TOFUH – Chapter 92.2 – Living in the Capital

Zhao Jinge could not help feeling a little lost, then his mouth was stuffed with a piece of roast pork with its fat bitten off.

“Go wash up and go to bed,” Jiang Zhen said.

Hearing the word “bed,” Zhao Jin’s face turned red subconsciously.

Since he married Jiang Zhen, the meaning of the word “bed” no longer meant something as simple as sleeping.

Jiang Zhen was refreshed and in a good mood the next day, and after Zheng Yi came to find him and gave him a mansion in the capital, he was in an even better mood.

Unexpectedly, one day he was able to have a big house in the capital.

“The house is so large that you can live there with all your men,” Zheng Yi said. “As for those sailors you rescued on the way, why don’t you leave them to me, and I’ll arrange jobs for them.”

So many people, it’s not good to keep them idle . . .

Jiang Zhen agreed.

He let Zheng Yi’s steward arrange those people and asked him if he could arrange work for the women and gers on the ship.

He wanted to bring back all the sailors with him but asked the steward to arrange some work for them for the time being. For the women, they had suitable jobs for them in the Zheng family, so it was okay for them to stay there.

The Zheng family was big and had a lot of available work, but those women who wanted to stay needed to have some skill . . .

Within two days, the men rescued from the pirates were all given jobs. There were about a hundred women and gers, but the Zheng family only asked for about thirty of them.

If they sold them all, the Zheng family could get rid of as many of them as they wanted, but Jiang Zhen wanted them to be independent and have a job that could support them, which was a bit more troublesome. At the same time, many of those women and gers did not dare to follow the Zheng family.

However, with thirty people less, the rest would be easier to arrange.

It wasn’t safe to keep these women and gers to continue living on the ship, so Jiang Zhen decided to bring these people to the capital and let them work in the mansion after making sure that the mansion the Zheng family gave him was big enough to accommodate them.

The pieces of ready-made garments these people had made before were quite good, and it was perfectly fine to let them continue doing this.

“Bring them to the capital as well?” Zhao Jinge was a bit displeased when he heard this plan of Jiang Zhen.

“Well, I’m too impatient to keep in touch with these people, so you will take care of them,” Jiang Zhen said.

Zhao Jinge immediately cheered up.

When all the work was finished, Jiang Zhen and his group entered the capital.

The house given to Jiang Zhen by the Zheng family was not a good one. There were no officials living around, but the place was very large, and it had a large courtyard with three entrances.

It was the first time that Zhao Jinge had seen such a big house. After looking around, he chose the largest and most luxurious house, which was the main house with the second entrance, for him and Jiang Zhen to reside in. Then he packed all those women into the third courtyard, commonly known as the . . . backyard.

There were a lot of houses in the backyard, and there wouldn’t be a problem to fit in sixty or seventy women and gers there. Zhao Jinge assigned rooms to several of them and then told them that food or meat would be delivered so that they could not leave the yard.

He was . . . going to keep all these people in the backyard.

When Jiang Zhen learned this, he couldn’t help laughing and saying, “You should choose some older ones who are honest to come out to do some work.” The house was so big that they needed to arrange someone to clean it.

“Also . . .” With a blush, Zhao Jinge went to the backyard again and picked out some who were old or ugly and assigned them to the front yard to clean and cook.

All the people who followed them from Hexi were brought here by Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen also selected some of the sailors to supplement them. They needed help with the cooking for so many people.

Neither Liu Qianqian nor Zhao Lingxi left.

They finally found a job they could do—embroidery. But at the same time, they were worried that, if they were to follow the Zheng family, they would end up in some miserable situation.

They wanted to climb up to a man for a better life, but they don’t want to be ruined. If not for this, Liu Qianqian wouldn’t have tried to ransom herself to pay back her debt to become free in the first place.

Although this Jiang Zhen did not understand amorous feelings, he was at least a decent man and would not harm them. It’s just that, such a man, how come he didn’t like them, but liked someone like Zhao Jinge?

Whether it was Liu Qianqian or Zhao Lingxi, they were inevitably jealous of Zhao Jinge. Seeing Zhao Jinge tossing back and forth, at that moment, they couldn’t help saying a few sour words.

“This is to let Master Jiang see a group of crooked melons and split dates every day?”

“Are you so jealous?”

“Even if you shut us up, there are still a lot of beauties out there!”


 . . .


They didn’t dare to say anything excessive, but they still said a lot of unpleasant things. But Zhao Jinge didn’t take it seriously at all. These people were just jealous, why should he care about it?

However, these people obviously did not give up on Jiang Zhen . . . He must be on guard and must not let Jiang Zhen be seduced by these people!

After Zhao Jinge took the selected servant out, he locked the front door of the back courtyard with the key.

There was a side door to the back courtyard. In the future, those people could go through the back door, but wouldn’t be able to come from the front.

Zhao Jinge did it very simply, but after finishing this task, he inevitably felt a little guilty. In the evening, he confessed to Jiang Zhen.

“It’s alright. If you want to lock someone up, just do it.” Jiang Zhen smiled and didn’t take it seriously at all.

Zhao Jinge breathed a sigh of relief. Since he was happy, he kissed Jiang Zhen on the face. And then he was eaten clean . . .

Although Zhao Jinge was pregnant, he didn’t understand why his pregnancy reaction was gone. His stomach had not grown, and it was impossible to see that he was actually with child. Jiang Zhen’s attitude towards him was also natural.

After living in his own house for two days, Jiang Zhen asked someone to hire a carriage and then took Jinge out to visit the capital.

Before, Jiang Zhen felt that a carriage was particularly bumpy and difficult to use, but the roads in the capital were paved with slate and were relatively flat, so using a carriage was not so bad.

After a while, Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge came to a nearby street that was very prosperous. Most of big families in the capital usually did not come here to buy things, but merchants, and even some officials with little money, came here to buy everything.

After paying the coachman, Jiang Zhen took Zhao Jinge out of the carriage.

There were shops on both sides of the street and the road was full of people. It looked very prosperous. It was the busiest street Jiang Zhen had ever seen since he came to ancient times, and this street, without exception, calmed Zhao Jinge down.

Jiang Zhen also urged him as he slowly walked forward with him . . .

Zhao Jinge looked at every new thing and Jiang Zhen walked slowly, accompanying him. After walking for some time, they even ran into an acquaintance. That acquaintance was Shen Anxin, who had bought Jiang Zhen goods earlier.

Shen Anxin was walking on the street with his little servant boy. When Zhao Jinge saw him, he was wondering whether to go up to say hello. But then he saw a richly dressed young man coming out next to him and grabbed Shen Anxin’s arm. “Anxin, don’t be so heartless . . . Let’s make up.”

The man came out so suddenly that Shen Anxin froze for a moment and then struggled. “Who are you? I don’t know you!”

“Let go of my young master!” the boy next to Shen Anxin also shouted.

However, the man only tightened his grip on Shen Anxin’s hand. “Anxin, we have been together for so long. How can you pretend that you don’t know me?”

“I really don’t know you! Let me go!” Shen Anxin was terrified. His strength couldn’t compare to this man.

“You still pretend you don’t know me! After finding a better man, you just want to kick me away?” the man said angrily, unexpectedly stretching out his hand to pull at Shen Anxin’s clothes.

Jiang Zhen’s eyes suddenly narrowed.


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