MAIR – Chapter 187 – Extra 3 – Chu Mei Bo & Yun Chaoyi

The first time Yun Chao Yi saw Gu Mei was when she was 16 years old. At that time, she had already made her reputation by “Beating the drum and scolding Cao”.

Yun Chao Yi was born into a drama family. At the age of 11, she joined Jiang Lin, a famous troupe at that time. Although she was a woman, she performed the old man perfectly.

Yun Chao Yi hated those who under the guise of singing opera didn’t take Peking Opera seriously at all, so when she learned that popular actress Gu Mei was coming to learn opera, her first reaction was disgust.

Jiang Lin Guan was not very healthy at this time but still very arrogant. If he didn’t owe a favor, he would not allow Gu Mei to enter his door. So he left the teaching directly to Yun Chao Yi .

Yun Chao Yi was originally dissatisfied, but her teacher’s orders could not be disobeyed, so she could only hold her breath and wait for Gu Mei to come.

As the appointment time approached, the anger in Yun Chao Yi’s heart also accumulated more and more. In her opinion, it was a natural thing to do to respect her teacher and respect their way. Since Gu Mei has come to learn opera, she should have a correct attitude. It was the most basic thing to come in advance.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Yun Chao Yi stood up fiercely and was ready to walk away when she saw a touch of beauty.

Gu Mei appeared at the doorway.

She pushed her delicate curly hair, black hair and red lips. She was dressed in a bright red velvet cheongsam with mint color coat. She was gorgeous and exquisite, which immediately lit up the whole yard.

Several boys who were learning opera crowded and bustled, secretly watching her from the crack of the door.

Yun Chao Yi frowned even more when she saw this situation.

Gu Mei walked quickly with a smile on her face as she apologized: “I’ve been delayed for a while when I went out. I hope senior sister will forgive me for being late.”

Yun Chao Yi said coldly, “Don’t call me senior sister, I can’t afford it. Although master promised to accept you, there are rules in our school. If you don’t study opera seriously and insult our school in the future, we won’t recognize you.”

As soon as Gu Mei came, she was put down in such a way, but she didn’t get angry. Instead, she smiled softly: “All right, I will listen to my elder sister.”

Yun Chao Yi : “…..”

She must have done it on purpose!!

The two looked at each other for a moment, and each felt the hostility of the other.

Gu Mei stayed and would report to Jiang Linguan yard every morning before dawn, following Yun Chao Yi and others to learn basic skills.

Gu Mei didn’t expect that Jiang Lin Guan would teach her. If he wanted to teach such a novice as her, Jiang Lin Guan with his status in the industry, would become a laughing stock. But Jiang Lin Guan was not perfunctory either. Yun Chai Yi was his most proud disciple and the famous singer of Dongjiang city. She came to teach Gu Mei how to perform opera, which was regarded as attaching great importance to Gu Mei.

However, Gu Mei didn’t expect that, just after the first time, they would meet each other and they would become tired of looking at each other.

Yun Chao Yi paaid most attention to the foundation and believed that “one minute on stage equals ten years off stage”. However, Gu Mei clearly knew that she came here to prepare for the filming.

Yun Chao Yi hated the frivolity of Gu Mei, and Gu Mei hated the arrogance of Yun Chao Yi.

Both of them were the best in their fields, but they were at odds with each other.

Homever Gu Mei was after all several years older than Yun Chao Yi. In addition, she needed to deal with all kinds of people in the studio. She was far more sophisticated than Yun Chao Yi, often making Yun Chao Yi blush.

However, Yun Chao Yi was not vegetarian either. She was able to gain a foothold on the stage at a young age, relying on her ruthlessness. She didn’t care about Gu Mei’s identity at all. If Gu Mei sang wrong, she would be hit with a stick.

In the old days, it was only natural for the master to beat his apprentice. Many famous people on the stage were forged this way step by step with sweat and blood.

Gu Mei took the pain, but she did not cover up her emotion: “Yun Chao Yi, you know what I’m here to do! I don’t have time to dilly dally with you to learn these things. You teach me how to sing and I will go back early, and you won’t have to see my face all day long after you finish your job. Why not make the best of both worlds?”

Yun Chao Yi looked at her faintly: “If you take opera so lightly, it will be less likely I will teach you.”

Gu Mei: “What do you mean?”

Yun Chao Yi ignored her, but walked alone to the small stage in the courtyard and looked down at Gu Mei: “I know you learned a few tricks from junior brother the other day. You are really savvy and learn very fast, but…”

When Gu Mei listened to her first sentence, she was embarrassed of her poking through her private search for someone to learn the opera in private. But she was still a little happy after hearing it and asked eagerly, “Then how was it?”

Yun Chao Yi raised her eyebrow: “Still to far away”

Gu Mei: “…”

She folded her arms and said: “In that case, sing to me and let me know how far it is!”

Yun Chao Yi agreed without thinking about it.

When Yun Chao Yi started to sing the first sentence, Gu Mei was shocked.

She has been learning this for a while. If nothing else, at least she has been able to appreciate it. Naturally, she can hear how amazing Yun Chao Yi is.

Yun Chao Yi was famous for singing Lao Sheng. Who would have thought that she could also sing Tsing Yi! Not only she could sing but she also sang it so well!

Although Gu Mei was competitive, she was not a pretentious kind of person. As long as anyone can really convince her, she could also be convinced.

Now after listening to Yun Chao Yi, she also understood her own shallowness. Although she didn’t show it on her face, she was convinced.

After singing the last section, Yun Chao Yi stood on the stage with high spirits, her chin slightly raised: “Even if you learn to sing and learn posture, so what? You can’t even get on the stage.”

Gu Mei was ready to make peace with Yun Chao Yi, but when she heard this, she became immediately angry and deliberately said: “Then how about we make a bet?”

Yun Chao Yi frowned: “What do you want to bet?”

Gu Mei: “Just betting on Beijing Opera or movies, which one can stay popular longer?”

Yun Chao Yi’s face immediately lit up with anger, and the two of them parted unhappily.

In the following time, the relationship between the two had become very cold, but what Yun Chao Yi should teach was still taught, and Gu Mei also studied modestly, no longer mentioning going back to the film company.

Just as Yun Chao Yi said, Gu Mei was extremely savvy. After several months, she had made great progress. Even Jiang Lin Guan occasionally listened to Gu Mei and gave her some advice.

In this way, time soon came to that winter.

At the end of the year, there was a notoriously fierce competition among the opera troupes, not only in the theater, but also in the meetings of the big families.

This was not only about the income of that year, but also determined the value of these people for the next year.

Jiang Lin Guan no longer needed to rely on these to raise his value, but it was still very important for Yun Chao Yi and others.

Gu Mei was also allowed to come to the stage this time. Yun Chao Yi was the main axis, while Gu Mei was the finale.

Originally with the strength of Gu Mei, she wouldn’t get this position, but as a popular actress, it was also a gimmick for her to go on the stage.

However, although Gu Mei and Yun Chao Yi were one after another, they didn’t even greet each other when they met.

When Gu Mei got off the stage, she went to the backstage to remove her makeup and change clothes. Before long, she heard something happening in front of her.

She hurried to the front, only to learn that someone had come to smash the scene.

On this day, Yun Chao Yi sang her best song, “beating drums and scolding Cao” but she was directly interrupted.

It was a young man in a suit with greasy hair. He stepped on a chair with one foot and said: “What is this song about? I’m here to listen to Jiang Lin Guan’s. Are you trying to fool me like this? “

Gu Mei frowned slightly. She knew this man. He was the son of warlord Bao Zhengxiang and was a scoundrel. She didn’t know what kind of stimulation he had received today that he would come here to make trouble.

Although Yun Chao Yi had some reputation in the industry, she couldn’t compare with Jiang Lin Guan, who was already famous. Besides, she hadn’t got any big backing behind her. In such a case, when she encountered such a thing she could only grit her teeth.

However, Yun Chao Yi standing on the stage, took her time: “You say I can’t sing well, then tell me, where I sang badly?”

At first, the audience was listening intensely, but they were suddenly interrupted so their mood wasn’t good. When they heard Yun Chao Yi’s words, they all began to book one by one: “Yes! If you say that Miss Yun can’t sing well, then tell when she sang badly.”

“Why don’t you try singing it yourself?”

Bao Zhong Xiang’s face suddenly became ugly. Gu Mei ,seeing this situation, felt her heart beating faster.

She knew that this man’s temperament was always arrogant and domineering. Let alone the fact that he had come to get into trouble today. If Yun Chao Yi swallowed it with patience, it would be the best but if he held a grudge, she was afraid he would bring big trouble in the future.

But Gu Mei also knew that Yun Chao Yi was not to blame. If she backed out today, her reputation, which she had worked hard to establish, would be over. It was not easy for the women to go on the stage and be like Yun Chao Yi .

When Gu Mei thought of this, she came out directly from the backstage.

“It turned out that it was Mr. Bao who came here, what a great honor to us.”

Her voice was clear and moving, and she had such a beautiful face. Bao Zhengxiang could not help letting go of his anger, but he still refused to forgive her: “It was Miss Gu. I heard that you were training under Mr. Jiang, it is a pity I haven’t heard your singing voice.”

Gu Mei smiled, even though she knew he was deliberately evading, she did not correct his words.

Her eyes glanced at Yun Chao Yi on the stage. Yun Chao Yi probably didn’t expect that she would come out to rescue her, which was a little unbelievable to her.

Gu Mei knew how to deal with the dignitaries, and with few words suppressed Bao Zhengxiang’s anger.

Gu Mei asked someone to bring the wine and said: “I would like to make a toast with Me. Bao, for the sake of friendship.” She added: “It was not good to ask Mr. Bao to come here in vain, but master’s health is not good. So it’s better for his disciple to accept his work. I wonder if the young master would like me to go on the stage again?”

All of a sudden, there was a loud applause.

Mr. Bao was extremely pressed by Gu Mei’s words, and gave a step down, so he would no longer cling to it.

Gu Mei didn’t go back to change her costume either, she just went to the stage, and when she passed Yun Chao Yi, she gently grasped her sweaty hand: “Don’t worry.”

Although this was the first time for them to cooperate, they worked together seamlessly.

When it was over, the house was full of applause.

The crisis was thus resolved quietly.

For many years after that, Yun Chao Yi always remembered that day. When she and Gu Mei were the only people left on the backstage, she couldn’t help asking her, “Why did you help me?”

Yun Chao Yi sighed, and her wrinkled hand caressed the tombstone and slid down Gu Mei’s name.

In her memory, the bright and beautiful woman frowned slightly: “I also want you to be convinced once!”

Yun Chao Yi sighed in a low voice: “Fool, I have long been convinced…”


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