Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 26 – Did he really send these?

The incident of plagiarism and safeguarding rights was the hottest topic on Weibo in the past two days.

The netizens who often use Weibo basically knew the context of this incident, and everyone has heard the miraculous speech of Wu Heng’s girlfriend on the night of confrontation sorted out by the marketing account.

As soon as she posted, she immediately attracted the attention of countless netizens who ate melons.

Some bad-tempered netizens spurted directly without saying a word or satirizing whether Lin Xiaozhi wanted to have another set of wrong theories about the victim. The friendlier and soft-hearted netizens advised Lin Xiaozhi not to speak anymore. Lying down and apologizing is the most important thing to do at present. Some of Wu Heng’s fans were still not reconciled. Seeing Lin Xiaozhi’s post, they hurriedly came out to express their support.

No one knew if Lin Xiaozhie had lost her mind, but after posting this Weibo, she first made a few comments with the netizens and then picked out a few comments supporting Wu Heng and replied, “Wu Heng has suffered a lot of grievances in the past two days. He is afraid that you will be worried, and he doesn’t want to argue with Murmuring Water, so he refrained from saying it. But even if he can bear it, I can bear it. Today, I am going to fight with Murmuring Water! I want to tell you that Wu Heng was certainly wrong in this matter, but in terms of human character, Wu Heng is absolutely ahead of Murmuring Water by several streets!

This remark was so affirmative and confident that Wu Heng seemed to have been injected with a shot in the arm, and their speech immediately became positive.

A few minutes later, Lin Xiaozhi sent another Weibo message.

I’m Lin Xiaozhi, Wu Heng’s girlfriend: you are all scolding Wu Heng for being despicable and for plagiarizing shamelessly! But Wu Heng didn’t even want to plagiarize it at first! He was maliciously misled by Murmuring Water! Look at this screenshot. This is the chat record with Wu Heng before he canceled his account. At that time, Wu Heng thought that the Murmuring Water account had been stolen, and he was very worried about him. Now I just want to say that Murmuring Water is real rubbish!

A screenshot of a Penguin account chat was attached to the Weibo post. The two sides of the conversation were Wu Heng and a person who was noted as Xiao Cong.

In the screenshot, Wu Heng first sent a message to Xiao Cong.

Water without a trace: I’m going to Haicheng to meet a classmate next week. Are you free? let’s have dinner together.

“Xiao Cong” sent several responses in a row more than ten minutes later.

Xiao Cong: I don’t have time.

Xiao Cong: the person you are looking for is dead

Xiao Cong: Stop looking for him. It is all kinds of disturbance for him . . . Farewell

After that, the messages sent by Water without a trace were all hung with a red exclamation mark.

Under the Weibo post, Lin Xiaozhi also added her own comment: Wu Heng later tried to use his other account to add Murmuring Water but the account of Murmuring Water no longer existed, so Wu Heng was no plagiarist at all! He thought that Murmuring Water was dead, and he wrote Chivalrous Bones with the idea of helping his apprentice to fulfill his last wish! After making money from Chivalrous Bones for the past two years, Wu Heng would still donate money to Haicheng every year. He also tried to find Murmuring Water’s family, trying to give them some money, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find them. Wu Heng really wasn’t a malicious plagiarist! He was just fooled by Murmuring Water!

Immediately after this comment, Lin Xiaozhi followed up with another Weibo.

I’m Lin Xiaozhi, Wu Heng’s girlfriend: Do you think that Murmuring Water is really a poor activist? No! He is a hypocrite who likes to show off his wealth on the Internet, deliberately, deliberately fabricates false designs for himself to cheat money! If you look at these chat records, ever since he got to know Wu Heng, he has been trying to establish himself as a rich second-generation high achiever, dazzling him with cars and houses, dazzling education, and saying that the purpose of posting a novel on jiangwang was not to make money. He also said that when Wu Heng went to Haicheng, he would invite Wu Heng to eat and play there. What he said was better than what he did. As a result, as soon as Wu Heng mentioned going to Haicheng to see him, he became a pussy and died directly. He played really well! Are you so afraid of the collapsing you rich second generation image that you made up?

The next Weibo post was accompanied by more than a dozen chat screenshots, each of which with a single section of “Xiao Cong” words.

Xiao Cong said: I just went to the attic to help the nanny move things. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

Xiao Cong said: Well, I live in the area near the river in Haicheng.

Xiao Cong said: I got my driver license, but my skill is not good enough. I have been practicing driving with my family driver recently.

Xiao Cong said: I major in screenwriting and plan to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

Xiao Cong said: Looking for a purchasing agent? Brother Heng, are you in a hurry? If you’re not in a hurry, I’m going to go abroad in a few days. Why don’t I buy it for you?

Xiao Cong said: All right, when Brother Heng comes to Haicheng, I will treat him well.

Xiao Cong said: Brother Heng is addicted to spicy food? Then when you come, let’s eat seafood. Haicheng’s local food is all sweet. You may not be used to it. Only seafood is a little stronger.

Xiao Cong said: No expense. I have saved all my New Year money this year. Brother Heng will certainly have enough to eat, live, and play.”


. . .


Below this Weibo, Lin Xiaozhi added in his comments: If you look at Murmuring Water’s speech, did you think he was a rich and hospitable second generation? As a result, when Wu Heng told him that he was going to write a new novel, he just dryly sent congratulations and looked forward to seeing the new work, while the other disciples thanked him, busted votes, and ranking. He just pretended to be stupid and didn’t know about it is just one dime of dozen! He also offered to buy things for Wu Heng. It was the anniversary of our relationship and Wu Heng wanted to buy a set of expensive skincare products for me. Wu Heng trusted Murmuring Water before he asked for these things and also gave him money for it. As a result . . . Ha ha I Received a bunch of fakes. This, because I was afraid of making Wu Heng sad I was reluctant to say. Now I really want to use these skin care products to smash Murmuring Water’s face!

This Weibo was followed by a comparison photo of two skincare sets, one in a platinum color pack and one in a blue and gold color pack, which were different at first sight.

Then, Lin Xiaozhi sent Weibo one last time.

I’m Lin Xiaozhi, Wu Heng’s girlfriend: Originally, I didn’t want to pester him anymore. I thought Wu Heng was cheated. After all, he was also at fault, but he only blamed Murmuring Water for being so excessive. But he just wanted to step on Wu Heng to sign a contract with to earn dirty money! Murmuring water, why are you so shameless? Didn’t you tell Wu Heng that you didn’t write to make money? So what are you doing signing up now? I kind of figured it out. When you suddenly appeared, you knew that Chivalrous Bones was going to make a second part, that had a reward for newly signed newcomers and that your Chivalrous Bones would definitely be on the list of gold medals, so you wanted to make a quick fortune, right? Do you want to make money by making a gimmick that makes Liu Fengyue grotesque? I even suspect that you deliberately found a marketing company to plan this! You also threatened to sue Wu Heng. All right, sue. I’d like to see if you can win! ! !

A recording and a screenshot of the Penguin chat record were attached to the bottom of this Weibo.

The content of the record was very short, and there was only one sentence, it was a male voice with a voice changer saying: “Even if suing Wu Heng will make me lose everything, I will sue. You are right. My life is really good. You can come and try it with me.”

The screenshot shows a conversation between Wu Heng and a man who was marked as “Wolf Brother”.

Wolf Brother said: Murmuring water applied for signing the contract, the boss personally took it over. I could not help it. It’s actually best if he signs up to If he signs with any other platform, we will only be even worse, so don’t ask! Well, that’s it. I can’t help you.

Water without a trace: Is he going to write Chivalrous Bones?

Wolf Brother: He can only write Chivalrous Bones or he won’t get the reward for an old novel and the newcomer’s bonus. Just look at this data. In just two days, his novel collected several hundred thousand yuan. It can be said that as long as he signs up for V, it will be no problem for him to take advantage of the wave of popularity. And coming on the gold list is no problem at all.

Wolf Brother: You bear with him. Let him make his money. Wait for the wind to pass before you come out. Don’t mess around anymore and write well.

End of chat.

At this point, Lin Xiaozhi finally subsided and didn’t send out any new Weibo.

There were a total of four Weibo posts, and Lin Xiaozhi bought a hot search for each, and they were all listed in order. At a glance, the effect was very shocking.

Friends from all sides flocked to the topic of plagiarism and protection of rights, which was originally less and less popular because of Shen Jia and Gu Xun’s Weibo. But because of Lin Xiaozhi’s operation, it has become popular again.


. . .


When Shen Jia and his party landed in Beishi, the time was eleven o’clock in the evening. Everyone got into the car that came to pick up the people in two batches, and Qi Cong was sitting with Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun.

After getting into the car, Qi Cong took out his mobile phone and turned it on. Zhao Zhenxun, who started earlier in the front seat, just happened to take a call. When the startup animation of Qi Cong’s mobile phone finished and the signal was restored, the call from Zhao Zhenxun side was just finished.

“Qi Cong,” Zhao Zhenxun who put down his mobile phone, looked back at Qi Cong and first pointed to the driver with his chin, and then vaguely said, “there is a stir on Weibo.”

Qi Cong was confused and was about to ask when his phone vibrates wildly. Countless missed calls and unread alerts from unfamiliar numbers flooded in, one on top of the other, as he scrolled through the alerts.

After shaking for a few seconds, a phone call suddenly came in. Qi Cong happened to click on the somewhat stuck mobile phone interface, as he rubbed his finger and accidentally answered the phone.

A male voice with an accent sounded and his mouth was very dirty. “Smelly XXX finally dares to turn on his cell phone! Is the money spent on purchasing fake skincare products good? Even a scumbag like you wants to sign up to write a novel? Bah! There is not much in my father’s hand, but there are enough stones. When you write, I will kill you with negative points on you ***. . .”

Zhao Zhenxun reached for Qi Cong mobile phone and hung up the phone and turned it off with an ugly expression. “Your number has been exposed.”

Shen Jia, who had been asleep on the seat since he got in the car, was startled as he sat up and asked, “What is going on? What happened? “

Qi Cong has almost guessed what happened. He tightened the hand that held the phone and looked sideways at Shen Jia: “Jia Jia, let me borrow your phone. Let me have a look at Weibo.”

Shen Jia hurriedly took out his cell phone and unlocked it before handing it over.

A few hours later, several Weibo posts posted by Lin Xiaozhi have all climbed to the popular search, next to Weibo posted by Shen Jia and Gu Xun in the evening.

The first thing Qi Cong saw when he opened the hot Search was not Lin Xiaozhi slandering Weibo, but Gu Xun’s two statements. He was stunned for a moment and then glanced at text that said, “Only had a crush on one person before debut,” and his fingertips could not help rubbing against the phone screen.

Who was the person Gu Xun was talking about? Was it . . . him?

But he was only distracted for a moment, and he quickly drew his attention back to Lin Xiaozhi’s Weibo. He swiped down on the cell phone and slowly frowned.

He clicked on the first chat between “him” and Wu Heng and looked at the words sent out with his ID, the tone was completely strange, and the strong sense of disobedience that he once felt when he was cleaning the apartment and reading the suicide note appeared again.

This impolite attitude, this strange punctuation, this brain-dead act of referring to oneself as “he” and cursing one’s own death . . . Did he really send these lines?



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