Devil Venerable Also Wants To Know – Chapter 14.2 – The End of Massive Demon War

With the sun rising, the war on the other side was also coming to an end. The strength of the righteous and demonic path was almost the same . In the past ten years, most of them have been wounded or killed. The pills saved up by the Medicine Hall for many years have been emptied. Even if they found more injured disciples they couldn’t save them.

From the four altar masters only Altar Master Yuan was still able to stand. Only one or two righteous cultivators could still move so Altar Master Yuan asked: “Are we still fighting? Our Spiritual energy has not completely recovered, so if we continue to fight, both sides will surely lose.”

The righteous monk cultivator silently shook his head as he looked towards the battlefield of Wen Renhe and twenty-one expert cultivators.

Ten years, such a result was really tragic. Fortunately, they had already gained a chance of survival for the cultivation world, and had successfully avoided the small disaster of ten thousand years.

Altar Master Yuan also bowed his head and said “In that case, please leave the XuanYuan Sect, we will not launch a sneak attack.”

The Righteous cultivators deliberated for a moment before nodding their heads. Helping his fellow cultivator on the side, they used a flying ship, a large-scale magic weapon to leave Xuan Yuan Sect.

On the battlefield of Massive Demon War, only the top twenty-two people were left.

After several years of recuperation, Yin Hanjiang, whose wounds had gradually healed, didn’t bother with the retreating cultivators. He stared straight at the battlefield. As the day passed and night fell, stars started twinkling on the night sky but the star of Polis was dull and dark.

“My Lord!” Yin Hanjiang stood up with his sword and said nervously.

“Don’t look, Venerable will not survive.” Altar master Ruan was the one who “comforted” him. “He is under the siege of 21 cultivators, including one Heavenly Immortal cultivator. Do you know how powerful the Heavenly Immortal is? As soon as he reads the Buddha sutra, the opponent’s battle intent will be gone. Wen Renhe has relied on his fierce fighting and his battle intent to defend against stronger cultivators numerous times. But Buddha is the biggest obstacle of all. Without his battle intent Wen Renhe is just Mahayana realm cultivator. “

The demonic path cultivators were double-faced and had three-way character. It was demonstrated  by Altar Master Ruan just a moment ago. The Alter Master addressed him as ‘Venerable’ at one moment and in the next it became ‘Wen Renhe’. He really knew how to turn his back and not recognize people.

After the “consolation”, he spat out a few death parasites and crushed them with his foot and started cursing “I’ll kill you if you give me any more Heart Devouring parasites! Ten years ago, when you heard that the Venerable might die you already figured a way to control the Altars Master and Protectors to fight for the position of the Sect Master, right? With such a deep mind, why didn’t the war between the righteous and demonic path kill you?”

“It’s almost the same as death,” sighed the Altar Master Yuan “The mother parasite has been killed by others, otherwise would you be able to spit out the Heart Devouring parasite so easily?”

Even the ruthless Altar Master Ruan looking at the withered bones of the Xuan Yuan Sect, couldn’t help but say “Too many people have died.”

“The Righteous path was also affected by one in a 10,000 years catastrophe” Altar Master Yuan said “In fact, the Massive Demon War has been very honest under Devil Venerable’s control over the years. We only harmed righteous cultivators and didn’t lay a hand on the ordinary people. Righteous path took the initiative to attack, launching the war between the Righteous and the Demonic path and even used tactics such as the Desperate Spirit Formation in order to deceive the Heavenly will. Using such cataclysm to cleanse the human world for ten thousand years was worth so many lives.”

“We are all people who are destined for the calamity” Ruan Altar Master said in a rare and elegant manner. Then when he turned his head he saw that Yin Hanjiang was gone, and cursed “Fuck his grandmother, where is Yin Hanjiang??!!”

Those who could still move craned their necks with difficulty, and saw that Yin Hanjiang’s original position was empty. In the deep mountains, in the forbidden area of the Xuan Yuan Sect, the sound of drums was heard faintly, one sound louder than another.

After hearing the words of Altar Master Ruan, Yin Hanjiang understood what kind of attack Devil Venerable was facing this time.

Battle intent, as long as there was battle intent Devil Venerable will never lose!

But now that two of the three battlefields have ceased, yet the Devil Venerable was still facing the Buddhist cultivator of Wuxiang temple. What could he do without battle intent?

In the moment of desperation, Yin Hanjiang remembered the Burning Sky Drum and his memory of the Massive Demon War.

He resolutely fused with his Demonic Sword and turned into countless blood swords as he rushed to the Burning Sky Drum. Using the power of the Void realm and his body as a hammer he forcibly beat on Burning Sky Drum.

A soft “thump” sound seemed to strike inside the heart of Wen Renhe.

He slowly opened his eyes, and in front of him, a kind-eyed old cultivator said “Young General Wen Renhe, don’t fight it. Put down your butcher sword and become one with Buddha.”

Young General? It’s been a long time since he heard anyone call him that in the past three hundred years.

Three hundred years ago, he was an ordinary man who served his country with great loyalty. But in return his entire family was executed. He hated and resented it. He wanted to kill as this world monarch and later…. What happened afterwards?

“Boom”! The second beat of the drum struck again inside Wen Renhe’s heart. His eyebrows raised as the memory of a little boy appeared in his memory. So small, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the corner of his robe. Just like himself who was left on the battlefield with only bearth left and being rescued by the nearby people. But then he heard that Wen Clan for nine generations back was already put to the death.

“Young General, there is no end in this sea of bitterness, turn back to the shore.” The old cultivator recited the Buddhist sutra again, and the killing intent that had just risen up in the Wen Renhe heart dissipated again.

“Dong Dong Dong!” The three rapid sounds of Burning Sky Drum sounded urgently, like a horn urging Wen Renhe.

He saw another picture of a man in a ghost mask, holding his robe, in front of a lamp, his eyes peacefully closed.

“Dong Dong Dong Dong!” The sound of the Burning Sky Drum was so loud that it sounded like a man shouting in the ear of Wen Renhe “Venerable, Venerable, Venerable.”

Hearing this, Wen Renge opened his eyes completely and said to the old cultivator with a compassionate face in front of him: “Master asked me to put down my butcher sword, but do you want to ask my butcher sword if it wants to?”

The Abbot of Wuxiang Temple shook his head tremblingly: “It was a failure after all.”

With these words, the illusion around him dissipated, and twenty-one cultivators raised their own weapons to aim at Wen Renhe. If he woke up even a moment later these weapons would have already killed him.

The Burning Sky Drum sound urged him to fight so he raised his halberd and said in a loud voice: “If you can force me to this extent, it will be worthwhile for me to fight with all my might. We are all at the end of our lives, so let the heavens decide who will survive.”

After that the Polis star in the sky shone brightly and the Seven Killing Stars halberd of Wen Renhe met the twenty-one weapons. The twenty-two supreme divine weapons collided with each other, and the huge force of heaven and earth clashed with each other, causing a thunderstorm!

As the chatting demonic path looked at the sky, Altar Master Ruan said incredulously “Devil Venerable is still alive! How did he survive? 21 cultivators!”

“Don’t bother about changing your voice and calling “Devil Venerable” and hurry up with the protective array! Do you want to die?!” Altar Master Yuan kicked Ruan Weiyi’s ass.

Ruan Weiyi quickly opened the Xuan Yuan Sect’s Mountain Protection Formation. At the moment when the boundary was just formed a bloody light rushed out of the formation and fearlessly killed his way into the circle.

Yin Hanjiang didn’t care what damage it would case to his body caused by the fight between expert cultivators. His eyes were bloody red as he looked for Wen Renhe figure among the countless falling debris.

That limb was not his, this weapon was not his, where, exactly where was he!

A Buddhist staff fell down and was about to hit Yin Hanjiang when a broken long halberd seemed to come alive, blocking the attack at Yin Hanjiang’s body and stopping the staff for him.

When Yin Hanjiang saw the halberd, he regained his human form and picked up Wen Renhe’s soul-bound magic weapon and found dying Wen Renhe by the sound of its resonance.

He flew forward and embraced Wen Renhe, the joy of regaining him made Yin Hanjiang speechless.

The two of them landed on the ground smoothly, as Yin Hanjiang hugged Wen Renhe trembling. Wen Renhe slowly extended his hand and rubbed his face saying weakly “Protector Yin, you finally saved this Venerable.”


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