Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 27.1 – In The Year Wu Heng Sraped The Blood Of The Newcomer (R)

Although his heart was full of doubts and contradictions, the screenshots didn’t lie and various details showed that these words were indeed sent from his account.

Qi Cong turned off the screenshot and temporarily suppressed his sense of discord as he looked at Lin Xiaozhi’s other Weibo posts. His frowning expression slowly loosened and turned into a cold numbness.

After hearing that abusive phone call, he speculated that Lin Xiaozhi might be upset that he was rewriting “Chivalrous Bones”, so she tried to make noise on Weibo. Even so, he didn’t expect that Lin Xiaozhi and Wu Heng would be so poisonous… and stupid.

He knew every word, such as showing off his wealth, purchasing fake goods, last wishes and tricks but he didn’t understand them well.

It turned out this was what Wu Heng thought of him.

It turns out that Wu Heng and Lin Xiaozhi still thought that plagiarism was very noble.

It turned out that Wu Heng’s guidance was in the hope of getting the reward of an “apprentice” who  votes and helps him with ranking, rather than the collaboration between his peers and friends.

Everything was different from what he thought.

Their friendship was just his wishful thinking. Perhaps on Wu Heng’s side he has a rule of the tacit exchange of money from the start.

But he didn’t understand. He didn’t give Wu Heng the feedback he wanted, so in the eyes of Wu Heng and Lin Xiaozhi, he was actually a liar who showed his non-existent wealth. 

How could he have been so stupid before?

Zhao Zhenxun, who sat in the front seat, had also gone to Weibo to learn the details. He looked back at Qi Cong and asked, “What do you want to do about this?”

Qi Cong regained his senses and thought of the release time he scheduled on Weibo this afternoon and shook his head. “No need to deal with it.”

Zhao Zhenxun frowned. “Don’t you have to deal with it?”

Qi Cong: “Well, we’ll deal with it when today is over.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong’s expression, understood and asked, “Are you prepared?”

“It’s not preparation, but it should help. Let’s wait for  tomorrow. “

Zhao Zhenxun nodded and turned around, asking no more questions.

After the two of them finished chatting, Shen Jia, who had already learned about the situation on Weibo through the tablet, immediately approached Qi Cong and said holding his breath, “Brother Cong, they -“

The sound of a ringing cell phone interrupted Shen Jia’s words.

Qi Cong and Shen Jia looked down at Qi Cong’s cell phone, which was still in his hand.

The name Gu Xun flashed on the screen.

Shen Jia looked at Qi Cong immediately.

Qi Cong looked at the screen for a few seconds before he handed the phone back to Shen Jia. “Jia Jia, your phone.”

“I think he’s here for you. You should take it.” Shen Jia pushed the phone to him.

Qi Cong paused, took back the cell phone and put it to his ear.

“Shen Jia, is Qi Cong by your side?” Gu Xun’s voice came at once, in a fierce and urgent tone.

It was an unfamiliar tone to Qi Cong.

Still, Qi Cong’s name was said in a familiar tone.

Qi Cong’s lashes trembled as he called out, “Gu Xun.”

The opposite side quieted down at once.

“Attorney Jin’s phone number, can you send it to me again?” Qi Cong explained, “After I took his business card, I put it on the nightstand in the hotel room and forgot to take it. I can’t turn on my phone right now, but I need to contact him. “

A few seconds later, Gu Xun’s much gentler voice came out. It was gentle enough to make you somewhat cautious. “Don’t worry, I’ll send you the number first. Qi Cong, why can’t you turn your phone on?”

“The number was exposed. I’ll go get a new one tomorrow.”

“…… I see. ” Gu Xun’s voice was still gentle, but the articulation was obviously a little heavy: “Don’t worry, I’ll send you the number first. Rest assured, it will be all resolved.”

Qi Cong responded with a ‘thank you’.

After ending the call, Gu Xun quickly sent Lawyer Jin’s phone number over by text message. Qi Cong saved it, but didn’t immediately call Lawyer Jin. He returned the mobile phone to Shen Jia, then took the tablet in Shen Jia’s hand and read the direction of the wind on Weibo.

The comments on Lin Xiaozhi’s several Weibo’s had broken through ten thousand comments. The hot comments were all brainwashing speeches concerning Murmuring Water’s character. Obviously, the water army already took control of the rhythm.

In addition to Lin Xiaozhi’s Weibo, there were also several so-called secret disclosures on Weibo made by marketing accounts that were also popular. The content was all about the public welfare donation Wu Heng has made for Haicheng in recent years, including some plausible news such as “I heard that Wu Heng goes to several large public graveyards in Haicheng every year to deliver flowers during the Qingming Festival.”

Public welfare was the easiest way to raise goodwill. After the change in the direction of the wind, the scolding of Wu Heng stopped unconsciously.

Clicking on the Weibo comments, at a glance, they were all “Wu Heng is not a plagiarist, he just wanted to write the works of his dead apprentice,” “Wu Heng was cheated,” “Wu Heng is really nice, but that apprentice of his… never mind”, “Looking at it this way, I suddenly feel that Wu Heng isn’t so abominable. He didn’t deliberately plagiarize, but that Murmuring Water is stupid and low,” and so on.

Then, in the middle-to-bottom position of popularity, Qi Cong saw an expected Weibo.

The blogger, who was certified as a senior editor of so-and-so literary platform, said:  Everyone advised me not to speak and not to fight against public opinion, but I think that we in the literary circle still shouldn’t bow to marketing and capital so easily. First of all, I don’t support plagiarism, but I also don’t support the white-eyed wolf behavior of stepping on a master to climb up. In this matter, we should look at it not in terms of results, but in terms of subjective will. Wu Heng plagiarized not from “evil”, but from “good”. He wanted to fulfill his apprentice’s last wish and make up for his apprentice’s regret. You can see a series of acts he did behind this, doing public welfare and going to the graveyard to lay flowers. These are all acts of kindness. Look at Murmuring Water, showing off his wealth and his subjective malice. Deceiving his master plus disappearing is subjective malice. Buying fake goods on behalf of others to cheat them out of money is subjective and malicious. Decide for yourself.

Later, he added: And again, the writing of “Chivalrous Bones” was something Wu Heng was very dedicated to, otherwise “Chivalrous Bones” wouldn’t be where it is today. If you look at Murmuring Water’s behavior of updating three chapters and then disappearing, how irresponsible it that? Now reappearing, he appears to be aiming for that reward from All I can say is that he triumphed. Look at his old novel, the figures are hundreds of thousands of hits. How great, other newcomers may not have this achievement in their lifetime. I also think that the writing of the author does not necessarily represent the character of the author, but it can certainly reveal something. In the same plot, Wu Heng wrote Liu Fengyue as bright as the moon, a truly heroic hero. As for Murmuring Water, I only want to ask you one question, do you want to see Liu Fengyue written by the hands of a liar and a white-eyed wolf?

Under this Weibo, all of Wu Heng’s fans were partying. They agree, thinking that everyone was drunk and over-analyzing, criticizing and condemning his works. The painstaking efforts of the original creator are not worth a penny, and Wu Heng’s “well-intentioned” plagiarism was worth thousands of dollars. They even put up the banner of “justice” in a dignified way, saying that Murmuring Water wanted to “defile” Liu Fengyue. They would not be defeated. Even if a thousand people criticize it, they must stop this “brassiness trampling art”.

The absurdity was extreme.

So this was what Wu Heng wanted. Anyway, Liu Fengyue can only be the Liu Fengyue written by Wu Heng. Lin Xiaozhi came out crazy and just wanted to stop him from rewriting “Chivalrous Bones”. Wu Heng wanted to protect his IP of “Chivalrous Bones”.

Qi Cong breathed softly and looked at the time on the tablet.

11:37 .

There were still 23 minutes left until midnight.




At midnight, when the rhythm was slowly turning on Weibo to “it was Wu Heng who wrote Liu Fengyue and “Chivalrous Bones”, let’s boycott Murmuring Water, who only want to earn money badly and destroy the novel. When Murmuring Water’s “Chivalrous Bones” was uploaded on Weibo it was hour zero, zero minutes and zero seconds.

Murmuring Water, the Wind and the Moon Bones: Times change, but the wind and the moon remain the same. I will write out my “Chivalrous Bones” free of charge, and allow it to be reproduced on the whole platform. May the place where the wind and moon pass be clear and bright.

At the same time,’s Murmuring Water’s version of “Chivalrous Bones” officially began to update. Three chapters of the manuscript were released at the same time, the title of the chapters were:

What is the Hermit?

Who is Fengyue?

What is justice?


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