TOFUH – Chapter 94.1 – The Ministry of Household

Just by listening to the tone of voice, they could tell that the visitor was unkind.

Jiang Zhen raised his head and saw a fat young man in his twenties walking towards him

The young man looked very pleasing, but when you looked at his expression of disgust and resentment, he naturally could not like him at all.

Jiang Zhen didn’t know this man, so when he heard this person’s words, he immediately frowned.

This fat man was Feng Chenglin. He originally spent money to buy people to play with Shen Anxin. But unexpectedly, he was interrupted by Jiang Zhen. Naturally, he was disgusted and angry with Jiang Zhen.

After both Jiang Zhen and Shen Anxin left, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. In addition, he heard from shopkeeper Zhu that Jiang Zhen was a small businessman from the south of the Yangtze River with little background, so he came to find trouble with Jiang Zhen.

It was true that their firm was not a big deal in the capital, but it was no problem to deal with a small merchant from somewhere.

Even if he really couldn’t do anything to him, he could still scare him. These people from other places were always easy to frighten.

Feng Chenglin looked at Jiang Zhen’s clothes and a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes. “I don’t know from which corner of the road you toad came from, that you jump around so happily without being afraid of being trampled to death.”

Jiang Zhen cared about food, clothing, housing and transportation, but he didn’t care about clothes. In modern times, when he was still in the army, he wore similar clothes with his hair down every day. After he was discharged from the army, he bought several sets of exactly the same clothes and pants. Because of this, he was once mistaken as a person who never changed clothes.

In ancient times, he didn’t care about his clothes even more. In addition, he didn’t have the time to buy any good clothes after he made money not too long ago.

What Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge were wearing this time was made of fabric they got from the women and gers they rescued from the pirates.

These are the best clothes Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge had ever worn, and the fabric was no worse than the clothes they wore when they got married. But Feng Chenglin grew up in a rich family, so naturally, he didn’t like this clothes with such ordinary fabric and loose stitches. He also looked down on Jiang Zhen.

Zhao Jinge was very happy to eat, so when Feng Chenglin first came over, he didn’t react. But the moment that Feng Chenglin was scolding Jiang Zhen . . . Zhao Jinge looked up angrily, and after noticing the disdain in the other person’s eyes, he even stood up.

However, at this time, Jiang Zhen pulled down one of his hand and then gave him a few pieces of ribs and some bamboo shoots.

Zhao Jinge was puzzled, but he did not move.

“Young Master, it’s time for us to go back.” Shopkeeper Zhu came panting at this time, trying to dissuade Feng Chenglin. Although he did not know Jiang Zhen, they paid attention to making money by being friendly when doing business, so there was no need to hold grudges with others.

However, Feng Chenglin was not willing to let go.

Although he didn’t like Shen Anxin, but Shen Anxin had rejected him several times, so Shen Anxin smiling at Jiang Zhen made him very angry.

“Shen Anxin is just like a man, so there is not much to talk. But it is also true he is rich. Some money leaking between his fingers will make even a villain like you learn something.” Feng Chenglin added.

“The young owner of Wanlong Merchant Firm?” Jiang Zhen took a look at Shopkeeper Zhu and guessed the identity of the person in front of him. At the same time, he also felt that angry veins were popping up on Zhao Jinge’s hand, so he held him down.

Jiang Zhen sighed lightly.

At the beginning, when Shopkeeper Zhu became angry that he didn’t sell his goods to him, he asked people to inquire about Wanlong’s business. There were too many noble people in the capital, so he was worried that he would accidentally offend some nobles.

According to the information he found out, this Wanlong Merchant Firm was just a merchant who had done good business. There was no backing behind him, so he needn’t be afraid that those people with important positions would do anything to him.

And just when he thought he would no longer have contact with this Wanlong Merchant Firm, the young owner of Wanlong Merchant Firm unexpectedly came to trouble him.

As soon as Jiang Zhen thought about it, Jiang Zhen just knew that the troubles Shen Anxin was entangled with before were probably done by this man before him.

It was not enough for this man to pester Shen Anxin, now he even wanted to scold him? …

“It’s me,” Feng Chenglin replied, “If you know the truth, you can now apologize to me, otherwise . . .”

Feng Chenglin looked at Jiang Zhen with an expression full of threats. Several girls of the Feng family were married to officials; his own sister was even married to an official on the other side of the docks, so it couldn’t be easier for him to mess with merchants from out of town.

Feng Chenglin felt a little proud but soon the expression on his face and the pride in his eyes disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Zhen stood up with a bowl of soup from the table . . . and then poured it on Feng Chenglin’s head.

This soup was winter melon soup with dried bamboo shoots and ribs. Jiang Zhen had already put all ribs and bamboo shoots that Zhao Jinge liked into his bowl, sso in the bowl what was left was only wax gourd that was not worth money even in Hexi as it was planted by almost every household there.

Now, that wax gourd fell on Feng Chenglin’s head, and the soup flowed down Feng Chenglin’s face.

A wax gourd slipped down Feng Chenglin’s face, along his hair until it felt to the ground. Then Feng Chenglin finally came to his senses. “You bastard! How dare you do this to me!” He had not been so insulted ever since he had grown up!

“What? Want to fight?” Jiang Zhen slammed the bowl on the table with a bang.

Feng Chenglin expression immediately froze. He just saw Jiang Zhen beat “Mr. Zhang,” who couldn’t even fight back, so he knew that this man was not simple.

It’s just why Jiang Zhen didn’t do things according to common sense? This was the capital, and a merchant from capital was right in front of you. Why aren’t you sincere and fearful? How could he still act so arrogantly?

“I don’t know where you fat pig came from, but I just wasted a bowl of soup because of you.” Jiang Zhen looked sadly at the soup bowl and then looked in disdain at Feng Chenglin.

Originally, he didn’t mind being told a few words. But even if he didn’t care, Zhao Jinge cared. When this Feng Chenglin scolded him, Zhao Jinge looked so angry that he seemed to be about to stand up and hit people.

It was not good for Zhao Jinge to make the first move, so he’d better do it himself.

“Surnamed Jiang, the capital is not a place where you can act bossy all you want. Just wait!” Feng Chenglin was enraged by Jiang Zhen’s attitude, but in the end, he could only endure it for now.

He didn’t bring any of his people with him this time. Jiang Zhen was not only strong himself but also had someone by his side who was similar looking . . .

Afraid that he would suffer losses, Feng Chenglin scolded them before turning around to leave.

All the people in this small restaurant were now looking at Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge. Jiang Zhen was oblivious to those gazes. Jiang Zhen turned a blind eye to those eyes and sat down, saying to Zhao Jinge, “Eat quickly.”

“Oh . . .” Zhao Jinge nibbled on a piece of ribs in his bowl, taking two bites before looking at Jiang Zhen. “Jiang Zhen, you were very handsome just now.”

“It was.” Jiang Zhen admitted without any hesitation and asked rhetorically, “I’m the most handsome, aren’t I?”

Zhao Jinge stopped eating and subconsciously looked around. Finding that other people could not hear what Jiang Zhen said, he only then nodded.

He thought Jiang Zhen was the most handsome!

Jiang Zhen immediately burst into laughter.


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