MAIR – Chapter 188 – Extra 4 – Song Yimian

Song Yimian always felt that he was a lucky man.

From childhood to adulthood, it was easy. After studying in University, he entered the entertainment circle because of a single picture and found his favorite career. Even though a lot of bad things happened in the next two years, since he met Shen Huai, he felt that all the sufferings he had experienced before were worth it.

After starring in “Sin of the Eternal Night”, Song Yimian had successively participated in the movie “Red actress” and “East side City fog”, which was considered as him gaining a firm foothold in the film and television industry and gradually gaining stable resources.

However, when Song Yimian’s acting career was getting better and better, it was suddenly revealed that he had injured Guo Wenyuan in the hotel before.

Although Guo Wenyuan had now changed his ways and become a famous actor, his various affairs have often appeared in various gossip media before.

Such an ambiguous place and vague injury. Coupled with a few words of some people adding fuel to fire, making suddenly it look not so simple.

So some media took advantage of their interview with Song Yimian and asked him this question.

Song Yimian was stunned for a moment. Although he had a heavy psychological shadow on this matter at the beginning, over the years, after cooperating with Guo Wenyuan many times, he had long forgotten about it.

The reporter urged again: “Yimian, what is the truth of this matter at that time? Did you really hit Mr. Guo? Why?”

Song Yimian regained his mind, he was no longer a young man who just made his debut. He showed a perfect smile: “I have explained this very clearly on Weibo.”

However, the reporter refused to give up: “Rumors say that you and Mr. Guo were lovers at that time. Is this true?”

This question was full of malice. After all, everyone knew that Guo Wenyuan had many lovers in the past, as some of them were fostered. Not to mention Song Yimian, even the staff next to him looked a little uncomfortable.

However, Song Yimian did not show even a hint of anger, but said slowly, “Please let me know where this rumor came from. My agent will ask a lawyer to deal with this matter.”

Reporter: “…”

Shit!! I almost forgot that this guy was also one of Shen Huai’s artist!

With Shen Huai’s character and no worry of being short of money, wouldn’t it cause him to lose all his money?!

Can’t provoke!

The reporter immediately didn’t dare to speak about it anymore, and the whole scene of the interview became extremely harmonious and friendly. He did not dare to ask any sharp questions that he had prepared, for fear that Song Yimian would mention his agent again.

After the interview, Song Yimian bowed politely to reporters and photographers before returning to the car.

His assistant showed an angry expression: “Yimian, your temper is too good! These people just look at your good temper, so they deliberately try to bully you. Why don’t you just tell brother Shen about it?”

Song Yimian shook his head: “I was bluffing to this reporter. Don’t tell brother Shen about this. Brother Shen is already very busy. I don’t want him to worry about such trifles.”

As he finished, he laughed again. “Besides, it’s not a big deal. As a big man, do I still care about this kind of thing?”

The assistant sighed and stopped talking.

Song Yimian returned to the company, originally planning to take a nap. He still had some work in the afternoon. It’s just that he didn’t expect that the door of Shen Huai’s office would be open. He hesitated for a moment before he knocked.

Shen Huai looked up and was surprised to see him: “You are still in the company?”

Song Yimian shyly scratched his head: “Well, I just finished the morning activity.”

Although Song Yimian handled things very well in front of outsiders, he was still the little bunny who just signed the contract in front of Shen Huai.

Shen Huai smiled and said, “Just in time, I wanted to call you.”

Song Yimian showed a surprised expression: “Brother Shen needs something from me?”

Shen Huai asked him to come over and sit down. Then he pushed over a script: “Take a look at this script first.”

Song Yimian took it curiously and saw that the words “Red handkerchief” simply written on the cover of the script, with the name of the screenwriter and director at the bottom.

——Tang Sugar

Song Yimian said “Yi”. He knew Tang Sugar was a screenwriter of Chu Mei Bo before. Later, she and Yang Yizhou wrote Pei Ran’s ‘Sheng’, but unexpectedly, she later became a director.

Shen Huai explained: “This movie is the theme that Tang Sugar has always wanted to do. I’ve read the script and it’s pretty good. I remember that you wanted to challenge this type of role before, so I would like to ask if you are interested?”

Song Yimian opened his eyes slightly. He did say this to Shen Huai before, but he didn’t come across a good script for a while, he didn’t expect that Shen Huai would keep it in his mind.

His heart was sour, but he couldn’t say much. He could only say “Thank you”.

Shen Huai: “You’re welcome. Read the script first.”

Shen Huai gave him a sign and then stopped talking. Song Yimian put away his confused mood and focused all his attention on the script.

The story of “Red handkerchief” was based on a real case from 15 years ago. In Yue An City, there was an appalling serial killing. The dead were five girls of different ages. They were strangled and then put in the shape of world-famous paintings.

The case shocked the whole country. The police pursued it for more than half a month, and finally found the suspect, a 17-year-old high school student.

This high school student was named Han Tianrui. He had a good family and had a handsome appearance. He had been studying in elite schools since he was a child, and his grades were among the best.

If it wasn’t for finding his DNA under the nail of the last girl, no one would have suspected him.

With such a bright future, who could have thought that he would commit such a lunatic crime. He didn’t even know these five girls, so why did he kill them?

In Han Tianrui’s narration, he and these five girls met on the Internet, because they were not happy in real life, they decided to commit suicide. He even took out the chat records of them, and expressed great regret, and even attempted suicide.

However, according to the autopsy results and various evidences, the five girls did not commit suicide, but were murdered, what Han Tianrui said was all lies.

Because of the bad nature of the case, it had great influence on the society, Han Tianrui was finally sentenced to be executed and it was suspended until he was 18 years old.

After the dust of the Han Tianrui case was settled, there were various discussions in the society. Some people also made crime movies with this theme.

But Tang Suger wanted to film it from another angle. This was Han Tianrui psychiatrist in his last six month of life.

Song Yimian was totally immersed in it as soon as he saw it. Until he put down the script, the whole person could not get out of the world the script constructed.

After waiting for a while, Shen Huai asked, “How is it?”

Song Yimian returned to his mind, nodded his head, and said excitedly, “Brother Shen, I want to act in it!”

Shen Huai was not surprised and asked: “Which role do you want to play?”

Song Yimian didn’t even think about it: “I want to play Han Tianrui!”

In red handkerchief, although Han Tianrui was not the main character, his role was extremely difficult. He was born with an antisocial personality, was smart and cunning, and was extremely good at disguising himself.

This role seems to be similar to Song Yimian’s Urano Shoji in “East side city fog”, but the difficulty was very different.

Although Urano Shoji was cruel and ruthless, his behavior was normally complete from his standpoint and had a complete logic line of characters. But Han Tianrui was different. This man was a natural murderer. His motive for crime was illogical, which made it even more difficult for the actor to understand his character and even more difficult for the audience to believe in this character.

Shen Huai answered these questions, and said: “I understand that Han Tianrui is an excellent character, but his difficulty is also high, and more importantly, I’m afraid that you will fall into such a role and will be unable to get out.”

It happened to some actors before, because they became too entangled with their characters to get out, resulting in a tragedy.

When Song Yimain heard him say this, his face became serious: “Brother Shen, I understand, I will not let myself fall into this situation.”

Shen Huai wanted to say something more, but seeing the desire in Song Yimian eyes, he just sighed: “I know, I will take this role for you.”

Song Yimian jumped up excitedly: “Thank you brother Shen!”

With that, he ran out. Shen Huai could still hear him calling his assistant’s name: “We need to hurry now we will be late for our next work!”

Shen Huai shook his head helplessly, thought about it, and made a phone call to Guo Wenyuan. Originally, in Tang Sugar’s mind, Guo Wenyuan was the most suitable actor to act as male lead, Dr. Tang. But because of Guo Wenyuan and Song Yimian’s “scandal” speculation, they had to avoid it.

But at this time, Shen Huai was worried about the state of Song Yimian, so he could only ask Guo Wenyuan for help. After Guo Wenyuan listened, he immediately clapped his chest without saying anything.

“Don’t worry!”

With Mr. Guo assurance, Shen Huai finally breathed a sigh of relief, but he still called for an assistant. After Song Yimian joined the group, he planned to take time every week to check his condition.

For the first time, Tang Sugar was a little nervous as she walked around the fitting room.

Guo Wenyuan was the first one to come out. His hair was neatly combed and he was wearing glasses and wore a nice suit inside, covered with a white gown, which was exactly the appearance of Dr. Tang.

Tang Sugar put down half of her heart, but the other half of her heart raised even higher.

“Red handkerchief” was a game between Dr. Tang and Han Tianrui. If these two people are even, the play will be good. Dr. Tang’s role was not as difficult as Han Tianrui, and Guo Wenyuan’s appearance now fit the character very well, which made Tang Sugar become even more worried about Song Yimian’s performance.

After more than ten minutes, Song Yimian’s fitting room door finally opened, and a boy wearing a high school uniform came out.

His face was very pale, but he always had a light smile on his face. His good manners could be seen in his every move.

But, on the contrary, it was the emotion in his eyes.


His eyes were like inorganic black glass balls, which didn’t look like human eyes at all, but more like that of wild beasts.

When such a pair of eyes were installed on the face with such a social standard smile, it would make people even more frightened than facing wild animals.

Tang Sugar was swept away by him, and her whole body was covered with goosebumps.

Instead of feeling scared, she became more and more excited: “Yes! This is the Han Tianrui I want!”

Tang Sugar hurriedly motioned to the photographer to take pictures. After the costume fitting, Song Yimian relaxed and came out of his character.

Before Guo Wenyuan was afraid of messing up his state and didn’t talk to him. But at this moment, he couldn’t help clapping him on the shoulder: “Little Song, good job!”

Song Yimian smiled sheepishly.

Guo Wenyuan praised him in a few words, but his expression became serious: “Although I don’t know how you got into this character’s state, I want to tell you clearly that you are more important than this movie!”

Song Yimian was stunned. What he saw from his eyes, no matter if Guo Wenyuan or Chu Mei Bo, were people who would act crazy for acting. What they often said was that “The drama was bigger than the sky”.

But at this moment, Guo Wenyuan told him, “he was more important this movie”.

Song Yimian was at a loss: “But…”

Guo Wenyuan saw that he was in a daze, and his expression gradually softened: “I don’t want you to stay out of the character, but I hope you can get out of the play in time, and don’t allow yourself to be completely immersed in this character.”

Song Yimian seemed to have no idea. At this time, Shen Huai’s voice came from nearby: “Little Song, your life is still very long. In the future, there will be more movies, more and more characters, so the most important thing is to protect yourself.”

Song Yimian didn’t expect Shen Huai to come to the crew when he was so busy. However, he had understood the meaning of Guo Wenyuan and Shen Huai.

He felt warm in his heart. His heart that gradually turned cold because he had entered Han Tianrui’s tole, also gradually recovered because of them.

Song Yimian was a little afraid of this.

However, after the shooting, because of Guo Wenyuan’s presence and Shen Huai’s visit from time to time, he did not indulge in it.

Soon it came the last scene of Red Handkerchief, which was also one of the most important highlights.

In this scene, Dr. Tang came to the hospital to see him for the last time.

The camera followed Dr. Tang’s shoes into the hospital corridor, and then he opened the door to enter the ward.

The camera was aimed at Han Tianrui on the hospital bed, but it was not focused. Dr. Tang’s voice sounded: “Hello, Tianrui.”

Han Tianrui turned his head and showed his usual smile and politely replied, “Hello, Dr. Tang.”

Another camera aimed at him and gave him a mid shot.

Tang Sugar did not intend to interrupt the mood of the actors, but planned to shoot it from different angles with a camera and then edit it later.

At this time, in the Tang Sugar’s monitor, Han Tianrui was smiling.

Dr. Tang sat opposite him and said faintly: This is the last time we will have a chat.”

Han Tianrui: “Oh.” He seemed to not respond for a moment, before he said, “What a pity.”

The camera aimed at him moved forward and gave him a close-up.

His eyes moved, but although he said what a “pity”, his eyes looked a little bored. Just as if this sentence was the politeness he was used to while speaking. 

Dr. Tang’s face remained the same. After so many days of conversation, he knew Han Tianrui well. Instead of being angry, he moved forward slightly: “Shall we continue the topic from the last time?”

Han Tianrui’s eyes drifted lazily out of the window without any interest. Instead, he asked him: “Has my judgment come down?”

Dr. Tang didn’t speak.

Han Tianrui was smart, so he had guessed the answer, and his eyelashes quivered slightly.

It was a pity that Dr. Tang didn’t pay attention to this scene, and this opportunity was fleeting. In this last conversation, Dr. Tang failed.

He stood up in frustration and walked slowly out of the ward when Han Tianrui behind him suddenly began to sing.

His eyes were fixed on the window. On the lawn downstairs, some children in hospital gowns seemed to be playing games.

“Throw, throw, throw the handkerchief, gently put it behind the children…”

His voice was slow, like a broken tape. This song was originally cheerful and lovely, but in his mouth, it turned into a horrible note.

It seemed that Dr. Tang has been stopped by something and was unable to move.

Han Tianrui slowly turned his head and sang the last word with a perfect smile to Dr. Tang.

“Don’t tell her…”

With the sound of the camera turning, the picture gradually turned dark.

Tangt Sugar clenched her fist tightly until the camera stopped and she shook her fist vigorously: “Cut!”

“This one passed!”

With her words, the whole crew relaxed.

Guo Wenyuan immediately went over and hugged Song Yimian hard: “All right, come out!”

It took Song Yimian a long time to get out of Han Tianrui’s character. He took a long breath and finally found the way to reality.

These two months of shooting, his whole person seemed to be immersed in a dark dream and now he could finally come out.

Tang Sugar covered over and handed a bouquet of flowers to Song Yimian: “Congratulations, you are done!”

Song Yimian held the flowers with a crying expression on his face, and then bowed deeply: “Thank you, Director Tang, for troubling you these days!”

Tang Sugar patted her chest: “Ouch, our lovely classmate Song finally came back, otherwise I was really afraid that Mr. Shen would start looking for me!”

Song Yimian glanced over the crowd and saw Shen Huai, Chu Mei Bo, Ye Cang and others standing outside, with a smile on their faces.

After the release of “Red Handkerchief” although the box office was not particularly good, there were many discussions, especially for Song Yimianvs performance in it.


[Scared. When he finally sang this song, I was almost scared to tears.]

[His eyes! Mom, I had goose bumps!

[His acting was amazing!!

[Those popularity chasers, come to have a look, this is called acting!!

[Song Yimian was great!!]

Song Yimian’s acting skills not only conquered the audience, but also the judges of the Jin Ying award, and he was shortlisted for the best supporting actor.

When the award presenter announced that the winner was “Red handkerchief” Song Yimian, everyone in the venue applauded him.

Song Yimian was so dazzled by this huge surprise, that he almost stepped onto the stage with his hands and feet moving at the same time.

Many people laughed, but they all looked at him with forgiving eyes.

Song Yimian took the trophy and stood in front of the microphone, but his mind was blank. He forgot the award speech he had prepared.

He took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice, “When I left Menghe four years ago, I never expected to win any prize. No even earlier, when I started acting, I didn’t think that I would get the Jin Ying award one day…”

“I think I’m very lucky, not because I was lucky to win this prize, but because of these people I’ve met along that make me feel very lucky.”

He looked down the stage and said: “Sister Mei, thank you for teaching me, so that I could really understand the charm of acting, and thank you for letting me know what it means to be an actor.”

Song Yimian took a step back and bowed in the direction of Chu Mei Bo.

Chu Mei Bo’s eyes were slightly red, but a smile of relief appeared.

Song Yimian looked next to her and said: “President Guo…” He scratched his head and seemed embarrassed. “Actually, I would rather call you brother Guo. Thank you for your care along the way. When I was filming Red Handkerchief, I thought I was going to collapse. You pulled me back from the edge of the abyss. Thank you!”

With that he made another bow.

Guo Wenyuan was a little embarrassed. He coughed and looked left and right.

Song Yimian finally looked at Shen Huai, now his face was full of tears. He sniffed and said, “Brother Shen, I want to say so much to you, but I don’t know how to begin…”

“As a matter of fact, I have always had some inferiority complex. Whether it was sister Mei or brother Ye, they were many times better than me. But I remembered what you have said before, you thought I would be a good actor. At that time, I didn’t dare to admit it in front of you. But now, I can stand up and tell you that I will live up to your expectations and become a good actor!”

With that, he bowed deeply toward Shen Huai and didn’t straighten up for a long time.

Shen Huai stood up and applauded for him. Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan around him also applauded. After that, the whole awards ceremony applauded for Song Yimian.

Song Yimian’s tears fell again, but at the same time, he smiled brightly.

He said in his heart.

It was so great to act!




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Proofread by: Rubhyl


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