uncontrollably. He stopped on the stairs, clutching the handrails so hard that his nails were about to pierce the wood. After a long time, he dragged his exhausted body back to the room and shut himself in.


The place where the whip had hit him was aching dully, and there was still some sticky semen on his underwear. He turned on the shower, closed his eyes, and let the water pour freely over his head and body.

The water was warm, yet he couldn’t stop shaking.


Because he knew very well that today was just the beginning.


And he was right.


Since then, as long as Chu Yichen was at home, he would spend about an hour to train him. Sometimes it would be at noon, sometimes at night.

At first, he would apply techniques to arouse his desire, and then use a whip to regulate his behavior and make him follow his rules. From the simplest “don’t move” and “don’t speak” to “kneel down” later on, from the beginning when he forced him to shoot, to the subsequent order to suppress his desire while training his sensitivity level step by step to increase his endurance. However, in the process of training, the number of times the man actually entered him was not high. Most of the time he only used tools.


As long as he was obedient, he would be treated with gentleness. Once he resisted, he would suffer unbearable torture. Chu Yichen used this cruel method to establish his authority, making the confined Chu Yunhan surrender bit by bit.


Whipping. Pain. Sex. Climax. Endurance. Kneeling.


After two months of repeated training, these things began to merge together.


Chu Yunhan was horrified to find out that when the man picked up the whip his body reacted – he got excited, and began craving for more, even if it was painful, even if he was being invaded.


In the end, he was turned into a monster, a pervert.


Chu Yunhan shut himself in the room, curled up in the corner of the bed trembling, and started crying silently.

Translator: Taalia


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    I know what you mean, but don’t worry, things will change soon. And then the heart-warming part starts 😊

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