TOFUH – Chapter 93.2 – You owe me money

As these people were talking, Shen Anxin, who had been in a state of shock, finally calmed down while laughing bitterly in his heart.

Where did this person who blackmail people came from? This man was coming for him to hurt him!

Shen Anxin was scared when he remembered what had just happened, and then he looked at Jiang Zhen gratefully. If it weren’t for Jiang Zhen, he would have been made a huge fool of just now!

Thinking of the miserable encounter he would have after letting this man have his way, Shen Anxin became more and more grateful to Jiang Zhen. For a moment, he felt that Jiang Zhen was good in every way, and his heartbeat became a little faster.

His face also heated up, but as soon as he turned his gaze, he saw Zhao Jinge, who had a worried expression. Suddenly, a wave of bitterness arose from the bottom of his heart again.

But at this time, his little servant boy was still chanting, “Young Master, Young Master, that Jiang Zhen is so strong!”

Seeing that Jiang Zhen was extremely concerned about Zhao Jinge before, the boy already had a good impression on Jiang Zhen, so now he was looking at Jiang Zhen with bright eyes.

“Rumo!” Shen Anxin called out to him.

The little servant named Rumo stopped talking. He really liked Jiang Zhen, but he also knew that it was impossible for the two of them. He was just a boy, and in the future, he could only marry a steward of the Shen family. A big master like Jiang Zhen, he could only think about him in his heart.

But . . . glancing at Zhao Jinge not far away, he was a little disgruntled. Why did Zhao Jinge marry so well?

“What’s the matter?” At this time, the yamen who patrolled the street hurried over and saw Jiang Zhen, who was still holding the man down. They immediately frowned and surrounded Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen immediately let go.

“My lord, the one was beaten for his debt.”

“Yes, he did it first.”

“He tried to blackmail people before!”


. . .


At this time, people around him also helped Jiang Zhen speak.

In the capital, there were so many yamen officers that people here were not as afraid of government officials as people in other places. They were even less afraid of the magistrates, so they naturally dared to speak to the yamen officers in a generous manner.

Those yamen officers relaxed when they heard what the people around them said, saying to Jiang Zhen, “Even if he owes you money, you can’t hit people in the street, you know?”

“Yes, Your Excellency. I will put up with it in the future,” Jiang Zhen said.

But “Mr. Zhang,” who had been beaten to the ground by him, said, “My lord, I don’t owe him money . . .” He didn’t even know this guy!

However, Jiang Zhen spoke loudly at this time, suppressing his voice, “In fact, I am also worried. This man not only beats people up but also steals other people’s money. Your Excellency, the money bag in his arms does not seem to be his.”

“Mr. Zhang” still wanted to yell that he did not steal the money when Jiang Zhen went to him and took the money bag from his arms.

“It’s mine!” This “Mr. Zhang” said in a hurry.

“How could it be yours? This exquisite purse probably belongs to this young master you tried to bully!” Jiang Zhen pointed to Shen Anxin.

The purse taken from the arms of “Mr. Zhang” was embroidered with flowers, which was very exquisite. It was indeed not something that could belong to ordinary “Mr. Zhang.” However, Jiang Zhen also knew that this money bag should be his, and it was probably the reward given to him by the person who hired him.

And now . . . this money will be used to compensate Shen Anxin.

Shen Anxin was not stupid. Hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, he quickly responded and said, “Yes, this is my money bag! I wondered why he just came up to me and started tugging. It was because he wanted to steal my money! “

When Jiang Zhen said this, it was to wash him clean. He knew that Jiang Zhen was a little straightforward, but he really didn’t know that he had such a mind. Jiang Zhen was very considerate for him. Shen Anxin smiled at Jiang Zhen.

After those yamen officers asked Shen Anxin about him and found out that he was the young master of the Shen family and he gave them a little money for their efforts, they arrested the money-stealing “Mr. Zhang.”

When he was taken away, he was still shouting, “I’m not called Mr. Zhang . . . I didn’t steal the money . . .”

However, he was slapped by Jiang Zhen in the face a few times, making his voice really vague, and those yamen officers didn’t bother to listen to his defense so no one took his words seriously.

In the restaurant next to him, Feng Chenglin’s face turned black as he watched this scene. Then he looked at shopkeeper Zhu with an ugly face, scolding him: “How do you work? Why did you find someone so unreliable?”

“This . . .” Shopkeeper Zhu recognized Jiang Zhen, so his expression was very tangled.

“How does this Mr. Zhang do things!” Feng Chenglin broke the teacup in his hand.

“Young Master, that person is not called Mr. Zhang,” Shopkeeper Zhu said.

“What is he called if he’s not called Mr. Zhang? He was recognized!” Feng Chenglin was exasperated.

“The one who came up to beat him is that Jiang Zhen, who sold a lot of goods to Shen Anxin,” Shopkeeper Zhu said.

Feng Chenglin’s expression stiffened; he had thought that today was just his bag luck and the person he was was just too unreliable, but he didn’t expect . . . It was that person Jiang Zhen who was against him?

So the person he asked Shopkeeper Zhu to find was not named “Mr. Zhang” and didn’t owe him any money? This Jiang Zhen came out with this just to help Shen Anxin? Feng Chenglin’s face darkened even more.

When he saw Shen Anxin downstairs laughing and talking to Jiang Zhen, he couldn’t help but throw another cup of tea.

After “Mr. Zhang” was arrested, Jiang Zhen went to Zhao Jinge. “Jinge, are you all right?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Zhao was speechless. “It’s you. Are you all right?”

There was blood on Jiang Zhen’s hands! Zhao Jinge grabbed Jiang Zhen’s hand worriedly and made sure that the blood was someone else before he became relieved. Then he looked at Jiang Zhen admiringly. “Jiang Zhen, you are really good!”

He didn’t see that the man was lying at all, but Jiang Zhen could see it at a glance.

“That.” Jiang Zhen was a bit proud of himself, he also felt quite powerful . . . Thinking in this way, he subconsciously scratched at Zhao Jinge’s palm.

“Master Jiang, Madame Jiang.” Shen Anxin walked over to Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge. “This time, I would want to thank you very much for your help.”

“It’s just a piece of cake. It’s nothing,” Jiang Zhen said, letting go of Zhao Jinge’s hand.

“How could it be so easy? Master Jiang, you have given him punches and a kick.” Shen Anxin smiled, revealing two dimples. “Master Jiang and Madam Jiang, may I invite you to dinner?”

“No, we’re going shopping,” Jiang Zhen refused. He and Zhao Jinge hadn’t even brought Wang Haisheng and the others because they wanted to spend time with each other without others, so why should they bring this Shen Anxin?

“What do you guys want to buy? I’m familiar with the capital, so I can take you here?” Shen Anxin proposed again.

“We didn’t want to buy anything. We just decided to look around. No need to lead the way,” Jiang Zhen said.

Shen Anxin could see that, at this time, that Jiang Zhen did not welcome him, so he took his leave.

Jiang Zhen left with Zhao Jinge. Shen Anxin stood in the same place, watching the two of them talking, and he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

Since the death of his father, he couldn’t depend on anyone, and life was hard. If someone could protect him . . .

Shen Anxin quickly smiled bitterly again. His mother kept on urging him to marry. If it were not for his special situation that caused him to be unable to find a suitable woman, he would have his biological child long ago. How could he think about this? Shaking his head, Shen Anxin went back with Rumo.

This time, it was mostly done by the people of the Wanlong Merchant Firm . . . He had endured many things before, but this time . . . he might need to visit some of his father’s good friends?

Jiang Zhen didn’t care about what Shen Anxin was going to do. After he left Shen Anxin, he took Zhao Jinge to a small restaurant for dinner.

People in Hecheng County would also grow wheat in winter, so Zhao Jinge was familiar with noodles but not liked it, so Jiang Zhen asked for rice instead of noodles.

As a result, as soon as the two of them had eaten a few mouthfuls, someone came over and said, “Master Jiang, just now …   hero saving the beauty . . .”


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