Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 25 – # Gu Xun future partner #

This evening Weibo was particularly lively.

After seven o’clock in the evening, Shen Jia, who was caught in a whirlpool of gossip because of the “wearing necklace” incident, finally became more abundant under the call of his fans. He sent a sentence with two photos.

Shen Jia V: Brother Cong is about to usher in a new beginning. In the past, he shared with me half of his textbook. Now I want to share with him half of my luck! PS: Not in love, don’t guess marketing accounts. Brother Cong is my brother!

The two photos below were the same as in Shen Jia’s last Weibo. The following two photos are the same as Shen Jia’s last tweet. One is still the current photo and the other was the photo from the past.

Now in the picture, Shen Jia, who was wearing a more formal suit for the interview, was sitting on the hotel couch, stretching forward with one hand, probably holding a mobile phone and the other on the back of the sofa, as if holding Qi Cong who was sitting beside him, tilting his head slightly and smiling ostentatiously at the camera. Next to him, Qi Cong was sitting, facing the camera, sewing the buttons to the coat with his head down, his eyebrows soft and quiet, and the crown pendant on his neck leaning slightly, revealing a small angle.

In the past photos, there were only the two fifteen-and sixteen-year-olds, sitting side by side in front of a desk, with two homework tasks and only one set of textbooks. The teenager with shorter hair obviously cried, his eyes still red, and the boy with longer hair leaned to the short-haired boy with a tissue in his hand and looked worried, but the other hand on his leg clenched his fist tightly as if he was suppressing something.

When Shen Jia fans first saw Shen Jia, Weibo, they were excited. The incident of “wearing a necklace” happened nearly two days ago. Marketing accounts, black fans, and fanatical fans were dancing randomly, causing a lot of messy speculation. They urgently needed Shen Jia to come out and explain the situation in person.

But when they finished reading Shen Jia’s Weibo content, their excitement turned to complicated feelings.

Because they remembered something.

Around last year, Shen Jia participated in an interview and was trapped by the host to reveal that his life had changed dramatically in junior high school because of his parents’ divorce. He transferred from a familiar school to a new school and also suffered from campus violence with his textbooks often missing or scribbled on. This was later discovered by an older brother who loved him very much, and this brother secretly replaced his textbooks with his good textbooks, who placed it in his schoolbag. In that critical period of junior high, this brother also convinced his parents to also transfer to JiaJia’s school not a half month later and protected him safely through that difficult time of third-year junior high and then took him to the best high school in the city.

At that time, no matter whether his mother or father loved him or not, there was only one lazy nanny at home to take care of him, and his life was very bad. The brother even kept him at home for a long time after high school to get him out of the shadows early.

Shen Jia said that without this brother, he would become depraved or depressed or rebellious. Anyway, he would never have grown up to who he was now.

Fans with the benefit of hindsight—So . . . the brother Jia Jia once mentioned is the new assistant Qi Cong? This one had just been traced and connected by some fans, who speculated that he approached JiaJia with some ulterior motives.

The comment area was abnormally quiet, and after half a day, there were no other comments except for some comments that were sent out obviously without reading the content. It was completely different from the usual lively comments section.

Then no one who commented on this one.

Balabala: A sister guessed it right. This assistant is really going to step on JiaJia. Too calculating. Took a picture but also deliberately a concave angle and also making a show of pretending to sew clothes.

This sentence directly blew up the nerves of some old fans. The comment area exploded, and the number of comments increased at least twice as fast as before.

JiaJia wife fan: The new fans who don’t understand, shut up! If the little brother Qi Cong is really the brother of Jia Jia, then the buttons of Jia Jia school uniform shirts from third to the second year of high school were all sewn by this brother! If you don’t understand how much JiaJia cares about this brother, don’t be so cynical!

JiaJia come to my house: No wonder, no wonder, no wonder! I cried. The little Jia Jia in the photo cried so pitifully. Thank you, Brother Qi Cong, for taking care of JiaJia in the past. Thank you.

JiaJia enters the Palace: So it turned out it is this brother. Ah ah, I’m sorry. I’ve guessed a lot of things before . . . Ah, I hope JiaJia did not see my previous comments. Don’t be sad or angry because of my comments, Jia Jia. I am sorry QAQ.

I love my Jia: What’s stepping on it or not! Have some brains, for God’s sake! How can you think so much when it’s just a necklace! And for those of you who speculate that JiaJia is being forced by the company to give in to sucking blood from newcomers, have you forgotten JiaJia’s identity!! Manju is owned by JiaJia’s own sister! Who could force JiaJia to give the necklace to Qi Cong? Obviously, it was just because he wanted to!!! What’s going on in your head?

A good feeling for jia10000%: So JiaJia now wants to push up the elder brother who used to take care of him? Ahhhh, I don’t care! I’ll support anything JiaJia wants to do! I like that JiaJia remembers the goodwill he received and find the opportunity to return it!


. . .


The comment section was full of popular science, apology, and confessions; all bad words were suppressed. As Shen Jia’s past was slowly popularized, Shen Jia fans gradually changed their title of Qi Cong from “new assistant” to “Qi Cong little brother,” and finally it became “Brother Cong,” and their attitude became more and more friendly.

Then Shen Jia’s fans began to delve into the childhood appearance of their idols, and the comments about the photos began to appear in the comment area. Just like a gentle breeze and rain in the comment section, Shen Jia’s fans began to appreciate the look of their idol when he was young.

Jia Tiantian: I didn’t dare to send it before, for fear of being beaten, but now. . . Posted a picture quietly from the back row. Brother Cong also went to JiaJia’ rehearsal yesterday and both of them sang a song on stage. You can check this picture.

A photo of the top and bottom stitching is posted behind the comment. In the photo above, Shen Jia was singing and dancing handsomely on the stage surrounded by backup dancers, and Qi Cong was standing before the stage, looking up, full of pride and tenderness. In the next photo below, Qi Cong stood alone on the stage and Shen Jia leaned forward on the stage with his hands tightly clenched, looking at Qi Cong with bright eyes as if he was covered with stars.

As soon as the photo came out, it immediately aroused a large number of diving fans who followed the formation under this comment, leaving a secret message: I can.

Ten minutes later, this formation was broken, and someone posted a moving picture silently.

In the moving picture, Shen Jia, who had just finished the rehearsal, immediately looked at a place under the stage, his eyes wide open, like a puppy waiting for his master’s praise. In the place, he looked, stood Qi Cong with his back to the camera, raised his hand to give a thumbs up to Shen Jia. When Shen Jia saw it, Shen Jia’s eyes immediately turned into a crescent moon, and ran toward Qi Cong like a happy puppy.

As soon as this picture came out, the code of “I can” suddenly changed to “I’m dead!” and then no one knew when the comment that was originally very late, climbed to the middle . . . then to the upper position. . . Finally, it was fixed on the third hot review.

The number of likes of the two pictures was soaring, just like the pink mood in the hearts of some fans.


. . .


At 8:30 in the evening, Shen Jia’s Weibo successfully climbed in popularity, squeezing between the Weibo related to the various plagiarism and rights protection events that were still popular and solved the problem for onlookers who were tired of watching this popular content.

Then ten minutes later, Gu Xun suddenly posted a Weibo.

Netizens who ate “plagiarism” melon seeds for two days and Gu Xun’s fans all thought that Gu Xun posted a Weibo to say something about the trend of “resisting plagiarism and supporting originality” brought by him, but it turned out it was not, what he said was . . .

Looking back on the flowers v: I officially withdraw what I said in the past, “The future partner will never be industry insider.” As long as the person is right, it doesn’t matter whether he is an insider or not.

After people first saw his Weibo they were like: “???”

Then: “. . .”

Finally: “!!!”

Weibo exploded with a bang, and all kinds of topics came out.

#Gu Xun is in love#

#Gu Xun’s published Weibo#

#Gu Xun changed the criteria for choosing a mate#.

#Gu Xun looks for insiders#

#Gu Xun future partner#


. . .


Finally, a topic full of gossip crushed a large number of related topic and rushed to the top with a big “pop” word, it was

#Gu Xun true fragrance Fu Jing#.

The crowd was shocked! Netizens who ate melons were shocked! Gu Xun fans were scared to death! Fu Jing fans were stunned and then injected with chicken blood! All kinds of marketing, gossip, and entertainment accounts were moved by this wind and seeing that some things of the past were about to be dug up to stir-fry leftovers, Gu Xun posted again.

Looking back on the flowers v: Well, I’m a clean and self-sufficient single person. I only had a crush on one person before I started my career and in the past 20 years or so.

A basin of cold water poured down, blocking all possibility of gossip.

Everyone quieted down and put down the hand on the keyboard they had just raised.

It seemed that the unpredictable film emperor is “expressing his feelings” and “speaking his mind” all of a sudden.

He was probably going to act in some new role.


. . .



Just as Qi Cong was about to turn off his mobile phone, a WeChat message came in.

Gu Xun: Did you get on the plane?

Qi Cong quickly released his hand that was pressing the shutdown button.

When the mobile screen was unlocked, he immediately tapped on the WeChat icon.

Just then, Gu Xun sent another message: Already on the plane?

Zhao Zhenxun was urging everyone to get on the plane. Qi Cong looked over and started typing fast.

Qi Cong: We are up.

Gu Xun replied in a second, “Have you seen Weibo?”

Qi Cong wondered, and replied, “what happened on Weibo?”

Gu Xun replied again in a second, “It’s nothing. It’s just that the photo of you and Shen Jia become popular again.”

Gu Xun: Can you sew buttons?

Qi Cong knew that Shen Jia’s Weibo was specially arranged by Zhao Zhenxun to guide the wind for Shen Jia fans.

Qi Cong didn’t know how to reply.

It always felt like . . . the tone of Gu Xun’s question was a little sour.

Zhao Zhenxun was urging again. Qi Cong took another look over there. It was too late to type. He chose voice input, raised his mobile phone to his lips, and said, “Yes. In the past, when we were at school, the school-issued uniforms had loose buttons that had to be reinforced every time I got them back. You . . . you work hard. I’m getting on the plane.”

After saying it, he sent voice messages successfully.

After the message was sent, Qi Cong regretted it a bit again.

It’s not as if he needed to explain this to Gu Xun, who might have just asked a casual question, but he came back with such a long explanation.

“Brother Cong, let’s go!”

Qi Cong returned to his senses, raised his hand to the voice message sent out, hesitated for a moment but did not withdraw it. He turned off his cell phone and put it away to chase Shen Jia.

Soon after, a plane with Shen Jia and others took off smoothly.

On Weibo, the hustle and bustle sprang up again, and Weibo, which had only a few comments, suddenly parachuted into the hot search.

I am Wu Heng’s girlfriend, Lin Xiaozhi: Murmuring Water, do you want to make dirty money by stepping on Wu Heng? Dream on! I’m going to show everyone what kind of person you really are!



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