Surrender – Chapter 44 – Extra 1

Extra 1

Chapter 44

Minran was back.


Chu Yunhan took time out to personally pick him up from the airport.


Wearing a pair of huge sunglasses and a dark brown leather jacket and followed by two experienced bodyguards, the travel-worn Chu Minran walked out of the VIP passage. Seeing Chu Yunhan, he strode over, hugged him, and said, “Brother, I’m back.”

T/N: I’m still p*****off at him for deceiving Chu Yunhan all this time in spite of their seemingly good relationship😡


Chu Yunhan patted his head and said, “Tsk, I haven’t seen you for so long. How come you kid seem to be taller than me?”


Minran took off his glasses, tilted his head, and smiled, revealing two sharp canines. “Indeed. Now you can’t call me ‘shorty’ anymore.” He loved to follow Chu Yunhan as a child, like a little tail he couldn’t get rid of, very affectionate. Even though he had grown to be the third young master of the Chu family in charge of the strategic planning, he would still inadvertently show his childhood attitude when facing his eldest brother. The two got in the car, talking and laughing along the way. After a while, Minran’s cell phone rang. He glanced at the number, but didn’t take the call.


Chu Yunhan found it a bit strange, and asked, “Why don’t you answer it?”


“Too lazy. I’m sure it’s nothing important.”


Chu Yunhan suddenly realized the caller must be Shen Mo. He wanted to ask Minran what he planned to do with that person, but felt that he was being nosy, and hesitated.


“Just ask, why do you hesitate? You never did that before.” Minran leaned back in the back seat with an unhappy expression. “You’ve changed.”

He smiled. “I was afraid you’d find me annoying if I asked. Since you know what I want to ask, can’t you just tell me?”


“Right, it’s me who’s in the wrong,” Minran raised his hands in surrender. “OK, ok, I’ll confess. I f*cked with Shen Mo.”


Chu Yunhan didn’t expect that he would admit it so bluntly, and even use blatant wording such as “f*cked with”, not even trying to dress it up. His eyes widened and he remained silent for a long time.


“Did I scare you?” Chu Minran apologized when he saw his reaction. “I thought Brother Chen told you.”


“He mentioned it, but…I’m a little bit…” He sighed, “I feel like my family’s hard-grown cabbage has been eaten by a pig.”

T/N: No, Yunhan, you raised the pig, not the cabbage😔


“Haha,” Minran laughed. “Maybe the Shen family feel the same way.”


“The Shen family know about your relationship?” he asked in surprise.


“They didn’t.” Minran paused, his eyes soft and helpless, “But then the fool announced at the family dinner that he would marry me.”


Chu Yunhan’s eyes nearly popped out, and he looked at his younger brother in shock.


“Yes, the Shen family had the same expression at the time.” Chu Minran curled up his lips. “He finally stood out among the descendants of the Shen family. He hadn’t consolidated his position yet when he made the announcement and I was completely unprepared myself. Now a pack of dogs are targeting him, atacking him for being a homosexual. I’m too lazy to deal with the mess he made and let him clean it up by himself.”


“Then what do you plan to do from now on?”


“We are walking our own separate ways, out of sight, out of mind.” Minran stretched out and changed the subject, “I’m done explaining myself. It’s your turn now, Brother.”


“What’s there to explain?”


“Hasn’t there been any romantic affair worth sharing during this period of time?”


Chu Yunhan hesitated for a moment. He was on the verge of spilling the beans, yet he couldn’t say it. After thinking about it for a while, he replied, “No.”


Minran tilted his head, looked at him for a while, and smiled. “Well, it seems that my brother is very lonely when I’m not at home. Is Brother Chen still watching over you and not letting you go out to play?”


“…No. I have piles of work on my hands, more than I can deal with, so I’m not in the mood to go out to play.”

“Tsk, Brother Chen is focused and dedicated like a monk. Now that you’ve returned to the right path, do you two plan to live like this for the rest of your lives?”


This sentence struck Chu Yunhan, his face turned red, and he said, “Okay, you’d better take care of your Young Master Shen. Don’t worry about us.”


Chu Minran’s lips curved up and he changed the topic, “Fine, I won’t. I just want to eat the hibiscus fish soup made by Aunt Wang. J City is a terrible place, the mandarin fish there is not delicious at all, it’s practically wasted.”


“I know that you love eating it, so I already asked the kitchen to prepare some.” From Minran’s words just now, Chu Yunhan already grasped the situation. What surprised him was that the relationship between the two had reached such a point. Shen Mo was serious about  Minran, otherwise he wouldn’t have proposed to him while in a critical situation. And after Shen Mo announced the matter, Minran didn’t think about the consequences this would have for himself, but rather worried that the other party would be attacked before he could consolidate his position. Deciding to leave J City was mostly to prevent his awkward status from making things difficult for Shen Mo.


The relationship between these two made him somewhat sad and envious. If he had been able to understand Chu Yichen from the start, and they got along, he wouldn’t have let that person suffer such severe injuries, leaving scars all over his body.

He wanted to tell Minran about them, but didn’t know where to start. The story between him and Yichen was really long and painful, and he wanted to wait and prepare himself well before spilling the beans.


The two arrived home just in time for dinner. Chu Yichen also returned from the company. The three of them sat and talked while eating. Usually, Chu Yunhan and Chu Yichen were in a passionate love mode and were not shy at home, kissing and hugging each other. But now that there was a third person present, he couldn’t relax. When Chu Yichen naturally  placed a small bowl of shelled shrimp before him, Chu Yunhan blushed like a monkey butt, glanced at Minran in embarrassment and said, “I can do it myself.”


Chu Yichen didn’t reply. He wiped his hands with a towel, and continued eating.


Minran swallowed down the ribs in his mouth and asked, “Brother, do you remember Zhang Xiaoman?”


Chu Yunhan paused, before replying, “No, I don’t.”


“You were chasing after her back then, didn’t you even date for a while?”


“Uh, was I?” He glanced at the quiet man next to him and said vaguely, “It seems that there was such a person. What about her?” 


“I ran into her at a banquet in J City a while ago. I didn’t expect she was actually Liang Dong’s illegitimate daughter. Last year, General Liang’s wife passed away and her mother took her place. She asked about your phone number.”

“You… didn’t give it to her, did you?” Chu Yunhan asked with a sullen face.


“I did. While we were having a drink, she talked about your time together teary-eyed and full of affection. I remember you said that she was beautiful and classy, and that she was your ideal type. Of course, as your younger brother I had to build a bridge and pave the way for you. I even invited her to play in K City.”


Chu Yunhan choked and looked at Chu Yichen in a panic. The man turned his head and glanced at him briefly. He suddenly felt cold all over and could almost feel his buttocks hurt faintly. His numerous affairs in the past brought along a pile of love debts. Two days ago, he met a woman at a dinner party. She kept looking at him affectionately and pestered him to talk. Next to him, Chu Yichen only glanced at him like he did just now, but after returning home, his butt hurt for three full days. This time, he returned home with Minran, was this why his butt was not blooming yet? Chu Yunhan stared at Minran aggrieved and said, “Who asked you to meddle in other people’s business?”


Minran smiled and said, “Looks like Brother has changed his preferences? What type do you like now? I’ll keep an eye out for you.”


“No need.” He blushed, “You don’t need to worry about my affairs.”


“Okay.” Minran suggested, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been back, and I want to properly enjoy the night life in K City. Shall we go out to play later?”

The so-called “playing” was nothing but drinking and having fun. Therefore, it was impossible to just sit and drink, naturally someone had to keep them company, either a hot beauty or a delicate and pretty boy, and there would inevitably be physical contact. In the past, Chu Yunhan would have agreed without the slightest hesitation, but now he had a master, and had to consider the feelings of the other party. There was his younger brother on one side and his lover on the other side. He could neither agree nor decline and was in a dilemma.


“Hei Yu.” At this moment, Chu Yichen spoke, “Go get things ready. We are going to Lihao.”


Chu Yunhan stared blankly. Minran’s smile deepened, “Didn’t Brother Chen dislike that kind of place?”


The man smiled and said, “I visit it sometimes.”


Lihao, tenth floor, room 1003.


Of all rooms, he booked this one. 


Chu Yunhan really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As soon as he walked into the private room, he thought of the way he had  massaged that person’s legs back then, half-kneeling at the side of the coffee table, pitiful and ridiculous.

With Chu Yichen here, they naturally didn’t have to do anything, everything was arranged very well – the drinks and snacks, the musicians, the singer, the waiter. Then Luo Ning personally led the escort staff in. The beautiful girls in revealing clothes and young men with good-looking faces stood in a neat row to let them choose.


“Seniority has precedence. Brother, you go first.” Minran tilted his head and looked at him.


Chu Yunhan looked at Chu Yichen awkwardly, but the man smiled faintly and said, “Yes, you first, Brother.”


The word “brother” made him tremble all over, giving him goosebumps. At this moment, he regretted he hadn’t told Minran the truth right from the beginning. Now he had to bite the bullet and pull it through. Reluctantly, he pointed at a girl standing at the end of the line and said, “Just her.”


The girl looked pure and had full breasts. She smiled at him and said, “Hello Boss, my name is Huang Ying.” Then she sat down beside him. As per usual he put his arms around her and started drinking, but with Chu Yichen next to him, he was well-behaved and didn’t dare indiscriminately make physical contact with her. He held his glass and fixed his gaze at the small stage.


Chu Yichen and Minran also chose a companion to skilfully serve them to the side. The lights dimmed, and the musicians started playing a French song. The girl singing had a husky voice, making the song hoarse and deep.


“Come on, let’s play cards,” Minran said, half embracing the delicate and pretty boy in his arms.


“What shall we play?” Yichen asked.


“Draw the Joker. The person who draws the Joker loses, and the one who draws the King wins. The loser must do what the winner says. How about it?” 


Chu Yichen said, “Ok.”


Seeing that both of them wanted to play, Chu Yunhan said, “I have no objection.”


So the three of them started playing. The task of drawing cards was naturally given to the companions next to them. Following Chu Yunhan’s instructions, Huang Ying drew the left card in the hand of Minran’s companion and turned to look at him. Seeing that it was a Joker, Chu Yunhan desperately winked at Chu Yichen, who was about to draw a card.


He knew that the King was in Minran’s hands. Since he didn’t know what tricks this younger brother would play on him if he lost, he might as well let Yichen lose. Minran wouldn’t dare to make any excessive demands on him. Unexpectedly Chu Yichen didn’t get the idea and let his companion draw another card. Having lost, Chu Yunhan glared at him.


“We’ve just begun, it wouldn’t be good to come up with a request that’s too difficult, so I might as well make a simple one.” Minran looked at him with a smile. Just when Chu Yunhan gave a sigh of relief, he heard him say, “The King orders the loser to kiss the lovely Miss Huang Ying.”


Chu Yunhan was dumbfounded and stared at him with wide open eyes.

This was really a simple punishment. He hadn’t kissed the escort girl until now, but now… Embarrassed, he secretly cast a glance at Chu Yichen. 


The man looked on from the side, gazing at him indifferently.




“Eldest Brother isn’t trying to back out, is he?” he was interrupted by Minran before he could speak.


Chu Yunhan’s gaze shifted from Chu Yichen to Huang Ying, and then back to Minran, and said, “Can’t you change it?”


What he meant was “change the punishment”, but Minran misinterpreted it as “change the person”, and said very generously, “Okay, which one do you like? Pick whoever you fancy.”


Chu Yunhan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If he kissed the girl, he probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow. The only solution for the present situation would be …


He sighed helplessly and said, “Make them all leave.”


As soon as the Eldest Young Master said this, the staff did what they were told and retired obediently. Only the three brothers were left in the private room, plus a few personal bodyguards.

Chu Yunhan stood up, walked to Chu Yichen, put one hand on the back of the sofa and leaned down. His lips touched the sitting man’s cheek lightly, then he turned to Chu Minran, and said, “Will this do?”


Minran was stunned, but then smiled, “I thought you would struggle for a while.”


“Do you think I can’t see through your tricks? I’m your brother.” His face somewhat red, he said, “I just wanted to wait until I’m ready to tell you. I knew you would jump up and down and mess with me.” While speaking, he glanced to the side at Chu Yichen. “There is another accomplice here.”


The man chuckled, “Are you blaming me  for not drawing the Joker?”


Chu Yunhan raised an eyebrow.


There was a soft gleam in Chu Yichen’s eyes. “Fine, blame me.”


“OK, ok, I can’t look at you two exchanging flirtatious glances like this.” Minran got the answer he wanted, and in a good mood, hooked Bai Yang’s neck, who stood by the door, and said, “Little Bai Yang, it’s been a long time. Did you miss me?”


“Third Young Master…” Overwhelmed by him, Bai Yang didn’t dare to break free, and could only look at Chu Yunhan in a plea for help.


“Bai Yang is mine, don’t bully him,” Chu Yunhan sat down beside Chu Yichen and said while drinking.


“You are being lovey-dovey with each other, but my lonely soul is not allowed to have some fun? Besides, how could I bully him?” Minran raised Bai Yang’s chin frivolously and said, “Little Bai Yang, I missed you so much. Let me kiss you.” Bai Yang’s face turned green and he dodged to avoid him.


While they were joking, the door opened.


Hei Yu led a person in. Seeing the person, Chu Minran’s expression changed, he frowned, and asked displeased, “What are you doing here?”

Dressed in a black coat, Shen Mo, whose body still carried a slight chill from outside, smiled at him. “I missed you, so I came.” This man’s temperament was like jade, calm and friendly, and when he smiled he was so handsome one couldn’t take their eyes off him.


Minran’s eyes were a little red, but he didn’t withdraw the hand holding Bai Yang, and said, “I’m having a good time. Leave before you spoil the mood.” 


Shen Mo didn’t get angry, but replied unhurriedly, “If you are having a good time, I will just stay with you.”


Minran stopped talking.


Seeing this, Chu Yichen whispered a few words in Hei Yu’s ear, and said, “Let’s go, we are moving to another place.”


A bright moon shone above the sea like a silver plate hanging high up. The sky was adorned with a curtain of stars, shining brightly like a river of silver.


A white yacht broke the dark surface of the  sea, moving slowly and skillfully like a fish tail.


On the deck, Minran and Shen Mo were holding wine glasses and talking quietly. On the topmost deck of the flybridge, Chu Yunhan, with a blanket draped over his shoulders, sat beside Chu Yichen, looking at the sky full of stars side by side.


“Are you cold?” Chu Yichen asked.


He shook his head and sighed, “This time, that devil incarnate Minran has been subdued. Shen Mo’s impeccable temper left him no way out.”


“Shen Mo only has a good temper when facing him, he is not that good to the others,” Chu Yichen said.


Chu Yunhan took a sip of wine, suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Do we have anything on Shen Mo?”


“What do you need it for?”


“What if he bullies Minran?”


Chu Yichen laughed, “Do you think Minran is the kind of person that would obediently let himself be bullied?”


He curled up his lips, “I am the only one who obediently lets himself be bullied.”


The man’s face softened, he stroked the ends of his hair with his hand, and said, “I dare not.”


A smile appeared on Chu Yunhan’s lips. He tilted his head, rubbed it against his shoulder, and said, “I’m sleepy, shall we go to bed?”




The word I say the most to you is “good”.


You are good for my heart.


Translator: Taalia


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