TOFUH – Chapter 93.1 – You owe me money

Shen Anxin, who was entangled, attracted many people who stopped to watch, but no one went up to help him. The bystanders were just watching the hustle and bustle.

On the one hand, things were developing fast, but on another, it was that man who took the lead, declared that Shen Anxin was his lover.

Although the scar between Shen Anxin’s brow was very light, if he were to stand together with Zhao Jinge, everyone could immediately point out he was a ger.

A ger and man bickering and pulling in the street . . .

Since it was the business of the young couple, people naturally wouldn’t bother about it, and just watched the fun from the side.

Shen Anxin’s place was next to a restaurant, and from the second floor window of the restaurant, a young man was looking at the commotion below. Watching this scene and hearing Shen Anxin’s cry, his eyes flashed a glimmer of joy.

Next to the man stood a fat middle-aged man who had wanted to buy Jiang Zhen’s goods and slandered Shen Anxin after Jiang Zhen disagreed. It was the shopkeeper of Wanlong Merchant Firm.

“Young Master, isn’t this not appropriate?” Shopkeeper Zhu asked, he knew that the master of the family always wanted the young master to marry Shen Anxin and take control of all the wealth of the Shen family.

And now his young master was doing this . . .

This would damage Shen Anxin’s reputation, but it wasn’t good for the young master either!

“What’s wrong with that? I don’t want to marry him!” Feng Chenglin, the young owner of Wanlong Merchant Firm said.

He never liked Shen Anxin. He agreed to marry Shen Anxin because the Shen family was rich and had only a single child. If he were to marry Shen Anxin, the money of the Shen family would be his. But Shen Anxin had been insensitive and had rejected him several times, making him so angry; he no longer wanted to marry Shen Anxin at all.

Since he no longer intended to marry him, he would just destroy Shen Anxin.

Shen Anxin was a ger, so no suitable family was willing to marry their daughter to him. Now when he was found out to have a relationship with a man on the street, it was even more impossible for him to marry a daughter from a good family. If his affairs were publicized, there would certainly be fewer and fewer people willing to do business with him.

After the Shen family business collapse, they would still be able to swallow up the Shen family little by little.

Feng Chenglin waited for the next development of this farce when he found that the direction of the travesty had suddenly changed.

What hadn’t Jiang Zhen seen in the modern times? The man who suddenly came out to pull at Shen Anxin, he knew from just a glance he had nothing to do with Shen Anxin. On the contrary, his purpose was very clear—it was to destroy Shen Anxin’s reputation.

This Shen Anxin, although he wanted to think of himself as a man, was still a ger at heart. He didn’t have any strength to argue with this scene and cried as soon his clothes were torn.

“You bitch . . .” The man grabbed Shen Anxin clothes and was about to follow the advice of the man who gave him money to do it when he was suddenly seized from his collar.

“Mr. Zhang, I’ve finally found you! When will you pay back the money you owe me?” As soon as Jiang Zhen grabbed the man, he asked viciously.

When he spoke, he deliberately took on the accent of the capital. No matter where the people were, they would always have more confidence in what a local would say.

“Who are you?” The punk, who was named “Mr. Zhang” by Jiang Zhen, reached out to push Jiang Zhen away.

“You son of a bitch, you still want to do it?” Jiang Zhen said. Before he finished, he directly slapped this man in the face. “You still think owning money is not bad?”

Jiang Zhen’s slap was so heavy that the man’s mouth started bleeding. The con man could no longer care about finding trouble for Shen Anxin. If he let go of Shen Anxin, he could fight with Jiang Zhen. “Do you know who I am?”

“Of course, I know who you are, Mr. Zhang. You still owe me money!” Jiang Zhen saw that he had let go of Shen Anxin so that he could no longer drag Shen Anxin into the fight or tear off Shen Anxin’s clothes. Instead of grabbing him, Jiang Zhen gave him a push and kicked him again. “You dare to owe me money. You really don’t want to live!”

The “Mr. Zhang” was suddenly beaten up by Jiang Zhen, and he was powerless to fight back. He was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, but just like when he was pestering Shen Anxin just then, everyone was just watching the commotion. At that moment, people around him were still just watching.

“Who are you? What do you want to do—” “Mr. Zhang” asked.

And before he could finish, Zhen punched him in the mouth, making him swallow the second half of his words. At the same time, Jiang Zhen grabbed his belt and began to strip his clothes off.

This man just went to pull at Shen Anxin’s clothes, which was executed in a deliberately covert fashion. But Jiang Zhen was different. Jiang Zhen started to strip the clothes off the other man straightforwardly, not covering it up at all.

“What do you want!” the man exclaimed, clutching at his clothes, showing the same frightened expression as a little girl teased by a bully.

People around him sympathized with him while others tried to dissuade Jiang Zhen from his act. But by that time, Jiang Zhen had already removed his clothes.

“Mr. Zhang, don’t think that I don’t recognize you just because you’re wearing different clothes. So I have taken them off!” Jiang Zhen said coldly while throwing the apparel he had taken off to the ground.

The people around thought it was so bad of Jiang Zhen to take off this person’s clothes right on the street and even wanted to stop him. Had it been a hot day today when everyone would wear less clothes, then wouldn’t the man be naked? What an eyesore!

But after Jiang Zhen really stripped the person of his clothes, the crowd immediately ran out of things to say.

This person who had been stripped of his outerwear by Jiang Zhen was actually wearing a neat set of clothes underneath.

The coat that Jiang Zhen had stripped off was shiny and made of good material, but the clothes underneath were coarser and was not as good a material as Jiang Zhen was wearing.

This man originally looked like a rich gentleman, but when you looked at him now, he was clearly a scoundrel.

“Where did you steal these clothes? Pretending to be rich again to cheat people?” Jiang Zhen gave the person another slap.

He just grabbed this person’s collar when he found that this person’s clothes were a little thick, and he knew that this person was probably wearing another set of clothes inside and wore this set to pester Shen Anxin. Then after stripping him of his clothes . . . it was as expected.

“This man’s clothes seem to have been stolen!”

“What was he trying to do? Blackmail?”

“It’s really hateful if you don’t pay back the money you owe!”

The people around him now recognized that this man was a liar and sympathized with Jiang Zhen.

As for Shen Anxin . . . looking at Shen Anxin’s appearance of a rich young master and then taking a look at the bloodied face of the man lying on the ground, they also began to sympathize with Shen Anxin. How unlucky he was!

A middle-aged woman even said, “Young man, are you all right?”

“Yes, young man, are you all right?” Another person next to him asked.

“This man is really hateful. I don’t know where he got this clothes and he still came out to blackmail people.”

“Yes, it’s a good thing someone found out!”


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